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Module 3 Literature
练(一)第Ⅱ卷强化增分练——练规范 (限时:45 分钟) Ⅰ.语法填空 (2016·辽宁省东北育才中学第五次模拟 )There's no reason why women return to school. Going back to school provides private and public benefits. College graduates, generally enjoy higher salaries, __1__ (employ) more consistently, and work in nicer conditions. College?educated people vote more, give more to charity, and rely __2__ (little) on government support. Making the switch from __3__ (support) to supporting oneself can be a challenge, __4__ often a necessary one. Financial __5__ (dependent) for women is key, says Nancy Schlossberg, professor at University of Maryland. “I think __6__ important for women to do some direct achievement, because chances are that women will live alone in later life, either divorced __7__ never married.” To Schlossberg, education is critical in the long run. She says, “You are going to do much better than before __8__ you have a good education; you are going to be happier than before on condition that you have __9__ education that enables you to do what you have to do in life. The question is __10__ you are ready at this time to go for it.” 语篇解读:本文是一篇说明文。女性回到学校学习,不仅对个人而且对社会都有很多好 处。 1.are employed 因为这句话的主语 College graduates 和 employ 之间是动宾关系, 所以此处应填 employ 的被动语态;再根据上下文的语境可知,此处应用一般现在时,且主 语是复数。故此处应填 are employed。 2.less 根据上文中的“more”可知,此处应填 little 的比较级形式,即 less。 3.being supported 因为前面有介词“from”,所以此处应用动名词结构作宾语。句 意:由被人养转变成自己养自己可能是一个挑战,但这是必要的。根据语境可知,此处应填 being supported。 4.but 根据语境可知,空格前后之间是转折关系,因此此处应填 but。 5 . independence 根 据 下 文 中 的 “is” 可 知 , 此 处 应 填 其 名 词 形 式 作 主 语 ,

(in)dependence 为不可数名词。故应填 independence。 6.it 此处用 it 作形式宾语,后面的动词不定式结构作真正的宾语。所有代词中,只 有 it 有此用法。故填 it。 7.or either ... or ...是固定结构,意为“或者??或者??”。

8.if 句意:如果你受过良好的教育,那你就能比以前做得好许多。根据语境可知, 此处应用 if 引导条件状语从句。 9.the 根据“education”后面的内容可知,此处的“教育”应是特指,故此处应填 the。 10.whether 句意:问题在于你此时是否准备好去追求这样的教育。根据语境可知, 此处应用 whether 引导表语从句。 Ⅱ.短文改错 (2016·唐山市高三一模 )Recently a survey has been done find out the reading interests of senior middle school students. With this survey, two thousands senior middle school students from ten schools in Lanzhou were interviewed. They were asking which they liked reading most among the four categories of English articles: news, stories, popular science articles and articles about learning methods. The survey show that more than a half of the students like to read news most. Twenty?six percent of the students say that English stories are his favorite. Only seven percent of the students are mostly interested in reading articles about learning methods. However, the number of students who enjoy read popular science articles doubles that of those which prefer reading articles about learning methods. 答案:第一句:done 后加 to 第二句:With→In; thousands→thousand 第三句:asking→asked 第四句:show→shows; 去掉 a 第五句:his→their 第六句:mostly→most 第七句:read→reading; which→who Ⅲ.书面表达 (2016·哈尔滨市高三一模)假如你是新华中学的学生李华。 最近你在英语课的某个单元 中学习了一些关于急救的知识,感觉很有用,想建议学校提供专门的急救课程,以便学生了 解更多相关知识。于是,你给校长写了一封信。要点如下: 1.急救课程有用; 2.需要开课的原因; 3.你的建议。 注意:1.词数 100 左右; 2.可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯; 3.开头和结尾已为你写好,但不计入总词数。

Dear Mr. President, Our class has been studying a unit on first

aid.___________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ Yours sincerely, Li Hua 参考范文: Dear Mr. President, Our class has been studying a unit on first aid. It has been very useful because we have learnt about what to do to help someone who has had an accident. Even though the unit is very interesting and useful, we would like to be able to do a first aid course. Because it would give information about many more situations. It would also give us the chance to practice first aid treatments. I suggest that the school should organize a first aid course. We think such a course at the school is a necessary part of our education and will make us more useful members of our society. Perhaps we will even save someone's life one day. Best regards! Yours sincerely, Li Hua 练(二)阅读理解组合练——练短板 (限时:15 分钟)

Ⅰ.阅读理解 (2016·甘肃省高三第一次诊断)When Shakespeare was twenty?one, he went to London, a very interesting place, to try his fortune. There were the famous London Bridge and St. Paul's Cathedral, and palaces and markets and long streets full of shops. Then, too, there were the daily crowds where could be seen people from all over the world. Knights, scholars and highwaymen (拦路强盗 ) or thieves who had been infamous for their clever robberies, passed by each other. Here, also, were noblemen dressed in gold, from Italy, Spain and France; slaves

from Spanish America, sea captains and ministers, soldiers and servants — all held by chances or interests within the gray walls which circled London, and whose gates gave welcome to as strange a crowd as could be found in the world. Into this curious crowd came Shakespeare, quick to see and eager to learn. And before long all these strange sights were as familiar to him as the faces of his own town's residents. Each one told its story to him so plainly that, as before he had learned the secrets of the fields and woods, so now he learned men and men's interests that make up the great world. And he learned these lessons so well that when he came to write his plays, he made such use of them as no writer ever made before or since; for it is the use of this knowledge of the world, combined with his own genius, that makes Shakespeare the greatest dramatist that has ever lived. 语篇解读:本文是一篇人物传记,本文主要讲述了莎士比亚到伦敦后的经历,他很快适 应了那里的生活,并把自己所观察到的事情融入自己的创作中。 1.What was London like in Shakespeare's eyes when he first went there? A.Dirty and small. C.Infamous and terrible. B.Strange and interesting. D.Familiar and modern.

解析:选 B 细节理解题。根据第一段中的“a very interesting place”和第五段中 的“all these strange sights”可知,在 Shakespeare 的眼中,伦敦是一个有趣而陌生的 城市,即 B 项正确。 2.Which of the following best describes Shakespeare? A.Shakespeare got inspiration to write from his hometown, London. B.Shakespeare was eager to make friends with the noblemen in London. C.Shakespeare was good at observing and learning from the daily life. D.Shakespeare became the greatest dramatist owing to his own genius. 解析:选 C 推理判断题。根据第五段可知,Shakespeare 来到伦敦不久之后,通过观 察和学习了解了伦敦,并适应了那里的生活,由此可推断出,Shakespeare 擅长观察日常生 活并从中学习,故 C 项正确。 3.What does the underlined word “one” in Paragraph 5 refer to? A.Crowd. C.Face. B.Sight. D.Resident.

解析:选 B 代词指代题。画线词后的“as before he had learned the secrets of the fields and woods”的意思为“正如他以前所学到的田野和树林的秘密那样”,根据这句话 可知,one 指的是像田野和树林一样的景象,故 B 项正确。

4.The passage probably comes from ________. A.a poster C.an advertisement B.a textbook D.an announcement

解析:选 B 推理判断题。本文主要讲述了莎士比亚到伦敦的经历,所以这篇文章最有 可能出现在一本教材中,故 B 项正确。 Ⅱ.阅读七选五 (2015·南宁市适应性测试)Do you usually feel like you're working hard but still can't reach your study goals? Here are some quick tips to help you study better. Study with a partner or in groups. Rather than living in a cave with your nose in the books all day, grab a friend from your class and study with him. __1__ Step into your teacher's shoes. Ask yourself “If I were the teacher, what would I put on the test?” You have probably experienced a few of your teacher's tests and quizzes by now. __2__

Teachers have specific types of information that they want you to learn. The structure is usually the same. Paint pictures. __3__ It's harder to remember each piece of a puzzle individually than it is to recall the completed picture. Find ways to connect what you are learning to real life or to other concepts. Feed your brain. A hungry brain is an ineffective one. Those Snickers commercials were not kidding. Your brain needs the proper nutrients to keep it going. Because of this, what you eat and drink also plays a huge role in how sharp your brain is. __4__ Junk foods increase tiredness and don't make you have a good taste for others. Take breaks. Your brain is like a muscle. __5__ It can also tire if you overwork it. If you divide studying into 15?30?minute blocks with quick breaks in between, your brain will feel refreshed, grateful and ready for the next challenge you throw at it. A.Learn from them for the next test. B.It needs exercise to make it stronger. C.It's necessary to have a long holiday and have nice food. D.Group studying helps you to engage and process the information more deeply. E.You can build your knowledge structure in the form of pictures.

F.Healthy foods provide nutrients to your brain cells to keep them energized. G . We need to have a positive mental state if we want to improve our study efficiency. 答案:1~5 DAEFB



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