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牛津高中英语模块一Making a booklet on keeping fit

(模块一 · 高一上学期)



Making a booklet on keeping fit


Unit 3

本课件通过一些生动的图片和 简明的表格,帮助学生快速找出文 章的主要信息,并以文章为样本, 教会学生制作BOOKLET的基本步 骤和方法。

1. How much do you know about proper health and fitness? 2. What do you usually do in order to live a healthy life?

Discuss about the following pictures and think about the role they play in your everyday life!

Healthy eating along with regular exercise is probably the only way to become fit. A good amount of sleep every night is also very important for your health.

Land the main idea of the passage
Listen to and read the article and find out the main idea and the key words of each paragraph.


key words & phrases the diet and way of life, a problem for teenagers, feel better, look better, have more energy, eat the right food, exercise regularly 20%, going on a diet and skipping meals, control their weight, eat properly, exercise regularly, lose weight, keep fit, feel great the energy it needs, eat mostly rice, bread, vegetables and fruit, drink a lot of water, keep your system clean

main idea Eating the right food and exercising regularly will make you feel and look better. Healthy eating along with regular exercise is probably the only way to become fit.

Para 1

Para 2

Para 3

Give your body the energy and water. For a healthy diet, you should eat rice, bread, vegetables and fruit.

Para 4

walking, riding, do school sports, give up sport, produce chemicals in your body, make you feel peaceful and relaxed, increase your ability to concentrate when you study, sleep better at night
a good amount of sleep, loss of sleep, make you look tired, cause you to gain weight

Teenagers should spend at least 30 minutes exercising, five times a week.

Para 5

Teenagers need 8 to 10 hours of sleep each night.

follow the suggestions above Para 6

Follow the suggestions above and you will look and feel much better.

Work in pairs and try to find out the main idea of the whole article.
Eating right food, drinking plenty of water, exercising regularly and having enough sleep will make a teenager look and feel better.

Land the specific information
Read the passage again, find out the numbers in it and tell the use of these numbers in the passage.

healthy eating
20% 1. Approximately _____ of teenagers: going on a diet and skipping meals. 6 to 8 glasses 2. drinking __________ of water a day 30 minutes regular exercise: at least __________ a day five times __________ a week

having a good sleep: 8 to 10 hours ___________of sleep each night

Making a booklet about fitness.

Steps that you can follow

preparing producing presenting

planning and preparing
?Get into groups of 4 to 6. ?Different roles of the group members (leader, collecting and analyzing the information, writing the report, etc. ?Decide the grades different groups are to survey.

?Create a questionnaire. ?Give out and collect the information.

?Record and analyze the statistics.

?write the report.

?Each group member should report on part of the results. ?Put your results together with the other group's to form a booklet.

Contact the teacher of the class you are responsible for surveying. Be sure to get his/her permission to give out your group’s Qs to the class.

Create a questionnaire
?Try creating your questionnaire by using the following "How many", "How often", "Have you", "Do you" "How much", etc. ?Use short and simple sentences. ?Avoid negative sentences.

?Ask one piece of information at a time. ?Use precise language.

A sample questionnaire Questionnaire for health
Grade____ Class___ Number_____
1. Do you think you feel good and look good? A. Yes. B. No. 2. Are you satisfied with your figure? A. Yes. B. No. 3. Do you take exercise every day? A. Yes. B. No. C. sometimes.

4. Do you have time to take exercise every day? A. Yes. B. No. C. sometimes. 5. Do you think you need to take exercise every day? A. Yes. B. No.

6. How often do you take exercise, if any? A. Every day. B. Several times a week. C. Once a week. 7. How long do you take exercise, each time if any? A. 5-10 minutes. B. About 20 minutes. C. One hour. D. More.

8. Where do you come from, village, town or city? A. Village. B. Town. C. City. 9. How many times do you have meals a day? A. Once. B. Twice. C. Three. D. Four. E. More.

10. Do you have a breakfast every day? A. Yes. B. No. C. Sometimes. 11. Do you have enough time to have a breakfast? A. Yes. B. No. C. Sometimes.

12. How much do you eat for each meal? A. Much. B. Little. C. Normal.
13. Do you have enough sleep? A. Yes. B. No. C. Sometimes.

14. Do you think you need to lose weight? A. Yes. B. No. 15. Do you think you are having a healthy eating? A. Yes. B. No.

16. Do you often drink water? A. Yes. B. No. 17. Which one do you like eating? A. Meat. B. Fruits. C. Vegetables. D. All. 18. Do you think you are healthy? A. Yes. B. No.

Record and analyze the statistics
Remember to compare your figures with the numbers and percentages given in the magazine article.

Writing your report
Include the following information in your report: ?The class and level you surveyed. ?The number of the students that answered the questionnaire. ?Your conclusion drawn from the statistics of the information collected.

While presenting, each group member should report on part of the result.

Important phrases
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? live busy lives exercise regularly the only way to become fit in the long term try going on a diet skip meals control weight keep your system clean improve your skin give you healthy hair five times a week give up sport ? produce some chemicals ? produce some chemicals ? increase your ability to concentrate ? a good amount of sleep ? prepare you for the day to come ? as a matter of fact ? loss of sleep ? cause sb. to do sth. ? follow the suggestions above ? in no time

the ability to put effort and enthusiasm into an activity, work, etc.

精力, 精神, 活力, [物]能量

a speech made with energy and emotion 一个充满力量及激情的演说

Young people usuallyhave more energy _____________ than the old.

requires a great deal of time and energy. This project ______________________

atomic energy 原子能

regular adj. following a pattern, especially
with the same time and space in between each thing and the next 有规律的,定期的

有规律的习惯 have regular habits a regular customer 约翰是我家的常客。 John's our regular caller. 老主顾 regularly adv. 邮件每天早上8点按时送到。 The post arrives regularly at eight every morning.

along with 与……一道 prep. 她和她的男朋友一道来用餐。 She came to dinner along with her boyfriend. 请和你的妻子一道来参加晚会好吗? Would you please come to the party along with your wife?

skip vt.: pass over 跳过, 略过 1) We skipped science class again. 我们又一次逃了自然科学课。 2) A newspaper reader can select what he is interested in and Skip what he thinks is boring or irrelevant. _________________________________ 报纸读者可以选择自己感兴趣的新闻, 略过自己认为是枯燥的或无关的消息。

control vt. & n.
limit (the act of limiting) sth. or make it happen in a particular way 控制,管理,调节 1) 我们大家都要学会控制自己。 All of us should learn to control ourselves. 2) 他总是发现很难控制自己的脾气。 He always finds it difficult to control his temper. _____________________ lose control of sth. get sth. under control=take control of sth. out of control

count v.
(1) to say numbers in the correct order (按顺序)数数 从一数到十 count from one to ten (2) To be important 重要 what you read that counts.

快点,现在分秒必争。 Hurry up! Every time now counts. What he says doesn’t count ________________________in my family. 在我家他人微言轻。 (3) To include sth. when you calculate into total 把……算入,包括 I count you (as) my dearest friend. 我把你视为最亲的朋友。

▲ So +助动词/系动词/情态动词+主语 表 示上述肯定情况也适用于该主语。
1)I was at Center School last year, ___________________ so was my friend Bob. 去年我在中心学校,我朋友鲍勃也是。 2) I have seen the film twice, so has my sister. __________________________ 这部电影我已经看过两遍,我姐姐也是。

1. Neither/Nor +助动词/系动词/情态动词+ 主语 表示上述否定情况也适用于该句主 语。 2. It is the same with +名词/代词宾格 So it is with +名词/代词宾格 表示上述混合情况(肯定和否定的混合没 有统一的助动词)也适用于该句主语。

3. So+主语+助动词/系动词/情态动词 表示对上述情况的赞同或证实,前后 主语一致。

4. 主语+动词+so主语做了前文所述的 事情。

concentrate v. direct one's attention on something 集中 concentrate on my studies Concentrate more on your work concentration n.

▲ a good amount of “许多,大量”,
1) a good / great many a large / great / good number of a good few / quiet a few +可数名词复数(作主语时谓语动词用复 数)

2) many a / an +单数可数名词 (作主语时,谓语动词用单数) 3) a great / good deal of a good / large amount of +不可数名词(作主语时,谓语动词用单 数)

4) a lot of=lots of; plenty of +可数名词复数或不可数名词(作主 语时谓语动词根据名词确定 a large great quantity of large quantities of +可数名词复数(作主语时谓语动词 用复数)或不可数(作主语时谓语 动词由quantity的单复数决定)

Work with your group members and produce the booklets using the ways you have learned in this class.


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