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Unit 3 The birth of blue jeans

Unit 7 The birth of blue jeans
Please review the text, decide whether the following statements are T or F. ( ) 1.Blue jeans were welcomed because they were not easily worn out. ( ) 2.The design was changed because it was ugly. ( ) 3.The nineteen fifties saw very tight jeans. ( ) 4.The style of jeans changes with time. 1.Each time you step into your old jeans, you are putting on a piece of history. 1)each/every/any time 每当……的时候,该短语常用作连词,引导时间状语从 句 e.g. He always asks me lots of questions each time I go to see him. Every time I saw him, he was reading a book. 典例探究:You may come here___ you want to. A.at C. any time the D. in time time of B.by the time

2)put on ,wear, dress, have on ◆put on vt. “穿上、戴上”,强调动作,不能与表示一段时间的状语连用。可 用于指穿衣服、穿鞋、戴帽子等。 Put on more clothes, or you?ll be cold. ◆dress vt.&vi. “穿上、戴上”,表示动作或状态,其常有结构有: dress sb. in +衣服 dress sb./oneself be dressed in +衣服

dress+副词 e.g. Mother is dressing my little sister now. She is old enough to dress herself. She was dressed in white. He dressed quickly. ◆ wear vt. “穿上、戴着”,强调穿戴的状态。常 与一般时态、进行时态、完 成时态连用,还可用于指戴手表、首饰、胸章等。 e.g. Lucy always wears a yellow coat.

◆ have on 与 wear 相同,表示“穿上、戴着”,强调穿戴的状态。不能用于进 行时,其后接表示衣服、帽子、鞋子的名词。 e.g. She always has on her red shoes. 表状态 1.wear + 衣服 2. have on + 衣服 衣服

3. be dressed in + 表动作 1.put on + 衣服 2.dress + 人 典例探究:

The man __ a black jacket is __ the boy. A. dressing; wearing C. wore; dressing B. is wearing; dressing D. wearing; dressing

2. A man named Levi Strauss realized that the gold miners? normal trousers wore out too quickly. named Levi Strauss = who was named Levi Strauss e.g. Do you know a girl named Zou Meixia? 300 people are dying each day from illness caused by smoking. 2) wear out He has worn out two pairs of shoes this month. The children are wearing me out. The old clock finally wore out. 3.Strauss had bought some strong canvas , intending to make it into tents and wagon covers. ■ make A into B make A out of B ↓被动结构 A is made out of B A 是用 B 制成的 用 A 制成 B 用 B 制成 A

e.g. We make the wood into a table. The boy make a boat out of wood. 典例探究:My mother can __ beautiful clothes ___ this material. A. be made; into C. be made; out of B. make; into D. make; out of

4.Strauss ordered boat-loads of that material and, to keep color consistent, had it all dyed dark blue.

◆have sth. done “have + sth. (宾语)+ done(宾语补足语)”意为“让 / 叫 / 使 / 请别人做 某事”。宾语 sth.后面用过去分词作宾语补足语,说明 sth.与过去分词表示的 动作之间是被动关系。例如: We had the machine mended just now. 我们刚才请人把机器修好了。 He has had his hair cut. 他(请人给他)理发了。 The patient is going to have his temperature taken. 这个病人准备请 / 叫 / 让人量体温。 ◆have sb. / sth. doing “ have +sb. / sth. (宾语) 现在分词 + (宾语补足语) ”意为“叫 / 让 / 使 某人做某事或让某种情况发生”。 宾语 sb./sth.后面用现在分词作宾语补足语, 表示宾语与现在分词所表示的动作之间为主动关系,且动作正在持续或进 行。 e.g. Don?t have the baby crying! 不要让婴儿啼哭! Don?t have the dog barking much,Tom. 汤姆,别让狗狂吠不停。 You'd better have your car running slowly. 你最好把车子开慢点。 ◆ have sb. do sth. “have + sb.(宾语)+ do sth.(宾语补足语)”意为“让 / 叫 / 使某人做 某事”。 此结构中的 have 是使役动词, 作宾语, sb. 其后的 do sth.是省去 to 的动词不定式作宾语补足语。例如:

The boss often has them work for 14 hours a day. 老板经常要他们一天工作 14 个小时。 I'll have someone repair the bike for you. 我会让人为你修理自行车的。 典例探究: 1.You should understand the traffic rule by now. You?ve had it ___often enough. A. explaining B. to explain C. explain D. explained

5.Film stars like John Wayne and Marilyn Monroe wore them, and so did pop stars like the Rolling Stones. ◆so did pop stars…是倒装句, 表示前面所说的肯定情况同样也适用于另外一 个人或物。该结构中的谓语应与前句谓语的时态、语态一致,其结构是 “so +be/have/助动词/情态动词+主语” e.g.1) I was late that afternoon and so was she. 2)—I went to the farm yesterday. —So did I。 3) —I have finished my homework. —so has he. ◆如果前面否定的内容也适用于另外一个人或物,其结构是“neither/nor + be/have/助动词/情态动词+主语” 。 1)—He isn?t Chinese. —Neither /nor is his friend. 2) —He didn?t come.

—Neither did Bob. 3) —They haven?t been to Beijing. —Neither have my parents.. ◆ 如 果 说 话人 对前 面 所 说 的情 况表 示 肯 定 、赞 同, 其 结 构 是 “so+ 主语 +be/have/助动词/情态动词” 。 (前后主语指同一人) 1)—It was cold yesterday. —So it was. 2)—you seem to like sports. —So I do. 典例探究: 1、-- I reminded you not to forget the appointment. -- ______. A.So you did. C. So did you. B. So I do not. D. So do I .

2、--I would never ever come to this restaurant again. The food is terrible! --__________. A. Nor am I . C. Same with me. B. Neither would I . D. So do I .

3、—It?s burning hot today, isn?t it? —Yes. _____ yesterday. A. So was it C. So it is B. So it was D. So is it

Practice: Choose the best answer. 1.His shoes were ___last week ,so he has to buy one pair this afternoon. A. wear out C. worn out 2.We are looking for a man ____Jack. A. name B. named C. with name D. who name is 3.—He was a very good student when he was in the primary school. —So ____________. A. am I B. was I C. I am D. I was B. wears out D. wore out

4.He has never taken ____ the changes in this city. A. any notice C. a notice about B. any notice of D. some notice

5.It is cold outside .Please___ your coat. A. put B. put on C. wear D. wear to

6. You?d better _____. A. to have cut your hair B. to have your hair cut C. have your hair cut D. had cut your hair Homework: 1.Recite the text. 2.Complete the practice on Page 76.


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