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高二英语选修7 unit1 living well using

Unit I Living Well -- using language

A Letter To An Architect

Reading, speaking and writing
Do you like going to cinema or theatre with your family and friends?

Task 1:
Suppose that you were disabled. If you feel that the cinema or the theatre is not so convenient for you to use, will you give some advice to the architect?


people in wheelchairs


drive-in theatre 汽车电影院

Task 2:Read the text and choose the best answer.
1.From the text we know that Alice Major advised the architect to consider ___ D things. A. Two B. three C. four D. five

2. If the lifts are at the back of the cinema in cold, unattractive areas, this will make disabled D other customers. people feel they are ___ A. more important than B. as important as C. twice as important as D. less important than

3. What does “ hearing– impaired” mean ? A. 耳聋的 B. 耳鸣的 D C. 耳聪的 D. 耳障的

4. True or false?
1) The buttons in the lift should be easy for people in wheelchairs to reach. T 2) There should be earphones beside some seats in a special area. F 3) There should be toilets for the disabled near the entrance to the cinema. T

4) There should be car parking spaces for the disabled and elderly. T

Task 3: Read the text and Fill in the blanks.
Item access to the Adequate ______ cinema Suggestions handy to ▲ It would be ______ have lifts to all parts of the cinema. ▲ The buttons in the lifts should be easy for a person in __________ wheelchair to reach, and the doors be wide ____ enough to enter. sets of It would help to fit _____ earphones to all seats, not just to some of them


Item Seating

Suggestions The seats at the back be higher than those placed _______ at the front so that everyone can see the screen easily.
There should be toilets for the disabled near the entrance to the cinema _________ There have to be car parking spaces especially for the ________ disabled and elderly drivers _______________.


Car parking

Task 4

Read the text and answer these questions

1. What is the purpose of the first paragraph of the letter?
To tell the reader the purpose of the letter. 2.Why do you think the writer has numbered her suggestions and used italics? The writer has used numbers and a title in italics for each paragraph to organize the ideas and to make it easier for the reader to understand and remember five suggestions.

3. What is the purpose of the last paragraph? To finish the letter in a polite way and to put forward some reasons why the architect should consider the writer’s suggestions.

4. The writer wrote the letter to _____ D

? remind the architect of the disabled
? protect the rights of the disabled

? show the attitude of being treated equally to the able-bodied people ? all of above

Task 5:Find the following phrases in the passage. disabled customers 1 残疾顾客 in particular 2 尤其 3 我想知道是否 I wonder if … 4 比别的观众低人一等 not as important as other customers 5 在听力方面有障碍 have trouble hearing 6 享受由听力正常的朋友坐在一起的陪伴的乐趣 enjoy the company of their hearing friends rather than 7 而不是 8 靠近 be close to meet with 9 遇到 10 赚更多钱 make higher profits

Task 6:Discussion How can we do more to help the disabled in real life?

1) ramps (斜坡) instead of stairs in the cinema 2) subtitle(字幕) screen on the side of the main screen for people who are completely deaf 3) handrails (扶梯) to help people climb up the highest seats

Language points
1. in particular = particularly 特别地
especially 特别;尤其是 (强调程度) specially 特意地; 专门地 (强调目的) 1) It was a good concert ---- I enjoyed the last song_____________. in particular 2) He came earlier __________ specially to find a seat in the front. especially 3) It’s very cold here, ___________in winter.

be particular about / over 对……挑剔的 My niece cares more for new clothes than anything else in the world ,so she is very ____about what she wears . D A special B strict

C especial

D particular

2. adequate adj. 适当的, 充足的, 胜任的 指“符合特定(有时可指最低)的资格、分量、 才能等”着重“符合一个客观要求或标准的”。
①To be healthy one must have an adequate diet. 一个人想要健康, 必须有足够的规定饮食。 ② Children need adequate nutrition to build up their body. 孩子们需要足够的营养长身体。

3. Access to the cinema for people in wheelchairs and those who have difficulty walking. access n. (接近的)方法; 通路;可接近性 access to 进入/到达…的通路/方法; 拥有…的机会 accessible adj. 可接近的; 可进入的; 可使用的 eg: The only access to the farmhouse is cross the fields. 翻译:经理应该让职工感到平易近人。 A manager should be accessible to his staff.

4. This will allow hearing –impaired customers to enjoy the company of their hearing friends rather than having to sit in a special area. enjoy the company 享受由…的陪伴的乐趣 company:在此是集体名词,意为“同伴、陪伴” keep company with sb. 陪伴某人

5. For disabled customers it would be more convenient to place the toilets near the entrance to the cinema.对于残疾人来说,在影院入口处的附 近设置厕所会更方便些。
It is convenient for sb. to do sth. (对某人而言)做……方便 convenient不可用“人”作主语。表达“如果你 方便的话,在你方便的时候”时,要用 if/when/whenever it is convenient to/for you。 If it is convenient to you today,please post the letter for me on your way home.

6. Of course, there also have to be car parking spaces especially for the disabled and elderly and it should be easy …

1)There have to be/ seems to be/ happens to be /used to be… There happened to be nobody in the room. There doesn’t seem to be much hope for our beating that team.
2) There stand/ lie/ come/ remain… There came a knock at the door. There remained just twenty pounds.

7. I hope my suggestions will meet with your approval. 希望你能赞成我的建议。 meet with ①偶然遇到 eg: He meet with an old friend at the meeting. 他在会议上碰到了一位老朋友。 ②符合 满足需要; 符合要求: meet the demand

1. You can come here to ask me___ C if you have any questions. A. at one time B. at a time C. at any time D. all the time B electricity. 2. Nuclear energy can be used to __ A. producing B. produce C. be produce D. Being produced 3. Jenny refused to act as a beggar in the play because was afraid of ___. C A. making fun of B. laughing at C. being made fun of D. being laughed

4. –Ken, why do you look so tired? B --I __ myself __ the climate since I came here. A. hadn’t adapted; to B. haven’t adapted; to C. don’t adapt; from D. didn’t adapt; from 5. Sally worked late in the evening to finish her report __ her boss could read it next morning. A A. so that B. because C. before D. or else 6. He has devoted himself __ mankind. C A. to benefit B. benefiting C. to benefiting D. benefited 7. Tom kept quite about the accident __ lose his job. A. so not as to B. so as to not C C. so as not to D. not so as to

1. He graduated g____________ from high school and went to a key university last year. 2. Our English teacher usually has a dictation (听写)at the beginning of the class. 3. She took a year’s leave of a____________ from her job. absence 4. One of her a__________ is to become a doctor. ambitions 5. I couldn’t have done it without your e_______________. encouragement 6. Sunshine is beneficial b_____________ to plants. 7. Germs are very small, and can only be seen with the aid of a microscope 显微镜) _____________( 8. The agency is not run for ____________ (利润). profit 9. He wanted to win his parents’ _____________ (许可). approval exit/entry 10. The emergency e_____________ is at the back of the building.

11. It will be h___________ to have a cell phone with you. handy 12. She was annoyed a____________ because her boyfriend has not sent short messages to her. 13. Is your salary ___________( adequate 足够的)to support your family? 14. In our school, every student has free a___________ to the access library. 15. We held a party to c____________ him on having passed congratulate the university entrance exams last night. 16. If Paul ____________( 辞职), who will take his office? resigns 17. Much to our delight, two garage workers came to our ______________( 协助,帮助) when we were in trouble assistance starting the truck.

18. Young as he is, he is interested in Chinese ____________ literature (文学)and medical science. conduct 19. Why has your fellow students’ ____________ (行为,品 行)changed towards you? 20. Learning helps us more easily and readily a_____________ to new situations. adapt 21. I’d like to be her close friend and good companion c_____________. dignity (尊严) of a real man lies in what he is, not 22. The _________ in what he has. certificate (证书)was suspended by the 23. The driver’s _________ police. clumsy 24. You __________( 笨拙的) fellow ---that‘s the second glass you’ve broken today. abolished 25. It was Abraham Lincoln who a__________ slavery(奴隶 制度) in the United States.


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