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A sad love story
Learning Aims

Knowledge aims:
① Students master the key words and expressions of the text, such as

remind , turn up, keep one's word, hold

one's breath, set off ,It was obvious that and so on
② Let students learn about the romantic legend of Niulang and Zhinv.

Skill aims:
① Students make a progress in reading skills, including skimming and scanning; ② Students learn the structure of narrative ( 记叙文)

Emotional aims:
Stimulate(激发)students' love for the Chinese traditional culture. 二.教学重点和难点 教学重点: 本课阅读量正常,难易度适中,文中穿插的“乞巧节”的故事为学生所熟悉, 因此将重点放在对现代爱情故事的理解上,并指导他们为这个故事续说一个结 尾。 教学难点: 1. 如何调动学生的积极性,激发他们的学习热情。 2.如何帮助他们提取信息,分析信息,加强对文章的理解。 3.如何帮助他们利用文中信息进行英语口语表达。

Learning produces

Step 1 First, Welcome XXX to give us a speech Step2 . Lead-in T: Boys and girls, we have learned Festivals around the world. T: Do we have our own Valentine’s Day in China? (Qiqiao Festival) When do people celebrate it? (On the seventh day of the seventh lunar month) There is a traditional love story about Qiqiao Festival. First I introduce three characters in the story to my students: The herd boy, The weaving girl and The Goddess of Heaven. Then I’ll ask them to tell the story with me according to five pictures and key words on the computer screen. Step 3. Task 1.Now, open your textbooks and turn to page 7.Today we are going to learn a new passage — A sad love story. Please skim the text and answer the following questions ① How many love stories are mentioned in this text? What are they?

② Which paragraphs talk about QiQiao Festival?

Task2 Scene2

play the recording of the text and fill in the blanks (show a picture to the students)

T: How time flies! It was too late. Other customers had gone and only Li Fang sat at the coffee shop. What happened at the coffee shop? Please read from paragraph 2 to paragraph 4. Task2 Answer the following questions.

1) What did the manager of the coffee shop do? 2) What did they see on the TV? 3) Why was the TV story what Li Fang needed? 4) Why do people want the weather to be fine on Qiqiao Festival? Task3 1. 相爱 2. 与某人结婚 3. 使某人做某事 4. 尽力做某事 5. 决定做某事 6. 能够做某事 Scene3 Find out the following expressions in paragraph3 fall in love get / be married to sb make sb do sth try to do sth decide to do sth be able to do sth

(show a picture to the students)

T: On the romantic festival, a handsome man was alone with his roses and chocolates. Would he meet his lover Hu Jin? Please listen to the tape. Task4 True or False

1. Li Fang threw away roses and chocolates because he didn’t like them. (F)

2. Li Fang met Hu Jin at the coffee shop on the corner on his way home. (F) 3. Hu Jin waited for Li Fang without any gift for him. (F) 4. Li Fang thought that Hu Jin would forgive him. 4. Acting T: At last, Li Fang met Hu Jin on his way home. However, he had thrown away her Valentine gifts. What would he do? The love story stops here. (F)

What do you think was going to happen to Li Fang and Hu Jin? A sad ending or a happy ending? Now please make a dialogue of an ending to the story with your partners or group members in five minutes. Then I’ll choose some groups to perform. 5. Thinking T: Love exists everywhere — It is not only between lovers, but also between parents and children, between friends, between you and me. What do you think is important when you communicate with other people? 6. Conclusion What did you learn in my Class? 7. Homework Write an ending to the story


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