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一、阅读理解 As we drove along, my spirits went up again, and I turned, with pleasure, to the thought of the new life which I was entering. But though it was not far pa

st the middle of September, the heavy clouds and strong north-easterly wind combined to make the day extremely cold; and the journey seemed a very long one, so that it was nearly one o’clock before we reached the place of our destination. Yet when we entered the gateway, my heart failed me, and I wished it were a mile or two farther off. For the first time in my life I must stand alone: there was no retreating now. I must enter that house, and introduce myself among its strange people. But how was it to be done? True, I was near nineteen; but, thanks to the protecting care of my mother and sister, I well knew that many a girl of fifteen, or under, was gifted with a more womanly address, and greater ease and self-possession, than I was. Yet, anyway. I would do very well, after all; and the children, of course, I should soon be at ease with them. "Be calm, be calm, whatever happens," I said within myself; and truly I was so fully occupied in steadying my nerves and keeping down the rebellious beat of my heart that when I was admitted into the hall and into the presence of Mrs. Bloomfield, I almost forgot to answer her polite greeting; and it afterwards struck me that the little I did say was spoken in the tone of one half-dead or half-asleep. With due politeness, however, she showed me my bedroom, and left me there to take a little refreshment for a little while and led me into the dining-room. Some beefsteaks and potatoes were set before me; and while I dined upon these, she sat opposite, watching me (as I thought) and trying to keep something like a conversation— consisting chiefly of commonplace remarks. In fact, my attention was almost wholly absorbed in my dinner: not from appetite, but from the toughness of the beefsteaks, and the numbness of my hands. ―I have had so little time to attend to their education myself, but I think they are clever children, and very willing to learn, especially the little boy; he is, I think, the flower of the flock— a generous, noble-spirited boy, one to be led, but not driven, and remarkable for always speaking the truth.‖ ―His sister Mary Ann will require watching,‖ continued she, ―but she is a very good girl on the whole, though I wish her to be kept out of the nursery as much as possible, as she is now almost six years old, and might acquire bad habits from the nurses. I have ordered her bed to be placed in your room, and if you will be so kind as to look after her washing and dressing, and take charge of her clothes, she needs to have nothing further to do with the nursery maid.‖ I replied I was quite willing to do so; and at that moment the children entered the room. Tom Bloomfield was a well-grown boy of seven. Mary was a tall girl, for her age of six, somewhat dark like her mother. The second sister was Fanny, a very pretty little girl, looking little younger than Mary. The remaining one was Harriet, a little broad, fat, merry, playful thing of scarcely two, whom I had more desire for than all the rest — but with her I had nothing to do. 67. Which of the following statements best describes how the writer felt when she entered Mrs. Bloomfield's home? A. She was nervous, dissatisfied with her manners but still confident. B. She was cold, hungry but eager to see all the children in the family. C. She was frightened, nervous and regretful about her decision. D. She was calm, confident and very happy with all the family. 68. What job would the writer take in Mrs Bloomfield's home? A. A nursery maid. B. A house cleaner. C. A home cook. D. A family teacher. 69. Which of the following was TRUE according to the passage? A. The writer had some difficulty with her lunch because of the tough food and the cold. B. The delicious food took the writer's attention away from Mrs. Bloomfield’s words. C. All the children were well educated before the writer came to the family. D. All the children in the family were looked after by Mrs Bloomfield herself. 70. From the passage, we can infer that ___________. A. Mrs Bloomfield would treat the writer kindly and help her a lot B. The youngest girl Harriet would be the writer’s favorite student C. the writer would take on more responsibilities than she should D. Tom Bloomfield would be the cleverest of all the children 二、 任务型阅读 (共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分)

Parents can help their seventh and eighth grade students stand out in and out of their English classroom by introducing them to newspapers. Newspapers not only offer information on current events, but they can also be used to test your child's knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, and more. Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How Have your child read the first couple of paragraphs of a news story. Ask them to write down all of the important facts, such as who, what, where, when, why and how. This helps parents to see if their children comprehend the basic facts and information they read. Grammar Parents can monitor a child's understanding of grammatical parts of speech (词性) without a grammar textbook. Ask your child to read a paragraph in an article and then list a specific number of nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, prepositions and the like, which serves more of a test of their grammatical knowledge. Encourage them to list each of these parts of speech in a paragraph. Then, reread the paragraph to see if they missed anything. Persuasion Ask your child to select an advertisement from the newspaper. Have them investigate how specific words or phrases influence their feelings about a particular product. Then, encourage them to create an advertisement of their own for an item they do not like. Tell them not to show their true feelings and try to make people want to buy this unwanted item. After that, ask them to list the persuasive techniques used in their ad. Facts vs Opinions Select an editorial for your middle schooler to read. Have your child divide a piece of paper into two columns, one marked fact, and the other marked opinion. Have your student decide which column it fits under. This will help your child better understand facts versus opinions. Another related exercise is responding to an editorial. Encourage your child to write letters to the editor or responses to editorials or other articles. Before your child sends his or her letter, check the opinion section to see what requirements there are. Headlines and Synonyms (同义词) Ask your middle schooler to rewrite a couple of headlines using the synonyms of the original words. Compare the headlines. Do the original versions or the rewrites sound better? This is a great exercise to help students learn synonyms and expand their vocabulary. If you find your seventh or eighth grade child is struggling with these newspaper activities, it may be an indicator that they have fallen behind in their reading skills. These activities were designed with a seventh or eighth grader in mind; therefore, while they are educational, they should be more of reinforcement (增强) instead of a major reading challenge. Outline Supporting details An approach to 71 students in seventh and eighth grades to newspapers can learning be helpful in learning English. ● Ask students to read the first paragraphs of a news story and write down the important and 73 facts to see if they can understand them. ● Have students read an article and list different parts of speech to improve their understanding of 74 . ● Select an ad and ask students to find the persuasive expressions 75 in it, and then create their own ad for a product they dislike. ● Select an editorial and have students 76 between facts and opinions. After that encourage them to write a 77 to an editorial. ● Ask students to write a few synonyms and compare them with the 78 headlines to help them with their vocabulary expansion. ● It may 79 that a child is poor at reading if he or she has 80 with these activities. ● These activities, designed for special graders, can not be used as a major reading challenge.



Possible results

67 – 70 ADAC 71. Introducing 72. activities 73. basic 74. grammar 75. used 76. distinguish

77. response / reply 78. original 79. indicate / show 80. difficulty / trouble


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