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导学案 高中英语外研版 必修四Module5

授课教师 备课时间 课 题 2012 年 11 月 5日 主备人、校对人 授课时间 司慧卉 年 日 月 审核人 年级、科目





Module 5 A Trip Along the T

hree Gorges


1. forbid 5. plain

2.spend 6. spot

3. at least 7. narrow

4. get a kick out of sth. 8. trade 9. surround

【复习过程】 1.forbid vt. 禁止 阻止 不许 ( forbid - forbad – forbidden) forbid doing sth./ sth. ____________________ forbid sb.to do sth. _______________________ sb. be forbidden to do sth. ______________________ 联想:allow/ permit / advise/ suggest + doing sth. sb. to do sth. 2.spend vt.花费 sb.+ spend + time/money + _____ sth. (in)______ sth. 辨析 take ;cost; pay ;spend ①take 多指花费时间 多用形式主语 句型:it takes sb. some time to do sth. 做某事花费某人多常时间 ②cost 多指花钱 主语为物 句型:sth. cost (sb.) some money 某物花费某人多少钱

也指“成本” “代价”eg: That mistake has cost him a lot over the years. They use cheap materials to keep costs down. ③pay 付费 支付 主语多为人 pay (sb./some money) for sth. 为?付钱 pay sb. sth. 付给某人? eg: She pays 2000 yuan for the apartment every month. Have you paid him the rent yet? 联想:well-paid get paid pay off :还清;成功;奏效;达到目的 pay back:报复 惩罚 句型:sb.+ spend + time/money + on sth./(in) doing sth.

④spend 花费时间或金钱 主语为人

3. at(the) least _____________________ at (the)most ______________________ 联想:not in the least = not at all 一点儿也不 last but not least 最后也是最重要的


4. get a kick out of sth. 从某事中获得乐趣 kick 短语总结 kick against __________________ kick off 开球;开始 kick the habit 戒除恶习 翻译:When time shall we kick off? ____________________

kick… off ___________________ 翻译:Kick off the shoes. ___________________________ kick sb. out of (sp.)______________________ 5.plain N:平原 Adj: 清楚明白的;易懂的;坦率的;简朴的;平凡的;清淡的

a plain fact 明白的事实 in plain words 坦白地说 a plain face ________________ plain food ________________

plain living _________________

6.spot n.地点;场所;斑点;污点 v. 看见;认出;注意到;弄脏 on the spot 就地;当场;在场 be spotted with 满是…斑点

翻译:His jacket was covered with spots of mud.______________________________ An ambulance was on the spot within minutes.___________________________ I spotted my friend in the crowd. ______________________________________ Her shirt was spotted with oil. 联想:recognize; make out; pick out 7.narrow v. (使)变狭窄; (使)缩小 adj. 狭窄的;勉强的 ______________________________________

narrowly adv. 勉强地;以毫厘之差 a narrow escape_______________ a narrow victory _______________

She narrowly escaped injury.__________________________ He had a narrow escape when he fell into the hole._________________________________ 8. trade 交易;交换;买卖 trade … for … 拿…换… trade in sth. 做…的买卖 n&v trade with sb. 与…交易;和…做买卖 a trade union 工会

They trade in furs and skins.______________________________ The old man traded his house for a car. _____________________ 联想:deal with 处理;涉及;做生意;与…打交道 9. surround v.围绕,环绕 surrounding adj. 周围的 surround sb/sth with sb./sth. surroundings n. 环境


be surrounded by/with 被…所包围 Eg: The lake is surrounded with trees. 湖边树木环绕。



1. He and a colleague were to spend two years there teaching English at a teacher training college. be to do 是将来时的一种表达方式,可用于以下几种情况。 (1) 表示按计划要做,意为“将做….” (2) 表示“义务” “命令” ,意为“应该做….;必须做….” (3) 表示(日后)注定,不可避免地要做某事 (4) if…were to do 表示虚拟语气 例句: ①He ____________from Germany tomorrow. 他明天将从德国回来。

②If it ______________tomorrow, the ceremony would be put off. 如果明天下雨的话,典礼就会延期。 ③ The train is __________in Shanghai at 11:00. 火车将于下午 1 点到达上海。 ④ Einstein’s theory was to change the views to the universe. 爱因斯坦的理论势必要改变对宇宙的看法。 ⑤ one is to leave this building without the permission of the police. No 没有警察的允许,谁也不许离开这栋大楼。 2. In 50 years of travelling Colin McMorquodale has visited every country in the world, except three. 除了: (1)but ;except ; except for ; except that ___________________________ (2)besides; in addition to (3)apart from; aside from ___________________________ ___________________________

except for: 除了…以外;要不是由于 表示美中不足,除了一点小毛病,强调整体好。 This car is excellent except for the color. _________________________________________ Smith is a good man, except for his bad temper.____________________________________ except that: 除了,只是…+句子 I didn’t tell him anything____________I needed the money. 我什么都没告诉他,只是说我需要钱。 The coat is fit for me _____________the sleeves are a little too long. 除了袖子稍长点外,这件大衣我穿很合适。


编写人 课 题 司慧卉 编写时间 2012 年 5日

编号 11 月

审核人 王锦龙

Book4 Module 5 A Trip Along the Three Gorges

A 级 一、短语回顾 1.在…的边缘________________________ 3.经历;经受;通过__________________ 5.敲竹杠____________________________ 7.某人被禁止做某事__________________ 9.为…付钱__________________________ 11.pay back__________________________ 13.被…所包围_______________________ 15.九死一生_________________________ 2. 至少;起码________________________ 4. 有大量的__________________________ 6. 从…中得到乐趣____________________ 8. 花费时间做某事____________________ 10.pay off____________________________ 12.至多;最多________________________ 14.和…做交易________________________ 16.拿…换…__________________________

17.一点儿也不_____________________=____________________=_____________________ 18. a narrow victory___________________ 20.满是…斑点_______________________ 22.kick…off_________________________ 24.in plain words_____________________ B 级 二.用框里短语填空 on the spot; at least; not in the least; get a kick out of; kick off; at the edge of; rip off; surround…with…; be forbidden to do; 1. I _______________________driving fast cars. 2. She _____________________surf the Internet too much. 3. Luckily there was a doctor______________ when the accident happened. 4. She had ________________________when a lorry crashed into her car. 5. I could hear the bird whistling ___________________the woods. 6.Tourists are worried they’ll ______________________ 7. They have ______________the building __________police. 8. The match will _____________at 3 o’clock. 9. The film was _____interesting _________________, but _____________it killed the time. a narrow escape; 19.on the spot__________________________ 21.kick against_________________________ 23.a plain fact_________________________ 25.戒除恶习__________________________


C级 三、用 cost; pay; spend; take 填空 1. Does it ___________much to have the TV mended? 2. His careless driving ________him his life. 3. How much did you _________for repairing my watch? 4. I don’t want to __________money on such books. 5. ---How much does this painting _________? 6.How long ______it ________ to go there by train? 四、用 surround 的适当形式填空 1. A lot of children at the school don’t live in town, but come from ______________countryside. 2._______with high mountains, the village enjoys warm climate. 3.The house is situated in very pleasant _______________. 4. He like to _____________himself ________beautiful music. 五、选择 1. —What did you do last night? — a composition , I finished my physics homework . A. Instead of B. Apart from C. In addition D. Thanks to 2. His article is good ___ some spelling mistakes. A. except that B. except C. except for D. besides 3. She goes to school every day ____ Sunday. A. except B. besides C. beside D. except for 4. — Do you know anything about that man? — No. I know nothing about him _______ I read in the newspaper yesterday. A. besides B. except when C. except for D. except what 5. She knew nothing about his journey _______ he was likely to be away for three months. A. Except B. except for C. except that D. in addition 6. _______ reading the letter, what has he done? A. Because of B. Except C. Besides D. But for 7. It is necessary for us to learn _____ second language ____ our mother tongue. A. the; besides B. a; except C. the; except D. a; besides 8. Four other students aren't in the classroom ____ Lin Tao. Where are they ? A. but B. except C. beside D. besides 9. ------ That car looks nice and spacious. ------ Well, it’s too expensive, ________, I don’t like the color. A. besides B. however C. as well D. therefore 10. —Where _____Chongqing do you decide to build the factory? —Nobody _____ our manager knows. A.except; besides B.but; besides C.but ; but D.except; besides ---I __________100000 $ on it.


编写人 课 题 司慧卉 编写时间

11 月

编号 审核人


2012 年 5日

Book4 Module 5 A Trip Along the Three Gorges

1.One of my old pals called me last night. Believe it or not, it’s ________ five years since we last met. A. at length B. at most C. at least D. at last 2.Houston Rockets won a ________ victory over L.A.Lakers by 98:97 in the final basketball match. A. risky B. narrow C. slight D. brief 3.I wouldn't ________ my job ________ anything. A. change; into B. trade; for C. trade; with D. lose; with 4.I paid $50 for the shoes but it turned out I got ________.They only cost half of the money. A. ripped off B. shown off C. cut off D. kicked off 5 Kevin burst into tears ________ because his teacher punished him in front of the whole class. A. on the side B. on the spot C. on any account D. on the mark 6.The garden is ________ with the sweet smell of flowers. A. full B. heavy C. busy D. pleased 7.There is a board by the road,which ________ “Parking________”! A.writes;forbidding B.reading;forbidding C.says;forbidden D.saying;forbidden 8. Hardly could he________ this amount of work in such a short time. A.get through B.get off C.get into D.get down 9.—I'd like to be on my own for a while. Do you mind? —________. Go ahead. A.Not in the least B.No way C.Yes, of course D.I'm afraid so 10. —Are you bored with working with children all day? —Bored? ________ A.It's hard to say. B.How do you find it? C.I get a kick out of it. D.It all depends. 11. There are a great number of natural resources in the desert,which remain to be ________. A.explored B.exploited C.exploded D.exposed 12. How much would you __________ for repairing my watch? A. spend B. cost C. charge D.pay 13. I don't think the watch will ______ much. It is ______ $30 at most. A. cost, worth B. worth, cost C. spend, worth D. worth, spend 14. There is no point ________ time ________ with him. A. to spend; to argue B. in spending; arguing C. to spend; arguing D. in spending; to argue 15. The Loisels did what they could ___ the debts. A. to pay off B. to pay for C. paid off D. paid for 16. . —Mom, I can’t see any point in working hard at all the subjects at school. — Come on, dear. Years of hard work will surely ____ in the future of your career. A. make sure B. pay off C. bring back D. pay back 17. Mrs. White found her husband ________by letters and papers and________ very worried. A. surrounding; looked B. surrounded ; looked C. surrounding; looking D. surrounded ; looking

18. Go on climbing to the top of the peak, and you will see all the____ hills. A. surround B. surrounded C. surrounding D. being surrounded 19. Some kinds of animals can change their color with _______. A. conditions B environment C. surroundings D. situation 20. ---It is so crowded. Where is Jack? ---He is very tall. We can easily _____ him in the crowd. A. discover B. find C. spot D. locate 21. ---I am afraid I don’t quite follow you. ---Let me make it ______. We do not want you here. A. plain B. absolute C. original D. moral 22. I arrived at the airport so late that I _____ missed the plane. A. only B. quite C. narrowly D. seldom 23. No one but the experts in this field can _____ the difference between them. A. recognize B. speak C. spot D. predict 24. The tomato juice left a brown_____ on the front of my jacket. A. track B. trace C. spot D. point 25. My headmaster usually ___his speech with a funny joke. A. kicks up B. kicks off C. kicks back D. kicks about 26. Have you prepared for the sports meeting which ______ soon? A. has taken place B. will be taken place C. is to take place D is to be taken place 27. He ___ speak on TV tonight. A. was to B. is to C. will be D. has 28. Either you or the headmaster ______ the prizes to the gifted students. A. is handing out B. are to hand out C. are handing out D. is to hand out 29. Anyone, if he _______ in his career, must be self- confident and make constant efforts towards his goal. A. succeeds B. will succeed C. is to succeed D. is about to succeed 30. If I _______ it, I would do it in a different way. A. were to do B. do C. had done D. was to do 31. Jimmy needs to improve his technique if he __________ gold in the 2008 Olympics. A.wins B.is winning C.is about to win D.is to win 32. The form ______in and returned within three weeks. A. is to be filled B. will fill C. is to fill D. are going to be filled 33. He didn’t ______ the adventure seriously. As a result, he broke both legs ______ the injuries to his face and hands. A. treat; except B. take; apart from C. accept; besides D. receive; aside from 34. I hardly know anyone in the village ________ William and you. A. besides B. apart from C. except for D. including 35. I admire my classmate Lisa very much, _______ her prettiness, she was smart and helpful. A Except for B But for C Apart from D In spite of 36. He usually goes to work by bike _______ it rains. A .except B. except when C. except for D. except that 37. ______ the weather, we had a pleasant time. A. Except B. Except for C. But D. Besides



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