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Unit Two--Module 6

Ⅰ. Word checkpoints
1. 残疾,无能,无力 3. 伤害,损害 5. 无法忍受的 7. 青春期 9. 自动的,自动化的 11. 陪伴 13. 动机,动力 15. 天真无邪的 17. 同情 19. 及时的,方便的 2. 4. 6. 8. 10. 12. 14. 16. 18. 20. 精力充沛的 完成,实现 足够的,够用的 生动的,栩栩如生的 最大值(的) 成熟的 安全的,可靠的 年少的, 新闻业 分配

Ⅱ. Key phrases

achieve success in… 在…方面取得成功 meet/achieve one’s goal 实现目标 in difficult times 在艰难时期 预计…;期望…. expect …to in case 以防(万一) a little bit 一点 describe…as… 把…描述成… 投身于,献身于 devote one’s life/oneself to live apart from 和…分开住 cost sb sth 使某人失去…

把…紧急送往.. rush ….to 振作起来 cheer (sb) up 情绪高涨 in high/good spirits 聚焦,集中 focus on/fix on 以…而自豪 be proud of…/take pride in 适应… adjust/adapt (oneself) to… 主持体育节目 host a sports programme 一系列 a series of… 嫉妒 be jealous of 激发某人做某事 inspire sb to do 安排…做某事 arrange for sb to do 拥护,努力取得 go for

对…满意be content/pleased/satisfied with 对…厌倦be tired of/be bored with/be fed up with 提高成绩improve one’s grades 放弃做…quit doing sth; give up doing look back on 回顾 在…之前,优先 ahead of 保证健康guarantee good health 做兼职 do/work part-time jobs 为自由而奋斗 struggle/fight for freedom 对…乐观 be optimistic about… 安排某人做… arrange for sb to do… 对…表示同情 express/feel/have sympathy for…

解决问题fix/ settle / solve the problem
在那时 at that point

帮助.. 做assist sb. with/in
花时间做take time to do

比较wound, injure 和 hurt

但wound侧重利器或子弹对肉体的伤害, 是故意的行为,常与战争有关; 而injure强调人在意外事故中受伤,如机 器造成的或运动中受伤。 hurt既可以是重伤,也可以是轻伤。同 时也可以是伤害感情。

hurt 1.She was _____because she was not invited to the party. 2.He couldn’t come to work because he was knocked down by a bike and injured _____his feet. 3.In that battle two of our soldiers wounded were killed and five were ________.


apart (adj,adv.)

1). 相距 The two buildings are 100 meters

2). 成碎片 The cup fell apart in my hand. 3). 分开,分离 You never see them apart
apart from 远离 ;


part from a house in Nanjing, they also have o jing.
Besides Apart from a few words, I don’t know any French at all. Except


junior (年少的,初级的)

junior middle school 初中 He is junior to me. 他的职位比我低。 He is three years my junior. 他比我小3岁


比较accomplish, finish和complete
accomplish常接task, aim, journey, voyage 等。有达成效果之意。

complete比accomplish具体,可加建筑,工程, 书等做宾语。侧重把未完成的工作经过进一步 努力做完。 finish可在大部分情况下与complete互换,但 不及complete正式。有仔细完成工程的最后阶 段的精工修饰,使之完美的意思。

completed 1.The railway is not _________ yet.
accomplished 2.He _________ his purpose at last. finish 3.When can you ______your reading?

5. …could have cost her her future happiness. (P19L34) cost sb sth:
她为钱发愁,许多夜晚无法入睡。 cost Financial worries ______ her Many sleepless ________nights.

Ambulances rushed the injured to the hospital.

6. She was rushed to a top hospital in New York. (P19L36) rush vt. 急送;猛推 rush sb to the hospital 火速送某人去医院

were rushed to The injured ______________the hospital. n. 急速 in a rush 匆忙地 The injured were sent to the hospital in a rush __________.

7. And how has Sang Lan adapted to her new life?(P19 L56) adapt (oneself) to +n. 适应

It took me quite a while to adapt myself to _________ the new surroundings.

8. 很多士兵被紧急送往前线。

Many soldiers were rushed to the front.
in a rush 急促;迅速移动 in a rush to do sth. 匆忙做某事

—Why didn’t you tell him about the meeting? —He rushed out of the room _______ I could say a word. (2006· 四川) A. before B. until C. when


D. after

解析:由第一句可知答话人没有告诉他关于会议的事情,故第二句 句意为:我还没有来得及说话他就冲出了房间。所以选A。

9.mean 1) 意谓

2) 意指 3预示 4) 意味 5) 打算

相关高考试题 1.In some parts of London, missing a bus means______ for another hour. (2002上海春) A. waiting B. to wait C. wait D. to be waiting 3. If you think that treating a woman well means always_______ her permission for things, think again. (2006湖南) A. gets B. got C. to get D. getting
答案及解析: 1选A. mean doing 表示“意味着”;mean to do表示“本打 算”。

10.even though/if:although 尽管

Even though he was tired, he helped me with my work.

I shall go even though it rains.
It is better to ask him even though he (should)

even/as if:used to describe how a situation

seems to be 好象

She looked as if she'd had some bad news. I felt as though I'd been lying in the sun for hours.

1. Allow children the space to voice their opinions, ____they are different from your own. (2005湖南) A. until B. even if C. unless D. as though 2. Your uncle seems to be a good driver; _________, I wouldn’t dare to travel in his car. (2005江西) A.even so B.even though C.therefore D.so 答案及解析: 1选B. 此句意为,“即使小孩有不同的意见,也要让 他们说出来”。 2选A. even so“尽管如此”;even though“尽管,即 使”;therefore“因此”;so“因此”。

11.feel like

1)give the sensation or impression of being
感到, 感觉象

I feel like catching cold.
It feels like rain.

The plastic board feels like glass.
2)be inclined for, have a desire for 想要 The children feel like eating ice cream. I feel like working.

12. She was happy to devote herself to gymnastics.(P18L30)

devote …to (doing) sth be devoted to (doing) sth

He has devoted all his life to the scientific research.

She has devoted all her energy ___ the poor. A. to help B. to helping

C. help

D. helping

Ⅲ. Important sentences
1. By the time she competed in the gymnastics tournament at the New York Goodwill Games, she had been a dedicated junior gymnast ______________________________________ (已经成为一个非常敬业的小体操运动员) for eleven years. 2. All I had to do is spend some time studying _____________________________ (花点时间学 习) so that I don’t feel guilty, because he has spent a lot of time coaching me , and he really ___________(相信)me. believe in

3. Even though her training meant that she live apart from had to _________________(同….分开居住) parents, she was happy to _______________________(投身于)gymnastics. devote (dedicate) herself to 4. A small accident during one of her practice vaults at the Goodwill Games _____________________________(有可能夺走 might have cost her life 她未来的幸福). 5. She ________________________(成功地克服 was able to overcome 了)her disappointment and just be proud of the things she had accomplished.

6. I ____________(感到左右为难) between feel caught what I want, what my parents want and what my basketball coach wants. 7. I remember sometimes _________________(非常迫切地想…)grow feeling in a rush up and be independent. 8. There will be new technology which allow us to live longer will ______________________ (使得人们 更长寿)and be healthier.

9. No one will be sad because humans ______________________________________ will have learned to fix (将学会解决)many of the problems. 10. Families will be able to spend the maximum amount of time ______________________________________ enjoying each other’s company _________________________________(花最 多的时间陪同家人) and the minimum amount of time doing housework.

Ⅳ. 翻译句子
1.许多人即使处在困境中也能保持快乐的心情。 Many people can stay happy and cheerful even in really difficult situations. 2.他抱怨他的父母只关心他的考试结果。(focus on) He complains that his parents only focus on his exam results. 3.我曾经工作过的公司有非常严格的规章制度。一次早晨迟到,让 我丢了工作。(cost sb. sth.) The company I used to work for had strict rules. Being late one morning cost me my job. 4.毕业后,我在继续深造和找工作之间为难。 After I left school, I felt caught between furthering my education and getting a job. 5.无论面对什么样的困难,他对生活的态度总是乐观的。 Whatever difficulty he is faced with, he always has a good attitude towards life.

V. Multiple choice

C 1. All of the students were _____ by the _____ speech given by the headmaster. A. inspired; inspired B. inspiring; inspiring C. inspired; inspiring D. inspiring; inspired B 2. ____________ to the Chinese revolutionary cause, Dr. Bethune was widely respected by the Chinese people. A. Devoting B. Devoted C. To devote D. Devote 3. If you think that treating a woman well means always _D her permission for things, __ think again. A. gets B. got C. to get D. getting

4. My father may have to go into hospital, B he won’t be going on holiday. A. in that case B. in which case C. in case D. in the case 5. We B have proved great adventures, but we have done the greatest march ever made in the past ten years. A. needn’t B. may not C. shouldn’t D. mustn’t 6. The weather turned out to be fine yesterday. I C the trouble to carry my umbrella with me. A. should have taken B. could have taken C. needn’t have taken D. mustn’t have taken

7. According to the art dealer, the A painting ______ to go for at least a million dollars. A. is expected B. expects C. expected D. is expecting 8. —Do you have any idea what Paul does all day? —As I know, he spends at least as much time playing as he _______. B A. writes B. does writing C. is writing D. does write

9. Emergency line operators must D always ______calm and make sure that they get all the information they need to send help. A. grow B. appear C. become D. stay 10. Professor James will give us a lecture on the Western culture, but when and where _____ yet. A A. hasn't been decided B. haven't decided C. isn't being decided D. aren't decided



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