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The Difference between Man and Computer What makes people different from computer programs? What is the missing element that our theories don't yet (1)_______ for? The answer is simple: P

eople read newspaper stories for a reason: to learn more about (2)_________ they are interested in. Computers, on the other hand, don't. In fact, computers don't (3) _____ have interests; there is nothing particular that they are trying to find out when they read. If a computer (4)______ is to be a model of story understanding, it should also read for a purpose Of course, people have several goals that do not make (5)_______to attribute to computers1. One might read a restaurant guide (6)_______ order to satisfy hunger or entertainment goals or to (7)______ a good place to go for a business lunch, Computers do not get hungry, and computers do not have business lunches. However, these physiological and social goals give (8)____to several intellectual or cognitive goals. A goal to satisfy hunger gives rise to goals to find (9)______ about the name of a restaurant which (10)______ the desired type of food, how expensive the restaurant is, the location of the restaurant, etc. These are goals to (11)______ information or knowledge, what we are calling (12)_____ goals. These goals can be held by computers too; a computer (13)_______” want" to find out the location of a restaurant, and read a guide in order to do so (14)________ the same way as a person might. While such a goal would not (15)_______ out of hunger in the case of the computer2.,it might well arise out of the “goal” to learn more about restaurant. 词汇: element/ n.元素,成分,要素 entertainment/n.娱乐,消遣 physiological/adj.生理学 生理的 intellectual/adj,聪明的 cognitive/adj.认知的,认识上的 注释: . 1.…attribute to computers……. 。归属于电脑…… 2 in the case of computer…:……对于电脑来说…… 1. A) express 2. A) why 3. A) once 4.A) program 5. A) success 6. A) of 7. A) find 8. A) way 9. A) place 10. A) orders 11. A) acquire B) explain B) how B) even B) instruction B) sense B) or B) search B) play B) food B) sells B) ask C)account C) what C) ever C) system C) scene C) in C) look C) rise C) reference C) supports C) require D) count D) when D) often D) function D) point D) and D) watch D) birth D) information D) serves D) consult

12.A)understanding 13. A) could 14. A) as 15. A) arise

B) learning B) might B) on B) rise

C) knowledge C) should C) by C) consent

D) awareness D) would D) in D) derive

答案与题解: 1.C 此处考查对同定搭配的掌握情况,只有 account 能与 for 搭配,意为“解释”,其 他选项的词都是及物动词,不与介词搭配。 2.C 分析全句,此处应填一个宾语从句的引导词,从句中缺少宾语,故应填 what, 此句意为去了解他们所感兴趣的东西,其他选项均为关系副词,不能充当从句中的宾语 3.B 此处选 even 加强语气,“事实上,电脑甚至都没有兴趣” 4.A computer program 是常见搭配,意为“电脑程序”,其他选项与句意不符 5. B make sense 是固定搭配,有道理合乎逻辑的意思。 6. C in order to 是固定搭配“为了……” 7. A 结合上下文我们得知, 此处应填具有“寻找”含义的词, watch 没有此含义首先被排 除,C 选项后若加上 for,便符合文义,search 有“搜寻,查找”的含义,但一般指深入 彻底地调查,只有 A 选项 find 在含义和语气上都符合句意。 8.C 从下一句便可找到答案为 C 选项,give rise to 意为“引起,导致,使发生” 9.D 选择 D 意为“找到关于餐馆名字的信息”,其他选项放此处均不合适 c 10.D 此处需填一个谓语动词,因此要搞清主语“餐馆”与宾语“食物”之间的关系,只有 “餐馆供应食物”合乎逻辑,故答案为 serve 11.A 上文提到了种种人生理的、智力上的、认知的目标,因为饿得到了有关餐馆的信 息,此处要填“获取”,B,C,D 与文意不符。 12.B 此空依然承接上文的意思,那些目标都是获取信息的目标,都是学习的目标,答 案为 B 13.B 此处缺一个情态动词,阅读到后半句时便很容易选出答案,此处的 might 与后面 as a person 相呼应,表示不确定的推测,意为“可能,也许” 14.D 能与 way 搭配的介词一般只有 in,表示“以……方式”,此处的含义为“与一个人 可能想要做事的方式相同”。 15.A 意为“起于……”,



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