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Unit 2
Ⅱ.重点单词 3.identity n.身份;辨认 Ⅲ.重点短语

English around the world
2.fluent adj.流利的→fluently adv. 5.official adj.官方的;正式的 4.recognize vt.辨认出

1.frequent adj.频繁的→frequently adv.

6.gradual adj.逐渐的→gradually adv. 1.play a role (in) 在??中起作用 4.such as 例如?? Ⅳ.句型转换 1.Those who are present today are sure to be praised. Those present today are sure to be praised. 2.Because the film is based on a true story, it is very moving. Based on a true story,the film is very moving. 3.They had to put off the meeting because it rained heavily. They had to put off the meeting because of the heavy rain. 4.In the late 17th century,many other countries began to speak English. In the late 17th century,English began to be spoken in many other countries. 5.Although native English speakers don’t speak the same kind of English,they can understand each other. Even if/though native English speakers don’t speak the same kind of English,they can understand each other. 6.We were very happy because we had succeeded. We were very happy because of our success. 7.He has visited a lot of countries. He has been to a large number of countries. 8.Native English speakers can understand each other even if they speak different kind of English. Native English speakers can understand each other even if they don’t speak the same kind of English. 9.Actually,the English spoken between about AD 450 and 1150 was based more on German than present English. In fact,the English spoken between about AD 450 and 1150 was based more on German than present English. 10.Today we can use a wider vocabulary than ever before. Today we can make use of a wider vocabulary than ever before. Ⅴ.阅读理解 In order to know a foreign language thoroughly (完全地), four things are necessary. First, we must understand the language when we hear it spoken. Secondly, we must be able to speak it

2.because of 因为

3.come up 走近

5.at present 现在;目前

6.make use of 利用

7.the number of??的数量,数目

8.be based on 以??为基础/依据

ourselves, correctly with confidence (自信) and without hesitation (犹豫). Thirdly, we must be able to write it. We must be able to make sentences that are correct in grammar.There is no short way to succeed in language learning. A good memory (记忆) is a great help, but it is not enough only to memorize the rules from a grammar book. It is no much use learning by heart long lists (一 览表) of words and their meanings, studying the dictionary and so on. We must learn by using the language. If we are pleased with a few rules we have memorized, we are not really learning the language. We must “Learn through use”. Practice is important. We must practise speaking and writing the language whenever (无论何时) we can. 1.The most important things to learn a foreign language are A.understanding and speaking C.writing and understanding 答案 B 解析 学习一门外语最重要的是听、说、读、写四种技能,A、C、D 三项都不够全面。 2.Someone hears and writes English very well, but he speaks it very badly. This is because . A.he doesn’t understand the language when he hears it spoken B.he doesn’t have a good memory C.he always remember lists of words and their meanings D.he often hesitates to practise speaking it 答案 D 3.One can never learn a foreign language well only by A.much practice C.learning through use 答案 B 4.Which of the following is the most important in learning a foreign language? A.A good memory. C.Practice. 答案 C 解析 在学习英语时,最重要的还是“练”(practice),古语说,熟能生巧(Practice makes perfect),故选 C 项。 5.“Learn through use” means A.we use a language in order to learn it 答案 C 解析 “在用中学”,文章强调练习的重要性。A 项颠倒了学与用的关系,B 项虽对,却 不符合题意。 Ⅵ.补全对话 —Can I help you? . B.we learn a foreign language in order to use it D.both B and C B.Speaking. D.Writing. . .

B.hearing, speaking, reading and writing D.memorizing and listening

B.studying the dictionary D.using the language

C.we can learn a language well while we are using it


—Yes,I’m looking for a sweater. — 1 —I’m an extra large. — 2 —Yes,that’s nice. 3 —Certainly,there is a changing room over there. —Thank you. — 4 —It’s too large.Do you have a smaller one? — 5 —Thank you.I’ll have it,please. A.How does it fit? B.How about this one? C.Can I try it on? D.Yes,let me have a look. E.What size are you in? F.How would you like to pay? G.Yes,here you are. 答案 1.E 2.B 3.C 4.A 5.G

Section Two

Language Points

1.Your vocabulary (词汇量) decides your success. 2.Your two plans are wonderful,but I enjoy the latter (后者)more. 3.To speak English fluently (流利地),you’d better make use of every chance to practise. 4.His interest in maths gradually (逐渐地) increases. 5.It sounds right but actually (实际上) it’s wrong. 6.The public want to know the identity of the killer. 7.An official of the local government called to see him. 8.He’s a shy boy who can’t communicate (交流) with other people very well. 9.The Titanic sank on its maiden voyage. 10.There are many differences between British and American spelling. Ⅱ.短语识境 more than,come up,in some ways,be based on,at present,because of,such as,make use of,the number of,a number of 1.The TV play is/was based on a novel by D.H. Lawrence. 2.The little boy didn’t know the number of the sheep because he couldn’t count. 3.Though he is young,he has read a number of books about nature and science.


4.It is partly because of her sick mother that she hasn’t taken the job abroad. 5.I’m sorry he’s out at present. 6.You can make use of your talents to become rich as well. 7.I know many of them,such as John,Peter,and Tom. 8.He rang to say he would be late home—something came up at the office. 9.More than a quarter of the students never finished their courses. 10.As you see,we look the same in some ways. Ⅲ.单项填空 1.Personally,I think modern education is blackboard. A.more than 答案 A 解析 板看。 2.Do you believe scientists will A.come up 答案 B 解析 come up with 意为“提出”。 use can B.what;be made of such books. C.what;be made from D.what;be made up B.come up with a cure for SARS in the near future? C.come about D.bring about more than 意为“不仅仅”。句意为:我认为现代教育不仅仅是坐在桌子旁边盯着黑 B.no more than C.less than D.no less than sitting at a desk and looking at the

3.We should consider A.how;be made of 答案 B

解析 句意为:我们应该考虑如何使用这样的书籍。修饰名词 use 应用疑问代词 what。本 句考查的是 make use of 利用。 4.She understood what I was talking about, A.whether 答案 B 解析 考查连词用法。even though 尽管;即使;whether 主要用来引导名词性从句;since“既 然”引导时间或原因状语从句。 主句意思是“她明白我在说什么”, 从句的意思是“尽管 那是我们第一次谈话”,只有 B 项符合语境。 5.India has a very large number of English speakers.This is 1765 to 1947. A.why 答案 C 解析 句意为: 印度有相当多说英语的居民。 这是因为从 1765 年到 1947 年期间英国统治 印度。此句考查表语从句,because 表原因。 6.Of these two basketball teams,the former comes from the US;the England. A.late B.later C.latter D.lately comes from B.because of C.because D.what Britain ruled India from B.even though it was the first time we had spoken together. C.as though D.since


答案 C 解析 the former...,the latter...前者??,后者??,为固定搭配。late 迟到的,晚的;later 稍后;lately 最近,近来。 7.Many students believe that the choice of their courses and universities should own interest. A.be based on 答案 A 解析 be based on...以??为基础,为固定搭配。 8.We advertised for pupils last autumn,and got A.more than 答案 A 解析 句意为: 去年秋天我们发了招生广告,招收了 60 多名学生。 项不符合题意;as much B as 意为“多达”,表示量,修饰不可数名词;D 项用于否定句中,肯定句中只能用 as...as...。 所以正确答案为 A。此处 more than 与数词连用,意思是“超过,多于”。 9.Many great men have risen from poverty—Lincoln and Edison, A.instead 答案 D 解析 instead 是副词,意为“代替,而是”;such as 用来列举事物,不能用逗号隔开;and so on 意思是“等等”,用在所列举的一系列事物之后;for example 例如,比如,可放在句 首、句中或句末,须用逗号隔开,用于对所说事情作解释时举例用。 10.They had a pleasant chat A.for 答案 D 解析 over 在此意为“一边??,一边??”。句意为:他们一边喝咖啡一边愉快地聊天。 Ⅳ.完成句子 1.Many beautiful birds are disappearing in this area because of the serious pollution (因为污染 严重). 2.It’s more useful to learn modern language such as English and German(例如英语和德语), than Latin. 3.The scientist was asked what he based his theory on(他的理论是以什么为基础的). 4.You have a lot of housework to do,so you have to make good use of every minute (充分利 用好每分钟). 5.The number of people learning computers is gradually increasing(逐渐增多)these years. Ⅴ.完形填空 Maybe it is true that we don’t know what we have got until we lose it. But it’s also true that we don’t know what we have been missing 1 it arrives. Giving someone all your 3 2 ,but if B.with a cup of coffee. C.during D.over B.such as C.and so on D.for example . B.more of 60. C.as much as D.so many as B.base on C.be basing on D.base at their

is never an assurance(确信) that they will love you back. Don’t expect love in it does not, be 4 that it grows in your heart.


It takes an hour to like someone,and a day to love someone, forget someone.Don’t wealth,as it can 7 6


it takes a lifetime to 8 , because 10

one’s appearance,as it can deceive (欺骗). Don’t depend on

disappear slowly.Depend on someone who makes you 9

it is the smile that can make a dark day seem

.There are moments in life when you

someone so much that you just want to pick them from your dreams and hug them.Dream 11 you want to dream;go where you want to go; be what you want to be, because you have one life and one chance to do all the things you want to do. Always put yourself in other’s 14 13 to make you sweet, enough tests to make you strong,enough hope to make you happy. .If you feel that it hurts you, probably hurts others, it 16 12

you have enough happiness

15 . The happiest people don’t necessarily have the best of everything;they just make of everything that comes along their way.Happiness 17

for those who cry,those who have

been hurt,and those who have tried. Because they can truly appreciate the importance of people who have 18 their lives. 19 a forgotten past.You can’t go on well in 20

The brightest future will always be

until you let your past failures and heartaches go off. 1.A.when 答案 D 2.A.love 答案 A 3.A.common 答案 B 4.A.doubtful 答案 C 5.A.but 解析 解析 解析 解析 B.after 构成短语 not...until。 B.money C.pleasure D.secrets 根据句子“ ...that they will love you back ” 可知。 B.return C.order D.anger C.since D.until

in return“作为回报”。句意为:不要希望爱有回报,??。 B.polite C.pleased D.uncertain 句意为:??,但是如果真的没有回报,要满意自己心中有爱。 B.and C.so D.although

答案 A 解析 前面说的与爱有关,这里说的与恨有关,所以用 but 表示转折。 6.A.leave out 答案 B 7.A.yet 答案 C 解析 8.A.cry 答案 C 9.A.bright 答案 A 10.A.hate 答案 B 11.A.why 答案 D 12.A.rather 解析 解析 解析 解析 解析 B.depend on C.break down D.hold up 根据后面的并列句“Don’t depend on” 可知答案。 B.still C.even D.ever

even“甚至”。甚至财富也会慢慢消失。 B.part C.smile D.move 让昏暗的日子明亮,应该是“微笑”才能做到的。 B.cloudy dark 与 bright 对应。 B.miss C.beat D.respect 从梦中找到并与之拥抱,说明“想念”。 B.how C.that D.what what 引导宾语从句,在句子中充当 dream 的宾语。 B.not C.only D.just C.warm D.mild


答案 C 13.A.May


强调生命的重要,机会的难得。即:只有一次生命,一次机会。 B.Wish C.Must D.Dare

答案 A 析 May 在此表示愿望或希望;wish 表示愿望时后面从句中通常用虚拟语气。 14.A.suits 答案 B 解析 15.A.though B.shoes C.beds D.rooms in other’s shoes 意为“处于某人的地位或处境”,为固定短语。 B.also C.too D.either

答案 C 解析 句意为:如果你感到它对你有伤害,那它对别人也会有伤害。 16.A.sense 答案 D 解析 17.A.leaves 答案 D 解析 18.A.touched 答案 A 解析 19.A.interested in 答案 B 解析 B.record C.limit D.use 虽然没有最好的,但是能“利用”遇到的一切。 B.stands C.hunts D.waits

wait for“等待”。进一步解释哪些人会更幸福。 B.balanced C.twisted D.wasted touch 意为“影响,与??有关”。那些影响他们生活的人。 B.based on C.regarded as D.covered with until you let your 根据后面的句子 “You can’t go on well in

past failures and heartaches go off.”可知“光明的未来总是建立在忘记过去的基础上的”。 20.A.store 答案 C 解析 B.public C.life D.advance 直到让过去的失败与悲痛过去,“生活”才能变得美好。

Section Three


1.“Don’t forget to give the message to my wife,” he said to Li Ping. He told Li Ping not to forget to give the message to his wife. 2.“Mum, please help me find my shirt,” he said. He asked his mother to help him find his shirt. 3. “Use your knife to cut the boots open,” the officer said to the guard. The officer ordered the guard to use his knife to cut the boots open. 4.“Don’t spend too much time on football!” Mother said to me. Mother told me not to spend too much time on football. 5.“Will you sleep and get up early, children?” Father said. Father asked the children to sleep and get up early. Ⅱ.单项填空 1.“Don’t worry about me,” she A.said to 答案 A →He 解析 B.referred to her sister. C.thanked to D.spoke

D 应为 spoke to; B 意为“参考,涉及”,与语境不符。

2.He said to the soldiers,“Put down your guns at once.” the soldiers down B.told;to put;their guns at once. C.ordered;put;your D.told;put;your

A.ordered;to put;their

答案 A 解析 可以体会出“Put down your guns at once”是在下命令,故选择 A。


3.She told me A.don’t make 答案 B 解析 4.Martin A.made

a noise in the hall. B.not to make C.make not to D.to make not tell sb. not to do sth.,注意 not 的位臵是在 to 之前。 his dog to lie down under the big tree. B.had C.promised → D.ordered

答案 D 解析 若选择 A、 应把 to 去掉;若选择 C, lie down 的逻辑主语应该是 Martin。 B to 5.He said to his son “Put on more clothes.”

A.He told his son to put on more clothes. B.He asked his son put on more clothes. C.He said to his son that he would put on more clothes. D.He told his son that he should put on more clothes. 答案 A 解析 祈使句变成间接引语通常用不定式结构,“Put on more clothes.”表示 “叫,吩咐”,不是请求,故选择 A。 6.He asked for the computer. B.I paid how much D.how much I paid .

A.did I pay how much C.how much did I pay

答案 D 解析 宾语从句要用陈述句语序。 7.“Have you seen the film?” he asked me. →He asked me A.had I seen the film C.if I have seen the film 答案 D 解析 B.have I seen the film D.whether I had seen the film me the window. D.said to; please close

一般疑问句要变成 whether 或 if 引导的宾语从句。

8.“Please close the window,” he said to me. →He A.said to;to close B.told to; closing C.asked;to close

答案 C 析直接引语为祈使句,变间接引语时,主句中的谓语动词往往根据直接引语的口 气换用 ask (请求), tell (告诉), order (命令), invite (邀请), warn (警告), advise (建议)等, 而直接 引语中的谓语动词要变成动词不等式。即 ask/tell/order/invite/warn/advise sb. (not) to do sth.。 9.“I am a teacher,” Jack said. →Jack said A.that I am a teacher B.I was a teacher 答案 D 解析 . C.that he is a teacher D.he was a teacher →He very naughty.

直接引语为陈述句,变间接引语时用 that 引导(口语中常省略)。

10.He said,“Mother, the boy is very naughty. A.said his mother that the boy was C.told his mother that the boy was 答案 C 解析

B.said to his mother that the boy is D.spoke to his mother that the boy was .

间接引语中时态与主句一致,故用过去时;said 后应加 to。

11.“You’ve already got well, haven’t you?” she asked. →She asked me A.if I have already got well, hadn’t you C.have I already got well 答案 B 解析 B.whether I had already got well D.had I already got well →He asked me

变间接引语时,反意疑问句要变成 whether 或 if 引导的宾语从句。 .

12.He asked,“Are you a Party member or a League member?” A.am I a Party member or a League member

B.was I a Party member or a League member


C.if I was a Party member or a League member D.whether was I a Party member or a League member 答案 C 解析 选择疑问句要变成 whether 或 if 引导的宾语从句。 13.He asked,“How are you getting along?” →He asked me A.how am I getting along C.how I was getting along 答案 C 解析 问句语序变为陈述句语序。 14.He asked me with me. D.what was the matter .

B.how are you getting along D.how was I getting along

直接引语为特殊疑问句, 变间接引语时, 用特殊疑问词引导, 并将疑

A.what the matter is B.what the matter was C.what’s the matter 15.He said, “Don’t do that again.” →He A.said to; not to do 答案 D 解析 B.said to; don’t do

答案 D 解析 注意时态的一致。what 作主语,the matter(=wrong)作表语。 me C.told; don’t do that again. D.told; not to do

直接引语为祈使句, 变间接引语时, 主句中的谓语动词往往根据直接引

语的口气换用。转述祈使句时,要将祈使句的动词原形变为带 to 的不定式,并在不定式的 前面根据句子的意思加上 tell, ask, order 等动词,如果祈使句为否定式,在不定式的前面加 not。 Ⅲ.短文改错 It is five years now since I graduate from No.3 High School.Last Saturday, the class that I was on held a gettogether, which took us a long time prepare.It was indeed not easy to get in the touch with everybody and set a well time for all of us.We all enjoyed this precious day greatly, remember the time we spent together and the people they were familiar with.It was a pity which some of us were not present as they had gone abroad for further studies, but they called back or sent greeting card from different places. Ⅳ.书面表达 假设你是从四川地震灾区来的一名高中学生,现借读于北京的光明中学,请以“Voice from a student in disaster area”为题写一篇文章。词数 100 左右。 【参考范文】 Voice from a student in disaster area I am a student from Sichuan earthquakestricken area,and studying in Beijing Guangming Middle School now.I was sent to Beijing to study because my school has been destroyed in the earthquake.Although I’m far away from my hometown now,I am loved and cared for by the teachers and students here,and I really have a good time. I am lucky enough to be helped out of the ruins by the soldiers.We lost our homes in the 1. graduate→graduated 2.on→in 3.time 后加 to 4.去掉 the 5.well→good 6.remember→remembering 7.they→we 8.which→that 9.√



disaster,but we gained help and love from others.We have been receiving aid and support from different parts of our country since the earthquake broke out.We really feel loved and cared for after the earthquake.It’s true that when difficulties arise in one place, aid comes from everywhere. I can’t find proper words to express my thanks at this time.I have decided to study hard so that I can reward the people who have helped me.

Section Four

Using Language

1.The United Nations is an international organization that tries to solve problems between countries. 2.The vocabulary used in the course book is printed at the back. 3.Actually,few of us admit that examinations can contribute anything really important to the students’ academic development. 4.How many people were present at the meeting? 5.The government (政府)is/are planning new tax increases. 6.He speaks with a strong southern accent (口音). 7.Your work is not up to the standard (标准). 8.The eastern (东部) coastline of China is very long. Ⅱ.用适当的介、副词填空 1.He plays an important part in the TV series. 2.A lot of new inventions have come up in the past few years. 3.I am afraid I can’t help you at present.I am too busy. 4.Every minute should be made use of to learn English well. 5.Sometimes,we have to communicate with each other by body language. 6.Such animals as tigers sometimes are very dangerous to people. 7.Since there is no free room,I would share mine with you. 8.The police are advising them to drive slowly because of the fog. Ⅲ.单项填空 1.Jerry didn’t selfintroduction. A.know 答案 C 解析 B.find recognize 意为“认出”。 ,we last met more than thirty years ago. C.In other words D.Believe it or not C.recognize D.meet his primary school classmate—Mary,until he listened to her

2.It is so nice to hear from her. A.What’s more 意为“换句话说”。 3.He knew his girl friend was crying A.because B.because of

B.That is to say

答案 D 解析 D 项意为“信不信由你”;A 项意为“而且”;B 项意为“也就是说”;C 项

what he had said. C.with D.since


答案 B 解析

what he had said 是 what 引导的名词性从句,相当于名词短语充当宾语,

所以用 because of。 4.Mike is always gentle and A.pleased polite“有礼貌的”。 5. A.On 答案 C 解析 which direction should we go,west or east? B.To C.In D.With 本题考查名词 direction 与介词的搭配。 表示“朝??方向”, 应用介词 in。 he was going to have an important exam the next day. D.even so B.amazing .He is a man of culture. C.happy D.polite

答案 D 解析 根据后面的“He is a man of culture.”可知他是个文明礼貌的人。所以用

6.He wouldn’t leave the TV set, A.even if 答案 B.as if C.as though A 解析


肯离开电视机。 even if“即使”;as if=as though“好像”;even so“即使这样”, 是副词短语, 不能引导句子。 7.The army officer A.requested 答案 B 解析 his men to fire as soon as the enemies came up. B.commanded C.begged D.suggested 考查动词辨析。句意为:那位军官命令士兵们等敌人一走近就开火射击。

command 意 思 是 “ 命 令 , 指 挥 ”; 而 request 表 “ 请 求 , 要 求 ”;beg“ 请 求 , 乞 求 , 恳 求”;suggest“建议,暗示”。相比之下,只有 command 命令意义较强,故选 B。 8.One should speak clearly and it is the same A.to 答案 B 解析 B.with C.as writing. D.that

句意为:人讲话要清楚,写文章也是如此。it is the same with sth.表示前面

情况也适合于另一人或另一事。the same...as 意为“与??一样”。the same 也可与 that 连 用,但 that 后面应接从句。 9.It has something to do with the part electricity A.plays 答案 A 解析 故 A 项正确。 Ⅳ.阅读理解 A You may know the English letters A, and C, do you know there are people called ABCs? B but You may like eating bananas,but do you know there is such a thing as “a banana person”? How strange! Are these people from another earth?No.They are just Chinese people like you and me. ABC means Americaborn Chinese.An ABC is a Chinese,but was born in the US. Sometimes,people call an ABC “a banana person”.A banana is yellow outside and white inside.So,when a person is a banana,he or she is white inside—thinking like a westerner and B.gives C.takes in our life. D.makes

play a part in 为固定搭配, 意为“扮演一个角色, 参与;在??中起作用”,

本题中 part 充当 do with 的宾语,同时为其后定语从句的先行词,定语从句关系代词省略,


yellow outside—looking like a Chinese. Do you know why?Usually,ABCs know little about China or the Chinese language.Some of them can not speak Chinese.Also,they are not interested in Chinese politics. But if ABCs can’t speak Chinese,can we still call them Chinese people?Yes,of course.They are Chinese.They are overseas Chinese.These people may be citizens of another country like the US,Canada or Singapore, but they have Chinese blood.Their parents, grandparents or even greatgrandparents were from China.They all have black eyes and black hair. But they are not Chinese citizens.They are not people of the People’s Republic of China.For example,we all know the famous scientist C.N.Yang (杨振宁).He got the Nobel Prize for physics in 1957.Chinese people love him.But he is an American citizen. 1.“ABC” in the passage stands for A.3 English letters C.Chinese born in America 答案 C 解析 B.a kind of banana D.Americans born in China .

从第二段第二句可知 ABC 指代在美国出生的中国人。

2.Sometimes ABCs in western countries are called “banana persons” because A.their bodies are white inside but yellow outside B.they think like westerners but look like Chinese C.they were born in China but go to study in America D.they like to eat bananas 答案 B 解析 从第二段最后一句可知称 ABCs 为 banana persons 的原因。 . B.overseas Chinese

3.This passage mainly talks about A.different kinds of bananas C.the Nobel Prize 答案 B 解析

D.the life story of C. N.Yang

概括全文可知文章主要讲述 ABCs, 即在外国出生的中国人的情况,故 B 项 B

What do you think of British people and American people? You might think that there are no differences between the people in the two countries.After all they speak the same language, don’t they? But if you ask a British or an American person,the differences are quite great. What do British people think Americans are like? The British think Americans are very strange.They make a lot of noise and they laugh too loudly.They are rich,and they only think about money.But the British do say that Americans are kind,friendly people.They are happy to help you if you are in trouble. What do Americans think of the British? Well,they think the British are cold and very unfriendly.They are not interested in success or in making lots of money.They think Britain is the best country in the world.They look down upon other countries.But Americans say that the British are quite good workers.They are brave and honest.And in time of trouble they face difficulties happily. You can see that these ideas can cause misunderstanding between the British and


Americans.But when American and British people become friends, they usually find things are not as bad as they expected. 4.What do you think of the differences between British people and American people? A.Their differences are very small. C.There are no differences between them. D.Some people think there are,but some people don’t think so. 答案 B 解析 根据第一段最后一句可知差异是相当大的。 B.The differences are very great.

5.What do the British think Americans are like? A.They are strange but friendly. C.They are rich but unfriendly. 答案 A 解析 B.They are poor. D.They are happy in trouble.

第二段提出英国人认为美国人是奇怪而友好的。 .

6.The American and British people usually get along quite well A.when misunderstanding is caused between them C.after they fight 答案 B 解析 依据是全文最后一句话。

B.once they become friends D.when they help each other

第一部分 英语知识运用(共三节,满分 50 分)
in the movement. B.take parts C.play leading part D.take a part . play a part in 在??中起作用;take part in 参加。 第二节 语法和词汇知识(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) 6.Mr. Huang will A.play a leading part 答案 A 解析

7.We discussed where to go for a whole morning,but we decided to stay at home A.at the end 答案 C 解析 末为止。 8. of the students who took part in the military training is 450. A.A number 答案 D 解析 9.Sometimes A.speaking;writing 答案 B 解析 B.A lot C.Lots D.The number the number of??的数目;a number of、a lot of、lots of 许多。 English is quite different from B.spoken;written English in many ways. B.by the end C.in the end D.on end

in the end 最终,终于;at the end of 在??的尽头;by the end of 到??

C.speaking;written D.spoken;writing

spoken、written 过去分词作 English 的定语。 your car. C.about D.by

10.Can you tell me if you have found the key A.for 答案 B 解析 B.to the key to??的钥匙。

11.When we visited Zhangzhuang again ten years later,we found it changed so much that we could hardly A.remember 答案 D 解析 it. B.think about recognize 辨认出。



12.The policeman warned the driver 答案 A 解析

so carelessly. D.doesn’t drive

A.never to drive B.to never drive C.to not drive

warn sb.( not/never) to do sth.警告某人做(不做)某事。 . D.stand still

13.The officer ordered his soldiers A.to stand still 答案 A 解析

B.to not stand still C.not stand still

order sb.(not ) to do sth.命令某人(不)做某事。 for over ten hours a day. C.to working D.worked

14.They lived a hard life and were often made A.work 答案 B 解析 B.to work

make sb.do sth.,但其被动形式为 be made to do sth.。 ? D.in listening

15.Do you have any difficulty A.on listening 答案 D 解析

B.to listening C.for listening

have difficulty in doing sth.做??有困难。 ,she still didn’t get high grades. D.However

16.Xiao Hong worked harder last year. A.As a result 答案 D 解析 绩仍然不高。 17.Please tell me the way you thought of 答案 B 解析 B.After all C.By the way

however 但是,表示前后意义的转折:萧红虽然学习比去年更刻苦,但成

the garden. D.to take care

A.take care of B.to take care of C.taking care of 修饰的也是 the way。 18.America is an country.You can hear

you thought of 作 the way 的定语从句,to take care of...不定式短语作定语,


A.Englishspoken;English speaking C.speakingEnglish;English spoken 答案 B 解析 英语”。

B.Englishspeaking;English spoken D.spokenEnglish;English speaking

“Englishspeaking country”意为“说英语的国家”,spoken English 意为

“英语口语”, You can hear English spoken everywhere 则为“到处你都可以听到人们在说 而

19.When Bob woke up he found himself in hospital,but he didn’t know how that A.came about B.came out C.came along 答案 A 解析 D.came across


根据句意,Bob 不知道“发生”了什么,故用词组 come about;come out

有“开花, 出来, 出版”之意; come along 意为“过来”; come across 意为“偶然碰到”。 而 20.I came here with your mother A.specially 答案 A 解析 B.special to see you. C.especially D.especial

specially 意为“专门地,特意地”。

第三节 完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) In 1990 a report was published about what the earth might be like 20 years from then on.The report was a result of a threeyear 21 . 22 one.The According to the report,the picture of the earth in the year 2010 is not a world will be more 23

because the population will continue to grow.The population could




6,300 million,almost 2,115 million more than in 1985.More people would move into 25 countries.Cities like Cairo and Jakarta probably would 26

cities,especially cities in have 15 million by then. Food production will

27 ,but not enough to feed all the people.Farmers will grow 90% most of the increase would be in countries that 30 29

more food than they did in 1985, 28

produce enough food for their people.Little increase is Middle East.Poor farming ways are deserts.More farmland is 32 31

in South Asia,Africa and the

large areas of crop land,changing farms into will could

as cities become larger and more houses are built. 33 34

get worse as industrial countries burn more coal and oil.Many of the world’s

disappear as more and more trees are cut down.Energy will continue to be a serious problem.The experts say their picture of the earth for the year 2010 that 36 today.By changing the situation,by 38 40 35 37 .They only carried out the situation the problems,the picture can be 39 a plan of action.But

changed.There is they warned that 21.A.learning 答案 D 解析 所作的研究。 22.A.pleased 答案 B 解析

time for the nations of the world to work

too long to make decisions would greatly reduce the chances of success. B.project C.notice D.study

study 意为“研究”,根据下文,这是指对未来 20 年地球上的情况变化




与后面的人口增长、环境污染等联系起来看,在 2010 年地球上的状况

(picture)将会令人不愉快(pleasant)。 23.A.dangerous 答案 C 解析 24.A.no more than 答案 D 解析 + 数词”。 25.A.developing 答案 A 解析 B.developed C.big D.mountainous 从现状来看,人口增长快的国家多为发展中国家;因而城市人口急剧增长 B.beautiful C.crowded D.terrible 因为人口继续增长,所以世界会越来越拥挤(crowded)。 B.as many as C.as much as D.as large as 指人口数目的多用 large,少用 small。指人口达到某一数目用“as large as

的一定是一些发展中国家(developing countries)。 26.A.none 答案 B 解析 B.each C.all D.neither 前面提到了两个城市,故此空只能填 each;neither 具有否定意义,不符合

句意,也不能插入谓语之中。 27.A.insist 答案 C 解析 28.A.so 答案 B 解析 B.reduce C.increase D.continue 邻近几句是讲粮食增长的问题,故选 increase“增长”。 B.but C.or D.however 前后两句具有转折意义:农民所生产的粮食将比 1985 多百分之 90,但多

数增产粮食的国家是在已经有足够粮食供人们生活的国家。 29.A.already 答案 A 解析 B.hardly C.partly D.never already 意为“已经”,由下句可知,是指已经有足够粮食供人们生活的


国家。 30.A.wanted 答案 D 解析 31.A.destroying 答案 A 解析 B.lacked C.found D.expected expect 意为“预计”。句意为:在亚洲南部的国家预计增产幅度不大。 B.protecting C.disturbing D.interrupting 由“changing farms into deserts”可知,不当的农业生产方式正在毁坏

(destroy)大片生产粮食的土地。 32.A.saved 答案 B 解析 答案 A B.lost C.discovered D.used 由于扩建城市,修建房屋,必然侵占大量农田,故选 lost(失去)。 D.All farmland

33.A.Air pollution B.Water pollution C.Some diseases (air pollution)。 34.A.animals 答案 C 解析 35.A.must be true 答案 D 解析 36.A.happens 答案 C 解析 B.plants B.will come true C.forests C.can’t be true

解析 由 burn more coal and oil 必然排放更多烟雾,可推知:此处指空气污染

D.people D.may be wrong

由 more and more trees are cut down 可推知: 此处指森林(forests)可能消失。 此句意为:专家说地球到 2010 年的状况可能会不好。 B.develops C.exists D.appears exist 意为“存在”。由上下文可知:环境正遭受污染和破坏,专家们只

是想保存今天的状况。 37.A.settling 答案 A 解析 38.A.no 答案 B 解析 动计划。 39.A.about 答案 C 解析 40.A.working B.in C.out D.for work out a plan 意为“制定计划”。 B.suggesting C.spending D.waiting B.working out C.answering D.dealing settle the problems 意为“解决问题”。 B.still C.less D.plenty of still 意为“还有”,加强语气。句意为:现在还有时间给世界各国制定行

答案 D 析句意为:专家们警告说等待太长的时间作出决定将会极大地减少成功的机会。


阅读理解(共 25 小题。第一节每小题 2 分,第二节每小题 1 分;满分 45 分)

Women’s fashions change more rapidly than men’s.In the early 1990’s,all women wore their skirts to the ankle.Today,some skirts are even longer than before,but some are very short.Women’s shoes have also gone through all sorts of boots for women,which were very common at the beginning of this century.Then for years , they were not considered fashionable.Today,they’re back again in all colours,lengths and materials.In fact,today’s women can wear all types of clothes on almost any occasion.While all of these changes were taking place in women’s fashions,men’s clothing remained almost the same until a few years ago.And,in fact,most men are still dressed in the kinds of clothes they used to wear. 41.What kind of skirts do women like to wear today?


A.Long skirts. C.Both long skirts and short skirts. 答案 C 解析 but some are very short.”可确定答案为 C。 42.Now boots are considered A.fashionable 答案 A 解析 B.unfashionable now.

B.Short skirts. D.Neither long skirts nor short skirts. 细节理解题。根据第三句“Today,some skirts are even longer than before,


D.fit for girls most

细节理解题。根据对“Women’s shoes have also gone through all sorts of

boots for women,which were very common at the beginning of this century.Then for years,they were not considered fashionable.Today, they’re back again in all colours , lengths and materials.”的理解,可确定答案为 A。 43.Men’s fashions . B.have changed as well D.change as women’s fashions do

A.are changing fast these years C.keep unchanged 答案 B 解析

细节理解题。根据对“...men’s clothing remained almost the same until a few

years ago.”的理解——男人的服饰在最近几年才开始变化,可确定答案为 B。 44.The passage tries to tell us .

A.boots for women have been thought fashionable since 1900 B.women’s shoes are back again in all colours,lengths etc. C.today men are dressed in the kinds of clothes they used to wear D.fashions for clothes,shoes and so on always change 答案 D 解析 主旨大意题。根据对全文的整体理解和判断,可确定答案为 D。 B Some people are never right.They never have good luck.They usually do the wrong thing and say the wrong words.And even though what they say and do is OK,they say it or do it at the wrong time.So these people always have problems.They often break glasses.They sometimes miss buses or trains. Mr. Neff is different.He is always right.He is never wrong.He usually has good luck.He hardly has problems.He never misses buses and trains.Even though he really misses them,it is always the fault of the buses and the trains. Mr. Neff knows almost everything.He doesn’t ask questions.He answers questions.He never says “I don’t know”. I don’t know Mrs. Neff.It seems that not many people know her.I sometimes was to know something about her.Is she always right? Or maybe she is always wrong? Does she often break glasses or miss buses and trains? Does she have problems? I really want to know! 45.What kind of man is Mr. Neff? A.He’s cleverer than other people. B.He does everything better than his friends. C.He’s the luckiest man in the world. D.He is pleased with himself.


答案 D 解析 自满的人。

推理判断题。从文章的第二、三两段,我们可以看出 Mr.Neff 是一个十分

46.The writer really thinks that A.Mr. Neff is always right 答案 B 解析 C.Mr. Neff almost knows everything

. B.Mr. Neff usually has good luck D.it’s the fault of buses and trains when he misses them

细节理解题。从第二段的“He usually has good luck.”可知答案为 B。

47.Which of the following do you think is right? A.The writer finds Mr. Neff hard to understand. B.The writer doesn’t know where the Neffs live. C.No one knows who Mrs. Neff is. 答案 D 解析 D.The writer doesn’t like Mr. Neff. 推理判断题。考查作者对 Mr. Neff 的态度,从“He never misses buses and

trains.Even though he really misses them,it is always the fault of the buses and the trains.”我们 可以推断作者对 Mr.Neff 非常反感,使用的是一种讥讽的语言。 48.This passage tries to tell us A.we must try to follow Mr. Neff . B.we can not always be lucky

C.we don’t have to worry when we miss buses or trains D.we’d better ask Mr. Neff for help when we’re in trouble 答案 B 解析 主旨大意题。 通过对全文的整体理解, 和作者对 Mrs.Neff 情况的种种猜想, 我们可以推断出本文主旨——我们不可能总是幸运的。 C A Russian,a Cuban,an American businessman and an American lawyer were on a train traveling across England.The Russian took out a large bottle of vodka,gave each of the men a drink and then threw the rest half bottle of vodka out of the window. “Why did you do that?” asked the American businessman. “There’s too much vodka in my country, said the Russian, ” “And really we have more than we will ever use.” A little later,the Cuban passed around fine Havana Cigars.Then he threw his out of the window. “I thought Cuba is not a rich country,” the businessman said.“But you threw that very good cigars out of the window!” “Cigars,” the Cuban answered,“are the cheapest in my country.We have more of them than we know what to do with.” The American businessman sat quietly for a moment.Then he got up,caught the lawyer by the arm and threw him out of the window. 49.Vodka is a kind of A.treasure 答案 B 解析 . B.alcohol(酒) C.food D.medicine

生活常识题。伏特加是俄罗斯的一种烈性酒。 .

50.The Russian and the Cuban both wanted to


A.tell the businessman what their countries are rich in C.ask the two Americans to visit their countries 答案 A 解析

B.prove(证明) that they were rich

D.make the businessman happy


51.What did the businessman want to say by throwing the lawyer out of the window? A.I want to buy some vodka. B.We have too many lawyers in my country. C.I’ll go to Cuba and do some business of cigars. D.If you need lawyers,come to America. 答案 B 解析 推理判断题。根据对文章的整体理解,可以确定答案为 B。

52.Which do you think is the best title for the passage? A.Traveling across England C.You’re Wasting Too Much 答案 D 解析 B.Four Rich Men D.There’s Too Much

标题归纳题。 根据对文章的整体理解, 可以确定文章的标题是——太多了。 D

On Children’s Day 2008,Hong Kong held an interesting activity.In this activity children and their parents played the rich and the poor.In the dinner, rich could have delicious food, the but the poor could only have bread with porridge. Parents all hoped to have the dinner for the poor with their children.They hoped that their children could be taught a lesson from the dinner. Now many people on earth don’t have enough food or clothing.Every day only half of the world could enjoy enough food. The activity was held to make the families understand the differences between the poor and the rich and also make parents know that too much material life won’t always do good to the children. 53.Which of the following sentences is true? A.Half the poor and half the rich joined in the activity. B.Children played the rich and parents played the poor. C.Parents played the rich and children played the poor. D.Some of the children and their parents played the poor. 答案 D 解析 根据“In this activity children and their parents played the rich and the poor.”可确定答案为 D。 54.In the dinner,parents hoped to . B.give the poor delicious food D.give their children delicious food

A.have bread and porridge with their children 答案 A 解析

C.give delicious food to both the rich and the poor

根 据 第 一 段 最 后 一 句 中 的 “...the poor could only have bread with

porridge.”和第二段第一句“Parents all hoped to have the dinner for the poor with their children.”可确定答案。 55.From the activity,parents knew A.the poor wanted to be rich .

B.the rich wanted to have the life of the poor D.the rich could have better care from the school

C.the poor were different from the rich


答案 C 解析

根据最后第一句“The activity was held to make the families understand the

differences between the poor and the rich...”可确定答案为 C。 56.From the news report we’re clear that A.children often change their minds . B children of the poor work harder at school

. C.children of the rich don’t like the activity D.children shouldn’t be given too much material life 答案 D 解析 根据最后一段第一句“The activity was held to... make parents know that too

much material life won’t always do good to the children.”可确定答案为 D。 E Geena David knew she wanted to be a movie star when she was very young.She was not sure what gave her the idea, she wanted to look like a movie star.“I have a lot of pictures from my but childhood of me wearing sunglasses,”she says.“I used to wear them to watch TV.” Early movie actors started wearing sunglasses not because they looked good,but because their eyes were hurt.The lights used on movie sets were extremely bright and could cause a painful problem known as “Klieg eyes”.It was named after the Klieg brothers who invented the lights.Actors wore sunglasses to give their eyes a rest.But when movie stars began wearing their sunglasses in public,they quickly became a must. Eventually actors started wearing sunglasses in their movies as well as on the street.Audrey Hephburn wore ultracool RayBan sunglasses in the 1961 movie,Breakfast at Tiffany’s.As a result,RayBan sunglasses started to appear more and more in the movies.In 1979,RayBan “Wayfarers” were worn by Jake and Elwood in The Blue Brothers.Tom Cruise wore RayBan “Aviator” sunglasses in the 1986 hit, Gun.Then in 1997, Top Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones made Ray- “Predator” sunglasses famous in Men in Black. Ban Of course sunglasses aren’t just a fashion statement.The main reason to wear sunglasses is to protect our eyes against UV radiation.UV radiation can damage our eyes, people now choose so their sunglasses carefully.But you don’t have to give up style for safety.The choice of frames and lenses available these days is huge.So you can protect your eyes and still be the coolest person on the beach. 57.What is mainly discussed in this passage? A.The use of sunglasses. C.The sunglasses wearing. 答案 C 解析 B.The history of sunglasses. D.Why movie stars like to wear sunglasses.

通读全文可知,文章的中心是 sunglasses。该题很容易错选 D 项。明星喜

欢戴太阳镜的原因在第二段中提及,只是文章的一个部分而已。 58.Why did Geena David like to wear sunglasses? A.She was a movie star. B.She wanted to follow a movie star.

C.Wearing sunglasses was good for her eyes. D.It was good to wear sunglasses when watching TV. 答案 B 解析 由文章第一段可知 Geena David 想当演员,而很多演员都戴太阳镜,所以


David 也模仿他们戴上了太阳镜,目的就是“look like a star”。 59.We may know from this passage that A.Audrey Hephburn was a famous film star C.sunglasses made Top Gun the hit in 1986 D.Men in Black must be an advertisement of sunglasses 答案 A 解析 由文章第三段可知 Audrey Hephburn 在 1961 年拍摄的一部电影中戴着 RayBan 牌太阳镜,之后这种太阳镜风靡整个电影界,据此可推知这是一种名人效应,故 Audrey Hephburn 应是一位很有名气的演员。 60.Now people wear sunglasses A.just to protect their eyes C.because of bright lights 答案 B 解析 . B.for fashion and to protect their eyes D.because movie stars wear them . B.Ray- is the name of sunglasses maker Ban

由文章最后一句“So you can protect your eyes and still be the coolest person

on the beach.”可得知现在人们带太阳镜有两重作用,既保护眼睛又比较时尚。 第二节从对话后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项。选项中有两项为多余选项。 —What do you plan to order,please? — 61 —Anything else? —And a cup of tea. —Is that all? —Yes.My doctor told me that I should lose some weight. —How do you feel? —I feel fine. 63 — 64 Furthermore,some of my old clothes would fit me if I lost about 40 pounds. —How long will that take you? So,maybe six months.Then I can get down to my proper weight. —Do you plan to eat nothing but salads for six months? —No,I’ll be able to eat fruit and certain meat. sugar. A.I’d like some fruit and chicken,please. B.I’m too heavy. C.But most important,I should never eat anything between meals. D.I’ve got a badlydiseased heart. E.I just have a vegetable salad. F.Well,I have just started. G.In fact,I have never felt better. 答案 61.E 62.B 63.G 64.F 65.C 65 And I should not eat anything containing 62 That is not healthy.

第三部分 写作(共三节,满分 55 分) 第一节 单词拼写(共 10 小题;每小题 1 分


66.Many students attended the lecture,including (包括) our monitor. 67.Though he is a native (本地的) English speaker,he can not speak English very fluently. 68.Nowadays,many tall buildings have elevators (电梯) for people to go up and down. 69.He thought I had known the fact.But actually (实际上),I knew nothing about it. 70.After the war,a new government (政府) was set up for that country. 71.Though I haven’t met him for many years,I could recognize (认出) him immediately when I saw him in the crowd. 72.The people present (在场的) at the meeting were all for the suggestion. 73.If you spend more time reading your English,you can improve it rapidly (快速地). 74.Luckily,after the earthquake,the people have got a lot of international (国际的) help. 75.The ball went in the direction (方向) of the man sitting in a boat on the river. 第二节 短文改错(共 10 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 15 分) 76.limit→limited 77.this→which 78.return→turn 或去掉 back 79.when→that 80.spend 后加 their 81.waste→wasting 82.去掉 a 83.value→valuing 84.√ 85.on→to

Time is valuable but limit. There’s a famous saying, “Time is money”,this shows the importance of time. When time has gone, it will never return back. It is a pity when many people make poor use of time. They spend precious time sleeping, drinking and traveling.

They don’t realize wasting time is equal to waste part of their life. They always regret having made a little achievement so far. Therefore, we should form the habit of value time. Do not put off what can be done today until tomorrow. Laziness will not only bring us failure, but also lead us on the road of poverty and even death. 第三节 书面表达(满分 30 分)

调查显示,近几年我国中学生的健康状况不容乐观,近视眼、肥胖和体质弱等情况比较 普遍。请分析造成此状况的原因及其危害,并提出改进措施。 【参考范文】 Research shows that middle school students’ health condition is declining obviously in recent years.Most students are nearsighted,some are weak or overweight and many can’t reach the physical standard.It is absolutely true. What causes such problems? First,many students spend too much time before computers or TV sets.Second,students have to prepare themselves for examinations in the severe competing society.As a consequence,they spend most of their time on their subjects.Third,many of them don’t form the habit of taking physical exercises regularly. It’s necessary and crucial to find ways to improve students’ health condition.One available way is to do physical exercises at least an hour every day.In addition,a healthy diet is also contributive to it.At last,the schools should take measures to reduce the heavy schoolwork burdens of the students.




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