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一、外貌体形 (一)常用句型: ① 主语+ be + adj/n.. 例如: She is of medium height. 她中等身材。 ② 主语+ be + a + adj. + man / woman / girl / boy. 例如: He is a grey-haired thin old man. 他是一位白发苍苍的瘦老头。 ③ 某人 + has + adj. + 身体部位。例如: She has a round face and wide eyes. 她长着圆圆的脸,大大的眼睛。 (二) 常用词语: ? 表 “ 长 相 ” 常 用 词 语 : good-looking 长 得 好 看 的 , ugly-looking 长 得 难 看 的 , ordinary-looking 长相一般的, funny-looking 长相滑稽的,white-haired 白头发的,beautiful 漂 亮的,pretty 漂亮的,handsome (男子)英俊的,漂亮的,broad shoulder 宽肩膀,wide eyes 大眼睛,wide mouth 大嘴巴。
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?表“体形”常用词语:tall 高的, short 矮的,be of medium height 中等身材,be short in stature 身材矮小,fat 胖的, thin 瘦的, slim 苗条的,full-bodi ed 魁梧的。 二、身高体重 (一)表“身高”的句 型: ① 主语 + be + 数词 + 单位 + tall. ② 主语 + be + 数词 + 单位 + in height. He is 1.72 metres tall/in height. (二)表“体重”的句型: ①主语 + be +数词 +单位词 + in weight. ②主语 + weighs + 数词 + 单位词。 ③ One’s weight is + 数词 + 单位词。例如: He weighs 65 kilogram. 他体重 65 公斤。



三、年龄特征 (一)常用句型: ? 在句中作表语:

①主语 + be + 数词 + years old. 例如: She is fourteen years old. ②主语 + be + 数词 + years of age。例如: I am fifteen years of age. ?在句中作状语: ①at the age of + 数词. 例如: At the age of twelve,Edison began selling newspapers on the train. ②at + 数词 + (years of age). 例如: He finished middle school at seventeen years of age. ?在句中作后置定语: ① of + 数词 + years old. 例如: He is a boy of twelve years old. ②aged + 数词 + years. 例如: He is a boy aged twelve years. ③数词 + years of age. 例如: They are all children under five years of age. ?表示十年之内的岁数: in + one's + 数词复数 When Marx was in his f ifties,he found it important to study the situation in Russia。 ?在句中作前置定语: 数词-year-old (修饰名词) 。 She is an 8-year-old girl. (二)常用形容词:young 年轻的, old 年老的, middle-aged 中年的, aged 老年的。 四、衣着打扮 (一)常用句型: ①主语 +wears / is wearing + 衣物(衣、袜、鞋、帽、手表、眼镜、饰物、标志、颜色 等名词) 。例如: She is always wearing red 她总是穿红衣。 He wears his hair long. 他蓄长发。

②主语 + is dressed in +服装(类别、材料、颜色) 。例如: He is dressed in white 他穿着白衣服。

③主语 + be + in +服装(类别、材料、颜色) 例如: Mr Smith was in grey. 史密斯先生穿着灰色衣服。 ④主语 + have on +服装(不用进行时) 例如: She always has her black hat on.她总是戴着那顶黑帽子。 ⑤ with + 眼镜,手套(用作定语) Our boss is a young man with thick glasses. 我们的老板是一位戴着深度眼镜的年轻人。 ⑥主语 + dress + well [badly, neatly]衣着漂亮[难看, 整洁] ⑦主语 be + well [badly, neatly,finely] dressed. 穿得好[难看, 整洁,讲究]。 (二) 常用名词: suit 男西装, dress 女服, uniform 制服, coat 外套, jacket 夹克, shirt 衬衫, sweater 毛衣,运动衫, trousers 裤子, skirt 裙子, shoe 鞋, boot 靴子, glove 手套, ring 戒指, necklace 项链, earring 耳环, handkerchief 手帕, tie 领带, cap 无沿帽, hat 大沿帽, perfume 香水, purse 手提包, muffler 围巾, jeans 牛仔裤, stocking 长袜, belt 腰带, sock 短袜, slipper 拖鞋, raincoat 雨衣, wallet 钱包, blouse 女外套, 女衬 衫。
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?【书面表达练习 1】 根据下列提示,以“A teacher”为题,介绍李涛老师。 李涛是我校年轻的老教师。他被看作是老教师,是因为他教化学课已经有 20 年了。说 他年轻,因为他今年还不过 38 岁。 他长得较瘦。头上头发不多,灰白了。 他戴着深度眼镜, 牙齿又缺了 2 颗。 所以他看上去比他实际年龄要大。 他说, 在公共汽车上常常有人给他让座。 事实上。 我曾看见他不止一次地给怀抱婴儿的妇女让过座。 只要听一听他的化学课——那课 又生动又有趣,你就会发现他真正的年龄。 A teacher Li Tao is a young and old teacher in our school. ____________ ___________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ ________________

?【书面表达练习 2】 有一个美国代表团想了解你们的英语老师,请根据下列提要,写一篇短文。内容提要如 下: (1)这位英语老师名叫 Bruce,是位英国人,40 岁左右,又高又瘦,戴着一副眼镜; (2)对学生要求严格,认真备课,认真批改作业; (3)教学方法不同于别人,鼓励学生思考,培养学生自学能力; (4)和学生打成一片,和蔼可亲,深受学生的爱戴和尊敬。 要求: (1)要有标题; (2)介绍必须包括所给要点,但不要逐条译成英语; (3)词数 110 左右。 答案 ? 【书面表达练习 1】 A teacher Li Tao is a young and old teacher in our school. He is regarded as being old for he has bee n teaching here for 20 years. He is seen, at the same time, as being young as he is now but 38 years old. He doesn’t have much hair on the head. And it is nearly all white. Mi ssing two teeth and wearing thick glasses, he looks older than he really is. He says people often offer their seats to him for his old look s. On the contrary, I myself saw him give up his seat to a woman with a baby in her arms. At least twice he did so. When you attend his interesting and lively classes, you will be sure of his real age ---still young.

?【书面表达练习 2】 Our English Teacher - Bruce Bruce, our English teacher, is from England and is about 40 years old. He is tall and thin with a pair of glasses on his nose. He is strict with us in our study. He prepares his lessons well and corrects our homework carefully. His teaching style is quite different from that of the others. In class he always encourages us to think hard and develop our ability to study on our own. He often helps and cares for us. He is very kind to us. In his spare time he plays basketball and football with us. We all love and respect him



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