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高中英语 Unit 4《Body Language》同步练习17 新人教版必修4

Unit 4

Body language

Ⅰ.单项填空 1.Work hard,dear.With your work done,you will feel much________. A.at ease B.out of work C.in peace D.as usual 2. This is a new________to lan

guage teaching, which can stimulate students’ interest to learn the language. A.approach B.means C.method D.way 3.The kids seated themselves________to the teacher and listened________with great interest. A.closely;close B.closely;closely C.close;closely D.close;close 4.The________on his face told me that he wasn’t satisfied with my answer. A.impression B.sight C.appearance D.expression 5.People are encouraged to speak openly,but careless words are________to hurt others’ feelings. A.possible B.probable C.likely D.sure 6.________,most teenagers now listen to rock music.However,John likes classical music better. A.In a word B.In general C.In time D.In total 7.The students entered the classroom,smiling and________,and________down to have their lessons. A.talked;sat B.talking;sitting C.talking;sat D.talked;sitting 8.Do tell me the ways you think of________the problem as soon as possible. A.to solve B.solving C.solve D.being solved 9.The murderer reached________his gun,and then shot at the man. A.for B.out C.in D.of 10.—Hi,Peter.Long time no see. —Oh,it’s you,Jack.I’m sorry I didn’t ________you at first. A.know B.recognize C.remember D.realize 11.Tyron was very angry,but cool?headed enough to________rushing into the boss’s office. A.prevent B.avoid C.protect D.allow 12.—You don’t look quite yourself today.What’s the matter? —Well,I’m suffering from a cold.Nothing serious,________. A.indeed B.anyway
用心 爱心 专心


C.though D.yet 13.When crossing the street,you should always________the traffic. A.watch B.watch out C.watch for D.watch out for 14. ________different kinds of pianos, the factory is sure they can satisfy people’s needs. A.To produce B.Being produced C.Produced D.Having produced 15.Smoking is one of the________causes of cancer,killing millions of people each year. A.major B.similar C.commercial D.chemical Ⅱ.阅读理解

(2009 年安徽名校联考三,C) American teens are setting an example for their parents through their volunteer work,according to the Harris Interactive poll conducted in the United States between Jan.29 and Feb.2 among 2,003 adults.The random national telephone survey released this week by the Federal Way?based charity World Vision found that more teens volunteer to support a charitable (慈善的) cause—56 percent—than have a part?time job—39 percent. Parents and guardians said 82 percent of the teens in their lives do something to support charitable causes,including volunteering,recruiting others to a cause, wearing a T?shirt or donating money.Forty?six percent of the adults surveyed said they volunteered their time and they also inspired their children to volunteer. Sara Johnson,a teacher who advises students at a private school in a Chicago suburb, says she’s seen a rise of teen involvement in social causes since President Barack Obama was elected in November. The Harris Interactive survey found a quarter of teens have become more involved in charitable causes or organizations as a result of the economic downturn,but the economy has also led to cuts in allowances,and has teens work more hours at a paying job. Alynn Woodson , director of volunteer engagement at Habitat for Humanity International,said she has noticed a new enthusiasm among teen volunteers for the organization. Habitat for Humanity International celebrates the 20th anniversary of its alternative spring break program this year and is expecting more than 12,000 young people to help build homes for low?income people around the nation. 1. following statements about the teens’ voluntary work are true EXCEPT________. The A.the economic downturn led teens to work less hours at paying jobs B.the poll was done at the end of January and the early February C.children do more voluntary work than their parents D.more teens are involved in charitable causes or organizations 2.We can infer from the passage that________.
用心 爱心 专心


A.parents and guardians encourage their children to do voluntary work B.volunteers all wear T?shirts while doing charity work C.more teens are doing paying jobs as a result of the economic downturn D.less teens were enthusiastic about voluntary work before Obama came into power 3. author mentioned Habitat for Humanity International in order to prove________. The A.that homes for low?income people will be built around the nation B.Alynn Woodson is the director of volunteer engagement C.more young people are doing volunteer work D.it’s 20 years since Habitat for Humanity International came into being 4.Which of the following is the best title of the passage? A.More teens doing voluntary work B.Teens setting examples for parents in charitable causes C.Comments on teens’ voluntary work D.The 20th anniversary of Habitat for Humanity International

(2009 年厦门检测,D) Just as the stock (股票) market rises and falls in response to what people are willing to put their money behind,we have inside ourselves an inner economy that rises and falls in response to our beliefsabout what is possible.Sometimes the degree to which we are willing to challenge our belief systems determines the success of our inner economy.For example,imagine that your family of origin had a belief that musical talent was not something they possessed.As a member of that group,you would likely hold that same belief about yourself.As a result,even if you had a great desire to create music,you might be hesitant to really get behind yourself,fearing that your investment (投资) would not pay off.Even if you had the courage to follow your passion,your inner belief that you are not born talented would probably be a major obstacle to investing your energy in your dream. On the other hand,if you found a way to release that negative belief,a great flood of energy would pour forth,greatly increasing the likelihood of your success.How much energy we are willing to invest in the various ideas,dreams,and visions we carry within is like the money people are, are not, or willing to invest in the various products available for trade on the stock market.And in both cases,belief plays a key role in determining how willing we are to get behind something.One way to open up the possibility for greater success in our inner economies is to understand that belief is not the reliable guide we sometimes think.There are other more reliable things of success that we can put our faith in, such as passion, feeling, sense.Some and of the most successful investors in the stock market are the ones that go against the grain,trusting their sense over the common opinion held by common people about what will work. In the same way,we can learn to trust our heart’s desires and our sense to guide us,questioning any beliefs that stand in the way of our ability to fully invest in ourselves.As we take out energy from limiting ideas about what is possible, we free up the resources that have the power to make our inner economy prosper. 5.We can safely conclude from the first paragraph that________.
用心 爱心 专心


A.our belief is not reliable B.belief is not so important in our success C.belief is an obstacle to our success D.our belief determines our success in some way 6.According to the passage,if a family of origin has passion for literature, the members of the family will probably________. A.write poems B.hate literature C.enter the field of literature D.teach literature 7.We can put our faith in the following things of success except________. A.passion B.feeling C.sense D.stock market 8.The purpose of the author is________. A.to teach us a lesson B.to give us some useful suggestions C.to encourage us to invest in the stock market D.to tell us common people have negative beliefs Ⅲ.短文填词 A man had to go to court ( 法 院 ) after he broke the law.He asked his lawyer w________judge would be hearing1.________ his case.His lawyer asked,“What do you want his name ________?”The man answered,“I can send him some2.________ ________(贵重) gifts.” The lawyer got angry,3.________ ________(说),“If you should do that,you are4.________ sure to l________the case.” Some weeks later the5.________ case was heard and the man won it________the end.6.________ As he was leaving the court,he said to his lawyer,“My present to the judge was q________a success,wasn’t it?” The7.________ lawyer was even________surprised when he heard8.________ this.He asked,“Did you really send him some gifts ________I told you not to?”“Yes,but I put my enemy’s9.________ name________the card.” answered the man.10.________ 课时作业? 十九? Ⅰ.单项填空 1.A at ease 意为“舒适,快活,自由自在”,表示“工作做完后,你会觉得好轻松”。 out of work 失业;in peace 安静,宁静;as usual 通常,平常地。 2. approach 原指接近某人或某物, A 也可指对待或处理的方式或方法, 常与介词 to 连用。 a new approach to language teaching 表示语言教学的新方法。means,method 和 way 都 表示“方法”,常与介词 of 连用。 3.C close to 靠近;closely 紧密地、密切地,这里指“精力集中”。 4.D 句意为:他脸上的表情告诉我他对我的答复不满意。expression 表情;impression 印象;sight 情景,视力;appearance 表面,外表;故 A、B、C 不符合句意。 5.C 常用 sb./sth.be likely to do 或 it’s likely+从句,表示“可能”;certain 表示“确定的”;probable 后常跟 that 从句表示“很有可能”;be sure to do sth.指“一
用心 爱心 专心


定,务必去做某事”。 6.B in a word 意为“总之;一句话;总而言之”;in general 意为“大体上;一般地”; in total 意为“总共”;in time 意为“及时”。通过句意可以看出,“大多数青少年喜欢 听摇滚乐”是一种一般的、普遍的情况,所以选 B。 7.C 本句的谓语动词是 entered...and sat,smiling and talking 是现在分词作状语, 表示伴随动作。 8.A 句意为:一定要尽快告诉我你想到的解决这个问题的办法。句中 you think of 是定 语从句,to solve the problem 是不定式短语作定语修饰 the ways。本题易被错误地分析 为 think of doing sth.而误选 B。 9.A 根据句意“凶手拿起他的枪然后朝那个人开了一枪”,reach for 伸手够??,reach out 伸出手来,reach 与其他选项不能搭配。 10.B 对不起,我开始没有认出你来。recognize 认出。 11.B prevent 常用 prevent sb.(from)doing sth.结构,表示“防止;预防”;avoid 意 为“避免”,后面跟名词或动词?ing 形式作宾语;protect 意为“保护”;allow 意为“允 许”。根据句意,“虽然 Tyron 很生气,但是他头脑很冷静”,就不会做不恰当的事情,也 不会“冲进老板的办公室”,所以用 avoid 最合适。 12.C though 作副词,意为“然而”,用做强调。 13.D watch out for 注意??。watch out 后不能接宾语。 14.D 根据后半句说,“工厂确信能满足人们的需要”,那么前提应该是“生产各种各样 的钢琴”已经成为事实,所以用现在完成时,动词?ing 形式作状语。 15.A 句意为:吸烟是癌症最主要的原因之一,每年有数百万人丧生。 Ⅱ.阅读理解 1.A 细节理解题。文章第四段说“the economy has also led to cuts in allowances, and has teens work more hours at a paying job”可知经济的衰退减少了福利,孩子们 在有偿工作中工作的时间更长了。由此可知 A 项的表述与事实不符。 2.D 推理判断题。文章第三段说奥巴马当选为美国总统后,美国出现了青少年参与社会慈 善活动的高潮。由此推知,之前并没有那么多青少年从事慈善活动。 3.C 推理判断题。文章在最后提及“Habitat for Humanity International”及参与其中 的青少年的数量在增加,旨在说明越来越多的青少年参与社会公益活动和慈善活动。 4.A 主旨大意题。通览全文可知,“更多的青少年参加志愿活动”可以全面概括文章的意 思。B、C、D 三项均较片面。 【语篇解读】 你是一个敢想敢做的人吗?是否也会被他人观点所左右呢?本文把我们的拼 搏比做股票,要想成功,有时我们要敢于冲破世俗观念,敢想敢做。 5.D 考查推理判断。根据第一段第二句可知我们的信念在一定程度上决定我们的成功。 6.C 考查推理判断。根据第一段举的例子:如果一个人的家族里的成员都不认为自己有音 乐天赋,那么作为家族的一员,即使他想创作音乐,也很可能在世俗观念的影响下而放弃。 相反, 如果一个人的家族都爱好文学, 那么很可能他以后也会涉足文学 (世俗观念对人的影 响很大)。 7. 考查具体细节。 D 根据倒数第二段倒数第二句“There are...such as passion, feeling, and sense.”可知答案。 8.B 考查主旨大意。根据文章主题,作者先是举例说明世俗观念对人的影响,而后指出我 们要想成功,就要冲破世俗观念的影响,敢想敢做。 Ⅲ.短文填词 1.which 2.for 3.valuable 4.saying 5.lose 6.in 7.quite 8.more 9.although/though 10.on






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