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【三维设计】高中英语 Module 1 Section Ⅱ Introduction & Vocabulary and Reading课件 外研版选修6

Module 1 Small Talk
Section Ⅱ Introduction & Vocabulary and Reading
语言点一 语言点二 短语荟萃 板块 课时跟踪 检测

语言点三 句型解构 板块

单词集释 板块

综合提升 板块

识 记 掌 握

理 解 拓 展

应 用 落 实

识 记 掌 握

理 解 拓 展

应 用 落 实

识 记 掌 握

理 解 拓 展

应 用 落 实

Ⅰ.根据词性及汉语释义写出单词 1. informal adj.非正式的→ formal adj.正式的 2. serious adj.严肃的→ seriously adv.严肃地 3. confidently adv.自信地→ confident confidence (in) n.自信 4. advance adj.预先的,在前的→ advanced adj.先进的, (of) adj.自信的→



1. yawn :to open your mouth wide and breathe in deeply
through it 2. sigh : to breathe in and out making a long sound 3. lack : have none or not enough of sth. 4. nod : to move your head downwards and upwards

5. opportunity : favourable time, occasion or set of
circumstances 6. certain : specific but not named or stated

1. lack [教材P2原句] Do you want to make more friends but

lack the confidence to talk to people you don't know?
你是否想结交更多的朋友但又缺乏与陌生人交谈的信心? (1)v. 缺乏,缺少,不足

lack sth.
lack for nothing be lacking in

什么也不缺 缺乏,不足

①This is because they lack the knowledge and power to protect themselves against the disease.

②They lacked for nothing. 他们什么都不缺。 ③She seems to be totally lacking in common sense. 她似乎一点常识都没有。

(2)n. 缺乏,不足

for/through lack of
(a) lack of


④Body language experts warn that ?bone crusher? handshake can indicate a lack of trustworthiness. 身体语言专家警告说,“碎骨式”握手可能意味着缺乏可信 赖性。

⑤The trip was cancelled through/for lack of interest.

lack用作不及物动词时,通常与for和in连用;用作名 词时,通常与of连用,其前有时可与不定冠词连用。


[教材P2原句] It helps if you do a little advance planning.
要是预先做些准备,将会对你有所帮助。 (1)adj. 预先的,在前的 ①I have received an advance payment. 我已收到一笔预付款。

(2)v. (使)前进,(使)向前移动;推进;把??提前

②Troops are advancing on the village.
部队在向那个村庄前进。 ③The date of the meeting has been advanced from Friday to Monday. 会议日期已经从星期五提前到星期一。 ④This will further advance the friendly relations between the two countries.


(3)n. 前进;进展;增长
⑤They have made great advances in medicine in the last ten years. 在过去十年里,他们在医学方面取得了巨大的进步。 ⑥Before visiting him, I called him up in advance.

⑦Previously, buyers could buy several months in advance of the arrival date. 以前,购买商可以在货物到达前几个月就开始购买。

⑧advance on ⑨make advances in ⑩ in advance 提前,预先

向??前进 在??方面取得进展 在??前面,超过

?in advance of


[教材P3原句] Remember also that in some countries, you
mustn't take flowers of a certain colour, because they're unlucky. 还有,要记住在有的国家你绝不能送某种颜色的花,因为 它们是不吉利的。 (1)adj.某,某些 ①A certain Mr.Brown telephoned while you were out.

你出去的时候, 有个叫布朗的先生来过电话。

It is certain that从句 ??是肯定无疑的,确定的 (sure不用it作形式之语) be certain to do sth. 肯定做某事,一定做某事

be certain of/about (doing) sth./that从句 对(做)??确定无疑

for certain


make certain (of/that从句) 弄清楚,弄明白

② It is certain that he'll come in spite of the bad weather. 尽管天气不好,但他一定会来的。 ③She is certain to do well in the examination.

这次考试她肯定考得好。 ④I can't say for certain when he will arrive.



1.Try to act confidently (自信地) in examination, even if you
are nervous. 2.This is an informal dress up. 3.The play was amusingly written, but its subject was a serious (严肃的) one. 4.It is a popular show, so advance (预先的) booking is (非正式的) party, so you needn't


5.I asked her if she wanted to come and she nodded (点头). 6.His long boring story made me yawn (打呵欠).

7.She sighed (叹息) as she lay back on the bed.
8.Let me take this opportunity (机会) to say a few words. 9.As the only child of wealthy parents, he lacked (缺乏) for nothing. 10.The owner of the house, a certain (某) Mr. Brady, was

reportedly living abroad.

Ⅱ.单项填空 1.Though he just failed the exam, he spoke ________ great confidence.



解析:选 A。句意:尽管他刚刚考试失利,但他谈话时 仍非常自信。表示“自信地”用with confidence。

2.Health problems are closely connected with bad eating
habits and________ of exercise. A.limit C.need B.lack D.demand

解析:选 B 。句意:健康问题与不良的饮食习惯和缺少 锻炼密切相关。lack of “缺乏”,符合句意。A项表示“ 限制”;C项表示“需要”;D项表示“要求”,均不符合题


3.—Where did you get the DV? —In ________ store, but I didn't know which shop for

A.certain C.some B.any D.either

解析:选 C 。答句句意:在某一家商店,但我不确定是 哪一家。some“某一”,相当于a certain,与句意相符。

4.It is said that Miss White had some difficulty in studying the ________ math. A.improved B.developed



解析:选 C 。本题考查形容词advanced与近义词的区 别。“高等数学”的英译是advanced math, advanced在此 意为“高级的,高等的”。improved“改良的”; developed“先进的,发达的”;increased“增加的”。

5.Many new ________ will be opened up in the future for
those with a university education. A.opportunities C.probabilities B.necessities D.realities

解析:选 A。考查名词辨析。句意:将来更多的机会将

符合句意。necessity“必需品”;probability“可能性”; reality“现实,真实的事物”,均不符合句意。

1. small talk
2.make friends 3.(be) nervous about

交朋友,建立友谊 对??神经紧张/害怕/ 胆怯/ 焦虑不安

4.think of 5.look away from 6. in addition (to ...)

想起,回忆起 把目光从??移开 除此之外,另外

7.find out


1.think of想起,回忆起,考虑,评价 [教材P2原句] think of a recent news story — not too

serious, e.g.a story about a film star or sports star
想出一个最近的新闻故事——不要太严肃,譬如,一个 有关电影明星或体育明星的故事 ①I have been thinking of changing my job. 我一直都在考虑换换工作。

think highly/well of think little/badly of think of sb.as ...

高度评价 认为??不好 把某人当作??

think about (doing)
think over


②My teacher thinks highly of me. 我的老师对我评价很高。

③What do you think of our new exhibition centre?

2.look away from把目光从??移开 [教材P3原句] Don't look away from the person who's talking to you.

①If you want to protect your eyesight,it is important to look away from the screen. 如果你想保护你的视力,远离荧屏是很重要的。

②He didn't look up from his magazine when I entered the
room. 我走进房间时他仍在埋头看杂志,没有抬头看我一眼。

③I like to look back on my highschool days, which were the happiest in my life. 我喜欢回顾我的中学时代,那是我生命中最快乐的时光。

④ Look through this proposal for me, and tell me what you
think of it. 替我审核一下这个提案,并告诉我你对此提案的看法。 ⑤Police are looking into the disappearance of two children. 警察正在调查两个孩子的失踪。

3.find out了解(到);找出(信息)

[教材P3原句] In most places, you don't have to take a
gift to a party — but find out first! 在大多数地方,参加聚会不必带礼物——但你得事先弄 清楚! We must find out the customs of other countries, so that

they will not think us illmannered.
我们必须知道别的国家的习俗,免得他们会认为我们是 没有礼貌的。

find out, find, look for “找出,查明”,强调找到的通常是抽象的事

find out

因、复杂的真相等 “找到,发现”,强调找到,表示的是一种客



look for



①—Did you find Li Ming yesterday? —No, we looked for him everywhere, but didn't find him. ②Please find out when the train leaves. ③He was stealing money from the company for years before they found him out .

Ⅰ.选词填空 think of, look away from, find out, in addition, be nervous about, small talk, make friends, social rules 1.I never see the picture but I think of my college years.

2.Some of these people had died, and Mister Levy wanted to find out why.
3.You need time and money. In additio , you need diligence.

4.He quickly looked away from
to have seen me.

me and pretended not

5.She was nervous about walking home so late. 6.We stood around the fire, making small talk . 7.We learned to obey social ules and behave properly. 8.Helen is a very shy girl and does not make friends easily.


1.(2011· 四川高考)I often ________ the words I don't
know in the dictionary or on the Internet. A.look up C.look for B.look at D.look into

解析:选 A 。句意:我经常在词典上或网上查我不认识的

单词。look up“查找,查阅”,符合句意。look at“看”;
look for“寻找”;look into“调查”。

2.Reading is a highly active process, for it requires

attention.________, it requires memory and imagination.
A.In addition C.Or else B.Otherwise D.After all

解析:选 A 。in addition“另外,除此之外”,与语境相 符。otherwise“否则,要不然”;or else“否则”; after all“毕竟”,均与语境不符。

3.This painting has been ________ by some famous experts.
A.high thought of B.well thought of

C.highly thought

D.good thought of

解析:选 B 。句意:许多著名的专家高度评价了这幅画。 此题考查固定搭配。think highly/well of意为“看重,器重, 对??高度评价”,所以选B。

4.The engineer examined the machine for hours and finally
________ what was wrong with it. A.found out C.found B.invented D.discovered

解析:选 A 。句意:工程师检查那台机器数小时后查明了

机器的毛病。find“找到”,可以是look for的结果,也可以
表“偶然发现”之意;find out经过探听、询问、调查等而“ 找(寻)出”“发现”“查明(真相)”等;invent“发明”; discover“发现”,指发现客观存在的事物。


And they are easy to learn.

而且这些(技能)是很容易学习的。 [典例背诵] English is not easy to learn.



People with good social skills communicate

well and know how to have a conversation.

样交谈。 [典例背诵] Can you show me how to use this machine?



Talk to a man about himself, and he

will speak to you for hours! 和一个人谈论他自己,他就会和你说上几个小时! [典例背诵] Take care of the pence and the pounds will

take care of themselves.


1.And they are easy to learn.

(1)本句的结构为“Sb./Sth.+be+adj.+to do”,句式中的形 容词多为表示主语性质、特征的词,如:easy, difficult, hard, important, pleasant, interesting等。句式中的不定 式用主动形式表示被动含义,并与句子的主语在逻辑上 存在动宾关系。 ①The question is hard for me to answer. 这个问题对我来说很难回答。

②This kind of fish is Nice to eat

(2)句式“Sb./Sth.+be+adj.+to do”通常可以转化成“It+be

+adj.+to do sth.”句式。
③The book is difficult to understand. = It is difficult to understand the book. 这本书很难懂。 ④David is easy to make friends with.

= It is easy to make friends with David.

2.People with good social skills communicate well and know How to have a conversation. 具备良好社交技能的人能很好地和别人交流并且知道怎样 交谈。

句中how to have a conversation 属于“疑问词/whether+不
定式”结构。此结构在句中可以作主语、宾语和表语。作 主语时谓语动词通常用单数。常见的疑问词有who(m), how, when, where, which, what等。

①When to go for the picnic hasn't been decided. 什么时间去野炊还没定下来。

②He told me how to answer all the questions in English.

3.Talk to a man about himself, and he will speak to

you for hours!
和一个人谈论他自己,他就会和你说上几个小时! (1)该句是一种常用固定句型,即“祈使句+and/ or+陈述 句”,意为“做某事,那么/否则就会??”。掌握此句型 结构,我们需注意两点:中间的连词常为and或or;连 词后的陈述句的时态多用将来时态。

①Study hard and you will pass the exam.
= If you study hard, you'll pass the exam.

②Respect yourself, or no one else will respect you. = Unless you respect yourself, no one else will respect you. 人必自敬,然后人敬之。

(2)也可用以下两种表达方式来表达 ●祈使句+破折号+另一分句 ●名词短语+and/or+陈述句 ③Turn down the radio — the baby's asleep in the next

把收音机音量调小——小孩在隔壁睡觉呢。 ④ One more minute and I will finish my homework. 再等一分钟,我就做完作业了。

完成句子 1.如果你会聊天,那将会很有帮助。 It helps a lot if you have small talk. 2.再有一周的时间,我们就会完成这份工作。 One more week/Given one more week , and we will

finish the work.

3.我们不知下一步该做什么。 We don't know what to do next/what we should do next . 4.汤姆很容易相处。 Tom is easy to get along with .

The photos make me think of my childhood .


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