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必修五 unit 5 first

Language Points

1. aid n.&vt. 帮助;援助;资助; first aid 急救

do\give\offer first aid 进行急救 aid sb.to do sth. 帮助某人做某事 with the aid of… 在…的帮助下 =with the help/ assistance of e.g. Teachers give their lessons with the aid of computers. 老师借助电脑来授课。

2. fall ill 生病 fall + adj. fall asleep 睡着了 ____________ fall awake 清醒了 _____________ fall silent 安静下来 _____________ fall behind 落后_________ fall down 跌倒,倒塌__________ fall in love with 爱上某人_________

3. get injured 受伤 injure get+过去分词 表被动/状态
get burned get damaged get repaired get broken get married get caught in




烧伤 受到损害 修理 坏了,破碎了 结婚 陷入,遇到,被困在…

got damaged The computer _______________when we were moving.

is getting repaired My cell phone ___________________now.
got broken My glasses ______________while I was

playing basketball. got married Peter and Mary ____________last year.

4. if possible
=if it is possible if necessary if so if not if any

如果有可能 如果有必要 如果是这样的话 如果不是这样 如果有的话

5. bleed vi. & vt. 流血; eg:1)If you cut your finger, it will bleed. 如果你割破手指,它会流血。 2)My heart bleeds for the victims of the air crash. 我为飞机失事的受害者感到悲痛。

bleed for 为... ...流血(伤心),对... ...表示同情 bleed to death 流血而死 blood n. 血;血液; Blood is thicker than water. 血浓于水。

6. choke vi. & vt. 噎住;窒息; eg: He choked when he had lunch. 他午餐时噎住了。
choke to death 哽死

aid (急救) to the child when 1. She gave first ________ he was cut by a knife . temporary (暂时的) house ,for 2. He has a ____________ he can’t afford a flat. 3. You should not _______ fall ill (生病) if you do exercise. injury (损伤) because she 4. She has a serious ______ has an accident. 5. They decided to _______ poison (毒杀) the tiger but failed.

language points in the reading text:
1.…it keeps you warm or cool; it prevents your body from losing too much water; it is where you feel cold, heat or pain and it gives you your sense of touch……

sense of touch触觉 其他表示各种感觉的词还有: sense of sight 视觉 sense of hearing 听觉 sense of taste 味觉 sense of smell 嗅觉 sense of humor 幽默感 sense of direction 方向感

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

★against prep. ①与......相反/对抗,违反,不利于...... be against →be for 反对→同意 fight against the enemy 对抗作战 against one's will 违背某人的意志 The situation is against us. 形势对我们不利。


2. So as you can imagine, if your skin gets burned, it can be very serious.
as we/ you can see as we all know as is known to all
正如我们/你们所看到的 我们都知道 众所周知

as is reported
as is often the case

正如报道的那样 这是常有的事

as was mentioned above 正如上面所提到的

3. You can get burned by a variety of things.

a variety of= varieties of= various 各种各样的


v. 变化,使多样化

vary with…


4. Examples include mild sunburn and burns caused by touching a hot pan, stove or iron for a moment.

mild在这个句子中的意思是“轻微的、不 严重的”。
Edward suffered a mild heart attack. 爱德华犯了轻微的心脏病。 mild还可以表示“温和的、暖和的”

She’s the mildest person I have ever met in my life.

5. electric



e.g: Electric bicycles are extremly

popular in towns and cities in the
recent two years.



electric electrical electricity

电的,发电的,以电为动力的 有关电的,与电有关的. 电,电力. 电力学

The boy is playing an electric ________ train. electric light. Now every room has an __________ Our classroom are equipped with electric ______ fans. electrical engineering. My brother studies ___________

6. Remove clothing using scissors if necessary unless it is stuck to the burn.
除非衣服粘贴在烧伤面,否则都要把 它脱掉(必要时可用剪刀帮助)

(1) unless除非……;如果不……
e.g. You never know how excellent you are unless you have a try. 你永远不知道你有多优秀,除非你试一试

(2) stick
stick to 粘住,坚持 近义词:insist on stick to 坚持(原则, 计划, 诺言, 真理, 决定) insist on 坚持/强调某种主张、看法、观点等

insist on; stick to

a. Once a decision has been made, all
of us should ______ stick to it.

b. They _________ insisted on leaving that day.
c. He always sticks _______ to his promise.

7. unbearable adj. 难以忍受的;不能容忍的;

拓展: bearable adj. 可以忍受的;可以容忍的; bear v. 负担;容忍;忍受;生育;

n. 熊; bear…in mind =keep in mind =learn (sth.)by heart 记住;背会;

8. squeeze vi. &vt. 榨;挤;压榨; 【拓展】 squeeze out 挤出 squeeze out of 从......中挤出/榨出 squeeze through 挤着通过
e.g. He was so fat that he could only just squeeze through the door.

9. over and over again 反复;多次;
e.g. The teacher demands that the students should read the passage over and over again.


10. Hold the bandage in place with tape. 用胶布把绷带固定。 in place在适当的地方。如: You’d better put things back in place. Otherwise, it will be difficult to find things. 你最好把你的东西放回原位, 不然很难找。

in place 还有“准备就绪”的意思。如: The arrangements for the concert next Saturday are all in place. 周六的音乐会已经准备就绪。

? ? ? ? ?

【拓展】 out of place 不合适,不在恰当的位置 give place to 让位给...... in place of (介)代替 take the place of = take one's place (动) 代替,接替 ? take place 发生 ? in the first place 首先,究竟,到底, 当初

? e.g. Her dress was out of place at the ceremony. ? 她的服装不适合在典礼上穿。 ? The competition took place yesterday. ? 比赛昨天举行。 ? I'll take place of my father for a while. ? =I'll take my father's place for a while. ? 我将暂时代替我父亲。

11. It is vital to do sth.

=It is important/ significant to do sth.


Complete the table with the correct nouns, verbs or adjectives. Verb injure swell bleed sprain poison Noun injury swelling blood/bleeding sprain poison Adjective injured


bloody/bleeding sprained poisonous






various organic choked watery infected/infectious


organ choke water infection

water infect


Complete the sentences with new words or phrases from the unit.

1 When do you need to use your knowledge first ______? aid When someone about______ suddenly ____________or has an accident. falls ill

skin It is an organ which 2 What is the ______? acts as a ________ barrieragainst disease, poisons and the sun’s harmful ____________. rays

3 What are the functions of the skin complex ? It keeps you described as __________ warm or cool; it prevents your body from losing too much water and provides you sense with your ______________ of touch.

4. What can hurt the _______________ tissue of the skin? Hot ___________ liquid from pans on the stove, electric shocks, radiation, fire and the sun. 5. What is it ________ vital to do if you have third degree burns? Go to the hospital.

symptoms of first degree 6. What are the ______________ burns? They are dry, red, and mildly ___________. swollen


Complete the passage using the words or phrases provided in their proper forms. bandage over and over again unbearable scissors in place squeeze out blisters temporary ankle cupboard

ankle when she knocked some hot liquid over herself. ______
At first the pain was unbearable ___________ but fortunately Luke knew what to do. He immediately provided some

Emma had a mild accident. She burned her

temporary treatment using some cloths from the ____________ out the cold _________. He wetted them,squeezed ____________ cupboard
water and then placed them over her ankle. He did this

over and over again ________________________ until the pain

bandage over and over again unbearable scissors in place squeeze out blisters temporary ankle cupboard

disappeared. Then he dried the ankle gently blisters to prevent ____________ from forming. scissors and Finally he took a pair of ___________ bandage to the right length. Then cut a ____________

he tied it tightly so that it would stay
in place Emma was very grateful to _________.

Luke for what he had done for her.


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