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江苏省泗阳中学 2012 届高三牛津高中英语词汇专题训练二
1. 单项选择 1) We had a picnic last term and it was a lot of fun, so let’s have one this month. A. the other B. some C. another D. other 2) The education system rather than the teachers is to ________ the overburden on the students. A. blame for B. care for C. allow for D. answer for 3) My mother always gets a bit _______ if we don't arrive when we say we will. A. anxious B. ashamed C. weak D. patient 4)--- Would you help me sweep the floor? --- _________, I’d rather water the flowers. A. Not particularly B. Anyway but C. Anything but that D. With pleasure 5)I'm certain David's told you his business troubles. ______, it's no secret that he owes a lot of money to the bank. A. Anywhere B. Anyway C. Therefore D. Though 6) Lily hoped she would pass her driving test at the first _______. A. aspect B. attack C. effort D. attempt 7) He is easy to get along with. _______ that, he is a determined boy. A . Apart from B. Beside C. Except D. In addition 8) Recently more and more farmers have _______ the government rather than nature for help. A. lived up to B. centered on C. attended to D. appealed to 9) The environmentalists said wild goats’ _______ on the vast grassland was a good indication of the better environment. A.escape B.absence C.attendance D.appearance 10) The young man had no ____ for hard work. A.appetite B.taste C.joy D.enjoyment 11) Now a lot of new technology developed by scientists will be ______ improving the quality of rice and wheat. A. used to B. applied to C. suited to D. accustomed to 12) But for her mother's sudden illness, she would never think of breaking this _____ with you. A. appointment B. schedule C. arrangement D. interview 13) Chinese arts have won the ______ of a lot of people outside China. A.enjoyment B. appreciation C. entertainment D.application 14) At the meeting they discussed three different ______to the study of mathematics. A. methods B. apartment C. approaches D. ways 15) It displeases my parents when Richard and I stay out late at night. My parents don't _____ of Richard and me staying out late at night. A. approach B. allow C. appeal D. approve 16) A completely new situation will ______ when the examination system comes into existence. A. arise B. rise C. raise D. approve 17) The more I think about him, the more reasons I find for loving him ____ I did. A. as much as B. as long as C. as soon as D. as far as 18) --- I'm green at everything.

--- Don't worry. _________ you get older, you will get more experience. A. As B. Till C. If D. While 19) You should be ______ of your ______ conduct. A. shameful; ashamed B. ashamed; shameful C.shame; shameful D. ashamed; shame 20) Before building a house, you will have to ______ the government’s permission. A. get from B. assess C. receive D. ask for 21) Examinations are not the only means of ________ someone’s ability. A. assisting B. praising C. valuing D. assessing 22) When foreigners think of China, they always _______ it with the Great Wall. A. advertise B. associate C. attach D. combine 23) Rose was wild with joy ________ the result of the examination. A. to B. at C. by D. as 24) ---Look, what is he doing there? ---As far as I know, he is reading a note ______ the present from his aunt with passion. A. attaching with B. attaching on C. attached to D. attached for 25) A man is being questioned in relation to the _______ murder last night. A. advised B. attended C. attempted D. admitted 26) In order to change attitudes _______ employing women, the government is bringing in new laws. A. about B. of C. towards D. on 27) The company is starting a new advertising campaign to ________ new customers to its stores. A. attend B. attract C. stick D. transfer 28) The increase of the number of the students makes the limited computers not ______to each student. A. available B. affordable C. helpful D. acceptable 29) It's not easy for a student of ________ intelligence to meet the requirements of a world leading university. A. regular B. natural C. available D. average 30) There was a large box behind the door and Peter couldn't _______ falling over it in the darkness. A. awake B. resist C. avoid D. prevent 31) Can you do the job alone, or do you want someone to _______ you? A. affect B. assist C. apply D. arrange 2. 根据英文释义选用下列单词填空: analysis apology anxiety annoy ancestor attitude argue astronaut avenue authority 1) ________ a careful examination of something in order to understand it better 2) _____________a short story based on your personal experience 3) _______ to make someone feel slightly angry and unhappy about something 4) ________ the feeling of being very worried about something 5) _________ an expression of regret for having done something wrong 6) _________ someone who travels and works in a spacecraft 7) _______ he opinions and feelings that you usually have about something 8) ________ the power you have because of one’s official position

9) _______ usually a wide street of houses, often in the suburbs and lined with trees 10) ______ to disagree with someone in words, often in an angry way 3.选用下列词的适当形式填空: Part 1 anyone arrangement appreciation anyhow approach astronaut available athlete appointment average 1) I wrote him a letter to show my ____________ of his thoughtfulness. 2) You are all new comers here. Try not to make ___________ to strangers. 3) There were no tickets ___________ for Friday's performance. 4) --- Hello, is _______ home? --- Yes, we're here. 5) --- How can I run a mile in such a short time? --- I think it possible, for the __________ runner can run 2 miles in fifteen minutes. 6) The family are making ___________ for his birthday party. 7) You should phone his secretary if you want to make an _________. 8) Alice, you should learn to help your mother with some housework. You have grown up, ________. 9) --- Ann wants to be an _______. --- Does she really like to travel and work in a spacecraft? 10) It was discovered that three of the Olympic ________ had taken drugs. Part 2 arrival awake attention article anniversary amount atmosphere appearance attempt anxious

11) The couple celebrated their 20th wedding __________ in January. 12) ______________ of births, marriages and deaths appear in some newspapers. 13) The _________ made of leather cost much more than those made of plastic. 14) He might have been killed but for the _________ of the police. 15) ---Why do you drink so much coffee? --- Well, so long as it doesn’t keep me _________ in the night, I see no harm in it. 16) The Chinese are looking forward to the first __________ to land on the moon after Yang Liwei’s successful trip to space. 17) You will never be through all your homework tonight if you don’t pay your _________ to it. 18) After an ______ wait, Audrey was told that her son was safe. 19) Women are more concerned than men about their personal _____. 20) The girl’s being educated in an__________of simple living was what her parents wished for. Part 3 appropriate apparent approval ashamed applicant appetite anxiety apology angle analysis artificial authentic aspect average awkward anywhere authority 21) She was so ________ of cheating on the test that she went and told the teacher. 22) Don’t eat the cake, or you’ll spoil your _______. 23) We agreed with his acute __________ of the political situation. 24) Try looking at the affair from a different ______. 25) He caused his parents great ___________ by cycling long distances alone

26) Please accept our __________ for any inconvenience we have caused. 27) She had many good qualities despite her __________ rudeness. 28) As the wages were low, there were few ___________ for the job. 29) Plain, simple clothes are ____________ for school wear. 30) It is just three months since we received official _________ to go ahead with the project. 31) This orange drink contains no ___________ flavouring or colouring. 32) On the course she received a thorough training in every ______ of the job. 33) The government is the highest ___________ in the country. 34) In France dogs can go ________ their owners can because people there love pets very much. 35) You’ve put me in a very ______ position and now I don’t know how to deal with the matter. 36)This new model of car is so expensive that it is beyond the reach of those with _____ incomes. 37) Is that an __________ painting or a copy? 4.选用下列动词的适当形式填空: Part 1 attack analyze apologize avoid appear answer announce appreciate arrest arrange attempt 1) David __________ for his not being able to inform me of the change in the plan. 2) He was ________ by the police and charged with ________ murder. 3) When the bell rang ____________ the end of the class, students came out by twos and threes. 4) I knocked at the door and nobody _______. 5) Ten minutes earlier and we could have __________ the accident. 6) If you have a lot of things to do, just make a list and ______ them in order of importance. 7) You need to sit down and _________ why you didn’t pass this examination. 8) It was only when I reread his poems recently that I began to _________ their beauty. 9) Mr. Smith is one of those men who ________ to be friendly, however, it is very hard to deal with. 10) Beijing was _________ by such a terrible sandstorm as few citizens had ever experienced before. Part 2 attract appeal approach attend assume arm annoy arise argue 11) ____________ by the beauty of nature, the girl from London decided to spend another two days on the farm. 12) The crowd _______ themselves with sticks and stones and fought with the police. 13) How many of us ___________ a meeting that is not important to us would be interested in the discussion? 14) He _______ that a dam might actually increase the risk of flooding. 15) We must __________ him to be innocent until he is proved guilty. 16) The mosquitoes _________ me so much that I couldn't sleep. 17) Many difficulties have _______ as a result of the change over to a new type of fuel. 18) With spring ____________, the wind became warmer. 19) The movement _________ to the public to donate money generously to the poverty-stricken areas. 5.选用下列短语及词组的适当形式填空: Part 1

appeal to apply for answer for approve of be anxious about be aware of one … another apply…to anything but apart from 1) When living in the city, he was always being disturbed by the noise of ______ sort or _____. 2) I ______ really ________________ you. You shouldn't have left home without a word. 3) The program “Super Girl” on Hunan TV _______ especially ______ young people. 4) Mrs. Forester has ____________ my attending the conference that I am expecting. 5) _____________ a flat tyre, we had faulty brakes. 6) He is _____________ a fool. He found out your trick at once. 7) You will have to ____________ your wrong doing one day. 8) A youngster ought to have some practical experience in a library before he or she _____________ a place at a library school. 9) More and more people _______________ the dangers of drinking and driving. 10) In this way they can better ________ theory ____ practice. Part 2 as good as as much as as well as well as might as well as it is as it were as if as far as as with as for attend to set aside argue with attend to 11) When a pencil is partly in a glass of water, it looks __________ it were broken 12) On that rainy night, he walked ___________ the small town which was 20 miles away to call a doctor in. 13) He was expecting to have completed the job by now. _______, he's only halfway through it. 14)The scholar has knowledge and ability _________. He is equal to the research work. 15) __________ running, learning a foreign language requires a strong will. 16) Now that you have got a chance, you ______________ make full use of it. 17) You can ask the others, but _______ myself, I’ll be busy in the office. 18) --- I wonder what has become of your company? --- Haven’t you heard about it? It is _________________ ruined because of bad management. 19) __________ I know, she can earn ______________ 500 dollars a week. 20) He is my best friend, my second self, ____________. 21) E-mail, ______________ telephones, is playing an important part in daily communication. 22) We __________ the waiter about the price of the meal. 23) Rip was a kind man. He was ready to ________ everybody's business but his own. 24) The old couple tried to __________ some extra money for some purpose. 6. 选用下列词的适当形式填空: sound sight thought invitation loss requirement risk suggestion expense knowledge service 1) At the ____________ of the coming examination the boy felt very nervous. 2) He paid a visit to their home for drinks at the _________ of the newly-married couple. 3) At the _________ of the gun the birds in the tree flew away in all directions. 4) He hesitated at the _______ of her face suggesting her disagreement with his plan. 5) At the ___________ of the doctor he takes regular exercise to keep fit. 6) He built up a successful business but it was all done at the __________ of his health. 7) At the ___________ of the bus conductor all the passengers showed their tickets. 8) We rescued more than 50 children at the ______ of our lives.

9) A good salesman is never at a _______ for words. 10) My telephone is at your _________ until yours is repaired. 11) Altough he is young, he has a great appetite for __________ of economics. 7. 翻译: 1) _____________ (我会很感激的) if you could lend me a hand with my homework. 2) With two children ____________________(要上中学) in the nearby town soon, the parents are working hard. 3) ___________(尽管她年轻), Mary has gained rich experience in society. 4) They gave him a warm welcome _______________(他一到). 5) --- Would you like to go to play tennis with me in the school court this weekend? --- I am sorry I can’t. _____________(改日怎么样)? 6) Do let your mother know all the truth. She ______________________(似乎有人已经把一切 都让她知道了) 7) The new technology _________________ (已被采用) agriculture. 8) 他们总是为钱争吵。 __________________________________________________ 9) 你本来应该避免再次提到他的错误。 __________________________________________________________ 10) 我们急切想知道他是不是安全到达了。 ______________________________________________________ 11) He apologized to the lady for stepping on her left foot. ___________________________________________________. 12) In many ways children live, as it were, in a different world from adults. _______________________________________________________. 13)These days more and more people are aware of the many threats to the environment and begin to take action to protect it. 8. 选用下列单词或短语的适当形式完成下面短文: Text 1 apology chance courage moment admire appear accept recognize though admit surprise grow breathe forget blame

The next day after the incident, a woman came to 1)_______ it was she, not the boy, broke the eggs. I was shocked. I 2)________ the woman’s 3)_________ to admit her mistake. In my heart I 4)_____ myself. I waited and waited for a 5)________ to say sorry to the boy. But he didn't 6)_______ until one morning fifteen years later. That morning I 7)__________ him the 8)_________ he entered the store 9)________ he had 10)_______ into a young man. He was quite 11)__________ when I told him about the broken eggs. He seemed to have 12) __________ all about it. I made an 13 )_________ from my heart. He 14)__________ it honestly. At last I 15)_________ freely again. Text 2 part ability abroad even as anyhow destroy keep off as well as be addicted to also prevent attend

In my opinion, the Internet is helpful rather than harmful 1)______ someone else thinks. As is known to all, the Internet is playing a more and more important 2)______ in our daily life. On the Internet, we can read news at home and from 3)_______ and get as much information as we can.

We can send e-mails or make phone calls to our family 4)____ _______ _____ to our friends. We can also 5) ________ the net school, read many books and even teach ourselves English. We can 6)_____ enjoy music, watch matches and play computer games on the Internet. We can 7)______ do shopping on line. Besides, we can improve our 8)_______ to operate the computer. But we should not 9)____ ________ _____ the Internet, or we’ll get our life and study 10)_________. Besides, we should 11) _____ _____ the harmful websites. 12) _______, this doesn’t 13 )_________ the Internet becoming our friend. We can’t throw away the apple because of the core (果核), can we?

新课标高中英语词汇系列练习题(二)参考答案 1. 单项选择: 1)-10) CDACB DADDA 11)-20) BABCD AAABD 21)-31) DBBCC CBADC B 2. 根据英文释义选用下列单词填空: 1) analysis 2) anecdote 3) annoy 4) anxiety 5) apology 6) astronaut 7 ) attitude 8) authority 9) avenue 10) argue 3.选用下列词的适当形式填空: 1)appreciation 2)approaches 3)available 4)anyone 5)average 6) arrangements 7)appointment 8)anyhow 9)astronaut 10) athletes 11) anniversary 12) Announcements 13 ) articles 14) arrival

15) awake 16) attempt 17) attention 18) anxious 19) appearance 20) atmosphere 21)ashamed 22) appetite 23) analysis 24) angle 25 anxiety) 26) apologies 27) apparent 28) applicants 29) appropriate 30) approval 31) artificial 32) aspect 33 ) authority 34) anywhere 35) awkward 36 ) average 37) authentic 4.选用下列动词的适当形式填空: 1) apologized 2) arrested attempted 3) announcing 4) answered 5)avoided 6)arrange 7)analyze 8) appreciate 9) appears 10) attacked 11) Attracted 12) armed 13 ) attending 14) argued 15) assume 16) annoyed 17) arisen 18) approaching 19) appealed 5.选用下列短语及词组的适当形式填空: 1)one…another 2)was…anxious about 3)appeals; to 4)approved of 5) Apart from 6)anything but 7)answer for 8)applies for 9) are aware of 10)apply; to 11)as if 12) as far as 13 ) As it is 14) as well 15) As with 16)might as well 17) as for 18) as good as 19) As far as; as much as 20) as it were 21) as well as 22) argued with 23) attend to 24) set aside 6. 选用下列词的适当形式填空: 1) thought 2) invitation 3) sound 4) sight 5) suggestion 6) expense 7) requirement 8) risk 9) loss 10) service 11) knowledge 7.翻译: 1)I'd appreciate it 2) to attend middle school 3)Young as she is 4)on his arrival 5) What about another time 6) appeared to have been told everything 7) has been applied to 8) They always argue with each other about money. 9) You should have avoided mentioning his mistake again. 10 ) We were anxious to know whether he had arrived safely. 11) 他向那位女士道歉,因为他把人家的左脚踩了。 12) 从许多方面讲,小孩子可以说是生活在一个跟成人不同的世界里。 13) 现在越来越多的人意识到有很多东西对环境有威胁,并开始采取行动保护环境。 8. 选用下列单词或短语的适当形式完成下面短文: Text 1 1) admit 2) admired 3) courage 4) blamed 5) chance 6) appear 7) recognized 8) moment 9) though 10) grown 11) surprised 12) forgotten 13 ) apology 14) accepted 15) breathed Text 2 1) as 2) part 3) abroad 4) as well as 5) attend 6) also 7) even 8) ability 9) be addicted to 10) destroyed 11) keep off 12) Anyhow 13 ) prevent




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