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2000 年《外贸英语》考试真题 (发布时间: 2005-7-3 15:42:00 来自:) 全国外销员资格统一考试 2000 年度 1.Transalate the follwing terms:(10%) 1.From English into Chinese:(5%) 1.PNTR 永久性正常贸易关系 2.Irrevocable Letter of Credit 不可撤销信

用证 3.Blank Endorsement 空白背书 4.General Average 共同海损 5.FAQ 良好平均品质/大路货 6.DES 目的地船上交货 7.Franchise 免赔额/特许经营权 8.FPA 平安险 9.Bill of Exchange 汇票 10.Aution 拍卖 2.Form Chinese into English:(5%) 1.世界银行 World Band 2.电子商务 e-eommerce/e-business 3.托运人 Shipper/consignor 4.进口许可证 Import license 5.国际商会 International Chamber of Commerce(ICC) 2.Choose the best answer for each of the follwing questions:(25%) 1.Contracts must renewed one week ___D__their expiration. A.on B.against C.the monment of D.before 2.The commodities you offered are__B__line with the business scope of our clients. A.outside B.out of C.out D.without 3.We are arranging for an inspection tour of __C___the material was processed. A.place B.the place C.where D.there 4.We are reconsidering those trade terms_B____might be adverse to the interest of our principals. A.what B.that C.when D.where 5.Information indicates that some similar goods of Indian origin have been sold here___B__about 30% lower than yours. A.with a level B.at something C.at quotation D.with a figure 6.As we are__B___of there goods,please expedite shipment after receiving our L/C. A.in badly B.badly in need C.urgent in need D.in urgently need 7.We give you on the attached sheet full details regarding packing and marking,which must be strictly__A___. A.observed B.abide by C.submitted D.seen 8.We_C___to allow you a special discount if you increase your order to

5000 pains. A.have prepared B.are prepare C.are prepared D.were prepared 9.The importance of delivery on time_C______overstressed,because failure to recrive goods or services will cause serious inconvenience to the end-users. A.can B.be C.cannot be D.could be 10.___C_____we would like to close the business with you,we find your bid unacceptable. A.Much B.However much C.Much as D.Despite 11.We wish to stress that shipment must be made within the prescribed time limit,as a further_C___will not be considered by our end-users. A.prolong B.protract C.extension D.expansion 12.With computer users linked to the Internet growing_D____every year,business is trying to cash in on the worldwide network. A.at million B.with a million C.with one million D.by millions 13.We regret having to remind you that 30% of the freight is still_C___. A.owend B.owning C.outstanding D.understanding 14.___A_____you fulfill the terms of the L/C,we will accept the drafts drawn under this credit. A.Provided B.To provide C.In the case D.Only if 15.Kindly advise us of the steamers that call__A_____your port every month. A.at B.on C.in D.for 16.It should be__C___if you could immedialy________what quantity you can supply us at present. A.thankful,advise B.appreciate,advise C.appreciated,advise D.appreciating,inform 17.We thank you for your e-mail of November 25__B____your purchase of 10 M/T wild rice. A.confirm B.confirming C.to confirm D.confirmed 18.Subject to satisfactory arrangements __D____terms and conditions,we should be pleased to act as your sole agent. A.as B.as per C.as if D.as to 19.Our usual terms of payment are___B____L/C and we hope they will be satisfactory______you. A.by,for B.by,to C.for,to D.for,with 20.That helps to explain__C____businesses are setting up Net sites even though profits aren`t yet very big. A.that B.the reason for C.why D.why that 21.We find that there is no stipulation of transshipment_D____in the relative L/C. A.allowing B.which allows C.which allowed D.being allowed 22.After unpacking the case found that the goods did not __C____with the

original sample. A.match B.come up C.agree D.measure 23.If the first shipment __B____ , we guarantee that we will send you many repeat orders. A.match B.come up C.agree D.measure 24.It is necessary that an arbitation clause___C_____in the contract. A.will be included B.must be included C.be included D.has been inciuded 25.Please see that your written confirmation__A______by the end of this month, otherwise we will be free form the obligation for this offer. A.reachs us B.will reach us C.reach us D.reached us 3.Translate the following into an English letter in a proper form:(20%) 写信人:新路华贸易有限公司 地址:中国上海,兴达路 999 号金星大厦(Golden Star Mansion)33 层 收信人:James Brown &Sons,由日用品部(Daily Articles Dept)办理 地址:#304-310 Jalan Street,Toronto,Canada 日期:2000 年 6 月 30 日 内容: 感谢你 6 月 15 日的来函和样品。 特告知,我方客户对你样品的试用结果非常满意,但现在仍有些犹豫。 经与同类货物作仔细比较,我们发现你方报价有点高。当前的洗发精 (Shampoo) 市场充斥着各种各样的品牌,象 Rejoice,Pond`s 等优质产品很容易 买到。而且这些品牌都已得到我地市场的认可。就洗发精而言,很多消费者不愿 接受新产品。你方产品作为新品牌,最大的卖点将是它的护发功能,质量上虽然 已达到客户要求,但要想在我地市场打开销路,必须还要具备价格优势,否则是 很难与一些老牌产品竞争的。 鉴于此,我方客户建议将原报价减 10%。请考虑并作及时答复。 Xinluhua Trading Company Ltd Floor 33. Golden Star Mansion. No.999 Xingda Road shanghai China June 30.2000 James Brown & Sons #304-310Jalan Street.Toronto.Canada ATTN:Daily Articles Depaetment Dear Sirs; Thank you for your letter and samples sent on June 15. We`re glad to inform you that our customers are very satisfied with the test result of your samples. but they are still hesitating at the moment. After careful comparison with similar goods. we find your quotation on the high side. The current shampoo market is swollen up with various brands. and quality brands such as Rejoice and

Pond`s are easily available. These brands have already gained recognition of the local market. In terms of shampoo. many consumers are reluctant to accept new products. As a new brand. the biggest selling point of your product will be its hair care funtion. Although its quality has already measured up to our customers` requirements. it still needs price advantage in order to open up a market here. Otherwise it can hardly compete against the established brands. In view of this.our customers request you to reduce your original price by 10%. Please consider this and give us a prompt reply. Yours faithfully (Signed) 4.Fill in the contract form with information gathered form the following correspondences:(15%) (1)Dear Sirs Beijing,Novermber 5,1999 Thank you for your enquiry of October 30 for Women`s Nylon Garments.In compliance with your request,we have enclosed a pricelist and an illustrated brochure. Although we still have certain amount of stock we can hardly keep them for a long time because of the heavy demand.Samples will be sent on request. We are looking forward to your early reply Yours faithfully, Beijing Garments Imp/Exp Corporation (2) Incoming Letter Dear Sirs, Many thanks for your quotation of November 5 and the samples of Women`s Nylon Garmehts.We are satisfired with the quality and pleased to enclose our Order No.333for sizes mentioned in your latest catalogue. We note that you can supply these items form stock and hope you will send them before December 31.Our company will reserve the right to cancel this order or reject the goods for any late arrival. For your reference,we wish to effect payment by D/P 60days.Please kindly let us have your confirmation. ORDER NO.333

Beijing Garments Imp/Exp Corp Beijing,China Please supply the following items: Quanity(Doz) Item Size Unit Price(Per doz)CIF London 15 Women`s Nylon Garments Small Us$75.00 16 ditto Medium Us$110.00 14 ditto Large Us$150.00



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