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一、单项选择(15 分)
1. -- How about putting some pictures into the report? --________ A picture is worth more than a thousand words. A. No way. B. Why not? C. That?s all right. D. It doesn?t matter.

2. I don't really work here;I _______ until the new secretary arrives. A. just help out B. have just helped out C. am just helping out D. will just help out

3. The weather turned out to be very good, _______ was more than we could expect. A. what B. which C. that D. it

4. No one knows exactly ______ this important discovery was made. A. that B. that how C. what D. when

5. He plays well or badly according to his mood (心情), so he's a very _________ player. A. modest B. easygoing C. temperamental D. calm

6. Here are two pairs of shoes, ______ you may choose. A. both of them B. either of them C. any of which D. either of which

7. It?s the first time ______ he has helped us. A. that B. before C. when D. who

8. If something ________, it becomes less and less and eventually disappears completely. A. dies off B. breaks off C. dies out back this afternoon. C. your calling D. you?re calling D. breaks out

9. I would appreciate A. you to call B. you call

10. _______ is known to all, Lu Xun was famous as a great thinker. A. Which B. As C. It D. What

11. Use your head, _______ you?ll work out the problem. A. so B. or C. for D. and

12. Everyone was trying to ________ a better idea to persuade him to stay.
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A. put out

B. come across

C. come up with

D. put up with

13. She had a bad cold, but luckily began to _______ soon. A. recover B. control C. lose D. reduce

14. The area ______ the explosion happened was closed off by the police. A. which B. as C. why D. where

15. I have made ______ clear that all of us are strongly against smoking in the office. A. this B. it C. that D. one

16. April 5 was a day of relief since rescuers saved 115 workers ____ for more than a week in the flooded Wangjialing Coal Mine in Shanxi province. A. trapping B. trapped C. trap D. to trap 17. I ____ the Internet when she telephoned to invite me to watch Ip Man 2 (叶问 2), and I happily said OK to her. A. was surfing B. had surfed C. have surfed D. Surfed 18. Hardly ____ he entered the classroom ____ the bell rang.. A. had; when B. did; than C. had; than D. did; when 19. If I ____ the Japan?s new Prime Minister, instead of Naoto Kan, I would improve the SinoJapanese relation above all. A. had been B. am C. was D. Were 20. His face suggested that he ____ ill, and I suggested that he ____ to hospital immediately. A. was; was sent B. be; was sent C. was; be sent D. be; be sent 21. —Hi, Mark. ________ —I?m fine. Everything is going well. A. So what? B. And what? C. How are things being done? D. How are you? 22. It?s a long journey, so I prefer ____ a train rather than ____ a bus. A. to ride; take B. take; to take C. ride; to take D. to take; to ride 23. When I told them I was a teacher, their ______ changed and I was let in right away. A. spirit B. attitude C. heart D. attention 24. I?ll go to visit the history museum if it ___________ tomorrow. A. won?t rain B. hasn?t rained C. doesn?t rain D. can?t rain 25. He was very __________ to find out that the movie was not ________ at all. A. disappointing; interested B. disappointed; interesting C. disappointing; interesting D. disappointed; interested 26. James is a famous clothing designer (设计者) whose style is similar to ______ of Joan Keats?s. A. what B. it C. that D. the one 27. Can you ______ the fact that we are already senior high school students? A. receive B. admit C. tell D. make 28. The film was so popular at that time _______ my old grandmother watched it day and night. A. then B. that C. as D. while 29. —When should we leave for Paris?
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—______. Any time is OK with me. A. You have the choice B. It?s up to you C. I don?t care D. Never mind 30. —Do you feel like buying ____ skirt? —No, I bought one last Sunday. It?s _______ same as Lily?s. A. the; a B. the; / C. a; the D. a; a 31. The program, _________ at the meeting yesterday, was about the development of our city. A. discussing B. having discussed C. to be discussed D. discussed 32. After he had said good-bye to Jack, Tom ______ a bus and left the town. A. got down B. got on C. got into D. got off 33. They argued about some details in the meeting and led us away from the _______. A. description B. center C. idea D. topic 34. I got to the museum at 10:30 a.m., but I _____ not see my friend Joe at the gate until 11:00 a.m.. A. do B. can C. will D. did 35. When students saw the teacher entered the classroom, they ______ stopped talking and read the books. A. immediately B. completely C. finally D. lastly

三、完形填空(15 分)
Most teachers agree that the first lesson of a teacher is often unforgettable. I remember getting into the class with the 36 of a beginner for teaching: nervous, careful, excited, etc. The school I 37 my first lesson in was well-known to hold the most troublesome(顽皮 的)students in the city. With this in 38 , I was more nervous than I should be. But I tried my best not to 39 it out and went into the classroom. The first thing I did was taking a look at the whole class. My eyes 40 on a big black student. He was sitting in the back 41 of the classroom with no one in front of him. His body was much 42 than mine. I thought it would be better to 43 that boy untouched. As soon as I started my lesson writing on the blackboard, I heard some noise from the back. I 44 the students to find out who did it, but the class looked very 45 . I went on writing and the noise went on. Then I stopped my lesson to 46 this problem because I believed that if I lost control of the class from the 47 I wouldn?t be able to get it back. I thought the big boy made the noise. To my 48 , a small boy was the source(根源)of trouble. Days went 49 and I discovered that the big boy was good and quiet and the great source of trouble came from a group of 50 students who became under control after some weeks. From then on, I realized that judging by appearance can often be wrong, not only with students. 36.A.ideas B.feelings C.thoughts D.ways 37.A.started B.found C.opened D.finished 38.A.head B.mind C.school D.hand 39.A.make B.bring C.work D.show 40.A.stopped B.noticed C.pointed D.warned 41.A.line B.row C.room D.part 42.A.higher B.lighter C.larger D.thicker 43.A.let B.relax C.increase D.leave 44.A.faced B.wondered C.discussed D.watched 45.A.common B.confident C.quiet D.crowded 46.A.decide B.solve C.improve D.produce 47.A.beginning B.example C.matter D.end
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48.A.competition 49.A.out 50.A.small-sized

B.congratulation B.down B.comfortable

C.surprise C.away C.frustrated

D.difference D.on D.ordinary-looking

四、阅读理解(20 分) A
Hey, I?m here talking about my new chemistry teacher. As I mentioned in my blog last year, I never felt confident when John taught us. I didn?t mean that he?s not a good teacher but I just failed to get a proper way of adapting to(适应) his teaching. He always advised us to find questions to ask him. But the truth was that we even didn?t know what we should ask him. To some extent, however, he seemed not to take details seriously enough. The first chemistry test in the second grade was the only time when I scored 91. After that, during the time when he taught us, I ever scored 80+. I was like, “I have no gift in chemistry.” He never wanted to remember his students? names and he always said, “That boy, you come here.”?“And what?s your name?”I said, “I?m this one.” I pointed at my name on the student list. He often says, “You are not doing well in this or that.” All right, but I got no suggestion about what I could do to go through these problems. But I got my enthusiasm back this term. We got a new chemistry teacher. Audrey is a good one, at least better that the previous (先前的) in teaching method. Maybe I just like the way she teaches us. From her first lesson in our class, I was thinking that there is still a chance for me to struggle to survive. I did. At least I am going to be better and better. I scored 79 in her first test and 90 in the second. I indeed found that I have a chance to rescue(挽救) my chemistry. I have come to love chemistry as well as my new teacher. 51.From the passage we can know the writer doesn?t like ________. A.John B.John?s teaching method C.Audrey D.Audrey?s teaching method 52.By saying “I have no gift in chemistry.” The writer thought he ______. A.had no interest in chemistry B.didn?t get any presents in chemistry class C.had no ability of learning chemistry well D.didn?t want to learn chemistry 53.The highest score in chemistry the writer got this term was ________. A.91 B.80+ C.79 D.90 54.Which of the sentences in the last paragraph is the main idea of the paragraph? A. I got my enthusiasm back this term. B. I am going to be better and better C. I indeed found that I have a chance to rescue my chemistry. D. I have come to love chemistry as well as my new teacher 55. We can learn from the passage that John ______. A. uses a different way to teach his students B. isn?t a good teacher C. wants to remember all the students? names D. teaches very well

I arrived in the U.S. on February 6, 1986, but I still remember my first day there very clearly. My friend was waiting for me when my plane landed at Kennedy Airport at three o?clock in the afternoon. It was very cold and snowing, but I was too excited to mind. From the airport, my friend and I took a taxi to my hotel. My friend helped me unpack at the hotel and
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then left me because he had to go back to work. He promised to return the next day. Shortly after my friend left, I went to a restaurant near the hotel to get something to eat. Because I do not know English at all, I could not tell the waiter what I wanted. I was very upset and started t make gestures, but the waiter did not understand me. Finally, I ordered the same thing as the next table was eating. After dinner, I started to walk around the city. I wanted to try. 56.February 6, 1986 was a day unforgettable to the writer, because _______. A.it was his first day in New York B.it was very clear that day C.it was very cold that day D.that day he took a plane and landed at Kennedy Airport 57.At the airport he was greeted by _______. A.a friend of his B.one of his relatives C.someone he had not met before D.no one 58.Which of the followings is NOT TRUE? A.His friend promised to be at the hotel again. B.He and his friend took a taxi to the hotel. C.His friend helped him unpack at the hotel. D.His friend had to leave him right after they got to the hotel. 59.He went to _______ to get something to eat. A.an inn B.a tea house C.a pub D.a nearby restaurant 60.He did not have what he really wanted, because _______. A.he did not want something to eat B.he would only make gestures C.the waiter was unwilling to serve D.he could not make himself understood

第 II 卷

一、情景对话(10 分)
从方框中选出合适的句子,完成对话(其中有两项为多余选项) 。 Tom: Hi, Mary! Long time no see. How are you doing? Mary: Fine. I like my new school life, but 1 Tom: Really? What problems do you have? Mary: 2 Tom: That?s too bad. But I think being strict is good for us students. What about other problems? Mary: 3 and I can?t understand Mrs Li. Also I feel so stupid when I can?t answer her questions. Tom: Why is that? I remember your English listening was better than mine. Mary: Perhaps it was. But now I don?t like it at all! And I?m even thinking about giving it up. Tom: 4 You know, it is just the beginning. Come on! And you can ask me for help at any time if you need. Mary: Really? Tom: Yes. Mary: Thanks a lot! OK, I?ll do my best. Tom: Right! 5 A. You must be joking! B. Of course I will help you. C. Our English lesson goes too fast.
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D. It?s settled! E. I have a couple of problems with my new teachers. F. My physics teacher is too strict and I don?t like to attend her class. G. That?s great!

请根据首字母或汉语提示完成句子,每空一分,共 10 分。 1.He jumped over the fence, ran across the field, and ________(消失)into the woods. 2.The best ________(方法)to achieve this goal is to unite as many people as possible. 3.What the old headmaster said at the graduation _____ (仪式)greatly encouraged us. . 4.I felt very n________ when I went into the headmaster?s office. 5.What my new English teacher said to me made a deep i_____ on me. 6. Miss Li has always worked very hard, and all of the students in her class r_____ her for that. 7.He must be an e_____ on DNA, for he knows so much about this field. 8.Seeing the children living a happy life in the k_____, the parents left there with satisfaction. 9.Nothing could be seen at a _______ (距离) of 20 kilometers. 10.Camels are much better than horses for traveling in the ______(沙漠) areas.

三、选词/词组填空,每空一分,共 10 分。
in fact As a result is short for attitude fall asleep doesn?t…any more divided into embarrassed eventually explanation fluently in other words looking forward to similar to took part in 1.She looked ________when we asked her about her boyfriend. 2.The girl was in America for five years with her parents, so she can speak English very_____ 3.The problem is ________four parts. 4.I always ________when watching TV. 5.They told me it would be cheap, but ________it cost me nearly 500 dollars. 6.He wasn't at work last week.________, he missed an important meeting. 7.At college I actively ________student activities. 8.I'm ________receiving his letter. 9.WTO _______World Trade Organization. 10.Why ______she speak to me__________ now?

四、课文填空(共 10 分)
A I'd guess that Mrs. Chen is almost sixty. She's very strict—we don't dare to say a word unless she asks us (1)____________. She's also very serious and doesn't smile much. When she asks you to do something, you do it immediately! There are a few students in our class (2) ___________ keep coming to class late but they're always on time for Mrs. Chen's lessons! Some of our class don't like her, but most of us really (3)a_________ her because her teaching is so well organised and clear. And a few students even admit (4)____________(like) her! I think that I will do well in the exam (5) _______ Mrs Chen teaching me. B The train was wonderful and the food was great. We ate great meals (6)___________(cook) by experts! (7)____________the first few hundred kilometers of the journey, the scenery was very colorful. There were fields and the soil was dark red. After that, it was desert. The sun (8)_________, there was no wind and there were no clouds in the sky. Suddenly, it looked like
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a place from another time. We saw (9)____________(abandon) farms (10)____________were built more than a hundred years ago.

五、语篇填空(共 10 分)
My parents If anybody asks me, “What is your most important thing in your life? My answer isn?t myself, money, my future lover, (1) ________ others, but my parents. I love them. Although we seldom said those words to each other, we know we love each other. I can remember that (2) ______ I was a small girl, my parents took me wherever I wanted to go. My mother is so active and beautiful. But I don?t like the sentences which she always tells me, just like defiance(挑衅). “Dear! look, Mom has so nice (3) _______!” Oh, of course I (4) a _______ that she really has so nice figure. But you know, never tell girls(especially fat girls) (5) _______ nice your figure is. That?s my Mom, a fashionable woman. I love her. My Dad, a humorous “big boy”, loves me very much. Although I?m 20 years now, he always calls me in a sweet voice. Sometimes I really couldn?t (6) s_______ it, but if he didn?t call me that way, I couldn?t bear much more, I think. Perhaps he seldom teaches me a lesson, so I remembered the only (7) ________ times he beat me, and I remembered very deeply. Every time I recalled(回忆) these four times, he always said, “Oh, no! You still remember that, (8) _______ do you have such good memory? But do you remember I washed your ?niaoku? in winter? Do you remember I held you through the whole (9)n______ because you (10) c______ all the time? Do you remember……?” “I?m afraid I can?t.” “Oh, no!” I love my Dad, and I know he loves me deeply, because I?m his little princess. I love my parents, and I?ll love them forever, even the next transmigration.

It is interesting to look at differences between schools in different countries. In many European countries, for example, the relationship between teachers and students is quite formal. This is true of France, Germany, and Spain, where discipline and respect for the teacher is considered very important. The same is true of Russia. In northern European countries, however, the relationship between teachers and students is much friendlier and more relaxed. In America, students and teachers are quite relaxed with each other. In Britain, relationships are quite relaxed, but teachers can have big problems with discipline. Another important difference is whether schools are state schools or private schools. State schools are paid for ____________________, but in private schools, the parents pay for the education of their children. Germany and France have both state and private schools, but most students go to state schools, which are very good. Similarly, America has both state and private schools. Most American children go to state schools, but the private schools can be very good. Britain has both state and private schools. In Russia, children go to state schools. 1. In what countries are discipline and respect for the teacher considered very important? (Please answer the question in your own words) _________________________________________________________________________ 2. What is the relationship between students and teachers in America? (Please answer the question in your own words) _________________________________________________________________________ 3. Please fill in the blank in the second paragraph with proper words or phrases to complete the sentence. _________________________________________________________________________ 4.Which sentence in the passage can be replaced by the following one? Germany and France not only have state schools but also have private schools.
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_________________________________________________________________________ 5. Translate the underlined sentence in the passage into Chinese. _________________________________________________________________________ 七 Correction . (10 points) . 此题要求在答题卡上改正所给短文中的错误。 请根据上下文对标有题号的每一行做出 判断:如无错误, 在该行右边横线上划一个勾;如有错误(每行只有一个错误), 则 按下列情况改正: 此行多一个词:把多余的词用(\)划掉, 在该行右边横线上写出该 词, 并用斜线划掉。此行缺一个词:在缺词处加一个漏字符号(^), 在该行右边横线 上写出应加的单词. 此行错一个词:在错词下划一横线, 在该行右边横线上写出改正 后的单词。 注意:原行没有错误的不要改。 Kunming is a famous city which has long history. 74.__________ Locating in the southwest of China, it is the capital city of 75. __________ Yunnan Province, it is called "the City of Spring" 76. __________ It said that Kunming got its name over 1200 years ago and 77. __________ it had never changed since then. There are a large number 78. __________ of famous cultural sites but delicious snacks here, which 79. __________ have always been attraction to tourists from around the 80. __________ world. Tourists go not only to see the historically sites and 81. __________ to taste the snacks, but also because that it has beautiful 82. __________ scenery. A walk along the sides of the beautiful Dianchi Lake 83. __________ will offer a feast for anyone's eyes.

、书面表达(满分 10 分)
请以 My Favorite Teacher 为题,写一篇短文。 要点如下: 1.友善、耐心,不会让学生感到自己是个笨蛋。 2.精力充沛,课堂教学生动有趣,学生不会无聊。 3.教学方法有别于以前的老师,深受学生欢迎。 4.在她他的帮助下,学生英语水平提高很快。 注意: 1.可适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。 2.词数不少于 60 词。 3.注意书写,书写不规范扣 1—5 分。

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成都市中和中学高 2013 级第一次月考试题


一.情景对话(10 分)
1.________ 2.__________ 3._________ 4.________ 5._________

二.单词拼写(10 分)
1._______________ 2.____________ 3.______________ 4.________________ 5. ______________ 6._____________ 7.______________ 8.________________ 9.________________ 10.____________

三.选词填空(10 分)
1._________________ 4._________________ 7._________________ 10.________________ 2.________________ 5.________________ 8.________________ 3._______________ 6._______________ 9._______________

四.课文填空(10 分)
1._________ 6._________ 2.__________ 7._________ 3.___________ 8.___________ 4._________ 9._________ 5.__________ 10._________

五.语篇填空(10 分)
1._________ 2.__________ 3.__________ 4.___________ 5.__________

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9.___________ 10.__________

六.阅读理解(10 分)
1._____________________________________________________________________ 2._____________________________________________________________________ 3._____________________________________________________________________ 4._____________________________________________________________________ 5._____________________________________________________________________

七(略) 八.书面表达(20 分)
My Favourite Teacher
____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________

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