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必修3M6 The Three Gorges Dam

Module 6 Old and New Reading and Vocabulary

The Three Gorges Dam

? This is a temple which is located in Qufu in Shandong Province.
? The origins of the temple date back to the 5th century B.C. ? The temple was built to honor Confucius.

He who has never been to the Great Wall is not a true man.

the Great Wall

Hong Kong International

The Three Gorges Dam


airport dam

canal reservoir

cliff gorge

The Great Wall of China


The Great Wall of China The Great Wall of China is the longest man-made adj. 人造的 structure ever built. The original wall was 6,300 建筑物 ;结构 adj. 起初的,最早 的 Wall dates from the kilometers long. Most of the Great date from…/ date back to… 起源于/始于……(无被动) Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). Today, the eastern end of 朝代 the wall is at Shanhaiguan. In the west, the wall ends

near the town of Jiayuguan.

Hong Kong International Airport 香港国际机场

Hong Kong International Airport At the time it was built, Chek Lap Kok (Chi Lajiao) adj. 民用的;国内的 Airport in Hong Kong was the biggest civil engineering (土木)工程 project of all time. It took six years to build and cost It takes (sb.) some time to do… 有史以来 US $20 billion. The terminal building is the largest 候机厅;终点站,集散站 covered space in the world. The airport is within five 在……之内 hours’ flying time of half the world’s population and vt. 容纳(乘客等) is designed to accommodate 80 million passengers a year. 被设计用于…… 乘客

The Three Gorges Dam


The Three Gorges Dam
The Three Gorges Dam is the largest hydro-electric adj. 水力发电的 dam in the world, more than 1.5 kilometers wide across n. 堤,坝,水闸 the Yangtze River, the world’s third longest river. Its 长江 reservoir is more than 500 kilometers long.

n. 水库

airport canal civil cliff dam dynasty engineering gorge hydro-electric lake reservoir river structure terminal

飞机场 运河 民用的;国内的;文明的 悬崖,峭壁 堤,坝 朝代 工程(学);土木工程 峡谷 水力发电的 湖 水库 河流 结构 终点站,候机厅

date v.___________________ 始于… 例句:①此城堡建造于古罗马时代。 The castle dates back to the ancient Roman days. _____________________________ ② 这个小镇可以追溯到维多利亚时代。 This town dates back to Victoria times. __________________________ 拓展:①date of birth 出生日期 ②date from= date back to追溯到… ③out of date过时 ④up to date 现代的 ⑤set a date for为..定日子 我参观了一座追溯到明朝的庙。 注 意 : date from/date back to 作 谓 语 时 , 无 I visited a temple ___________ the Ming dating from __________, 常用 _________ 时态。作定语或状语 被动语态 一般现在 Dynasty. 时,常用______________ 形式。 现在分词



accommodate vt.容纳,供应,供给,使适应 accommodation n.住处,膳宿;调节;和解;预订铺位

1.He can’t ______________________ accommodate himself to doing the hard work. (使自己适应) accommodate me with 2.He will _________________the use of his house while he is abroad. (提供给我)



sth for sb sb with sth sth to sb sb with sth sb sth sth to sb to do sth

1.Can you provide _______accommodation for thirty people?

2.The power stationprovides _______us with electricity.

supplies supplies 3.The company _________heating oil to homes. 5.They ________him a job at the company but he offered
didn’t take it. 6.He offered ______to drive me to the airport. Provided/Providing (that) 只要) it doesn’t 7.____________________( rain, we’ll have a sports meeting.

n. doing sth suggest that 从句 + (should) do 建议 疑问词 + to do 1. 医生建议彻底休息。 The doctor suggested a complete rest. 2. 他提议下一步干什么了吗? Did he suggest what to do next?

3.. 我们都建议尽快送他去医院。 We all suggested that he (should) be taken to hospital as soon as possible. 4. 他建议去北京旅游而不是呆在家 里。 He suggested making a trip to Beijing instead of staying at home.

5.His cool response suggested that didn’t like the idea 不喜欢这个 he __________________( 主意) 6.There is a suggestion that she ____________________( 被邀请) (should) be invited
思考:suggest 与 advise区别:

suggest/advise n./doing sth. suggest/advise that sb. (should) do advise sb. to do suggest sb./sb’s doing sth.


Check the meaning of these words.





n. 建设;建筑物; n. 遗迹,遗物; n. 地点;位置;场所 n. 庙宇;寺院;

1 Carvings are made by animals.



2 Construction is another word for building. (

3 Relics are things that were made in the last 100 years. ( ) 4 Site is another word for location. (
n. 位置


5 A temple is a place of great importance to Buddhists. ( ) 有着重要意义,十分重要
n. 佛教徒

才饮长沙水 又食武昌鱼 万里长江横渡 极目楚天舒 不管风吹浪打 胜似闲庭信步 今日得宽余 子在川上曰:逝者如斯夫
风樯动 龟蛇静 起宏图 一桥飞架南北 天堑变通途 更立西江石壁 截断巫山云雨 高峡出平湖 神女应无恙 当惊世界殊 《水调歌头· 游泳》

lead-in: Dreams come true!!!!
“walls of stone to hold back clouds and rain till a smooth lake rises in the narrow gorges”

-- Mao Zedong

?: Which place is the poem about?

Information about the Three Gorges Dam :

It is the biggest construction project in China. It is the largest hydro-electric power station and dam in the world. It has cost more than any other construction project in history. It has been built to control flooding and provide hydro-electric power for the central region of China.




Information about the Three Gorges Dam :

More than a million people who live in the region have to move from their homes.


About 800 historical relics have been submerged.

The Three Gorges Dam

cliff 悬崖 dam 大坝 峡谷 gorge hydro-electric 水力发电的 reservoir 水库 雕刻 carving construction 建筑 dream 梦;梦想 submerge 淹没 canal 运河 narrow 狭窄的, power 功率;力量;能力
遗迹;遗物 relic(s) historical 历史的 场所;遗址 site generate 发(电) 利用 harness energy 能源 诗 poem watchtower 望台 Power station 发电站发电厂 suggest vt. 提议,建议;暗示

Fast reading
Match ideas with each part
part1 (Para1-2) part2 (Para3) Part3 (Para4-5)

Advantages of the Dam

Disadvantages of the Dam Brief introduction to the Dam

Intensive reading
Read para1-2 and answer the following three questions: 1.What’s the dream of Mao Zedong?

2.What is the purpose of building the Three Gorges Dam ? 3.What is the size of the Three Gorges Dam ?

1.What’s the dream of Mao Zedong? Walls of stone to hold back clouds and rain till a smooth lake rises in the narrow gorges.


2.What is the purpose of building the Three Gorges Dam ?
To control flooding and provide hydroelectric power for the central region of China.

3.What is the size of the Three Gorges Dam ?
It is 200 metres high and 1.5 kilometres wide.

梦想;向往 诗,诗歌 Mao Zedong wrote a poem (in which he dreamed of 阻止,抑制 风平浪静的,平静的 “walls of stone to hold back clouds and rain till a smooth 狭窄的 峡谷 lake rises in the narrow gorges”). Now his dream has 实现,成为现实 动力;电力 长江 come true. The power of the Yangtze River, (which is

利用;将(自然力)变成动力 the world's third longest river), has been harnessed by
三峡大坝 the Three Gorges Dam.

The Three Gorges Dam, (which is the biggest 建设;建筑 工程;项目 construction project in China since the building of 长城 大运河 the Great Wall and the Grand Canal), has been built 水力发电的 动力;电力 n.泛滥 to control flooding and provide hydro-electric power

for the central region of China.

堤,坝,水闸 几乎,差不多

The dam is nearly 200 meters high and 1.5 kilometers wide. It is the largest

hydro-electric power station and dam in the world and has cost more than
建筑工程 在历史上

any other construction project in history.

想到;梦见;希望;渴望 dream of ____________________________ eg:1 那男孩一心想当飞行员。 ________________________________ The boy dreams of becoming a pilot. 2 我真想不到能在这见到你。 I never dreamed of meeting you here. ______________________________ 拓展:dream away one’s time/life 虚度光阴 dream up 构思;想出;虚构 dream a terrible dream 做了一个恶梦 思考:smile a bitter smile (苦笑一下 )、die a 过幸福生活 heroic death(英勇牺牲 )、live a happy life( )与 dream a terrible dream有什么相同之处? ___________________________________________

注意更 正哦!

hold back 阻止:控制:隐瞒;扣留 ______ eg: 1吉姆忍住了怒气,避免了一场斗争. _____________________________ Jim held back his anger and avoided a fight. 2 他把钱扣下不给工人们。 He held the money back from his workers. _____________________________________ 抓住 拓展:①hold on 不挂断,继续 ②hold on to________ ③hold out_______ 伸出;忍耐 ④hold up__________ 举起;使停滞 阻止:控制:隐瞒;扣留 ⑤hold down 压抑;控制 __________⑥hold back______ ⑦hold one’s breath______ 屏住呼吸 ⑧hold one’s head up ________ 抬起头来 ⑨hold water ______________ 能成立,站得住 ⑩catch/get/grab/seize/take hold of________ 抓住

1.They managed to _________ hold on until help arrived. on to 2.He hold _________the rock to stop himself slipping. 3.The dam was not strong enough to hold back __________the flood water.

come true(预言、梦想等)成为事实,实
a. The boy’s wish to be a policeman has come true. b. The boy has realized his wish to be a policeman. c. The boy’s wish to be a policeman has been realized.


“实现”, come true vi. ( no passive voice) realize vt.

Read Part 2 and fill in the blanks
First one to suggest the idea Reason Sun Yat-sen the _______ leader of ___________, Revolution the 1911 __________. energy is 3/4 _______ of China’s ________ burning coal which produced by ____________, causes serious____________ air pollution and increases ______________. global warming controlling flood, Besides ___________ Benefit generate electricity the dam would _________ equal to about 40 million tons of _________ without coal ________causing air pollution.

Read para.4 and 5 and then Fill in the blanks :

The reservoir has flooded 2 _____, _______, cities 11counties
140 ______ _______. And it towns and more than 4000 villages

has flooded some of China’s most famous
_____________, historical sites including the Qu Yuan Temple, the Han Watch-tower andthe ____________________. Moya Cliff carvings 2. It makes people__________ move away 3. It cost ____more than any ________________ construction project in history.

1.梦想 2.抑制;阻止 3.实现 4.世界第三大河 5.为...提供... 6.华中地区 7.200米高 8.超过任何其他... 9.在历史上 10.提出...想法 11.发电 12.全球变暖 13.等于;相当于 14.过上幸福新生活 15.历史遗迹 1.dream of 2.hold back 3.come true 4.the world's third longest river 5.provide...for... 6.the central region of China 7.200 metres high 8.more than any other 9.in history 10.suggest the idea of 11.generate electricity 12.global warming 13.equal to 14.live a happy new life 15.historical sites(relics)

Qu Yuan temple

Moya Cliff Carvings

the ancient plank road 古栈道

Stone Precious Temple 石宝寨

Zigui ancient town

Xiangxi 香溪





? ? ?

但大坝所带来的一些负面影响也是巨大的,从长远来看,他的影响甚至超过了它的益 处。 认为三峡项目的社会和生态成本过高。三峡水库淹没了古老的城市和文化遗产,还迫 使库区农民搬迁到人口更加密集的沿江坡地上,他们一方面要靠着比以前更少的土地 勉强维生,一方面还要面临日益加重的土地侵蚀和塌方事故的致命威胁。而且库区搬 迁居民的安置工作也被指责普遍存在腐败官员盗用移民安置款的现象。 水污染问题十分严重。由于江水被大坝阻拦,农业残留物、生活及工业污染物无法顺 流而下排入大海,而是倒灌回水库,使得库区水体的污染不断加重,并导致库区的长 江支流出现“水华”现象。虽然政府部门说建了很多污水处理厂,但实际上许多污水 处理厂并未与城市污水系统相连通。 泥沙淤积也是一个令工程师头疼的问题。长江每年要携带5亿立方米的泥沙进入三峡, 但其中大部分都无法排出去,水库因此将出现淤塞,三峡大坝进而有可能垮塌。工程 师在大坝底部设计了23道闸门用于在汛期冲走泥沙。据他们估计,该系统可保证三峡 水库在今后一个世纪维持90%甚至更高的库容。但事实是泥沙淤积的速度高过了蓄水; 大坝两侧山体严重滑坡,大量泥沙淤积于大坝内,大坝的蓄水能力与日剧减,抗洪能 力也变成了笑话,下游数千万人危如累卵;污水倒流至大坝上游,重庆的长江码头10 年之内就要报废; 危险因素还不止这些。中国的科学家称,大坝阻挡了淤泥流向下游,使包括上海地区 在内的长江入海口收缩,海洋的咸水正在倒灌入内陆。 三峡大坝还号称可以大量发电,然而长江的一个支流的支流——贵州乌江——上修的 一个水电站的发电量就达到了三峡的1/4。耗费巨资修建的三峡电站,其发电量并未如 想象中那么大。 大坝的建立,影响了当地的地质基础的稳定。有地质学家称,三峡大坝拦截水量的庞 大重力已开始在好几个地点侵蚀长江陡峭边岸。再加上水位波动频繁,因而引发了一 系列的滑坡灾害,也使得大坝附近的地区的地质结构被破坏。不只有滑坡危害,地震 发生的频率也比以前增大了。看一些事例,你会感到触目惊心。


Test- do T/F. Correct .

1. T The poem by Mao zedong is to attract the readers’ interest. 2.The Three Gorges Dam has been built to F flooding and generate electricity. control the drought 3.The dam generates electricity without T causing air pollution. 4. F The reservoir has flooded many people’s about 800 relics. historical relics. homes and and 80 historical F 5. Some of the flooded relics are being removed and some are being put into museums. rebuilt

We will invite three students to act as engineers from the three gorges dam designing company, and the other students act as reporters. They will ask some questions about the three gorges dam, but all the questions should come from the passage or the class.

A press conference



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