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【志鸿优化设计】2014届高考英语一轮复习 Module4 SandstormsinAsia教学案 外研版必修3

Module 4

Sandstorms in Asia

1.____________ n. 力量; 力气→____________ vt.加强→____________ adj.强壮 的 2.____________ adj.沿海的→____________ n.海岸 3.____________ adj.关心的;担心的→____________ vt.担忧;关注→____________ prep.关于 4.____________ adj.主要的;多数的→____________ n.大多数 5.____________ vi.抱怨;发牢骚→____________ n.抱怨 6.____________ adj.恐怖的;吓人的→____________ v.惊吓→____________ adj. 恐惧的 7.____________ adv.绝对地;完全地→____________ adj.绝对的;完全的 8.____________ n.保护→____________ vt.保护 1.Arctic sea ice ______(融化)to its lowest level on record before beginning its autumnal freeze. 2.It's ____________(害怕的)to think how easily children can be hurt. 3.I don't have the ____________(力气)to climb any further. 4.I was very ____________(担心的)about my mother's illness. 5.Party officials were urged to boast their awareness of the law and ______ (完全地)safeguard the dignity and sanctity of the law after the Bo Xilai case. 6.Ma ry is always ____________(抱怨)about something. 7.The Panda Base at Wolong Giant Panda Protection and Research Center has sent keepers to help the pandas better adapt to their new ______(环境). 8.About half of US ______(公民)say the Asian nation's emergence as a world power poses a major threat to the US. 9.The young in our society need care and ______(保护). 10.The Three Rs of reduce,reuse and ______(重新利用)are familiar to most people nowadays. 1.____________ 砍倒 2.____________ 挖出;掘出;开垦 3.____________ 突然遭遇(风暴等) 4.____________对??有影响 5.____________吸收 6.____________ 放出;发出 7.____________为??担心 8.____________ 浏览 1.The storms sometimes continue all day and traffic moves very slowly because the thick dust ____________. 暴风有时持续一整天,车辆开得很慢,因为浓浓的尘埃降低了能见度。 句型提炼:“make it+形容词+不定式”结构中的 it 为形式宾语,代替后面的不定式 作宾语。 2.So if you want to go out,____________ wear a mask. 所以如果你想出去的话,最好戴上口罩。 句型提炼:had better do sth.意为“最好做某事”。是一种委婉地表示劝告或建议的 表达方式。


3.He does nothing ____________. 他除了抱怨什么都没做。 句型提炼:do nothing but do sth.意为“只有做某事;只能做某事”,but 后面必须 接动词原形。 4.The garbage is then taken away and,____________,recycled. 然后将垃圾运走,倘若可能的话,予以回收利用。 句型提炼:if possible 是 if it is possible 的省略。

1.concerned adj.关心的;有关的;担心的 be concerned with 涉及;关于 be concerned about/for 对??担心/忧虑/在意 as/so far as I'm concerned 在我看来;就我而言;就我所知 as/so far as sth.is concerned 就??而言 ①We' ll all concerned for her safety. 我们都为她的安全担忧。 ②The documentary is concerned with youth unemployment. 这部纪录片是关于青年人失业问题的。 用法拓展 concern n. 关心;担心;忧虑 co ncern vt.涉及;关系到;影响;使担心;困扰 concerning prep.关于 ①There is growing concern about the effects of pollution on health. 对于污染影响健康的关注越来越强烈。 ②The tax changes will concern large corporations rather than small businesses. 税务上的变化影响到的是大公司而不是小企业。 ③Police are anxious to hear any information concerning his whereabouts. 警方急于获悉任何有关他下落的消息。 反馈 1.1Recently our government policymakers are very ______ about the rapidly rising food costs. A.upset B.confused C.concerned D.conscious 反馈 1.2 (2013 河北秦皇岛一中月考, The meeting was concerned ______ education 21) reforms and many parents, concerned ______ the future of their children, were present. A.with;with B.with;for C.for;about D.about;with 反馈 1.3______ the right decisions ______ the future is probably the most important thing we'll ever do in our lives. A.Making;concerned B.Make;concerning C.To make;concerned D.Making;concerning 2.cut down 砍倒;削减(数量、开支) ①Many big trees along the road have been cut down for building houses,many of the branches of which were cut up for firewood. 路边的许多大树都被砍掉用来 建房了,树上的很多树枝被劈作木柴了。 ②I'm trying to cut down on caffeine. 我在努力减少咖啡因的摄入量。 用法拓展 cut away 切下;砍掉 cut across/through 抄近路穿过;取捷径 cut back 剪枝;修剪;减少;削减 cut in(on sth.)插嘴;插入

cut off 切断;切掉;隔绝 cut out 剪除;切掉;割掉;删除 cut up 切碎(=cut...into pieces) ;使伤心 cut sth.in half/in two 将??对半切开 温馨提示 cut down 和 cut up 并不是反义词组,cut up 表示“切碎;剁碎”。 反馈 2.1If you don't ______ your smoking,I will ______ your supply. A.cut up;cut down B.cut down;cut off C.cut in;cut off D.cut in;cut up 反馈 2.2 I want to make meatballs.Would you please give me a hand to ______ the meat? A.cut down B.cut off C.cut in D.cut up 3.give out 分发;发出(气味、热等) ;用完,耗尽;宣布 ①The teacher has given out our exam papers. 老师已经把试卷发给了我们。 ②The flowers gi ve out a sweet smell,which makes us relaxed. 这些鲜花散发出甜甜的味道,使我们感到轻松愉快。 ③Our food supplies are giving out. 我们储存的食物快要吃光了。 用法拓展 give away 泄露;赠送 give off 放出(光、烟、气味等) ;散发 give in(to...)投降;屈服 give up 放弃;停止 give way(to) (给??)让路、让步; (被??)代替 温馨提示 give out 在表示“分发;分配;宣布;放出;发出(声音、气味等)”时是 及物动词短语,但在表示“用尽;用完”时,与 run out 一样是不及物动词短语,而 use up 和 run out of 是及物动词短语,有被动语态,主语往往是人。 反馈 3.1(2013 河北衡水中学一模,25)This is a very special flower and it can ______ a strong sweet perfume at night. A.give out B.give up C.give in D.give over 反馈 3.2(2013 福建福州三中月考,34)My money was beginning to ______ and there were no jobs to be found. A.give up B.give out C.gi ve in D.give away 反馈 3.3If a person has not had enough sleep,his actions will give him ______ during the day. A.away B.up C.in D.back 4.take in 吸收;欺骗;包含;理解;改小;收留 ①This kind of fish takes in water and pumps it out to go forward. 这种鱼靠吸入水而后喷出前进。 ②Don't be taken in by products claiming to help you lose weight in a week. 不要被那些声称能在一周内帮你减肥的产品给骗了。 ③I found it easy to take in what the teacher had taught. 我发现很容易就能理解老师讲的内容。 用法拓展 take along 带??一起去

take away 拿走 take back 收回(诺言等) ;同意收回(退货) take down 记下;拆掉 take off 除去;脱掉;起飞 take on 呈现;雇用 take out 拿出去;拔掉 take over 接管;占领 take up 拿起;占空间;开始从事;继续 反馈 4.1He was homeless,so we ______ him ______. A.take;in B.take;up C.take;over D.take;on 反馈 4.2 These teenagers don't know much of the world yet;that's why they are so easily ______. A.taken in B.taken on C.taken up D.taken over 反馈 4.3They all came to my lecture yesterday,but I don't know how much they ______. A.made up B.took in C.cut out D.ran into 5.The storms sometimes continue all day and traffic moves very slowly because the thick dust makes_it_difficult_to_see. 暴风有时持续一整天,车辆开得很慢,因为浓浓的尘埃降低了能见度。 该句中 makes it difficult to see 中的 it 为形式宾语,代替后面的不定式 to see 作宾语。 ①Tom's illness made it impossible for us t o finish the work on time. 汤姆病了,使得我们不可能按时完成这项工作。 ②The heavy rain made it more difficult for them to arrive there on time. 大雨使得他们按时到达那里更加艰难。 用法拓展 (1) 能够接复合宾语的动词常见的有 beat, believe, consider, cut, drive, dye,find,get,imagine,keep,leave,like,make,paint,prove,regard,see,set, suppose,think,turn,want,wish 等。 (2)能用于该句型的形容词常见的有 important,necessary,possible,difficult, hard,easy,right,wrong,nice,kind,polite,rude,useful,usual 等。 反馈 5.1He didn't make ______ clear when and where the meeting would be held. A.this B.that C.it D.these 反馈 5.2 People in the West make ______ a rule to buy Christmas presents for thei r relatives and friends. A.it B.that C.this D.as 反馈 5.3 The chairman thought ______ necessary to invite Professor Smith to speak at the meeting. A.that B.it C.this D.him 6.The garbage is then taken away and,if_possible,recycled. 然后将垃圾运走;倘若可能的话,予以回收利用。 if possible 是状语从句 if it is possible 的省略式,表示“如果可能的话”。 He will,if possible,transfer to a better university. 如果可能的话,他会转入一个更好的大学。 用法拓展(1)类似结构还有: if any(=if there is any)如果有的话 if not 如果不是这样

if so 如果是这样的话 if necessary 如果有必要的话 (2)在时间、条件、让步、方式等状语从句中,若主从句主语一致或者从句主语是 it, 且从句的谓语动词包含 be 动词时, 从句的主语和 be 动词可以省略, 从而形成状语从句的省 略形式。 ①It is said that she was admitted to a famous university.If so,I'm really proud of her. 据说她被一所著名大学录取了,如果是那样的话,我真的为她感到自豪。 ②Take this camera with you,if necessary. 如果有必要,带这个照相机去吧。 ③Though(he was)defeated,he didn't lose heart. 虽然被打败,可他并不灰心。 ④If(I am)given more time,I will do it better. 如果多给点时间,我会做得更好。 反馈 6.1(2013 河南中原名校联考,7)—Have you got any particular plans for the coming holiday? —Yes.______,I'm going to visit some homes for the old in the city. A.If ever B.If busy C.If anything D.If possible 反馈 6.2I don't think there are more than 5 students left there,______,because the air is so bad. A.if possible B.if any C.if ever D.if so 反馈 6.3Good faith should be everyone's principle of life.______,our world will be more beautiful. A.If that B.If should C.If so D.If ever 反馈 6.4(2013 江西南昌铁路一中月考,29)If the food tastes nice,I'll go to buy some more;______,I won't go. A.if not B.when not C.if any D.whenever


参考答案 基础梳理整合 词汇拓展 1.strength;strengthen;strong 2.coastal;coast 3.concerned;concern; concerning 4.major;majority 5.complain;complaint 6.scary;scare;scared 7.absolutely;absolute 8.protection;protect 语境记词 1 . melted 2 . frightening 3 . strength 4 . concerned 5 . absolutely 6.complaining 7.environment 8.citizens 9.protection 10.recycle 短语回顾 1.cut down 2.dig up 3.be/get caught in 4.have a(n) ...effect on 5.take in 6.give out 7.be concerned about 8.look through 典句分析 1.makes it difficult to see 2.you'd better 3.but complain 4.if possible 考点归纳拓展 1.1 C upset 意为“难过的”;confused 意为“糊涂的”;concerned 意为“关心的; 担心的”;conscious 意为“有意识的”。句意:最近,我们政府的决策者非常关注飞速上 涨的食品价格。 1.2 B be concerned with 意为“涉及; 关心”, concerned for/about 意为“对?? be 担心或忧虑”。根据句意判断第一个空应选 with,表示“这次会议是关于教育改革的”; 第二个空应选 for,表示“担忧孩子们的未来”。 1.3 D 分析句子结构可知,第一个空可用动名词形式或不定式形式作主语,但不能用 动词原形;第二个空应选介词 concerning,表示“关于未来的决定”。 2.1 B 句意:如果你不少抽烟,我就不供应你了。cut down 意为“削减”;cut off 意为“切断”。故答案是 B 项。 2.2 D 根据句意看出,“我”要做肉团,请你帮忙把肉“剁碎”。 3.1 A give out 意为“分发;放出;耗尽”;give up 意为“放弃;停止”;give over 意为“停止;终止”。该题应选 A 项,表示“发出一种浓烈的香味”。 3.2 B give up 意为“放弃;停止”;give out 意为“分发;放出;用完”;give in 意为“屈服;让步”;give away 意为“泄露;赠送”。该题应选 B 项,表示“我的钱快要 用完了”。 3.3 A 句意: 如果一个人没有足够睡眠的话, 那么在白天他的行为就会表露出来。 give away 意为“赠送;泄露”;give up 意为“放弃;停止”;give in 意为“屈服;让步”; give back 意为“返还;归还”。 4.1 A take in 意为“欺骗;收留”;take up 意为“拿起;占据”;take over 意为 “接管;占领”;take on 意为“呈现;雇用”。根据句意应选 A 项,表示“他无家可归, 于是我们收留了他”。 4.2 A take in 意为“吸收;欺骗”;take on 意为“呈现”;take up 意为“占据; 从事”;take over 意为“接管;占领”。根据句意判断应选 A 项,表示“那就是他们很容 易受骗的原因”。 4.3 B make up 意为“构成;组织”;take in 意为“吸收;理解”;cut out 意为“删 除;切掉”;run into 意为“撞上”。该题应选 B 项,表示“我不知道他们理解或接受了 多少(内容)”。 5.1 C make...clear 意为“使??清楚,弄清楚”,从句意看其宾语为从句 when and where the meeting would be held,所以用 it 作形式宾语。 5.2 A 该题应选 it 作形式宾语,代替后面的不定式短语 to buy Christmas presents for their relatives and friends。 5.3 B 该句 thought 的宾语为后面的不定式短语,所以选择 it 作形式宾语,后再接补 语 necessary。 【特别提醒】英语中的形式主语和形式宾语只能由 it 来充当,不能用 this,that 等。 6.1 D if ever 意为“如果有过的话”; busy 意为“如果忙的话”; anything“用 if if

以表达无把握的看法”;if possible 意为“如果可能的话”。句意:如果可能的话,我打 算去参观城市的敬老院。 6.2 B if possible 意为“如果可能的话”;if any 意为“如果有的话”;if ever 意为“如果曾经这样的话”;if so 意为“如果这样的话”。句意:我认为那里如果有学生 的话,也剩下的不足 5 名了,因为空气状况太糟糕了。 6.3 C 根据句意判断该题应选 if(it is)so,表示 If good faith is everyone's principle of life。 6.4 A if not 意为“如果不这样的话”;when not 意为“当不这样的时候”;if any 意为“如果有的话”;whenever 意为“每当”。根据句意和结构判断应选 A 项,if not 是 if the food doesn't taste nice 的省略。



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