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2015年高三教学测试 英语试题(嘉兴)

2015 年高三教学测试(二)
第 I 卷 选择题部分(共 80 分)
第一部分:英语知识运用(共两节,满分 30 分) 第一节:单项填空(共 20 小题;每小题 0.5 分,满分 10 分) 从 A、B、C 和 D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项,并在答题纸上将该选 项标号涂黑。 1. — Do you have a minute, Lucy? —

Sure. ______ A. What’s up? B. Take your time. C. Here it is. D. How come? 2. Ms. La Rosa put forward ______ policy that not many teachers gave ______ second thought to at the conference. A. the; 不填 B. a; the C. the; the D. a; a 3. Nowadays many volunteers are working in areas ______ have dry climates, such as Kenya and Sudan. A. where B. who C. which D. what 4. In the final, we narrowly won the game. ______, I didn’t expect we had a chance of winning at first. A. On the whole B. As a consequence C. In other words D. To be honest 5. Maya Angelou is one of those rare writers who can ______ your heart and soul with her vivid words. A. combine B. touch C. share D. absorb 6. The pronunciation of the speakers living in London is judged to be more native than ______ of the speakers from Liverpool. A. it B. that C. one D. those 7. For nearly ten years, he ______ very few interviews or concerts. His simple life might have continued but for the great musician.

A. did been doing

B. has done

C. does

D. has

8. Not many of us really get to see the hard work that happens ______ the scenes to make our favorite movies come to life. A. without B. to C. behind D. by 9. In the lecture, the professor told his students how to write an ______ of a graduate paper, expressing the main argument. A. account B. abstract C. application D. address 10. Everyone present certainly thinks there ______ be a total ban on cigarette advertising. A. would B. could C. should D. might 11. The real evidence is the least of our worries ______ we have known about it. A. since B. though C. unless D. while 12. My mom held me and my brother tight, tears of happiness ______ her face, feeling proud of our final success. A. to cover B. covered C. having covered D. covering 13. — My lack of interest in the job as a lawyer is becoming increasingly ______. — You’d better apply for another job. A. typical B. concrete C. evident D. regular 14. When making small talk at holiday parties, don’t tell someone who ______ weight how amazing they look. That implies they looked terrible before. A. has lost B. would lose C. will be losing D. had lost 15. Usually math inspires fear, but Mr. Smith turns that fear into a unique kind of understanding, and, ______, progress and learning. A. differently B. surprisingly C. generally D. amusingly 16. Mr. Smith felt upset for being ______ from the concert he had longed for. A. turned out B. turned away C. turned over D. turned off 17. Recently, a new research has suggested the possibility in a popular magazine ______ pleasant smells might reduce pain. A. why B. whether C. that D. how 18. Love means you care about the ______ of a person, that is, you hope he or she can lead a happy life. A. authority B. belief C. preference D. welfare 19. According to the data from Robb’s studies, men produce slightly ______ speech. But no sex difference in the reading task was found. A. clearest B. clear C. clearly D.

clearer 20. — Aren’t you interested in the new flat? — ______. It is noisy near the sports center. A. Not especially B. No wonder C. Not a little D. No doubt 第二节:完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 21 ~ 40 各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中, 选出最佳选项,并在答题纸上将该选项标号涂黑。 When you are five years old, your mother is your everything. She is your 21 , friend, and nurse; the only person you rely on 22 with your hopes, dreams, and wishes. But for me, this was not the case. My mother suffered from 23 problems that would keep her in bed for days, leaving me to care for her and look after myself. This situation 24 me to grow up much faster. While I knew my mother was sick, I felt deep down that we could 25 it and everything would be okay. 26 , in 1997 everything went terribly wrong, and my life changed forever. Adoption is a 27 word to a five-year-old, but when I realized that my own mother had signed me over to 28 , I felt it was the worst betrayal(背叛). I suffered from shock, anger, and confusion as I attempted to adjust to my new family. No longer could I 29 anyone since the person I had loved more than all else had abandoned me. Hearing people tell me that she did it in my best interest, I felt even more 30 . I could not forgive her and always 31 how she could reject me like an old sofa. However, the more I got older, the more I began to understand how 32 our situation had been. We had been 33 on boxes of noodles, and at one point we 34 lived in our car. I was once passed from drug-addicted cousins to mentally unstable neighbors as my mother 35 to try and save me from what our lives were becoming 36 each day passed. Only recently have I begun to understand 37 my mother gave me to strangers. 38 she really did save me. She loved me more than anything, so she wanted me to have a 39 in life, one she could no longer offer me. I now know my life has been a special 40 only because she was selfless enough to give me up. 21. A. hostess B. competitor C. provider D. candidate 22. A. mainly B. completely C. gradually D. occasionally 23. A. moral B. physical C. social D. legal 24. A. forced B. inspired C. allowed D. convinced 25. A. stick to B. escape from C. decide on D.get through 26. A. Otherwise B. Meanwhile C. However D. Therefore 27. A. familiar B. negative C. simple D. foreign 28. A. strangers B. cousins C. friends D. neighbors 29. A. understand B. support C. trust D. praise 30. A. worried B. innocent C. scared D. bitter 31. A. imagined B. wondered C. remembered D. questioned 32. A. ridiculous B. urgent C. desperate D. complex 33. A. focusing B. working C. acting D. surviving 34. A. also B. even C. still D. yet 35. A. fought B. learnt C. hesitated D. tended 36. A. till B. before C. as D. once 37. A. how B. why C. that D. what 38. A. In the long run B. Time and again C. For quite a while D. All at once 39. A. challenge B. goal C. reward D. chance 40. A. gift B. fact C. test D. deal 第二部分:阅读理解(第一节 20 小题,第二节 5 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 50 分) 第一节:阅读下列材料,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项,并 在答题纸上将该选项标号涂黑。 A While other countries debate whether to fix wind turbines(涡轮机) offshore or in distant areas, Denmark is building them right in its capital. Three windmills(风车) were recently introduced in a Copenhagen neighbourhood, and the city plans to add another 97. “We’ve made a very ambitious commitment to make Copenhagen CO2-neutral by 2025,” Frank Jensen, the mayor, says. “But going green isn’t only a good thing. It’s a must.” The city’s carbon-neutral plan, passed two years ago, will make Copenhagen the world’s first zero -carbon capital. With wind power making up 33% of Denmark’s energy supply, the country already features plenty of wind turbines. Indeed, among the first sights greeting airborne visitors during the landing at Copenhagen’s Kastrup airport is a chain of sea-based wind towers. By 2020, the windswept country plans to get 50% of its energy from wind power. Now turbines are moving into the city and these ones will cost less than half the price of those sea-based. Having the energy production closer makes it cheaper, and land-based turbines are the cheapest possible source of energy available today. Fixing them also makes the locals more aware of their energy consumption. Though considerably less attractive than it was in ancient times, the windmill is enjoying popularity in the 21st century. “Windmills are a symbol of the new and clean Copenhagen,” says resident Susanne Sayers. Meanwhile, fellow Copenhagen citizen Maria Andersen worries about the noise, explaining that she wouldn’t want a wind turbine in her neighbo urhood. While

Copenhagen citizens approve of the windmills, they’re less willing to live close to one. The answer, the city has decided, is to sell turbine shares. Each share represents 1,000 kW hours/year, with the profit tax-free. With a typical Copenhagen household consuming 3,500 kW hours/year, a family buying four shares effectively owns its own renewable energy supply. To date, 500 residents have bought 2,500 shares. Involving the local population was a smart move. “There are a lot of things you can do close to people if it’s not too big and if there’s a model where locals feel involved and get to share in the profit. Knowing that you, or your neighbours, own a technology creates a very different atmosphere than if a multinational owned it,” says Vad Mathiesen. Going green? Yes. Accepted by the population? Yes. Going with centuries-old city architecture? Hardly. Certainly, the three turbines don’t exactly blight the 18th-century city centre, as they are in a neighbourhood 3 km away. According to the mayor’s office, none of the remaining 97 turbines will rise in architecturally sensitive areas. But Sascha Haselmayer, CEO of city creation group Citymart, warns, “With Denmark being a world-leading producer of windmills, there is a risk that the answer to every energy question is windmills.” “We’ve destroyed mountains and lakes in order to support our lifestyle,” notes Irena Bauman, an architect and professor at Sheffield University. “Wind turbines are a sign that we’re learning to live with nature. I hope we’ll have them all over the world ,” she says. “They may be unpleasant to some, but better-looking ones will come. It’s just that we don’t have time to wait for them!” 41. Denmark has decided to build windmills in its capital mainly to ______. A. make windmills its cultural symbol B. advocate an environmentally-friendly lifestyle C. take advantage of its limited wind power D. greet tourists coming to Copenhagen by plane 42. How has the city of Copenhagen persuaded its people to accept the windmills around their homes? A. By promising them that all their income is free of tax. B. By designing less noisy windmills to ease their worries. C. By convincing them that land-based turbines are much cheaper. D. By offering them the chance to get the profit the windmills bring. 43. The underlined word “blight” (Paragraph 8) is closest in meaning to ______. A. spoil B. improve C. pollute D. occupy 44. Sascha Haselmayer’s attitude to building windmills can best be described as ______. A. disapproving B. unconcerned C. cautious D. enthusiastic 45. Which of the following words would Irena Bauman most probably agree with? A. “It benefits us more to fit wind turbines in cities than in mountain areas or by lakes.” B. “We should sell more wind turbines to other countries to make us one of the richest.” C. “We should devote more time to developing the wind turbines that go with the city.” D. “It’s not what wind turbines look like but how we live that really matters at present.” B To honor the best books for young adults and children, TIME has created this list of classics: Best Young-Adult and Children’s Books.

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

Sherman Alexie’s coming-of-age novel shows family and traditions through young Arnold Spirit, torn between his life in an Indian community and his largely white high school. The specifics are sharply drawn, but this novel, with its themes of self-discovery, speaks to young readers everywhere.

Harry Potter

What more can be said about J. K. Rowling’s unique series? How about this: seven years after the final book was published, readers young and old still go crazy at the slightest rumor of a new Potter story.

The Book Thief

For many young readers, Markus Zusak’s novel provides their first in-depth reflection of the Holocaust(大屠杀). Although terror surrounds Liesel, a young German girl, so too does evidence of friendship, love and charity — recovering lights in the darkness.

A Wrinkle in Time

Madeleine L’Engle’s super-realist adventure has provided generations of children with their first-ever exciting experiences, as Meg travels across the fifth dimension(维度) in search of her father. But the science fiction also has a message: Meg learns independence and bravery in the process.

Charlotte’s Web

Readers are still drawn to the simplicity and beauty of spider Charlotte’s devotion to her pig friend Wilbur. Though family farms may be less common than they were in 1952, E. B. White’s novel remains timeless for its lasting reflection on the power of friendship and of good writing.


Louis Sachar’s story of a family curse(诅咒), fancy sports shoes and poisonous lizards moves forward and backward through time, telling of how Stanley Yelnats IV ended up in a prison camp. It’s an introduction to a complex story, filled with fun, warmth and a truly memorable criminal.


With apologies to the lovable Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, this may be Roald Dahl’s most inspiring book for young people. Poor Matilda feels troubled and ignored by her family — a sense that many preteens share. They don’t share her supernatural powers, but that’s the lasting

appeal of this escapist fun.

The Outsiders

Published when author S. E. Hinton was just 18, this coming-of-age novel offers evidence that even the youngest writer can provide valuable wisdom. Her striking look at Ponyboy and gang life in the 1960s has continued to have a powerful effect for decades on readers of all kinds, whether they identify more with the Greasers or the Socs.

The Phantom Tollbooth

In a humorous, sharp fairy tale(童话故事) that shows language and mathematics through a story of adventure in the Kingdom of Wisdom, Jules Feiffer’s unusual drawings do as much as Norton Juster’s plain language combined with complex ideas to carry readers through Digitopolis and the Mountains of Ignorance.

The Giver

Lois Lowry’s tale of self-discovery in society has a memorable central character, Jonas, and an unforgettable message — that pain and harm have an important place in individual lives and in society, and to forget them is to lose what makes us human. 46. Which of the following shares the same theme with The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian? A. A Wrinkle in Time B. The Giver C. The Book Thief D. Harry Potter 47. According to the passage, The Phantom Tollbooth ______. A. contains a lot of fancy pictures B. talks only about maths problems C. describes a journey in complex language D. sets its background in the Kingdom of Freedom 48. It can be learned from the passage that ______. A. Charlotte fell in love with Wilbur B. Matilda was well cared for in her family C. Stanley Yelnats IV got punished D. S. E. Hinton was best at telling fairy tales 49. What is the main purpose of the passage? A. To advertise for some booksellers. B. To introduce some famous writers. C. To admire some classics for kids and young adults. D. To recommend some great works of TIME magazine. C If you were given a chance to choose your favorite life metaphor(比喻), what would it be? Do you agree with Forrest Gump’s mother that life is “a box of chocolates” because “you never know what you’re going to get”? Or do you prefer the phrase from the 1930’s song that “life is just a bowl of cherries(樱桃)”? Though simply stated, each conveys a very different view. A “box” implies mystery, because we don’t know what is in a closed box. Meanwhile, a “bowl” of cherries is completely in view. For many centuries, the metaphor of life that probably burst into most people’s mind was the one suggested by Shakespeare: “All of life is a stage…” On that stage, we take seven roles. More recently, psychologist Erik Erikson took up the idea of life as a stage. Erikson regarded development as a “powerful unfolding” in which we are driven from one stage to the next as our bodies, minds, and social roles develop. Stage metaphors fit with many of our common-sense ideas about change, but the problem with the stage metaphor is that it isn’t particularly accurate. None of the studies that try to clarify the universality of adult life stages actually studied people as they developed over time. All of them were based on performances of their samples(样本) at one point in time. People’s actual lives don’t fit into these stage metaphors. They don’t automatically transform when people reach a certain age. Instead, people’s real lives are messy, unpredictable, and full of surprises. Today, I’d like to focus on an even longer study, an 80 -year study which is the subject of a recent book by Howard Friedman and Leslie Martin. Their final chapter summarizes the “many changes of healthy and unhealthy pathways” that their participants took over the course of their lives. As I too discovered in my research, the pathway provides a perfect metaphor of human development. We don’t all go down the same road marked with the same signposts based on age. People travel through diverse routes as they track the years of adulthood. Friedman and Martin use health and long life as their measure; I’ve used sense of achievement. In both cases, we are in perfect agreement in evaluating development not according to age but “the key features of life”. The paths that Friedman and Martin describe seize the changes that characterize people as they age. Some examples are “The High Road” (reliable, full of plans); “Not Easy Street” (exposed to high stress throughout life), “Catastrophe Lane” (a downwardly twisty life); “Happy Trails to You” (cheerful, sociable), “The Road to Resilience” (able to handle stress with a strong will). Though I haven’t yet been able to follow my participants for 80 years, I too saw some of these pathways among my samples: “The Minding Way” , “The Downward Slope” , “The Straight and Narrow Path” , and “The Successful Trail”. The pathway metaphor gives you hope for changing the direction of your life if you are unhappy with it so far. You can’t stop the clock from ticking the minutes between one birthday and the next, but you can adjust the road that you’re on by changing yourself, your situation, or both. 50. The author introduces the topic of the passage in the first paragraph by ______. A. making comparisons B. giving examples C. describing scenes D. providing explanations 51. According to the passage, the “stage metaphor” ______. A. leads to misunderstandings B. is used in memory of Shakespeare C. doesn’t exactly reflect one’s real life D. hasn’t enough stages to clarify life changes

52. The author is convinced of the life metaphor Friedman and Martin suggest because she ______. A. spent less time on her research B. has found their book a bestseller C. considers their measure more scientific D. got a similar finding to theirs 53. When a person is facing difficulties bravely, which metaphor can best describe him? A. “Not Easy Street” B. “Happy Trails to You” C. “Catastrophe Lane” D. “The Road to Resilience” 54. What does the passage focus on? A. The pathway as a perfect life metaphor. B. Various views on life metaphors. C. The stage as a common life metaphor. D. Different kinds of life metaphors. D It was a weeknight. We were a half dozen guys in our late teens, hanging around “the flat” — as usual. The flat was poorly furnished, which, after some time, grew tiresome. We wanted action. We got in a car, big enough for all of us to crowd into — and off we went, in search of adventure. We soon found ourselves at Blue Gum Corner, a place named after the huge old blue gum tree that stood by there, a well-known local landmark. It stands at a minor crossroad leading to our town. The trunk is tall and smooth with no handholds for climbing. About six metres from the ground the first branch sticks out over the road. We parked beneath the huge old tree and discussed what we might do. All of a sudden we hit upon an idea — a hanging! I was chosen as “hangee”. The plan was quite simple. As I stood upon the roof of the car, the rope(绳子) was threaded down my jacket through my collar and down one leg of my jeans. I put my foot through the loop at the bottom. There I hung, still. The boys rolled about laughing until, a car, I hear a car! Before they ran to hide in the nearby field, they gave me a good push so that “the body” would swing as the car drove by. To our disappointment, the car simply turned off for town without even slowing. The boys came out of their hiding places and we discussed the situation. Surely they had seen me, hadn’t they? Then we heard another car. The act was repeated, but still without any obvious reaction. We played the game about five or six times, but as no one seemed to notice, we abandoned the trick. What we did not know was that every car that had passed had unquestionably seen “the body” and each one, too scared to stop, had driven directly to the local Police Station. Now at that time of the night, the local policeman was sound asleep in his bed, so the first person sent to the scene was the traffic officer that happened to be on duty that particular night. He had been informed that some person had been killed, by hanging, at Blue Gum Corner. When he arrived, the body was gone! And he was hearing “unnatural sounds” from the surrounding area. As far as he knew, some fierce animal was hiding in the field before him, possibly dragging a body behind him — and we thought we were scared! He went to his radio and made a call that really began to worry us. I lay so close that I could hear every word. He called for the “armed police” and a “dog team, better make it two” and he had a “serious situation” at Blue Gum Corner. Then the police officer arrived. After a briefing from the traffic officer he decided not to go into the field until armed police and dog teams arrived. Now two spotlights were on the field and none of us could move. As luck would have it, police cars cannot leave their spotlights on all night without charging their batteries. So, after a time, the two officers began lightening the field by turns, allowing us the opportunity to move on our fours for freedom. One by one, we all managed to steal away and make our way home. Behind us we left what must have looked like a small city of lights, police cars, roadblocks, barking dogs, armed officers and an old rope hanging from a tree. When I think back to that night, to that tree, to what the drivers of the cars think happened, to what police believe happened, and to what I know happened, I am reminded of a simple truth — our eyes see darkness and light, color and movement, our ears hear only vibrations(振动) in the air. It is how we explain these vivid pictures that shapes our “reality”. 55. The boys made the “hanging” plan in order to ______. A. make a fool of the police B. draw public attention C. seek fun and excitement D. practise acting skills 56. Seeing that no car passing by stopped, the boys must have felt ______. A. discouraged B. proud C. annoyed D. confident 57. Why was the traffic officer sent to the scene of “hanging”? A. Because a fierce animal kept the traffic in disorder. B. Because the local policeman was not available at that time. C. Because some naughty kids ware playing a terrifying game. D. Because many scared drivers turned directly to him for help. 58. The boys managed to escape from the field when ______. A. the two police cars were being charged B. the police officer was taking over the duty C. the traffic officer was making a call for help D. the two spotlights were not working together 59. What is conveyed in the passage? A. Actions speak louder than words. B. The truth lies beneath the surface. C. Experience is the best teacher. D. To see is to believe. 60. What would be the best title for the passage? A. Blue Gum Tree B. A Body Found Hanging C. Escape to Freedom D. A Disappointing Experience 第二节:下面文章中有 5 个段落需要添加首句(第 61~65 题)。请从以下选项(A、B、C、

D、E 和 F)中选出适合各段落的首句,并在答题纸上将相应选项的标号涂黑。选项中有一 项是多余选项。 A. Become reliable. B. Make some money. C. Know about your mind. D. Be good with discomfort. E. Be ready for opportunities. F. Learn to deal with uncertainty. A Guide for Young People: What to Do with Your Life You can’t figure out the future. Even young people who have a plan (be a doctor, lawyer, research scientist, singer) don’t really know what will happen. Life doesn’t go according to plans. So if you can’t figure out the future, what do you do? Don’t focus on the future. Focus on what you can do right now that will be good no matter what the future brings. 61. ______ The best things in life are often hard, and if you shy away from difficulty, you’ll miss out. You’ll live a life of safety. Learning is hard. Building something great is hard. Writing a book is hard. A marriage is hard. Running a marathon is hard. All are amazing. How do you get good at this? Do things now that are uncomfortable and hard, on purpose. 62. ______ Starting a business, for example, is an amazing thing to do. But if you’re afraid of the unknown future, you’ll avoid it. You can’t know ho w things will turn out, and so if you need to know how things will turn out, you’ll avoid great projects, businesses, opportunities. But if you can be OK with not knowing, you will be open to many more possibilities. If you’re good at what you are not sure of, you could do all kinds of things. 63. ______ Most people don’t realize that fear controls them. They don’t notice when they fail to fix their attention, or consider doing things they told themselves they wouldn’t do. It’s hard to change mental habits because you don’t always see what’s going on in your head. Learn about how your mind works, and you’ll be much better at all of this. 64. ______ I don’t think money is that important, but it is necessary in your life. Making money is hard. You have to make someone believe in you enough to hire you or buy your products/service, which means you have to figure out why you’re worthy of someone believing in you. You have to become worthy. And you have to learn to communicate that to people so they’ll want to buy or hire you. Whether you’re selling cookies door-to-door or trying to get a job as a cashier, you have to do this. 65. ______ If you do all of the above, or at least most of it, you’ll be amazing. You’ll be way, way ahead of pretty much every other person your age. And good fortune will come your way, if you have your eyes open: job opportunities, a chance to build something with someone, an idea for a startup that you can build yourself, a new thing to learn and turn into a business. Take risks — that’s one of the advantages of being young. And if none come along, create your own.

第Ⅱ卷 非选择题部分(共 40 分)
第三部分:写作(共两节,满分 40 分) 第一节:短文改错(共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) My best friends gave me a present in a box on my birthday. It was a little heavy, which made me very curiously. So I intended to open it at once but she prevented me do so. She said I mustn ’t open it until I went back home but gave me a naughty smile. Although there is a strong desire in my mind to know that was inside the box, I just did as she said. On the way to home, all I did was thinking about the puzzle. Finally I opened the box. It was a cup printing with a pink word — friendship. It was so lovely that I liked very much. Now, every time I use a cup, I will think about her and the friendship between us. 第二节:书面表达(满分 30 分) 假如你是李越,即将进入大学学习。请你用英语写一篇 100~120 个词的短文,谈谈你 进入大学后的打算。短文应包含以下要点: 1. 如何尽快适应环境; 2. 如何发展各种能力。 注意:短文的开头已给出,不计入总词数。 With my college life waiting for me, __________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________



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浙江省嘉兴市2015高三下学期教学测试(二)英语试题(含详细答案)_高三英语_英语_高中教育_教育专区。浙江省嘉兴市2015高三下学期教学测试(二)英语试题考生须知: ...


浙江省嘉兴市2015届高三下学期教学测试(二)英语试题(扫描版)_英语_高中教育_教育专区。 2015 年嘉兴市高三教学测试(二)英语试卷参考答案及评分标准 1-5 ADCDB ...
嘉兴市高三教学测试二 | 嘉兴高三期末测试语文 | 高三数列综合测试题 | 高三生物必修一测试题 | 高三三角函数测试题 | 高三数学测试题 | 2017届高三历史测试题 | 高三立体几何测试题 |

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