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Book 3 Module 1 1.The house faces to the south 这个房子朝南 =The house faces towards the south。 = The house faces south. 2. be faced with 面临, 面对 in the face of 面对, 在… 面前 face to face 面对面 3 get into a difficult situation 陷入困难的状况 get out of a difficult situation 摆脱困难的状况 save the situation 挽回局势 4. be located in=lie in 坐落于 = be situated in 5. off the coast 在(离开海面的)海岸上 along the coast 沿着海岸 on the coast 海岸上 6. work on sth. 从事某事, 做…工作;忙于 work out 设计;制订,安排 get to work 着手于;开始工作 7.because of 因为 thanks to 由于;多亏了 owing to 由于 as a result of 由于……的结果 due to 由于 8.There+be/exist/lie/stand/appear+主语 有, 存在 9. two-thirds 三分之二 one-third 三分之一 10.be covered by/with 被…覆盖 11.be famous for 因…而著名 12.make… out of sth. … 由..制成… 13.ever since 自那以后 14.(be)opposite to 在…对面,与…相反 just the opposite 恰恰相反 15.keep a cool head 保持头脑清醒 16.lose one’s head 惊慌失措, 失去理智 17.head for 朝着…前进 18.in terms of 根据,从…方面来说,从…的观点 in the long/short term 就长/短期而言 come to terms=make terms 达成协议, 和好 bring sb. to terms 使某人接收条件 be on good/bad terms with sb. 与某人交情好/不好 19.compare A with/and B 比较 A 和 B compare…to… 把……比作….. compared with/to… 与…比较起来,较之…

20.have control over 对…有控制权 Beyond control 无法控制 under control 被控制住 out of control 失去控制 in the control of 由…控制/管理/负责 lose control of 对…失去控制 21.on the one hand… on the other hand 一方面…另 一方面 22.表示倍数的四种句型: 1)This bridge is 3 times longer than that one. 这座桥比那座桥长 3 倍。 2) This bridge is 4 times as long as that one 这座桥是那座桥的 4 倍长。 3)A is … times the size/length/width/height/depth of B This room is 3 times the size of that one. 这间房间的大小是那间的 3 倍。 4) A + v. …times as many/much + n.+ as B The factory has produced 3 times as many cars as it did last year. 这个厂今年的汽车产量是去年 的 3 倍。 Module 2 1.on a high/low income 高/低收入 2.income tax (个人)所得税 3.with the development of 随着…的发展 under development 在发展中 4.take measures to do sth. 采取措施做某事 make …to one’s (own)measure 按某人的尺寸制作 5.figure out 理解 6.up to 直到…, 到…为止,多达 7.be up to=be fit for 胜任,适合于 up to=be busy(in)doing sth. 正在做…,从事于 .it’s up to sb. to do sth . 由某人决定做某事 8.agree to the plan (suggestion ,proposal…) 同意 (建议,安排) agree with sb. 同意某人的观点或看法,适合 agree on/upon sth 双方在某件事情上达成协议 并取得一致意见 9.make efforts to do sth. 努力做某事 =make every effort to do sth. =make an effort to do sth. make an effort 尽力 spare no effort 不遗余力

with/without effort 费力地/毫不费力地 10.make progress 进步 11.give examples of 举…的列子 12.make sure 确保,查明 13.figure out 理解,弄明白 14.be similar to sb/sth. 与…相似 be similar in 在某方面相似 similarly 同样地,类似地 15.share sth. among /between sb. 将某物分配给某人 share sth. with sb. 与某人分享某物 share (in)sth. 共享 16.be/get close to 靠近,近,接近,即将发生 17.as a result of 由于 as a result 结果 result in 导致 result from 由…引起 18.be of+抽象名词=be+该名词的同根形容词 eg. His advice is of value to us. = valuable This dictionary is of great use. =useful What he said is of importance for you. = important Module 3

12.of all time 人类历史上, 有史以来 13.in ruins 严重受损,破败不堪 fall into ruin 已成废墟 bring sb. to ruin 毁灭某人 14.warn sb. (not)to do sth. 警告某人(不)干某事 warn sb. of sth. 警告某人当心某事 15.at all 完全,究竟,全然,竟然 not at all 一点也不,根本不,别客气 after all 毕竟,终究,归根到底,别忘了 above all 最重要的是,首先,尤其是,特别是 first of all 首先 16.see sb.do sth. 看见某人干了某事 see sb.doing sth. 看见某人正在干某事 Module 4 1. masses of/a mass of 许多,大量 the masses 群众,平民 in the mass 大体而论,总体上 2. a weather forecast 天气预报 3. give/make a forecast 预言,预报 = give/make forecasts 4. cut out 剪除;切掉;割掉 cut up 切碎;使伤心 cut of 切断;停掉;隔绝 1.be experienced in/at 在…方面有经验 cut in 插嘴 2.sth.occurs to sb. 某事被某人想起 cut down 砍掉;消减,降低 it occurs to sb. + that-clause 某人突然想到… 5. be caught in 被困在(风、雨、雪……)中 it occurs to sb. to do sth. 某人突然想到做某事 6. catch up with 赶上;跟上 3.A good idea suddenly struck me. catch hold of 抓住,握住 我忽然想到一个好主意 catch sight of 看见 strike sb.+介词+the +具体部位 打某人的某个部位 7. prevent sb. (from) doing sth. 阻止某人做某事 =stop sb.(from) doing sth.. eg. strike him on the back 打某人的背 =keep sb from doing sth.. hit sb in the face 打某人的脸 pat sb on the shoulder 拍某人的肩膀 8. so + 形容词或副词 + that… 如此…以致于… be struck by 被…所打动, 被…迷住 so + 形容词 + a(n) + 单数可数名次词 + that… 4.bury oneself in sth. 埋头于、专心致志于某事物 so + many/few + 复数的可数名词 + that… be buried in 埋头于,专心致志于 so + much/little (少的) + 不可数名词 + that… 5.pick up 拿起, 捡起, 卷起, 收听, 接 (人) 比较:such + (adj.) +名词+ that… 如此…以致于 6.end up 到达或来到某处 9. dig up 挖出 7.end up with sth. 以某事作为结束 10. be/get caught in 突然遭到(风暴等) end up doing sth. 以做某事为结束 11. wake up 认识到、意识到 come to an end 结束,完结 12. advise sb.to do sth 建议某人做某事 8.by the time 到…的时候(常与完成时连用) 13. one after another 一个接一个 14. be concerned for/about/over … 9. on the same latitude 在同一纬度 10.refer to 指代,参考 对……关心,担心,忧虑 11.on average 平均 be concerned with/in 与…有关

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as far as sth.is concerned 就某事而言 complain to sb 向某人诉苦/发牢骚 complain about/of sth 抱怨某事 take in 吸入(空气);欺骗;体会;收容 take away 带走 take off 脱下,拿掉,起飞 take on 承担 take up 举起,开始做;占据 give out 分发;发出(气味、热气);发明;用尽 give up 放弃 give in 屈服;让步,投降 give off 送出;发出(光等) give away 赠送;放弃;泄漏;出卖 in a nutshell 简言之,概括地讲 in a word 总之,一句话 in brief 简言之 in short 长话短说,概括起来说 if possible 如果可能 if any 如果有的话 if necessary 如果需要的话 if so 如果是这样的话 if ever 如果曾经有的话 if not 不这样的话 Module 5 be equal to sth. 等于…, 与…相等 lay stress on sth. 强调某事 put stress on sth. place stress on sth. have an influence on/upon sth. 对某事有影响 influence sb. to do sth. 影响某人做某事 bring up 养育,教育;提出(话题等);呕吐 bring down 使倒下,消减 bring back 恢复,使想起 bring in 收(庄稼);引进 It is/was a time when… 那是一个… 的时期 be at war with.. 与….. 交战 follow/take one's advice 采纳某人 的建议 travel from state to state 周游 列国 as a result 结果 live a … life 过….. 的生活

lead a … life 11. be born good 人之初, 性本善 12. in some ways 在某 些方面 13. The reason why … is that … …的 理由是… The reason for sth. is that … 某事的理 由是… 14. a sense of responsibility 责任感 There is no sense in doing sth 做某事不明 智/没意义 make sense 有意 义,讲的通 make sense of 懂,理解 15. make contributions to … 捐赠; 做出贡献 16. argue with sb about/over sth 就某事与 某人争论 argue for 据理力争 argue against 反对 17. in good condition 状况良好, 保存的好 in poor condition 状况不佳, 破烂不堪 on one condition 有 一个条件 on condition that 如果 , 条件是 , 只要 (后接从句) on no condition 决不 18. in conclusion 最 后,总之 reach a conclusion 得出结论 arrive at a conclusion draw a conclusion come to conclusion 19. for the first time 第一 次,首次 20. no faster than 和…一

样不快 = as slowly as Module 6 1. date from = date back to 追溯到 out of 过时 up to 最新 fix a date for sth 一个日期 have a date with sb 某人约会 2. dream 梦想 dream a…dream 个……梦 hold back (情感等) hold one's 屏住气 hold up (交通等) hold

坚持下去; ( 电话用语 ) 请等一下 , 不要挂断 起源于, 3. sb.spend money/time on sth. 某人在某物上花 钱/时间 date sb.spend money /time (in) doing sth. 在做某事上 date 花钱/时间 sth. costs sb. money 某物花某 给某事约定 人多少钱 4. freezing point 和 冰点 5. a car crash 汽车撞 of 车事故 6. in a sense 就某种意义而言,在某种角度上 做一 7. bring an end to 结束 come to an end 结束,停止 阻挡,忍住,抑制 put/bring an end to 结束 end up with… 以……结束 end in… 以…..告终 breath 8. be equal to 与……相等 耽搁;妨碍 on



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