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外研版英语 学案:Module6(必修2)

Module 6 Films and TV Programmes 基础自主回顾 Ⅰ.课标单词 1.________海报(n.) 2.__________杰作(n.) 3.__________跳跃;飞跃(vi.) 4.__________频道(n.) 5.__________情节(n.) poster masterpiece leap channel plot 6.__________角色;人物(n.)→__________特征;特色(n.) 7.__________男的;男性的(adj.)→__________(反义词)女的;女性的 8.__________优美的;优雅的(adj.)→__________(n.) 9.__________使感兴趣(vt.)→__________有趣的(adj.)→__________感兴趣的(adj.) 10.__________勇敢的(adj.)→__________(n.) character characteristic male female graceful grace interest interesting interested brave bravery 11.__________感人的(adj.)→__________感动的(adj.)→__________使感动(vt.) 12.__________有时;偶尔(adv.)→__________偶然的;偶尔的(adj.)→__________有时;间或;偶尔(n.) 13.__________争论(vi.)→__________(n.) 14.__________有趣的;令人愉快的(adj.)→__________使快乐;使感兴趣(vt.)→__________娱乐;娱乐节目(n.) 15.__________(小说、戏剧、电影的)背景(n.)→__________以……为背景(vt.)

moving moved move occasionally occasional occasion argue argument entertaining entertain entertainment setting set Ⅱ.常用短语 1.____________爱上;喜欢(表动作) 2.____________扮演角色 3.____________令某人吃惊的是 4.____________吃惊地 5.____________有时;偶尔 6.____________出现;出版 fall in love with play a part to one's surprise in surprise every now and then come out 7.____________喜欢;爱上(表状态) 8.____________讲述 9.____________关心;顾虑;在乎 10.____________在……岁时 11.____________有时,不时 12.____________每两天 13.____________远至,就……而言 be in love with

tell of care about at the age of from time to time every two days as far as Ⅲ.重点句型 1.The action takes place on Peking rooftops, and in places ________ away ________ the deserts of western China. 打斗发生在北京的屋顶之上和中国西部遥远的沙漠之中。 答案:as far; as 2.Unusually, ________ the female characters ________ interest us most. 不同寻常的是,正是女主角吸引我们。 答案:it is; that 3.________________, Xiulian is the character we care about most. 我们最关注秀莲这个角色,她勇敢、善良、坚强。 答案:Brave, good and strong 4.But ________________, ________ he, more than anyone else in the history of films, understands the meaning of the word “entertainment”. 但是绝大多数人认为:他比电影史上任何一个人更懂得“娱乐”一词的意义。 答案:it is generally agreed; that Ⅳ.模块语法 1.Do you enjoy listening to records? I find records are often ________ or better than an actual performance. A. as good as B. as good C. good D. good as 答案:A 2.Last night we met with ________ rain at the station. A. a quite heavy B. too heavy a C. such heavy a D. a so heavy 答案:B 3.The old gentleman has ________ been to the Great Wall before, has he? A. always B. already C. ever D. not 答案:D 4.They have produced ________ they did last year. A. twice more grain as

B. twice as much grain as C. twice as many grain as D. as twice many grain as 答案:B 5.The teacher wondered why ________ many students had made ________ careless mistakes. A. so; so B. so; such C. such; so D. such; such 答案:B 6.China is a large country which is getting ________. A. more and more developed B. more and more developing C. more developed and more developed D. more developing and more developing 答案:A 7.I've got ________ work to do on a ________ cold day. A. much too; much too B. too much; too much C. too much; much too D. much too; too much 答案:C 8.What he said just now sounded ________, I think. A. quite perfectly B. nice and interesting C. nice or polite D. nicely and friendly 答案:B 考点探究解密 考 点 解 读 1.character n.品质,性格;人物,角色;名誉,文字 精讲拓展: ①a man of character 有个性的人,有骨气的人 ②a leading character 主角 ③in character 符合……的个性 ④gain the character of 博得……的名声

⑤in the character of 以……的资格,扮演……的角色 ⑥out of character 不符合的……个性 ⑦characteristic adj.特有的,表示特性的,典型的 n.特性,特征 误区警示:character 作“性格,个性,性质”讲多作不可数名词,作“人物,文字”讲时是可数名词。 朗文在线: ①There is a serious side to her character. 她性格当中也有严肃的一面。 ②Liquids are different in character from both solids and gases. 液体的特性与固体和气体的均不相同。 ③Kurt's quite a character—he has so many tales to tell. 库尔特是一个不同寻常的人——他有许多不同的经历。 词语辨析:character 与 characteristic ①character 指某人/物本身所具有的“个性,性格”。 He has a strong but gentle character. 他有坚强但温柔的性格。 ②characteristic n.指人/物具有的“特色;特性”。 Kindness is one of his characteristics. 善良是他的特性之一。 A characteristic of the camel is its ability to live for a long time without water. 骆驼的特点是不喝水也能活很长时间。 命题方向:character 常考查它的数及与 characteristic 进行区别的辨析题。 活学巧练: (1)He is a man of________(个性). (2)Who is the main________(角色)in the play? (3)Her behavior last night was quite________(与个性不相称). character character out of character 2.interest n.兴趣,关心,重要性,影响,利息,利益,利害 vt.使发生兴趣,引起……的注意 I find no interest in such things. 精讲拓展 ①interested adj.感兴趣的 ②interesting adj.有趣味的,引起好奇(或注意)的 ③be interested in 对……感兴趣

④in the interest(s)of 为了……的利益;为……起见,对……有利 ⑤lose interest 不再感兴趣;不再引起兴趣 ⑥take/show(an)interest in 对……表示关心(有兴趣) ⑦take/feel/have no/not much interest in 对……不/不太感兴趣 ⑧with interest 有兴趣地,津津有味地 ⑨interest sb.in sth.使某人注意,关心或参加某事;使某人对某事感兴趣 误区警示:interested 表示某人(对某事物)感兴趣;interesting 表示某事物/某人(令人感到)有趣。 朗文在线: ①She is very interested in languages. 她对语言非常感兴趣。 ②Now he's grown up; he no longer shows any interest in his stamp collection; he's lost all interest in it. 现在他长大了,对集邮不再感兴趣了;他对此完全失去了兴趣。 ③I borrowed the money at 5% interest. 我以五分利息借了那笔钱。 命题方向:高考中常在完形填空中考查作形容词用的 interested。 活学巧练 (1)The________(利益)of the individual must be subordinated to the________(利益)of the collective. (2)American Football doesn't________(使感兴趣)me at all. (3)I have lost my________(兴趣)in chemistry. (4)I borrowed the money at a low________(利息). interests interests interest interest interest (5)What________him most was her writing style rather than her story itself. A.interesting B.interestingly C.interests D.interested 答案与解析:D 整个句子为一个含有主语从句的复合句。答项在主语从句中作谓语故应用动词形式。 3.argue vi.争论,辩论 vt.辩论,主张,说服;用辩论证明;表明,证明 精讲拓展: ①argue with sb.about/on/over sth.与某人辩论/争论某事 ②argue sb.down 驳倒某人 ③argue for/against 为赞成/反对……而力争

④argue sb.into 说服(做某事或接受某种意见) ⑤argue sb.out of 说服某人不做某事/打消某种念头 ⑥argue sth.off 提出论据,消除某问题;驳倒某事 ⑦argument n.辩论 ⑧beyond argument 无可争辩的 误区警示:argue sb.into/out of doing 是“说服某人做/不做”,但没有 argue sb.to/not to do 句型。 朗文在线: ①I'm not going to argue with you,but I think you are wrong. 我不想和你争辩,但是我认为你错了。 ②You can argue against extending the airport on the grounds of cost. 你可以以成本太高为理由反对扩建机场。 ③Joyce argued me into buying a new jacket. 乔伊斯说服了我买一件新夹克衫。 词语辨析:argue,debate 与 dispute 三者都含有“辩论”的意思。 ①argue 着重“说理”“论证”和“企图说服”。 I argued with her for a long time,but she refused to listen to reasons. 我和她辩论了好久,但她还是不听原因。 ②debate 着重“双方各抒己见”,内含“交锋”的意思。 We have been debating about the issue. 我们一直在就这个问题进行辩论。 ③dispute 指“激烈争辩”,含有“相持不下”或“未得解决”之意。 Whether he will be elected as chairman is still disputed. 他是否当选为主席,仍然有争论。 命题方向:argue 常与 discuss,debate 等放在一起以词语辨析的形式出现在各种题型中。 活学巧练 They argued________the matter the whole afternoon, and at last agreed________the date for the next morning. A. with; with B. on; over C. about; on D. over; over 答案与解析:C 本题考查 argue 与介词的搭配。根据句意,第一个空是“就……争论”,应填 about,over 或 on;第二空表示“双方就……达成共识”,用介词 on。 4.occasionally adv.有时,偶尔 I occasionally go to the movies with him. 精讲拓展:

①occasion n.时刻,场合 ②on occasion 不时,必要时 ③on no occasion 决不(放于句首,句子应用部分倒装) ④occasional adj.偶然的,有时的 ⑤on one occasion 曾经,有一个时候 ⑥on the occasion of 在……的时候,值此之际 ⑦have occasion to do 有必要做 误区警示:occasion 作先行词时,其后的定语从句常由 when 引出,也可由 where 引出。 朗文在线: ①She had met Zahid on an earlier occasion. 她早些时候曾见过扎西德。 ②We only see each other very occasionally. 我们极少见面。 命题方向:occasionally,on occasion 是重要考点。 活学巧练:用 occasion 的适当形式填空 (1)He spent five years in Paris,with________visits to some other cities in Europe. (2)I go to see a film________. (3)I have on________visited her. occasional occasionally occasion 5.come out vi.出来,出现,(花)开,发芽,出版,清楚表达,照得鲜明,结果是 The meaning of his story didn't come out well. 精讲拓展: ①come about 发生 ②come along 一起来;过来 ③come down 下来;败落 ④come into being 形成,产生 ⑤come into use/effect(force) 开发使用/生效 ⑥come on 加油,跟我来 ⑦come over 过来;从远方来 ⑧come to 共计;达到 ⑨come true 变成现实,实现 ⑩come up 走近,走上来;发芽

B11come across (偶然)遇见 B12come to oneself 苏醒过来 B13come from 来自 B14come up to 达到…… 误区警示:come 组成的上面的短语均无被动形式。 朗文在线: ①A second edition will come out next year. 第二版将在明年出版。 ②I love it when the snowdrops start to come out. 我喜欢开始绽放的雪花莲。 ③If you spend a little more time on your work now ,you'll come out ahead in the end. 如果你现在能在工作上多花一点儿时间,你最终会成为佼佼者的。 命题方向:come out 常与 come over,come about 等放在一起以词语辨析题的形式出现。 活学巧练:用 come 构成的短语填空 (1)I've just________(碰见)an old friend. (2)The song________(流传下来)us from the 10th century. (3)We shall work hard to________(赶上)them. (4)Who________(结果)first in the contest? (5)I think the roses will________(开花)next week. come across comes over come up with came up come up (6)It's already 10 o'clock.I wonder how it________that she was two hours late on such a short trip. A.came over B.came out C.came about D.came up 答案与解析:C it 是形式主语,指这件事是怎样发生的。 6.in surprise 吃惊地 精讲拓展: ①in 可用于表示做某事时所处于的状况或状态,再如: in silence 沉默地 in horror 惊恐地 in love 恋爱地

in repair 在修理中 in order 有序地,整齐地 in groups 成群的 ②to one's surprise=to the surprise of sb. 使某人惊讶的是 be surprised at sth.对……感到吃惊 be surprised to do sth.干……感到吃惊 take...by surprise 奇袭,使感到意外 be a surprise to sb.对某人来说是件惊人的事 误区警示:in 后接名词表状况时,名词前不用不定冠词,surprise 具体到一个人或一件事时是可数名词。 朗文在线: ①She looked at me in horror. 她惊恐地看着我。 ②It was all done purely in fun. 做这些事纯粹是为了好玩儿。 ③We were all surprised at Sue's outburst. 苏突然发作了,我们大家都很惊讶。 ④Rebel forces took the town by surprise. 叛军出其不意地攻占了该镇。 命题方向:表示状态的 in 常与 on, at, off 等辨析考查。 活学巧练: The building is________good repair. A.to B.in C.at D.on 答案与解析:B in repair 在修理 7.to+one's+抽象名词=to the+抽象名词+of sb. to one's delight/to the delight of sb.使……高兴的是 to one's joy/to the joy of sb.使……高兴的是 to one's sorrow/to the sorrow of sb.使……悲伤的是 to one's surprise=to the surprise of sb.“令某人感到惊奇的是……”。 特别提示:对于 to one's surprise/ joy...这类表达加强程度的方法有两种。much to one's surprise/ joy...或 to one's great surprise/ joy...。例如: Much to my surprise/ To my great surprise, he came out first. 令我大为吃惊的是,他居然得了第一名。 误区警示:抽象名词不能用复数。

活学巧练 (1)________,he didn't hurt himself in the terrible accident. 使我们惊奇的是在那次可怕的事故中他没有受伤。 (2)To their surprise(=________),they saw not a thief but their owner. 令他们感到惊奇的是他们看到的不是贼而是主人。 (3)________,the house was completely destroyed in the fire. 使一家人悲伤的是他们的房子在火中被彻底毁了。 To our surprise To the surprise of them To the sorrow of the family 8.Brave,good and strong,Xiulian is the character we care about most.我们最关注秀莲这个角色,她勇敢、善良、坚强。 brave,good and strong 是形容词短语作主语补语。 精讲拓展 形容词(短语)在句中可作定语、表语、主语补语、宾语补语。作定语时,形容词一般放于名词前面,但修饰不定代词时应放于不定代词之后;作主语补语时可 放于主语前用逗号隔开或放于句末;作宾语补语时往往放于宾语的后面。 误区警示:放于动词后的词若和主语有关系应用形容词性的修饰词而不应用副词性的修饰词。 例如:He died happy.而不是 He died happily. 朗文在线: ①She lives alone. 她独自居住。 ②I lay awake worrying about my exams. 我躺在床上睡不着,担心考试的事。 命题方向:形容词(短语)作补语是常被考查的知识要点。 活学巧练: The missing children were found________. A.safe and soundly B.safely and sound C.safely and soundly D.safe and sound 答案与解析:D 本题考查形容词作主语补足语。 9.But it is generally agreed, that he, more than anyone else in the history of films, understands the meaning of the world “entertainment”.但是绝大多数人认为:他比 电影史上任何一个人更懂得“娱乐”一词的意义。 It is agreed that...人们一致同意…… 精讲拓展 ①It is believed that... 人们相信…… ②It is known that... 众所周知……

③It is reported that... 据报道…… ④It is supposed that... 大家推测……(从句中用 should do) ⑤It is thought that... 大家认为…… ⑥It is considered that...据认为…… ⑦It is hoped that... 人们希望…… ⑧It is proved that... 据证明…… ⑨It is suggested/ proposed that... 人们建议……(从句中用 should do) ⑩It has been pointed out that... 已经指出…… B11It has been found out that... 人们发现…… B12It is required/ demanded that... 据要求…… 注意:It's said that 也可以改为 People say that 或 He is said to do/ to be doing/ to have done. 误区警示:此类句型中的 it 不可被 that,this 等替换。 朗文在线: ①Most scientists agree that global warming is a serious problem. 大多数科学家都认为全球气候变暖是个严重的问题。 ②It was agreed that Mr.Rollins would sign the contract on May 1st. 约定罗林斯先生于 5 月 1 日在合同上签字。 命题方向:此句型中的 it 常与 that,this 等放于一起进行辨析考查,而句型中的 that 常与 which,why 等进行辨析。 活学巧练 (1)(2009· 辽宁光明中学模拟)Your sister is said ________ in the supermarket when she was doing shopping yesterday. A. to be treated badly B. treating badly C. being badly treated D. to have been badly treated 答案与解析:D 此句是“It is said that...”句型的变式。当从句的主语作整个句子的主语时,be said 后用不定式,所以先排除 B、C 两项。并且 be treated 的动作 发生在谓语动词 said 之前,所以用不定式的完成时。 (2)________ that the way people spend their holidays has changed a great deal in the past ten years. A. It is reported B. What is reported C. It reports D. As is reported 答案与解析:A 考查 it 作形式主语的句型。此句中真正主语是 that 后的从句,且与 report 之间为被动关系。形式主语 it 不能用其他词代替。若选 D,需去掉 空后的 that 并用逗号,用 as 引导定语从句。若选 B,则应在 that 前加 is,此时 what 引导主语从句。 10.频度和地点状语 (1)频度状语多置于被修饰的动词、形容词和副词之前。如所修饰的动词前面有情态动词或助动词,则置于情态动词或助动词之后。常见的作状语表频度的词 和词组有 often, usually, always, frequently, constantly, regularly, sometimes, from time to time, rarely, hardly, occasionally, seldom, ever, never, every two days, every

now and then 等。 朗文在线: ①I have never chatted with anyone on the Internet before. 我以前从未在网上跟人聊过天。 ②John usually goes to school at 7 ? 30. 约翰通常 7 点 30 分去上学。 ③You must often keep this in mind. 这一点你要经常记在心里。 注意:表示否定含义的 never, seldom, rarely, hardly 等副词,为了强调若放于句首时,主句的语序要倒装。 例:Never have I seen anything so wonderful as that. 我从未看见过和那一样精彩的东西。 (2)地点状语在句中的位置较为灵活。常见的作状语表地点的词和词组有:here, there, anywhere, everywhere, somewhere, nowhere, above, in, inside, out, outside, abroad, ahead, away, downstairs, upstairs, downtown, home, indoors, nearby, outdoors, overhead, underground, on the top, at the foot of, in the west 等。 朗文在线: ①One of my friends has been sent abroad for further education. 我有一个朋友被派到国外深造了。 ②This kind of plant can be seen everywhere in the south. 这种植物在南方随处可见。 ③She rushed downstairs and burst into the kitchen. 她冲下楼闯进了厨房。 注意:表示地点的副词或短语,如 here, there, up, down, in, away 等放于句首,且主语是名词,而谓语动词是 come, go, follow, be 等词的一般现在时形式,此句 需把谓语动词置于主语之前,构成倒装语序。例: Here comes the bus!公共汽车来了! On the top of the hill stands a temple. 山顶上有座庙。 11.副词和短语作状语 (1)副词作状语 ①副词的主要作用就是作状语,特别是以-ly 结尾的副词,它们可以修饰动词、形容词、副词等。 She kindly waited for me. 她很有礼貌,等了我一会儿。 Perhaps you're partly right. 或许你有一部分是对的。 ②还有相当多副词不以-ly 结尾,它们可以修饰动词,也可以修饰形容词或副词。 She speaks French well.她法语讲得很好。

The bag isn't big enough.这袋子不够大。 ③评注性副词位置较灵活,常位于句首,有时也可在句中或句末,常用逗号隔开。 常见的这类副词有 actually, briefly, certainly, clearly, fortunately, luckily, surprisingly 等。 Honestly, I think you're a little prejudiced. 说真的,我感觉你有点偏见。 (2)短语作状语 ①介词短语亦可作状语表示时间、地点、方式、原因等。 He swims every day during the summer. 夏天他每天都游泳。 We sat down on the grass.我们在草地上坐下。 ②名词短语作状语表时间、方式、程度等。 The letter was in my pocket all the time. 这信一直在我的口袋里。 He operated the machine the same way. 他用相同的方法操作那部机器。 ③另外,动词-ing 和过去分词短语也可作状语。 Holding a DV, she went in. 她手里拿着 DV,走了进来。 Lost in thought, she almost ran into the car before her. 由于沉思,她几乎撞在前面的汽车上。 活学巧练 (1)(2007· 北京)The new group of students is better-behaved than the other group who stayed here ________. A. early B. earlier C. earliest D. the earliest 答案与解析:B 早些。 (2)(2007· 浙江)Work gets done ________ when people do it together, and the rewards are higher too. A. easily B. very easy C. more easily D. easier 答案与解析:C 更容易。 (3)Although the country has had political independence for over a century, ________ it needs the support of its neighbours. A. naturally B. economically C. especially D. luckily 答案与解析:A 自然,表转折。 (4)(2006· 上海)I hope I will not be called on in class as I'm not yet ________ prepared.

A. attentively B. readily C. actively D. adequately 答案与解析:D 充分的。 考 题 演 练 1.It saves time in the kitchen to have things you use a lot ________ easy reach. A. near B. upon C. within D. around 答案与解析:C 本题考查介词的用法。弄清介词的不同含义和搭配是正确解题的关键。句意:在厨房里把你常用的东西放在随手可及的地方,那样会节省时 间的。within easy reach 随手可及,在附近。 2.Mary and I see each other ________, but not as often as we used to. A. sooner or later B. once in a while C. in the end D. more or less 答案与解析:B 本题考查固定搭配。句意:我和玛丽偶尔见面,但是没有过去那么经常了。sooner or later 迟早;once in a while 偶尔,不时地;in the end 最 后;more or less 或多或少。 3.Usually John would be late for meetings. But this time, ________ to my surprise, he arrived on time. A. little B. much C. ever D. even 答案与解析:B 本题考查副词作状语。日常学习中要注意副词的习惯用法。本题句意应为:约翰开会通常会迟到,但这一次,令我非常吃惊的是,他按时到 会了。修饰“to one's+情感名词”用副词 much。 4.________ and short of breath, Andy and Ruby were the first to reach the top of Mount Tai. A. To be tired B. Tired C. Tiring D. Being tired 答案与解析: 本题考查形容词短语作状语的用法。 B 本句中的 Tired and short of breath 为形容词短语作状语, 补充说明主语所处的状态, 又如: Tired and hungry, I arrived at home last night. 5.—I wonder ________ you'll water this kind of flower. —Every other day. A. how often B. how long C. how soon D. how much 答案与解析:A 本题考查特殊疑问词的选择。根据下一句的回答可知此处问的是频率,应用 how often,意为“多久一次”。B 项意为“(延续)多长时间”;C 项 意为“多久之后”;D 项意为“多少”。 6.________ the website of the Fire Department in your city, and you will learn a lot about firefighting. A. Having searched B. To search C. Searching D. Search 答案与解析:D 本题考查“祈使句+and+简单句”结构,所以句首用动词原形。

7.________ was most important to her, she told me, was her family. A. It B. This C. What D. As 答案与解析:C 本题考查名词性从句关联词的选用。what 引导主语从句,同时又在从句中充当主语。 8.—Hi, Mark. How was the musical evening? —Excellent! Alex and Andy performed ________ and they won the first prize. A. skillfully B. commonly C. willingly D. nervously 答案与解析:A 考查副词的用法。句意:——喂,马克!音乐晚会如何?——太棒了!亚历克斯和安迪表演得很娴熟,他们得了第一名。 Module 6 Films and TV Programmes Ⅰ.根据句意,用所给单词或短语的适当形式填空 occasional argue brave interesting care about character plot entertainment graceful come out 1.When Harry Porter________,it was well received. 答案:came out 2.The scientist buried himself in his research and______little________his clothing and food. 答案:cared;about 3.The audience applauded loudly because the dancers had danced so________. 答案:gracefully 4.There are so many________in A Dream of Red Mansion that I can hardly remember them all. 答案:characters 5.The story he told was so________that we all burst into laughter. 答案:entertaining 6.The________of the novel is so complicated that I can't understand it. 答案:plot 7.We should try to settle the problem by________,not by fighting. 答案:argument 8.There are many places of________in China,attracting tourists from all over the world. 答案:interest 9.The young man was praised for his________of saving the boy from the big fire. 答案:bravery 10.We don't meet often.We only see each other______. 答案:occasionally Ⅱ.单项填空 1.I have________visited her at home.

A.occasional B.on occasion C.occasionally D.both B and C 答案与解析:D 根据句子结构,这里应使用修饰动词的状语。 2.________has been proved that the young man is a murderer. A.That B.This C.Which D.It 答案与解析:D 本题考查 it 作形式主语,真正的主语是后面的 that 从句。 3.This is a serious novel,not________. A.entertainment B.entertained C.entertaining D.an entertainment 答案与解析:A 娱乐品。 4.(2008· 郑州毕业班第一次质量预测)This kind of cloth isn't good, but that kind is________better. A. rather B. hardly C. less D. even 答案与解析:B 句意理解为“那一种也不比这一种好”。语境中含有对比含义。 5.It ________that China ________another man-made earth satellite into orbit. A.is reported;has sent B.reports;has sent C.is reported;has been sent D.reports;has been sent 答案与解析:A 本题考查 It is reported that...句型。China 与动词 send 之间是主动关系,故选择主动语态。 6.Seldom ________ lonely even i f I have been alone at home for about a week. A.have I felt B.I had felt C.I have felt D.had I felt 答案与解析:A 该题考查倒装句。否定副词 seldom 用于句首,须用部分倒装。做倒装句的题时,先找到需用倒装语序的关键信息词或短语,然后根据语境 选出适当的时态,排除异项,便可得出答案。 7.______ and happy, Tony stood up and accepted the prize. A.Surprising B.Surprised C.Being surprised D.To be surprising 答案与解析: 该题考查形容词用法。 B surprised and happy 是形容词短语作主语补足语。 因主语 Tony 是人, 再由句意可判断应选用 surprised 而不是 surprising。 可把原句改为“Tony stood up and accepted the prize, surprised and happy.”答案为 B 项。 分词形式的形容词在句中作表语、 补语时, 关键看分词形式与主语的关系, 若是动宾则用-ed 形式;若是主谓关系则用-ing 形式。另外-ing 形式还具有表示功能的特点,如:a surprising story,表示令人惊讶的故事,若掌握好-ed 与-ing 的用法,解答此类题便很轻松了。

8.(2007· 天津)The final score of the basketball match was 93-94.We were only________beaten. A.nearly B.slightly C.narrowly D.lightly 答案与解析:C “篮球比赛最后的比分是 93 比 94。我们险些被打败。”A 项为“几乎”;B 项为“稍微”;C 项为“勉强地(hardly);险些”;D 项为“轻微地;轻度 地”。本题考查副词的用法。 9.The first textbook written for teaching English as a foreign language ________ in the 16th century. A.came about B.came across C.came out D.came over 答案与解析:C come out 意为“出版”,符合句意。come about“产生”;come across“偶然遇见”;come over“过来”。 10.(2009· 河南范县模拟)—I'm happy to take care of your bird while you're gone. ________ does he need to be fed? —Some days he eats a lot, but some days he doesn't. Just put more food in his dish when you notice that it's empty. A.How soon B.How long C.How often D.How many 答案与解析:C 根据句意,问话者问的是小鸟需要多久喂一次,故选 how often“多少时候一次”符合题意;how soon“多少时间之后”;how long“多久”;how many“多少”,均不符合题意。 11.(2009· 山东潍坊/枣庄模拟)A machine needs fuel to run. ________ man needs food to live on. A.Actually B.Generally C.Similarly D.Naturally 答案与解析:C 考查副词辨析。句意为:一台机器需要燃料来运转,类似地,人需要食物来维持生命。similarly“相似地,类似地”,符合题意。actually“实际 上”;generally“一般地”;naturally“自然地”。 12.For many days I have been trying to ________ what it is that makes Jack so angry. A.carry out B.figure out C.watch out D.make out 答案与解析: 句意为: B 这么多天我一直想弄明白到底是什么使杰克这么生气。 figure out“弄明白”; carry out“实行; 履行”; watch out“注意; 小心”; make out“辨 认出”。 13.(2009· 河北保定模拟)—Did you arrive here this morning? —Yes. It was at nine o'clock ________ we came here. A.when B.before C.which D.that 答案与解析:D 考查强调句型。此句中强调的是时间状语“at nine o'clock”,如果选 when,就要去掉“at”。 14.________ is well known to us all is ________ Yao Ming has become one of the most popular NBA players. A.It; that B.As; that C.What; what D.What; that 答案与解析:D 第一空 what 引导主语从句,第二空 that 引导表语从句。若选 A 则可以去掉第二个 is,成为 It is...that... 结构;若选 B 项则可以去掉第二个 is

和选项中的 that,后再加一逗号,此时 as 引导非限制性定语从句。 15.—How much of Shanghai have you covered during the visit? —________. A.As far as the Bund B.As long as the Huangpu River C.Half of it D.Beyond Shanghai Botanical Garden 答案与解析:C 问句是问对方在上海参观期间去过多少地方,所以应该回答范围,故选 C 项。其余三项都与问句不符。 Ⅲ.翻译句子 1.他在那个委员会起着非常重要的作用。(play a part in) 答案:He played an important part in the committee. 2.他们一见钟情并很快就结婚了。(fall in love with) 答案:They fell in love with each other at the first sight and got married soon. 3.那张照片里他很上相。(come out) 答案:He came out very well in that photograph. 4.His romantic scenes with Yu Xiulian are very moving, as their eyes show all the love that they can not express in words. 答案:他和俞秀莲之间的浪漫的场面很感人,他们的眼神传递了所有的爱意,这种爱是无法用语言来表达的。 5.For the 1998 Oscars, Saving Private Ryan had been viewed as a best-picture shooting until Shakespeare in Love showed up at the last minute in December, the latter film ultimately winning the showdown. 答案:1998 年,大家以为《拯救大兵瑞恩》能够稳拿最佳影片奖,但到 12 月末, 《莎翁情史》意外杀进奥斯卡,最后成为大赢家。 Ⅳ.阅读理解 A Like a scene out of a reality show or a Disney movie, Southgate, Mich., teenager Ashley Qualls' moment has arrived.

She may not have an MBA, a high-school diploma, or even a driver's license yet, but Asheley Qualls already has an influential website (www. Whateverlife.Com). The 17-year-old girl has been building her online business for two years. In December 2004, Qualls borrowed $8 from her mother to buy the Whateverlife.com. domain name (域名). She intended to use the website as a way to share her design

for My Space pages with her friends. But in the incontrollable, fast-moving world of cyberspace, others began noticing Qualls' site even though she never has spent a penny on advertising. When it comes to web traffic, Whateverlife.com .currently ranks No. 825 out of 20.3 million websites, drawing 2.4 million visitors worldwide during the last 30 days. Qualls said that on average, 72% of her site's audience made a return visit. Whateverlife.com earned a million dollars in revenue last year and is on track to do the same this year. “I'm stubborn and I'm independent,” she said from her office in the basement of her house. “I like the feeling that it's my company, and I want to have the say-so (主张) in everything.” But don't mistake Qualls for another smart but spoiled teenager. She is growing up fast but owns talent for life and business that elude many girls of her age. The task of running a million-dollar company isn't without its sacrifices(牺牲) and challenges for a teenager. Qualls dropped out of Lincoln Park High School after her sophomore year to work fulltime on Whateverlife.com, a decision that she said shocked her family, friends and teachers. She now is studying to get her degree in graphic design. 1. Many people noticed Qualls' site because ________. A. it was set up by a 17-year-old girl B. Qualls shares her design with her friends C. Qualls has been building her online business D. the world cyberspace develops fast and uncontrollable 答案与解析:D 判断推理题。从第四段“…in the incontrollable,fast-moving world of cybersapce,others began noticing Qualls' site”可知网络空间发展和难以控 制是她的网址受到关注的主要原因。 2. Which of the following statements is NOT true according to the text? A. Qualls' Website Whateverlife .com. No. 825 in 20.3 million websites. B. About 2.4 million visitors worldwide visit her website every month. C. Most of her audience have visited her website at least twice. D. Qualls has the right to decide everything in her company. 答案与解析:B 判断正误题。 第五段第一句中,“...drawing 2.4 million visitors worldwide during the last 30 days.”可以推断并非是每个月都有 240 万人登 录她的网站。 3. The underlined word “elude” in the 8th paragraph means ________. A. avoid B. embarrass C. exceed D. encourage 答案与解析:C 词义猜测题。 从“owns talent for life and business”和下文她“running a million-dollar company” 可猜出,“elude”意思是“超出”,所以选 C 项。 B What's On Stage An acrobatic (杂技) soul: To celebrate its 50th anniversary, the China Acrobatic Troupe will present “The Soul of China”, where the seemingly impossible is made real.

Chills (寒战) will run down your spine (脊柱) as you watch breathlessly as performers take their art and their bodies to the edge.

Time: 7 ? 30 p.m., September 13—19 Place : Capital Theatre, 22 Wangfujing Dajie, Dongcheng District Exhibitions Joint Show: A group ink painting exhibition is running at the Huangshicheng Art Gallery in Beijing. About 50 works by 25 young artists including Ge Yun and Yu Yang are on display. Time:9 a.m.—5p.m. until September 10 Place: Huangshicheng Gallery , 136 Nanchizi Dajie, Dongcheng Distirct Oil paintings: The Wanfung Art Galley will host a joint show of oil paintings by 10 young and middle-aged artists. On display are more than 30 of their latest works, which capture (捕捉) the wondrous variety of life in unique (独特的) styles. Time :9 a.m.—4p.m. until September 15 Place: 136 Nachizi Street, Dongcheng District Literature (文学) museum : The National Museum of Modern Chinese Literature offers an indepth study of the evolution of Chinese contemporary literature from 1919 to 1949. Time: 9 a.m.—4 p.m., daily Place: 45 Anyuan Donglu, Chaoyang District (Shaoyaoju area) Concerts Beijing rocks : “The Fashionow Night of Chinese Rock” is set to bring rock fans out by the thousands next month. Nine Chinese rock bands will perform at the concert, including older generation bands , middle generation and some recent arrivals. The audience (听众) will be given a chance to decide what songs they want to hear, which is sure to bring a storm. Time: September 16 Place: The Olympic Center Belgium Orchestra (管弦乐队): Petite Bande , the Baroque Orchestra of Belgium will perform in Beijing at the Grand Theatre of the Cultural Palace of Nationalities as La

part of activities across the world to commemorate(纪念) the 250th anniversary of Bach's death. Time: 7 ? 30 p.m. September 11—14 Place: Grand Theatre of the Cultural Palace of Nationalities 4.What do you think of the acrobatic show mentioned here? A. When you watch it, you will certainly feel cold. B. Something strange will puzzle everyone, including scientists. C. Unexpected things will make you excited and surprised. D. Even the bravest ones will be too frightened to go on watching. 答案与解析:C 从 An achrobatic soul 中,我们知道当你看杂技表演时“…where the seemingly impossible is made real.Chills(寒战)will run down your spine(脊 柱)as you watch breathlessly as performers take their art and their bodies to the edge.”所以可知 C 项正确。 5. The most characteristic thing about the Fashionow Night of Chinese Rock is that ________. A. it will let the audience choose the performers and the music B. it is to bring thousands of rock fans out of their homes C. it will certainly cause a rock storm throughout China D. it is to be held in memory of one of the greatest musicians 答案与解析:B 从 Concerts 中的 Beijing Rocks 可知摇滚吸引音乐迷,使他们纷纷前去聆听。 6. Suppose it is September 14 today, how many activities can people choose to attend? A.2 B.3 C.4 D.5 答案与解析:C 根据此题的条件 9 月 14 日这天可选择参加看杂技、看油画、去中国文学博物馆、看管弦乐队表演四项活动。 7.On the whole ,we can conclude ________. A. people in Beijing prefer modern culture to something traditional B. there are usually more cultural activities in September than in any other month C. most of the cultural activities in Beijing are for foreign visitors only D. we can enjoy a large variety of cultural activities in Beijing 答案与解析:D 概括归纳整个活动的主旨,从全文看这些活动说明北京的文化活动多种多样,所以选 D。



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