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第一节:单项选择 1. ----Mr. Wang was caught in a snowstorm yesterday. -----I have known that, and _________ his new car was completely destroyed. A. hopefully B. fortunately

C. thankfully `` D. unfortunately 2. We must add some courses about information knowledge, and _______ students’ area of knowledge, increase students’ practice ability. A. raise B. rise C. lift D. enlarge 3. The number of car accidents __ drunk driving has greatly reduced due to the application of new traffic rules A. arising from B. resulting in C. arisen from D. arouse from 4. ----Shall we go to see the new film? -----___________? Let’s make it tonight. A. Why not? B. Why C. What for D. What 5. I was so excited at the news that I was admitted to the university that I could hardly ___ my feelings in words. A. convey B. carry C. transmit D. communicate 6. Sometimes, some adverbs ___ as adjectives. You must pay attention to them when you read the English text. A. are functioned B. function C. were functioned D. functions 7. After staying in hospital for long, the patient was advised to go to the seaside to ______ his health. A. take up B. make up C. pick up D. put up 8. -----Can I smoke here? -----No, at no time ___________ in the reading room. A. smoking permits B. is smoking permitted C. smoking is permitted D. does smoking permit 9. We must set aside some money for a rainy day______ run out of our income immediately. A. rather than B. or rather C. other than D. more than 10. Between the two parts of the concert is an interval,________ the audience can buy ice-cream. A.when B.where C.that D.which 11. In view of lacking preparations for the competition and not wanting to lose face, John eventually decided to _____ A. drop in B. drop off C. drop down D. drop out 12. He decided to postpone ____ the house because his mother was ill, which cost him a lot of money. A. to buy B. buying C. to be buying D. being bought 13. It is sleeping late in the morning that ______ being late for work. A. devotes to B. sticks to C. refers to D. leads to 14. Roses need special care _______ they can live through winter. A. because B. so that C. even if D. as 15. _______ exactly where he lived, I had no difficulty in finding his address. A. Being told B. To be told C. Having told D. Having been told 16. They have started an investigation, ______ are being kept secret. A. the details of which B. of that the details C. whose the details D. the details of it 17. The success of a government should be measured _____the happiness of the people as well as the development of economy. A. in face of B. in place of C. in terms of D. in honour of 第 1 页

18. My friend Martin was very sick with a high fever;_____, he could neither eat nor sleep. A. as a result B. after all C. anyway D. otherwise 19. -----Would you permit me _____ here? ------ Sorry. We don’t permit _______ in the reading room. A. smoke; smoking B. to smoke; to smoke C. smoking; to smoke D. to smoke; smoking 20. The deadly car accident ______ his careless driving. A. resulted in B. took off C. resulted from D. led to 21. Their bright eyes and smiling faces the impression that they were very excited A. determined B. conveyed C. shaped D. functioned 22. The world’s population hit 7 billion on Monday among celebrations and concerns about____ the growing number of people will affect the earth’s resources. A. why B. how C. whether D. what 23. The ruins of Loulan Kingdom have the ___of China’s Pompeii, an important historic site making the prosperity of the Silk Road A. fame B. popularity C. disability D. distinction 24. All of the ski resorts are from the hotel via free public transportation A. accessible B. available C. present D. probable 25. At a construction site in our city the workers have uncovered an ancient wall that____ to keep the enemy out of the city, but it requires further evidence. A. might have functioned B. would have functioned C. must have functioned D. should have functioned 26. .-Miss Jones once _________ music at Bardon School for ten years and now is an actress. -No wonder I often hear her sing in the garden. A. had taught B. taught C. is teaching D. has been teaching 27. The great changes would never have taken place _________ the economic reform in our country. A. apart from B. but for C. except D. besides 28. --- They are quiet, aren’t they? --- Yes. They are accustomed ____________ at meals. A. to talk B. to not talk C. to talking D. to not talking 29.Had Tom spent as much time studying as he did__computer games, he would have passed the exam A. play B. to play C. playing D. played 30. I dropped on an old friend of mine at his house the other day A. away B. across C. in D. out of 31. _____ around the lab, the visitors were taken to the playground. A. Having shown B. Having been shown C. Being shown D. To be shown 32. We don’t know what ideas the director, Zhang Yimou, wants to_____ to the audience of the world through the ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. A.deliver B.carry C.convey D.transport 33.The awareness of today’s parents has been growing ___success mainly depends more on independent thinking and knowledge than anything else A. where B. that C. what D. which 34. I bought a ticket___ a discount and took a trip____ the oldest underground system. 共 4 页

A. at; by B. at; on C. in; in D. by; on 35. —What do you want to do next? We have half an hour until the basketball game. — ________ . A. It just depends B. It’s up to you C. All right D. Glad to hear that

第二节:完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 20 分)
One fine day, an old couple around the age of 70, walked into a lawyer's office. Apparently, they were there to file a _____16___. The lawyer was very puzzled. After having a chat with them, he got their story. This couple had been quarreling all their 40 over years of marriage. They hang___17__because of their children, afraid that it might affect their up-bringing. Now, all their children have already grown up with their own families, there was nothing else the old couple had to worry about. All they wanted was to lead their own life____18__ all these years of unhappiness from their marriage, so both agree on a divorce. Lawyer was having a hard time trying to get the _____19___ done, because he felt that ____20____40 years of marriage at the age of 70, he couldn't understand why the old couple would still wanted a divorce. While they were ___21____ the papers, the wife told the husband. “I really love you, but I really can't carry on anymore, I'm sorry.” "It's OK, I understand." said the husband. Looking at this, the lawyer ____22____ a dinner together, just the three of them. The first dish was roasted chicken, immediately, the old man took one___23_____ for the old lady “Take this, it's your favorite." Looking at this, the lawyer thought maybe there's still a chance, but the wife was frowning when she answered. "This is always the ___24__. You always think so highly of ___25____, but never thought about how I feel, don't you know that I hate drumsticks?” Little did she know that, over the years, the husband have been trying all ways to please her, little did she know that drumsticks was the husband's favorite. That night, ___26___of them could sleep. After hours, the old man couldn't ___27___ it anymore, he knows that he still loves her, and he can't carry on life without her, he wants her back, he wants to tell her he is sorry, and he wanted to tell her, "I love you." He picked up the phone, started dialing her number. Ringing never stopped. He never stopped dialing. On the other side, she was sad. She couldn't understand ____28____ after all these years, he still couldn’t understand her at all. Phone was ringing, she refused to answer knowing that it was him. "What’s the point of talking ____29____ it's over” she thought Little did she remember, he had heart problems. The next day, she received news that he had passed away. She rushed down to his apartment, only ___30___ his body, lying on the couch still holding on to the phone. He had a heart attack when __31____ trying to get through her phone line. Sad__ 32___ she was, she had to clear his belongings. Suddenly, she saw an insurance policy, __33___from the day they got married, and beneficiary is her. Together in that file there was a note "To my dearest wife, I bought this policy for you. I hope it will be able to help me continue my promise that I have made when we got married. I might not be around anymore, but I want this amount of money to continue taking care of you, just like the way I will if I____34_____ longer. I want you to 第 2 页

know I will always be ___35___, by your side. I love you." Tears flowed like river. 16. A. marriage B. divorce C. claim 17. A. on B. out C. up 18. A. free from B. tired from C. tired of 19. A. agreement B. messages C. papers 20. A. since B. before C. after 21. A. marking B. signing C. sighting 22. A. advised B. agreed C. suggested 23. A. meat B. stick C. chicken 24. A. problem B. issue C. matter 25. A. me B. drumstick C. yourself 26. A. both B. either C. none 27. A. have B. take C. accept 28. A. how about B. how come C. so what 29. A. except that B. providing that C. now that 30. A. seeing B. to see C. having seen 31. A. still B. even C. ever 32. A. although B. when C. as 33. A. coming B. dating C. originating 34. A. should have lived B. could have lived C. must have lived 35. A. through B. around C. along

D. contract D. about D. free for D. document D. during D. writing D. prepared D. drumstick D. case D. ourselves D. neither D. believe D. what if D. in that D. seen D. almost D. while D. suffering D. needn’t have lived D. in

第二部分:阅读理解(共 8 小题,每题 2 分,满分 16 分)
A In 1999, 11-year-old Kevin Stephan was a bat boy for his younger brother's Little League team in Lancaster, New York. It was an early evening in late July. The sun shone at an angle across the field. The game unfolding in baseball time. Kevin was standing on the grass away from the plate, where another youngster was warming up. Swinging his bat back and forth, giving it all the power an elementary school kid could gather. The boy brought the bat back hard and hit Kevin square in the chest. His heart stopped. When Kevin fell to the ground, the mother of one of the players rushed out of the stands to his aid. Penny Brown hadn't planned to be there that day, but at the last minute, her shift at the hospital had been changed, and she was given the night off. Penny bent over the unconscious boy, his face already starting to turn blue, and administered CPR, breathing into his mouth and administering chest press. And he came back. It was a good thing, for a good kid. Kevin wasn't just a volunteer for his brother's baseball team --- he was a Boy Scout, one who went on to achieve Scouting's highest rank, Eagle. He became a volunteer junior firefighter, learning some of the emergency first-aid techniques that had saved his life. He studied hard in school and was saving money for college by working as a dishwasher in a local restaurant. He liked the people, but the work could be hard and pretty routine. Until the afternoon of January 27, 2006. Kevin, now 17, was working in the kitchen when he heard people screaming, customers in 共 4 页

confusion, employees rushing toward a table. He hustled into the main room and saw a woman there, her face turning blue, her hands at her throat. She was choking. Quickly Kevin stepped behind her, wrapped his arms around her and clasped his hands. Then, using skills he'd first learned in Scouts, he pulled suddenly inward and up, once, twice, administering the Heimlich maneuver. The food that was trapped in the woman's throat was freed. The color began to return to her face. "The food was stuck. I couldn't breathe," she said. She thought she was dying. "I was very frightened.” Guess who the woman was ? Penny Brown 36. According to the passage, we can learn about Kevin that . A. In 1999. Kevin was hit by a bat unexpectedly when he was doing baseball warming up. B His heart disease overtook him. C. He was hit square in the chest watching his younger brother’s team. D. He swung his bat too fiercely and hurt himself. 37. Why was Penny Brown right at the accident spot when Kevin was hit? A. Because she was interested in baseball. B. Because she had had her turn to work changed. C. Because her son was playing that evening. D. Because she was not supposed to be at work at the hospital. 38. What does the underlined word “it” in Paragragh5 refer to? A. That Kevin was a bat boy. B. That Kevin got injured. C. That Kevin was a Boy Scout. D. That Kevin was successfully saved. 39. Which of the following is not true according to the text? A. The Heimlich maneuver is an effective way to help those who choke. B.CPR can be used to treat one who has no heartbeat. C. Kevin learned some of the emergency first-aid techniques in Scout. D. Penny Brown was not Kevin’s mother. 40. Which one is the best title of the passage?. A. miracles take place every day. B. acts of kindness will deserve another good deed. C. we should learn first aid in case of emergency. D. we should be kind to those who ever helped us. B. AMONG Disney’s Royal Ladies, Tiana is a real first. Long ago and far away, she was an unnamed little princess in a little story called the “The Frog Prince”. She and her friend lived in a very small, mostly forgotten corner of the fairy tale universe. Many years passed. And then one day, through the magical powers of Disney animation (动画) and marketing, the forgotten little princess was changed into Tiana, a beautiful black princess from New Orleans. She became the star of The Princess and the Frog, a movie set for release in November 25. In the 72 years since Walt Disney’s Snow White won over audiences as “the fairest of them all”, there have only been eight Disney princesses. Through these movies and a line of toys, the Disney princesses have become global icons(偶像) of childhood. Sleeping Beauty awakened by a kiss, Cinderella’s clock striking midnight, Belle dancing in the Beast’s castle – these have become heroines whom parents feel safe to let their young girls copy and idealize (视作偶像). And while 第 3 页

Disney has brought us non-white princesses before (see Mulan, Pocahontas), Tiana is the first black one. The implied (暗含的) message of Tiana, that black American girls can be as elegant as Snow White herself, is a first for American culture, according to scholars and cultural historians. Her appearance this holiday season, coming on the heels of Michelle Osama’s emergence as the nation’s first lady, the Obama girls in the White House and the first line of Barbie dolls modeled on black women, will crown an extraordinary year for African American women. Moreover, this princess’s dream is not just to marry a prince. In the film, Tiana is a young waitress and talented chef who dreams of owning her own restaurant. She eventually kisses a frog and is herself changed into one. She must journey into the dark river to get a magical cure from an evil queen. The message that Tiana learns in the film is that balance is important in life. She needs both love and a career to find happiness. 40. Tiana is different from other Disney’s Royal Ladies in that she is the first ______. A. princess that is changed from a frog B. non-American prince C. black prince D. princess well received by audience 41. All of the following Disney princesses are white EXCEPT ______. A. Sleeping Beauty B. Belle C. Cinderella D. Pocahontas 42.Tiana's appearance as a Disney princess can be attributed to(归于)______. A. the growing importance of African-Americans in the US B. the change in audience taste C. Disney's lack of good stories D. the beauty and independence of African American women 43. The story tells us that The Princess and the Frog says ______. A. love is the most important thing in our life B. there is a price to pay for love and happiness C. happiness is about achievement as much as finding love D. skin color is no longer a concern in America

第三部分 任务型阅读(每小题 1 分,满分 10 分)

White-collar workers going to great lengths for stress relief A soldier of the South Korean special attack corps paints his eyes during a friendly Teakwood match at a South Korean Army Base in Pochon, north of Seoul. Stressed out white-collar workers are scaling(攀登) skyscrapers, camping out on rooftops, smashing up restaurants, pretending to be children and even visiting cemeteries in a bid to relieve the pressure of modern life. As the country's economy continues to steam ahead, once popular forms of entertainment, such as karaoke, card games and even boxing bars, appear to be losing their appeal. Consider the members of Shanghai's Cat Rain club. By day, this group of young women works executive jobs, but by night they climb buildings so they can spend the night on the roof. "It's a good way to release our pressure. You feel relaxed when you're sitting on the roof, looking up to the sky and chatting with intimate(亲密的)friends," said Gong Ying, 25. The stress of work is not just limited to people in Shanghai. A recently opened restaurant in Beijing encourages customers to smash plates - as long as they are willing to pay to replace them. Though there has been some debate about the extravagance(奢侈)of such services, some 共 4 页

psychologists say the activity reflects the desire of some white-collar workers to vent their angst. Some workers even appear eager to return to their childhoods. This May, hundreds of people took part in a festival in which adults pretended to be children. It was an adults-only event, and participants could read comics and eat sweets all day. Scenic places such as parks and rivers can also help people relax and put things in perspective. But a cemetery? Cemetery companies in Shanghai organized visits to local graveyards for stressed-out workers in March. The participants were taken to quiet spots in the cemetery where they could contemplate (考虑、 打算)life and their futures. Roof-camper Chen Bin, an IT marketing professional, said she had camped out on a rooftop about 30 times. When she's not sleeping out under the stars, she also has several other adrenalin-fueled interests, such as downhill racing and paragliding. "Pressure may bring us distress, but it doesn't mean we can't find ways out," Chen says. "Life should be imaginative

White-collar workers going to great lengths for ___1___ relief

Old entertainment becomes less popular. Once ___2___ forms of entertainment, such as Karaoka, card games and boxing bars, which were popular in the ___3___, appear to be losing their appeal.

The ways for white-collar to relieve the pressure of ___4___ life. Climbing buildings and spending the night on the ___5___. Going to the restaurants which encourage customers to __6____ plates. Taking part in a festival in which adults ___7___ to be children. Scenic places can also help people __8____ and put things in perspectiv e. ___9__ out under the stars can also help.

Life should be ____10_____ Pressure may bring us distress, but we can find ways out.

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