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高二英语 必修七

《Unit One
主 备: 曹海霞 授课人: _______

Living with technology 》导学案

审核:_谭国庆_ 学案编号:____02____ 授课时间:____________ 姓名:______________ 班级:__________ 小组:______

_ ___

题 Grammar: 及物动词和不及物动词


教师复备栏 或学生笔记栏

【学习目标】 1. Master the use of transitive verbs ; 【学习重点、难点】 1.及物动词接宾语的三种情况; 【知识链接】 ★你知道吗? 英语中按动词后可否直接跟宾语,可把动词分成不及物动词与和及物动词。 及物动词(vt.) : 及物动词后必须跟有动作的对象(即宾语) ,并且可直接跟 宾语。 1. “主+谓+宾”结构。 如:He reached Paris the day before yesterday. 2. “主+谓+双宾:间宾(人)+直宾(名词,代词)”结构。 如:Please hand me the book over there. 3. “主+谓+宾+宾补”结构。 如:They asked me to go fishing with them. 类似的还有:buy, catch, invent, found, like, observe, offer, prevent, promise, raise, find, forget, receive, regard, see, say, seat, supply, select, suppose, show, make, take, tell... 不及物动词(vi. ) :不及物动词后不能直接跟有动作的对象(即宾语) 。若要 跟宾语,必须先在其后加上某个介词。 如:look (看) 即不能直接加宾语 Look! She is singing. Look carefully! Look at me carefully! 不及物动词后面不跟宾语,只能用 “主+谓”结构。 This is the room where I once lived. 类似的还有:agree, go, work, listen, look, come, die, belong, fall, exist, rise, arrive, sit, sail, hurry, fail, succeed 【学法指导】 Comparison/cooperation

【合作探究】 巩固练习、各抒己见:指出下列句子什么作宾语。 1. “主+谓+宾”结构。 第一类 主语+谓语+( ) I will see you tomorrow. I need your help. He speaks English very fast and I almost can't understand him. 第二类 主语+谓语+( ) She can dress herself. I don't know how to express myself. 第三类 主语+谓语+( ) They are living a happy life. Think happy thoughts and you'll feel better. 想快乐的事,你会感觉更好。 第四类 主语+谓语+( ) We practice reading loudly every day. He can't help laughing. Do you mind closing the door? 接( )作宾语的动词有: enjoy ,mind ,miss, practice, finish, consider 第五类 主语+谓语+( ) The man refused to tell them the truth. We wish to go to college. They agreed to help us . I have decided to learn English well. 接 ( ) 作 宾 语 的 动 词 want,wish,hope,help, offer,decide,learn,ask,refuse,promise,agree,plan,prepare,manage 等。 第六类 主语+谓语+( ) She didn't know how to answer. I forgot what to say. 第七类 主语+谓语+( ) I hope that you will come again. I don't think my parents will agree. Can you explain what this word means? 第八类 主语+谓语( )+宾语 I often think of my first teacher. The family is looking for the lost child. Please fill in the form. You should pay more attention to your health. 2. “主+谓+双宾:间宾(人)+直宾(名词,代词)”结构。 常见的跟“双宾语”的及物动词 可变为加 to 形式的动词

bring give hand pass pay post promise read return sell show teach tell wish 1. I returned him the money. 可变为:I returned the money to him . 2. Please pass me the tea. _________________________________ 可变为加 for 形式的动词 buy choose draw find keep make order paint save 1. I ?ll find you another table 可变为:I ?ll find another table for you. 2. Crazy English saves me a lot of time. _________________________________. 既可变为加 to 形式也可变为加 for 形式的动词 do play sing get 1. I ?ll get you some tea. 可变为:I ?ll get some tea for/to you 2. I want to sing a song for /to you. __________________________________. 被动语态: 这种句型结构的句子,在变成被动语态时,多数把间接宾语 变为主语,但有时也可以把直接宾语变为主语 如:They gave the school many computers = They gave many computers to the school 的被动语态为 The school was given many computers 学校获赠许多电脑 Many computers were given to the school. 许多电脑被捐给学校 3.“主+谓+宾+宾语补足语”结构。 第一类 主语+谓语+宾语+宾补(名词、名词短语) They chose/elected Mr. Li chairman at the meeting last night. They made her their leader. He calls his dog “Panpan”. 第二类 主语+谓语+宾语+宾补( ) I found the room empty. Who left the door open? The pain nearly drove him mad. 第三类 主语+谓语+宾语+宾补( ) Please make yourself at home. We found him in tears. They always consider themselves in the right. 第四类 主语+谓语+宾语+宾补( ) I won?t let you down. Why did you leave the light in ?

I want it back right now. 第五类 主语+谓语+宾语+宾补( ) The teacher makes us remember words everyday. They see the thief leave the house. She forced me to give her the money. She told me not to waste time. We encouraged him to try again. 写出下列句子的的结构 1. He asked me to get in touch with him. 2. He wants to go to college. 3. Mr. Brown wants his son to become a lawyer. 4. Could you give it back to me? 5. The teacher told me a story. 6. Polly show the conductor her ticket. 7. My father made me a kite. 8. They have made China their second home. 9. We?ll look into this matter. 10. I can?t help crying. 11. The man refused to tell him the truth. 12. They are living a happy life. 【整理学案】 这节课我的收获: 我还有哪些问题: 给老师的建议: 【达标测评】 ★Book Page 9 A,B


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