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Unit 3-5
Ⅰ.词义辨析 1.People who can’t ________ between colors are said to be colorblind. A.accumulate B.monitor C.undertake D.distinguish

2.Would it be ________ for you to pick me up at four o’clock and take me to the airport? A.apparent B.vacant C.handy D.convenient

3.Television is such a means that it keeps us informed about________ events. A.opposite B.theoretical C.current D.clumsy

4.Water can absorb and give off a lot of heat without big changes in temperature, thus creating a ________ environment. A.peaceful B.sensitive C.common D.stable

5.We are at your service. Don’t ________ to turn to us if you have any further problems. A.beg B.hesitate C.desire D.seek

6.Eggs are ________ by weight as Extra Large,Large, Medium,and Small. A.separated C.arranged B.distributed D.classified

7.These details are easily ________,so you should pay attention to them. A.classified C.compromised B.overlooked D.resist

8.As there is less and less coal and oil,scientists are exploring new ways of making use of ________ energy,such as sunlight,wind and water for power and fuel. A.primary B.alternative C.instant D.unique

9.It is generally ________ that stress is caused by too much work. A.assumed B.interrupted C.accelerated D.preserved

10.He will be put into prison if there is ________ evidence to prove his guilt. A.brilliant B.horrible C.effective D.ample


【答案】1.D2.D 3.C 4.D5.B 6.D 7.B 8.B 9.A 10.D Ⅱ.形容词、副词和名词 1. 【浙江省建人高复 2014 届高三高考仿真模拟】 Scientists said the smaller the airborne particles, the more ______ they are to cause illness. A. possible 【答案】B B. likely C. probable D. perhaps

考点:考查形容词 2.【浙江省奉化二中 2014 届高三上学期第四次月考】 She has already tried her best. Please don’t be too about her job. A. responsible 【答案】C 【解析】 试题分析:句意:她已经很努力了。所以不要对她的工作太挑剔。responsible 负责的, special 特别的, 专门的, curious about 好奇的; particular 特别的, 词组: be particular about 对?挑剔;根据句意说明 C 正确。 考点:考查形容词 3. 【浙江省奉化二中 2014 届高三上学期第四次月考】 ---Are you pleased with what he has done? ---It couldn’t be _______. Why didn’t he put more effort into his work? A. any worse the best 【答案】A 【解析】 试题分析:句意:——你对他的所作所为满意吗?——一点儿也不满意。简直糟糕透了。他 为什么不更加努力地工作呢?根据上文的回答“一点儿也不满意”说明“他的工作”不好, 故排除 BD 选项。比较级用于否定句中往往有肯定的最高级含义。用 B 项的话,意思正好相

B. special

C. particular

D. unusual

B. much better

C. so bad


反,即“他的工作十分令人满意”。选 A。 考点:考查形容词的辨析和比较等级的用法 4.【浙江省鄞州区余姚市 2014 届高三 5 月模拟】Some plants are very ____ to light; they prefer the shade. A. sensible 【答案】D 【解析】 试题分析:句意:有些植物对光很敏感;它们更喜欢阴凉。A 明智的,通晓事理的;B 可利用 的,可得到的;C 可调节的;D 敏感的。固定短语:Be sensitive to “对??敏感” ,根据 句意可知选 D。 考点:考查形容词辨析 5. 【浙江省绍兴一中 2014 届高三下学期回头考试题】 Compared with other animals, snakes are believed to be below ____ in intelligence. A. average 【答案】A B. common C. ordinary D. usual B. available C. adjustable D. sensitive

考点:考查形容词辨析 6. 【浙江省宁波市十校 2014 届高三三月联考】 —You look tired, Jack. What's wrong with you? —Oh, 1 worked quite late last night. Nothing wrong with me, A. although 【答案】B 【解析】 试题分析:句意:--杰克,你看起来很疲劳。你怎么了?--昨晚我工作很晚,可是我没有什 么问题。Though 即可以做连词“虽然”,也可以做副词“可是,然而”,放在句中和句末, although 连词“虽然”,yet 副词:“但是”,不能放在句末,也可以做连词:然而,但 是,still“仍然”,所以选 B。 B. though C. yet D. still .


考点:考查副词辨析 7. 【浙江省绍兴县鲁迅中学 2014 届高三普通高等学校招生 5 月适应性考试】 The machine has been used many years. It’s no wonder that it doesn’t work well________. A. regularly 【答案】C 【解析】 试题分析:A. regularly 定期地,B. constantly 连续地,不断地,C. occasionally 偶尔 地,D. frequently 经常地,句意:这个机器已经被使用了很多年,难怪它偶尔不工作了。 所以选 C。 考点:考查副词辨析 8.【浙江省温州中学 2014 届高三上学期期中】— Now that you like the computer so much, why not buy one? — Well, I can’t afford ______ computer at present. A. that expensive a an expensive 【答案】A 【解析】 试题分析: 考查副词用法。本句中的 that 是一个副词,相当于 so ,such. That expensive a computer= such an expensive computer。如此昂贵的电脑。句意:既然你很喜欢电脑, 为什么不买一台呢?—我现在可买不起如此昂贵的电脑啊!故 A 正确。 考点:考查副词用法 9. 【浙江省诸暨中学 2014 届高三上学期期中】 Why must you strike the drum the whole night, the neighbors complained you then. A. no doubt wonder. 【答案】D B. no need C. no reason D. no B. a such cheap C. a so cheap D. that B. constantly C. occasionally D. frequently


考点:名词短语的辨析 10. 【浙江省宁波重点中学 2014 届高三上学期期中】 Judging by the ________ he keeps, Mark must be an extremely wealthy man. A. cooperation B. characteristic 【答案】D 【解析】 试题分析:考查名词辨析。A 合作;B 特点,特征;C 动机;D 陪伴。句意:从他结交的朋友 可以看出,马克一定是一个极其富有的人。故选 D。 考点:考查名词辨析 III.短语填空 fill in ; a matter of ; get through; in spite of ;look ahead; regardless of; apart from ; C. motivation D. company

show you around; in need of ; in terms of 1.Kelly loved her husband __________ the fact that he drank too much. 2. ______________, we must expect some changes to be made in our system of government. 3.They have sent us another form to ________. 4.Planning a project is just ____________ working out the right order to do things in. 5.I dialed several times,but I just couldn’t ___________. 6.The club welcomes all new members ___________ age and sex. 7.__________ their house in London,they also have a villa in Spain. 8.If you come to London for a visit,I will ________________. 9.The house is _________ a thorough clean before we move in. 10.The job is great __________ salary,but it has its disadvantages. 【答案】1.in spite of 2.Looking ahead 3.fill in 4.a matter of 5.get through 6.


regardless of 7.Apart from 8. show you around 9.in need of 10. in terms of IV.完成句子 1 . Between the outside and inside walls of the bowl there is some jelly , ________________________________ (这些果冻冷却后会冻结).(cool) 2.Follow it up,explore all around it,and ________________ (不知不觉中),you will have something worth thinking about to occupy your mind.(know) 3 . ________________( 由于非常稳定 ) , it has proved invaluable in the design of bridges.(stable) 4.What other things show one’s status in society _________________________ (除 了一个人的说话方式)? (speak) 5.We have been excavating layers of ash almost six metres thick,which suggests that they ____________________________ (可能整个冬天都在烧火) all winter.(keep) 【答案】 1. which freezes hard when cooled 2. before you know it 3. Being very stable 4. apart from how one speaks 5. might have kept the fire burning V. 单项选择 1.Only after you have had that recognition ________ that you are truly an inventor. A.can you say B.you can say C.say you D.can say you 2.________ with some research findings,I decided on three possible approaches. A.Preparing C.Prepared B.Having prepared D.To prepare

3.But ________ carefully,the snakes proved to be no trouble and all went according to plan. A.monitoring C.being monitored B.to monitor D.Monitored

4.I’ll say you are the greatest teacher ________ if you can pass her off as a lady.





5.I ________ if I’d known about this disgusting thing you want to do to me. A.would never have come C.had never come B.would never come D.will never come

6 . Eliza ,who is dirty and badly ________ , comes into the room shyly following Mrs.Pearce. A.dressing B.dressed C.to be dressed D.being dressed 7.So we think it is reasonable to assume they lived in these caves,________ the cold. A.regardless of C.in terms of B.instead of D.by means of

8.We haven’t yet found any doors,but we think they might have hung animal skins at the cave mouth to ________ the cold. A.keep off B.keep out C.keep away D.keep to

9.________ about the preparations for her feast,Lala quickly turned for home with her collection of nuts and fruit. A.To worry C.Worried B.To be worried D.Having worried

10.Lala accelerated her walk up the path to the caves ________ that there might be wild animals lying in wait for her. A.feared B.to fear C.having feared D.fearing

【答案】1.A 2.C 3.D 4.B 5.A 6.B 7.A 8.B 9. C 10.D VI.语法填空 The woman often called the First Lady of New York died in August. Brooke Astor was 105 years old. The extremely wealthy and famous New Yorker spent much of her life (1)________ (help) the needy in her beloved city. She was born in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. She was the only child of a high level military officer. After two earlier (2)________ (marry), she married Vincent Astor in 1953 again. He came from a family (3)________ had been rich for at least one hundred years .Among other things, he owned many buildings in New York City. Brooke Astor became one of the (4)________ (rich) women in the world when Vincent Astor died.

She also became head of a huge charity organization which (5)________ (found) by her husband. He repeatedly had told her she would have fun giving (6)________ his money. And apparently she did. Brooke Astor gave tens of millions of dollars mainly to places and people in New York City. She said it was the sensible choice because that was (7)________ the money had been made. She gave financial support to the city's cultural centers as well as to many (8)________ smaller charities. When she died, the mayor of New York said (9)________ city would not be what it is today (10)________ her support. 本文主要讲述了 Brooke Astor 积极从事慈善事业,为纽约这座城市作出了巨大贡献。 1.helping 固定句型 sb.spend time (in) doing sth.意为“某人花时间做某事”。 2.marriages 从下文“she married Vincent Astor in 1953 again.”可知,她以前 经历了两次“婚姻”。因为 after 是介词,故此处需要用名词。 3.that/which that/which 引导定语从句,且在从句中作主语。 4.richest one of the+形容词最高级。根据句意也可知是“最富有的”。 5.was founded 此处表示被动,且时态为过去时。 6.away give away 意为“赠送;赠予;颁发”。 7.where where 引导表语从句,且在表语从句中作地点状语。 8.other 根据前面的“She also became head of a huge charity organization”可 知此处表示“其他”较小的慈善组织。 9.the 特指 New York 这座城市。 10.without “没有”她的支持,就成就不了现在的纽约市。 VII.完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面的短文,从短文后所给各题的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出可以填入空 白处的最佳选项。 In our modern world, when something wears out, we throw it away and buy a new one. The 1______ is that countries around the world have growing mountains of 2______ because people are throwing out more rubbish than ever before. How did we 3______ a throwaway society? First of all, it is now easier to 4______ an object than to spend time and money to repair it. 5_______ modern manufacturing ( 制 造 业 ) and technology, companies are able to produce products quickly and inexpensively. Products are plentiful and 6_______. Another cause is our 7______ of disposable (一次性的 ) products. As 8______


people, we are always looking for 9______ to save time and make our lives easier. Companies 10______ thousands of different kinds of disposable products: paper plates, plastic cups, and cameras, to name a few. Our appetite for new products also 11______ to the problem. We are 12______ buying new things. Advertisements persuade us that 13______ is better and that we will be happier with the latest products. The result is that we 14______ useful possessions to make room for new ones. All around the world, we can see the 15______ of this throwaway lifestyle. Mountains of rubbish just keep getting bigger. To 16______ the amount of rubbish and to protect the 17______, more governments are requiring people to recycle

materials. 18______, this is not enough to solve our problem. Maybe there is another way out. We need to repair our possessions 19______ throwing them away. We also need to rethink our attitudes about 20______. Repairing our possessions and changing our spending habits may be the best way to reduce the amount of rubbish and take care of our environment. 1.A. key 2.A. gifts 3.A. face 4.A. hide 5.A. Thanks to 6.A. safe 7.A. love 8.A. sensitive 9.A. ways 10.A. donate 11.A. adapts 12.A. tired of 13.A. newer 14.A. pick up 15.A. advantages B. reason B. rubbish B. become B. control B. As to B. funny B. lack B. kind B. places B. receive B. returns B. addicted to B. stronger B. pay for B. purposes C. project C. debt C. observe C. replace C. Except for C. cheap C. prevention C. brave C. jobs C. produce C. responds D. problem D. products D. change D. withdraw D. Regardless of D. powerful D. division D. busy D. friends D. preserve D. contributes D. ashamed for

C. worried about C. higher C. hold onto C. functions

D. larger D. throw away D. consequences

16.A. show

B. record

C. decrease

D. measure D. brands D. Meanwhile D. instead of D. advertising

17.A. technology 18.A. However 19.A. by

B. environment C. consumers B. Otherwise B. in favour of C. Therefore C. after C. repairing

20.A. spending B. collecting

1.D 考查名词。A. key 钥匙;B. reason 原因;C. project 工程;D. problem 问题。文章 主要讲的是堆积如山的垃圾给环境带来的问题和影响。 随着社会的发展, 人们倾向于扔掉用 旧了的东西,以新物品取而代之。而且,包装盒等一次性产品给人们带来方便的同时,也给 环境带来很大的压力。故选 D。 2.B 考查名词。A. gifts 礼物;B. rubbish 垃圾;C. debt 债务;D. products 产品。句意: 因为人们现在扔掉很多垃圾,因此,垃圾堆积成了山,故选 B。 3.B 考查动词。A. face 面对;B. become 变得;C. observe 观察,庆祝;D. change 改

变。根据 first of all?可知,这里讲的是乱扔垃圾的原因,故选 B。 4.C 考查动词。A. hide 躲藏;B. control 控制;C. replace 代替;D. withdraw 撤退,收 回。句意:与花时间和钱修理相比,现在更容易更换物品,故选 C。 5.A 考查短语。A. Thanks to 多亏;B. As to 至于;C. Except for 除了;D. Regardless of 不管。句意:多亏了当代制造业和技术,公司能够更快地生产产品,成本也降低很多,故 选 A。 6.C 考查形容词。A. safe 安全的;B. funny 滑稽的;C. cheap 便宜的;D. powerful 强 有力的。根据 inexpensively 可知,成本降低的话,产品价格也会降低。故选 C。 7.A 考查名词。A. love 爱;B. lack 缺少;C. prevention 阻止;D. division 划分。句意: 另一个原因是人们对一次性产品的钟爱。故选 A。 8.D 考查形容词。A. sensitive 敏感的;B. kind 友好的;C. brave 勇敢的;D. busy 忙碌 的。根据 we are always looking for?可知,人们总是在节省时间,说明人们很忙碌。故 选 D。 9.A 考查名词。A. ways 方法;B. places 地方;C. jobs 工作;D. friends 朋友。a way to

do sth.做某事的方法,是固定搭配。故选 A。 10.C 考查动词。A. donate 捐赠;B. receive 收到; C. produce 生产; D. preserve

保存。句意:企业生产大量的一次性产品。故选 C。 11.D 考查动词。 A. adapts 适应, 改编; B. returns 返回; C. responds 回应; D. contributes 做贡献。adapt to 使适应;return to 返回;respond to 反应;contribute to 为??做贡 献,促成,有助于。句意:人们对新产品的欲望促成了这一问题。故选 D。 12.B 考查短语。A. tired of 厌倦;B. addicted to 沉迷于;C. worried about 担心;D. ashamed for 感到羞耻。根据 appetite 可知,人们痴迷于购买新产品。故选 B。 13.A 考查形容词。A. newer 更新的;B. stronger 更强壮的;C. higher 更高的;D. larger 更大的。句意:广告使人们相信新的更好。故选 A。 14.D 考查动词短语。A. pick up 捡起,学会;B. pay for 支付;C. hold onto 抓住,坚 持;D. throw away 扔掉。句意:人们扔掉自己的物品来为新的腾地方。 15.D 考查名词。A. advantages 优点;B. purposes 目的;C. functions 功能,作用;D. consequences 后果。根据下句可知,这里指乱扔垃圾的后果。故选 D。 16.C 考查动词。A. show 显示,展示;B. record 记录;C. decrease 减少;D. measure 测 量。句意:越来越多的政府要求人们循环使用物品,这样做是为了减少垃圾,故选 C。 17.B 考查名词。 A. technology 技术; B. environment 环境; C. consumers 消费者; D. brands 品牌。要求人们循环利用也是为了保护环境。故选 B。 18.A 考查副词。A. However 然而;B. Otherwise 要不然;C. Therefore 因此;D. Meanwhile 同时。句意:然而,只是要求人们循环利用是远远不够的。故选 A。




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