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Last year, my brother and I went to Miami for a vacation. Some of my friends who had been there before said_16_____ was a wonderful

holiday destination. Before we went

, we had planned for months. When the day came, we were ready. After our plane landed, we went to the hotel. We had made our reservation six months__17____ (early), but the man at the front desk said there had been a mistake. We 18_____(tell)that our rooms hadn’t been reserved for that week, 19_____ for the week after. I didn’t understand 20____ this would happen and my credit card had already been charged__21____ the reservation. What’s worse, the hotel had been fully booked. When we were wondering what to do, the manager came out. She was 22_____(surprise)helpful. She apologized for the mistake and gave us a spare VIP room on __23___ top floor. We had never stayed in such an amazing room, and we weren’ t charged extra The next day, my brother and I went to the beach __24__ we watched some people play volleyball. We got a little__25___ ( sunburn ) but the day had been so relaxing that we didn’t mind 语篇填空(二) One day, Nick invited his friends to supper. He was cooking some delicious food in the kitchen .Suddenly, he__16____ (find)that he had run out of salt. So Nick called to his son,” Go to the village and buy some

salt, but pay a fair price for it: neither too much 17 too little.”His son looked surprised.”I can understand why I shouldn’t pay too much, Father, but if I can pay less, 18 not save a bit of money?”“That would be a very_19___(reason)thing to do in a big city, but it could destroy a small village like our s,” Nick said. Nick’s guests, 20 had heard their conversation, asked why they should not buy salt more cheaply if they could. Nick replied,” The only reason a man would sell sale 21 a lower price would be because he was desperate for money. And anyone who took advantage of that situation would be showing a lack of respect 22 the sweat and struggle of the man who worked very hard to produce it.”“But such a small thing couldn’t 23 (possible) destroy a village.”“In the beginning, there was only 24 very small amount of unfairness in the world, but everyone added a little ,always 25 (think) that it was only a small and not very important ,and look where we have ended up today.”

语篇填空(三) On a cold February afternoon, my car broke down on a rather unsafe spot. I had four teenagers, ___1____i had just picked up from school, an almost dead cellphone and a three-hour wait for the CAA to come to my rescue. ___2__ stopping a car and sending the kids home, I stayed in my own car.___3___i had a pair of gloves, a hat and a blanket with me, I was still pretty cold after two hours in that car.

A lady walked by, came back some time___4____ (late) to pick up her mail from the mailbox on the corner and noticed___5____ I was still there. She stopped to asked if I needed anything. I said I was ok and explained I was waiting for the CAA and that it ___6___(be) at least one hour. Soon she came back, __7__(carry) two soda bottles filled with hot water and some reading material. I was so __8__(surprise) that I forgot to ask her name or address and to this day I regret ____9____. I hope she gets to read how thankful I still am and how much of ___10___ difference she made that dreadful day.

语篇填空(三) We lived in a rural area. Most of _____ we see is beautiful nature. One of the exceptions to the beauty is ______ rubbish that some people throw out of their car windows as they drive along the rural roads. One of the few _______(advantage) of living there is the lack necessary public services, such as rubbish collection, ______ is common in the city. A helping behavior that I practice ______(regular) with my daughters is picking up rubbish in our neighborhood. ______ often have a match to see who can collect the most rubbish. One day I _______(see) a stranger picking up rubbish on the road. I stopped. He raised his head and smiled, “I saw you doing this_____your family. It’s a good idea to protect our environment.”

There are many other ways to provide kindness for others. You may share a dinner with a beggar, visit lonely old people in the nursing home,____help the blind cross the street. Yo u can think of something that can ______(finish) easily but helpful. It is fun, self-satisfying, and what’s more, it can set a good example.



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一 语篇填空的目的

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