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高一英语经典选择 100 题

1. .Many buildings A. will build

on both sides of the street the next year. B. were built C. are to be built D. will be built

2. Our teacher told us that there ______ no end to learning. A. was B. is C. has D. had — My God,

3. —It was careless of you to have left your clothes all over. ______. A. so did I B. so I did C. so were you D. so did you

4. Although he lived ____ in a ____ mountain village, he didn’t feel ____ at all. A. alone; alone; lonely C. lonely; lonely; alone B. alone; lonely; lonely D. lonely; alone; alone

5. After graduation from college, he began to go from city to city, ___ a suitable job. A. hunting for B. taking on C. looking after D. bringing up 6. This is really an exciting match. _______ the game? A. Who do you think will win C. Do you think who will win 7. — It’s late. I must leave now. B. Whom do you think will win D. Do you think whom will win — OK. ______.

A. Thank you B. Don’t worry C. I’m sorry for it D. Take care 8. She thinks only of herself; she doesn’t _____ other people. A. care for B. care about C. care of D. care in

9. ______ you are very busy, ______ a line if you are in town. A. If; write B. Even though; write C. If; drop D. Even though; drop 10. Jack is a student and studies at No. 1 Middle School. _____________. A. So Mary is Mary 11. It was ______ that they went for a drive in the countryside. A. such a fine weather D. so fine weather 12. — I suppose she is 30 years of age. A. You guess it! B. You will guess it! guessed it! 13. I am sorry: I can’t ______ your opinion about this question. A. argue B. share C. have D. agree — ___________ C. You’re guessing it! D. You B. so fine a weather C. such fine weather B. So is Mary C. So does Mary D. So it is with

14. He fell asleep with a book ______ open on his knee. A. lay B. laying C. laid D. lying

15. —Peter didn’t come to the meeting this morning. — I _______ him yesterday, but I was too busy and forgot it. A. should tell B. should have told C. had to tell D. had told —__________.

16. —May I have a look at those books? A. Not at all

B. That’s right C. Be my guest D. You’re welcome

17. Do you have any difficulty ____ these flowers? I’d like to help you if you need.

A. to plant

B. for planting C. with planting D. in planting

18. If you know anything ______ about it, you should tell us. A. after all B. all in all C. at all D. first of all

19. ______ the playground, we learned that the football match had already begun. A. Arrive B. To arrive C. Arriving at D. Arrive at

20. —How did it ______ that all the flowers died? —I had forgotten to water them. A. come about B. come back C. come on D. come down

21. I don’t feel equal ______ doing the job. It’s too difficult for me. A. for B. to C. in D. on

22. ____ students are practicing ___ English with each other at the English corner. A. The number of; to speak C. A great many; speak B. A great deal of; spoken D. A number of; speaking

23. He got 97 points, ____ second in this English test. A. ranked B. ranking C. and ranking D. to rank

24. He goes to work every day ______. A. except for rainy days C. but that it rains B. besides it rains D. except on rainy days

25. She is very hard-working, _______ he is very lazy. A. while B. when C. as D. if

26. If you go on doing that kind of foolish things, you will ______ in prison.

A. bring up

B. end up

C. take up

D. come up

27. _______ what he had already, the new stamps were not very interesting. A. Comparing with Replaced to 28. The reason why he didn’t attend the meeting is__ he stayed up late last night. A. because B. why C. for D. that B. Replaced to C. Compared with D.

29. The scenery in my hometown is beautiful beyond ______. A. communication B. expression C. situation 30. I’ll be at your ______ in three minutes. A. service B. order C. movement D. signal D. organization

31. —Bob, how about going swimming this weekend? —Go swimming in this weather? _____. A. Not likely B. Have a good trip C. OK D. I’m fond of that

32. Kong Linghui ______ Ma Lin and ______ the Men’s Single in the match. A. won, won B. won, beat C. beat, beat D. beat, won

33. Mr. Smith is considering ______ a computer, which is considered ______ a great help in our work and study. A. to buy; to be B. buying; to be being 34. The young lady is ____ a beauty; she is ______ than pretty. A. more than; more smart B. more than; smarter C. to buy; being D. buying;

C. not only; smarter

D. no more than; more clever

35. Every possible means _____ to work out the problem, but it is too difficult for us. A. is used B. are used C. has been used D. have been used

36. The first Olympics in modern times _______ in 1896. A. was taken place happened 37. ______ England improve their game, they’re going to lose the match. A. If B. When C. Unless D. Whether B. were held C. was held D. were

38. She spent as much as time as she could _______ over the lessons. A. go B. to go C. going D. went

39. We should ______ white clothes from dark clothes before washing. A. separate B. prevent C. protect D. divide

40. E-mail, as well as telephones, ______ an important part in daily communication. A. is playing B. have played C. are playing D. play

41. She’s so ______ that no one can please her. A. particular B. simple C. normal D. adventurous

42. First of all, please _____ me to introduce myself to you. A. make B. agree C. let D. allow

43. — How do you learn English so well? — ______ it every day.

A. In speaking

B. By speaking

C. With speaking D. On speaking

44. During the last summer vacation, all the students had plenty of ______ and got a lot of practical ______ in the factory. A. exercises; experiences C. exercise; experience B. exercises; experience D. exercise; experiences a

45. —What do you think of the book? —Oh, excellent. It’s worth second time. A.to read B.to be read C.reading D.being read

46. —Will Mary go shopping with us this afternoon? —______. She has to prepare for the coming English examination. A. Yes B. I’m afraid not C. It’s all right D. Don’t worry

47. On the way to the school, she was _____ in a heavy rain. As a result, she caught a bad cold. A. swallowed B. seized C. kept D. caught

48. ---Susan, you will come and watch TV, won’t you? ---____.I prefer reading to ____television. A. No; watch Yes; watching 49. —Why didn’t Susan come to see us yesterday as she promised? —______. A. She must be busy C. She must have been busy B. She might have been free D. She can’t be free B. No; watching C. Yes, watch D.

50. I ________ it myself ________ your homework.?

A. prefer do; rather than copy C. would do; rather than copy

B. prefer doing; than copy D. would rather do; than copy

51. ______ you make a plan for study, you have to follow it. A. Even B. Once C. Unless D. Until

52. She has two daughters , ____ are nurses. A. all of them B. both of them C. both of whom D. all of whom

53. Tom, together with his two sisters, ________ . A. has seated B. has been seated seated 54. How ________ we are of the Great Wall! A. curious B. interested C. proud D. satisfied C. have seated D. have been

55. Buildings were destroyed, and paintings ________ in pieces on the ground. A. lied B. lay C. laid D. lying

56. Shirley sent him _______ to explain the reason why she couldn’t go to his birthday party. A. one letter or the other C. letters after letters B. a letter after the other D. letter after letter

57. When she saw the ______ tiger, her face turned pale ______. A. frightening; with fear C. frightening; at fear B. frightened; with fear D. frightened; at fear

58. I think you should end it _____ it is too late, or you will be sorry for it. A. before B. after C. so that D. because

59. Tom and his dog ______ were here a moment ago have disappeared. A. that B. who C. which D. those

60. He studied very hard, but he failed in the final examination. When he got the papers, all his hopes were ______. A. rescued B. shaken C. destroyed D. damaged —_______

61. —I’m sorry to trouble you, madam.. A. What for? C. It’s no matter. B. My pleasure.

D. What seems to be the problem? the party.

62. Mind your ______; thank your friend when you leave A. advice B. ways C. manners D. manner

63. They ______ the idea that children could learn to read as babies. A. thought B. introduced C. invented D. discovered

64. To start with, we had many difficulties, but _____, we had help from the policemen. A. later on B. in the future C. at the same time D. sooner or later

65. The young scientist made another wonderful discovery,______ of great importance to study SARS. A. which I think is B. which I think it is C. I think which is think is which 66. —May I look at the menu for a little while? A. don’t worry your time 67. When you rewrite the paragraph, I suggest you _____the last sentence as B. it doesn’t matter —Of course, ______, sir. D. take D. I

C. enjoy yourself

it is rather difficult. A. pointing out B. leaving out C. making out D. putting out

68. I didn’t mean to keep you waiting here for a long time. There are several traffic jams on the way. Can you _____ me? A. apologize B. interrupt C. forgive D. behave

69. The government wants to rebuild the museum within the recent years, __will cost tens of thousands of dollars. A. which B. where C. that D. in which

70. Remember that it makes a bad ______ if you’re late. A. custom B. habit C. comment D. impression

71. Good manners, __ I think are very important when you communicate with others, often _____ you make good friends. A. what; helps B. which; helps C. which; help D. that; help

72. If you don’t know good manners at table, people may ______ you. A. make an apology to C. make a good impression on B. make jokes about D. make friends with

73. In order to earn more money for his new car, the young man has to work for three _____ hours in the evening. A. extra B. other C. another D. else

74. “I don’t think it’s my ___ that the TV blew up. I just turned it on, that’s all,” said the boy. A. error B. mistakes C. fault D. duty

75. I mean _____ abroad and nothing is going to stop me, though that means

______ my parents for a long time. A. going; leaving leaving 76. —Why don’t you take a taxi there? It’ll save you a lot of time. —______. A. Thank you B. That’s all right C. Good idea D. I will B. going; to leave C. to go; to leave D. to go;

77. I ______ all my honor and success to my teachers and classmates. A. own B. owe C. return D. give

78. I’m not sure what___ he will play in the film, but I think he will act the part of the hero. A. career B. performance C. role D. action

79. I’m afraid ___ her the truth, because I’m afraid______ her. A. to tell; of hurting C. of telling; to hurt B. to tell; to hurt D. of telling; of hurting and the days

80. I can never forget the days _____ we worked together ______ we spent happily together. A. for which; that when B. which; when C. when; which

D. on which;

81. To go on business, I will have to stay ____ for some time, so I will ask someone to ___. A. away; take my place C. off; take the place of mine B. off; instead of me D. away; take place of me

82. We’ve missed the last bus. I’m afraid we have no______ but to take a

taxi. A. way B. choice C. opportunity D. means match this evening.

83. I will stay at home and watch the _______ football A. living B. lively C. alive D. live

84. He’s got himself into a dangerous situation _______he is likely to lose control over the plane. A. where B. which C. while D. why

85. — How do you like the books? — Oh, they are wonderful. People here think _____ of A. little B. good C. a great deal D. badly in _____. the books.

86. My father served in the army in _______ when he was A. 1950’s; twenties C. the 1950’s; the twenties B. the 1950s; his twenties D. 1950’s; the twenties

87. There are six boys and two girls in the classroom; that’s eight _______. A. at all B. in all C. after all D. above all

88. I am leaving _______ Shanghai and my plane takes______ at 8:30. A. to; for B. for; off C. off; away D. to; off

89. The prize ______ he worked so hard was a new bike. A. that B. in which C. for which D. which ----_________. D. No, go

90. ------Would you mind my telling him the news? A. Yes, please ahead B. Never mind

C. It doesn’t matter

91. It is the way ____ they walk ____ makes people laugh.

A. how; that

B. that; that

C. in which; which

D. /; which

92.The shirt is different ___ that one ___ style and material. A.from; in B.to ; in C.to, between

D.from; between 93. —Is that 110? A thief is in my house…—Ok, help is ____. A.in the way the way 94. — Are you going to Beijing ____ pleasure? — No, I’ll go to Beijing ____ business. A.on; for B.on; on C.for; on D.for; for B.in its way C.on the way D . by

95.Eco-travel is a form of travel ___ combines normal tourism with learning, _____ a way to find out what can be done to help animals, plants and people . A.what; as well as D.which; as well 96.____ my surprise, ____ I could have a word with him, he left. A.In; before B.To; before C.In; when D.To; since B.that, as well C . which; as well as

97. Please put the books back ________ you can find it. A. which B. where C. to which D. in which

98. On their way home the couple found the necklace ________. A. miss B. missing C. missed D. to miss

99. So far no letter ________ me, which makes me greatly worried. A. reached B. heard from C. has reached D. has heard from

100. To make your voice _______, you should talk as loud as you can. A. hear B. hearing C. to hear D. heard




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