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单句改错(每题 1 分,共 70 分。 )


1. The ship changed its course because of there was a storm. 2. If she worked hard en

ough, she would have passed the English exam. 3. The doctor, whom the nurse is talking to him, is leaving for Africa next month. 4. Among them were a soldier who was wounded in the stomach. 5. It was her who first had the idea to cycle along the entire Mekong River. 6. When his best friend left him, he felt alone. 7. His father has never been to Europe. He hasn’t been there, too. 8. His mother looks more younger than mine. 9. Please dial this number if you want any farther information. 10. We all speak high of the new teacher. 11. Many fans look forward to see this film star. 12. Can you give me some advices on how to lose weight? 13. Give one more minute, I can finish the tough work. 14. When I entered into the yard, I found a cat lying on the ground with its eyes closed. 15. When cross the street, he was knocked down by a car. 16. What a touching story! I was moving to tears. 17. She has more than two hundreds books. 18. The doctors did all what they could to save the soldier. 19. Great changes have been taken place in my hometown in the past ten years. 20. Hearing her name calling, she rushed out of the room. 21. Learning to paint well take a long time. 22. Eating well and you will always be healthy. 23. He as well as his friends have come. 24. The fact which he gave up smoking delighted his wife. 25. He stood up to make himself see and was soon found by his friends. 26. This medical team is made up of five men doctors and ten woman nurses. 27. His lecture was so inspired that we were all determined to work hard. 28. Once the book published, it will become a best seller. 29. Although he failed again, but he would not give up. 30. Mike didn’t come to school yesterday because his illness. 31. Only Northern Ireland joined with England, Wales and Scotland to become United Kingdom. 32. Don’t lose your heart when in face of difficulty, for a way out will come up. 33. It was the first time that I have found him a dishonest boy. 34. I don’t know whether it will rain or not. But if it will, I will stay at home. 35. This is one of the most attractive place I’ve been to. 36. Mom always tells me not stay up late at night. 37. Except English, he can also speak German, French and Spanish. 38. He said that he will go to see his uncle that afternoon. 39. If he will attend the meeting is not known. 40. If I am you, I shouldn’t do that.



41. Today the number of people learning English in China are increasing rapidly. 42. What wonderful the trip was! 43. With the help by my English teacher, I have made great progress in my study. 44. Our English teacher is young, but her lessons are interesting and humorously. 45. Have you ever dreamed of play in front of thousands of people at a concert? 46. I think this necessary to study English well. 47. I’m sorry that I made you to wait for me so long. 48. Only on this way can you solve the problem. 49. It was last year when you taught me how to drive. 50. We all know that Taiwan belongs China. 51. It mustn’t have rained just now, for the ground is dry. 52. The little boy is so young to dress himself, so his mother has to help him. 53. The new school is now three times as bigger as the old one. 54. In a rainy night, he came back home alone. 55. I spend all of my money very fast and save neither of it. 56. The poor man needs a house to live. 57. There will have a strong wind to the north of Huai River. 58. Surfing looks so excited that I want to have a try. 59. I think study English well will help me in my job. 60. Workers built shelters for survivors who homes had been destroyed. 61. He made clear that he wouldn’t change his mind. 62. I was chosen to play the leading role in the play, that was my dream. 63. There were lots of visitors stood in front of the ticket window. 64. Once she has made up her mind, anything can change it. 65. It has been six years since we see each other last time. 66. He doesn’t like his work very much because it is bored. 67. The book came out last year became a best seller very soon. 68. The dish smells differently from what we had at the restaurant. 69. Australia is a big country covers a whole continent. 70. He doesn’t often visit to his parents, for he lives far from them.



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