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【四川专用】2014届高考英语一轮复习课时作业(四十一) [选修7 Module 5 Ethnic Culture]


[选修 7

Module 5

Ethnic Culture]

(限时:35 分钟) Ⅰ.单项填空

1.Near the table ________ a little dog, A.lay B.laid C.lying A.use C.time D.lie B.help D.way

watching her eagerly.

2.It is no ________ arguing with Bill because he will never change his mind.

3.—Do you know the reason ________ pilots turn off the plane's lights before taking off? —The practice is for the passengers to adjust to the dark ________ an emergency. A.why; for fear that C.how; for fear of A.put away C.given away —Well, B.for which; in case of D.that; in case

4.It is wise to have some money________ for old age. B.kept up D.put off

5.—How about the concert last night? at least it's ________ the one I saw last time with Joan. B.no good D.as bad as B.adapted D.founded A.no worse than C.not as good as A.adjusted C.produced sickness. A.take up C.give up B.make up D.put off there were around 7,000 foreign printing companies in China,

6.The plan has to be ________ to meet the real situation.

7.We've invited Mr and Mrs Brown to dinner. But we'll have to________ because of the baby's

8.At the end of 2006, A.made C.making B.to make

________ up around 4 percent of national total. D.having made

9.—I promise her daughter ________ get a nice present on her birthday. —Will it be a big surprise to her? A.should C.would 10.—Well, —Salad, B.must D.shall my daughters take great interest in most of the food on the menu. chips and orange juice, please.

—Thanks. ________? fried fish,

A.Shall I take your order

B.At your service

C.What to follow D.Can I help you 11.The town has ________ population of more than 10,000 and 30% of ________ population make a living by fishing. A. a; the C. /; the A.somehow C.otherwise B. a; / D. /;/ B.meanwhile D.furthermore

12.All the cars must be tested before coming into use,which would ________ cause danger.

13.—You can have a pet dog, but suppose you get bored with it in a few days?________? —We won't, we promise! A. Then what C. How come A.come up with C.turn to B. All right D. So what B.put up with D.stick to

14.I can________ the house being untidy,but I hate it if it's not clean.

15.—Tom failed in the GRE, and he is in low spirits. —________? He had been studying hard. A.Why not C.What for Ⅱ.完形填空 Robert Moody, __17__ trouble, 52, is an experienced police officer. Much of his work involves dealing with __16__ and gang(团伙) problems in the schools of his community. Knowing that many kids often he decided to do something about it. So in 1991 he began to invite small groups of kids to go fishing with him on his day __18__. Those fun trips had a(n) __19__ impact. A chance encounter in 2000 proved that. One day, __20__ working security at a school basketball game, Moody noticed two young guys __21__. He sensed trouble between them. __22__, one of them headed toward Moody and gave him a hug. “I __23__ you. You took me __24__ when I was in fifth grade. That was one of the __25__ days of my life.” Deeply touched by the boy's words, violence, Moody decided to create a foundation(基金会) that __26__ I saw __27__ there was ”says Moody. and such ”says teenagers to the basics of fishing in camping programs. “As a policeman, By turning kids on to fishing, sitting there waiting for a __30__, __31__ can be pretty deep.” “Talking about drugs helped prepare me for the peer(同龄人) pressures in high school, Michelle, drugs.” Moody faces __34__ in three years, fish today, when he hopes to run the foundation full?time. “I'm living a ”Moody says. “If I teach a kid to happy life and I have a responsibility to my __35__ to give back, he can teach his brother to fish tomorrow.” 17, who __32__ the first program. “And I was able to help my little brother __33__ B.How come D.So what

drugs were always behind it. They have a damaging __28__ on the kids, ”he says,

he __29__ to present an alternative way of life. “When you're “you can't help but talk to each other,

16.A.drinking 17.A.ran into C.left behind 18.A.ahead C.off D.out

B.drug B.got over D.looked into

C.security D.smoking

B.away B.damaging

19.A.immediate C.limited 20.A.once C.since C.talking C.Finally C.see

D.lasting B.while B.complaining D.until D.cheering B.Suddenly B.hear D.Secretly

21.A.quarreling 22.A.Slowly

23.A.understand 24.A.fishing C.boating C.best 25.A.quietest 26.A.connects C.reduces 27.A.where C.as

D.remember B.sailing B.longest B.introduces D.swimming

D.busiest D.commits B.unless B.burden

D.whether D.impact B.intended D.agreed B.change B.interests D.emotions B.worked out D.made up B.avoid B.challenge

28.A.impression C.decision 29.A.asked C.pretended 30.A.solution C.bite 31.A.concerns C.conversations C.approved of 33.A.misuse C.tolerate


32.A.participated in

D.test D.retirement

34.A.unemployment C.competition

35.A.team B.school C.family D.community Ⅲ.阅读理解 The garden city was largely the invention of Ebenezer Howard (1850-1928).After immigrating from England to the USA, Chicago, and an unsuccessful attempt to make a living as a farmer, he moved to where he saw the reconstruction of the city after the disastrous fire of 1871.In those days,

it was nicknamed “the Garden City”,

almost certainly the source of Howard's name for his later Howard developed his design in the 1880s and 1890s, but creating a unique combination of designs. dirty and crowded; but it the British countryside was in fact it suffered from agricultural depression the garden city.Howard's idea was

building plan of towns.Returning to London,

drawing_on ideas that were popular at the time,

The nineteenth?century poor city was in many ways a terrible place, offered economic and social opportunities.At the same time, equally unattractive:though it promised fresh air and nature, (萧条) and it offered neither enough work and wages, that a group of people should set up a company, depressed countryside, bottom price. Garden cities would provide a central public open space,

nor much social life.Howard's idea was to

combine the best of town and country in a new kind of settlement,

borrowing money to establish a garden city in the

far enough from existing cities to make sure that the land was bought at the radial avenues and connecting also owned by the company, another

industries.They would be surrounded by a much larger area of green belt, the garden city would reach its planned limit—Howard suggested 32, would be started a short distance away.Thus, collection, jobs and services, over time, extending almost without limit; within it,

containing not merely farms but also some industrial institutions.As more and more people moved in, 000 people; then, there would develop a vast planned house

each garden city would offer a wide range of

but each would also be connected to the others by a rapid transportation system,

thus giving all the economic and social opportunities of a big city. 36.How did Howard get the name for his building plan of garden cities? A.Through his observation of the country life. B.Through the combination of different ideas. C.By taking other people's advice. D.By using the nickname of the reconstructed Chicago. 37.The underlined phrase “drawing on” in Paragraph 1 probably means ________. A.making use of B.making comments on C.giving an explanation of D.giving a description of 38.According to Howard, garden cities should be built ________. A.as far as possible from existing cities B.in the countryside where the land was cheap C.in the countryside where agriculture was developed D.near cities where employment opportunities already existed 39.What can we learn about garden cities from the last paragraph? A. Their number would continue to rise. B.Each one would continue to become larger. C.People would live and work in the same place. D.Each one would contain a certain type of business. 40.What could be the best title for the passage? A.City and Countryside B.The Invention of the Garden City C.A New City in Chicago D.A Famous Garden City in England

课时作业(四十一) Ⅰ.1.A D。 2.A 3.B 4.A 5.A worse than。 6.A 7.D adjust 调整。句意:这项计划必须做出调整以迎合实际的情形。 考查动词短语辨析。根据句子意思,应选 put off(推迟)。 考查名词搭配。It is no use doing sth 做某事是没有用的。 先行词为 reason,所以定语从句应该用 why 或 for which 引导,此外,由语境可知: 考查动词短语辨析。put away 储蓄,储存;keep up 保持,维持;give away 赠送,泄 考查比较等级。“no+比较级+than”意为“两者都不??”。no worse than 即为 考查全部倒装。介词短语位于句首,谓语动词是 lie,stand 等静态动词或 come 等表 示位置移动的词时,句子要用全部倒装。由 a little dog 可判断谓语动词要用单数形式,故排除

adjust to the dark 是为了以防紧急情况的发生,所以第二空应该用 in case of。 露;put off 推迟。 as good as,从 at least 可以知道该句意思是“至少和我上次跟琼一起看的一样好”,故应选 no

8.C 考查非谓语动词。make up 与前一分句的动作同时发生。根据句意,表示主动,故 应选 making 作结果状语,相当于并列句 and it made?或定语从句 which made? 9.D 10.A 考查情态动词。根据讲话人的语气可以知道,选项部分表示讲话者是给对方的一种 考查交际用语。对话首句为顾客对餐馆食物的赞扬,接下来是服务员的礼貌性回 承诺,故应该选情态动词 shall。shall 用于第二或第三人称,表示允诺、警告、威胁等。 答。根据第三句客人所讲内容可知, 选项部分为服务员让客人点菜,故用 Shall I take your order?来表达。 11.A the。 12.C 考查副词辨析。句意:所有的汽车在使用前都必须检测,要不然就会有危险。 “cause danger”是不检测引起的结果,也就是说和上文所说的情况相反,所以要用 otherwise, 意思是: 否则的话,要不然。somehow 不知怎么地;meanwhile 期间,同时;furthermore 此 外,而且。 13.A 14.B 考查交际用语。句意:“你可以养一只宠物狗,但假定几天后你就厌倦了,然后 考查动词短语辨析。说话人表达的是“我可以忍受房子零乱,但是??”。put up 会发生什么?”“我们不会的,我们保证。” Then what?相当于 Then what will happen? with 在这里的意思是“忍受”。其他选项中,come up with 想出;turn to 转向,求助于,翻到; stick to 坚持。 15.B 考查交际用语。How come?意为“怎么回事?” Ⅱ.经验丰富的警官 Robert Moody 组织管辖区校园内的问题少年钓鱼,创立野营基金会,锻 炼孩子们的耐性和责任感,培养人际交往等,使得孩子们逐渐远离了毒品,逐渐形成良性循 环,孩子们最后走上正途。 16.B 由第三段倒数第二句中 drugs 可推断出。 17.A run into trouble = get into trouble 处于困境。 18.C day off 放假。 19.D 20.B 21.A 从 1991 年开始至 2000 年验证,可见其作用是持续的,因此选 lasting。 while 表示“当??时候”。 从后面的 trouble 可推断选 A。 has a population:有??的人口;当 population 前有具体的数词修饰时,用定冠词

22.B 选 B 项。 23.D 24.A 断。

根据上文的内容可知,两个年轻人在吵架。并且 Moody 感觉到他们之间的问题。

而下文一个男孩向 Moody 走去并且给了他一个拥抱。故可推知,这一动作是突然发生的。所以 根据下文的“You took me?when I was in fifth grade.”可知,是一个男孩想起了发 从第一段 go fishing 及下文第三、四段第一句话、最后一段最后一句话都可以推

生在五年级的事情。故选 D 项,remember 记得。

25.C 根据第三段的首句可知,Moody 被男孩的话深深地感动,决定创办一个基金 会??故可知那天是男孩生活中最好的日子之一。故选 best。 26.B 27.A 28.D 29.B introduce sb to sth 使某人初步了解?? where 哪里,引导地点状语从句。 从第二段第一句 impact 可以推出;have an effect/impact on 对??有影响。 intend to do sth 打算/有目的地做某事。

30.C bite 咬(钩)。 31.C 根据上文的“you can't help but talk to each other”中的“talk”可知,该题应选 C 项。 conversation 对话。 32.A participate in 参加,符合文意。work out 算出,弄懂,想出,解决,产生结果; approve of 赞成;make up 编造,虚构,组成,化妆,弥补,和解。 33.B 34.D 35.D avoid drugs 远离毒品。 从全文第一段得知还有三年就退休了,即 55 岁退休。 从全文第一段得知此处是为“社区”做事情。

Ⅲ.本文为记叙文,叙述了花园城市的起源和发展情况。Ebenezer Howard 受“花园城市” 的启发,后来返回伦敦,在乡村引用了这个名称作为他新建花园城市的名称。后来不断扩大, 并有了各种各样的和大城市里一样的服务设施等。 36.D 细节理解题。从第一段信息句?it was nicknamed “the Garden City”,almost certainly the source of Howard's name for his later building plan of towns.得知 Howard 后来的城镇建 筑名称来自于以前的 the Garden City。 37.A 38.B 39.A 40.B 题意。 词义猜测题。联系前后文理解,Howard 回到伦敦后,利用了当时很流行的思想创 细节理解题。从第二段的最后一句理解到“Howard 的想法是一群人建立一个公 推理判断题。从最后一段?over time, there would develop a vast planned house 主旨大意题。全文大意为叙述花园城市的名称来源以及它的发展情况,故 B 符合 造了比较独特的各种思想相结合的设计。这里是“利用”的意思。 司,借钱在远离大城市的而且土地非常廉价的乡下建一个花园城市”。故答案选 B。 collection, extending almost without limit?表明花园城市的数目在不断增长。


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