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第六章 形容词和副词

第六章 形容词和副词

是修饰名词,表示名词属性的词 ,通常表示人和事物的特点、性 质或状态。

e.g. He is a good boy. I have some beautiful flowers.
1. 多个形容词同时修饰一个名词时,它们的排列顺序是: (大小+形状+新旧+颜色+产地+材料+用途)+被修饰名词。 如:a small round brown wood table 一个棕色的小圆木桌 2. 与something, anything, nothing等不定代词连用时,把 形容词放在这些词的后面。 如:I have something important to tell you. 我有一些重要的事情告诉你。

“系动词+形容词”结构,这样的系动词有be, become, grow, get, feel, appear, prove, seem, look, keep, smell, sound, turn, remain等。

I am very glad to see you. 见到你我非常高兴。 I become nervous.我变得紧张。 They feel cold. 他们感觉冷。 She looks happy. 她看起来开心。

We keep our rooms clean and tidy. 我们使房间保持干净和整洁。(宾补)

He came home ill.

用来修饰动词、形容词、副词或 其他结构,说明时间、地点、程 度、方式等概念。

She is out .

作表语 作定语

Life here is full of joy.


She often went there.
Let your friend in.

(1)late和lately late意思是“晚”;lately 意思是“最近”。 如:You have come too late. 你来得太晚了。 What have you been doing lately? 近来你在忙什么? (2)deep和deeply deep意思是“深”,表示空间深度;deeply通常表示感情 上的深度,意为“深深地”。 如:He pushed the stick deep into the mud. 他把棍子深深地插进泥里。 Even father was deeply moved by the film. 连老爸都被这部电影深深打动了。 (3)high和highly high表示空间高度;highly表示程度,相当于much。 如:The plane was flying high. 这架飞机飞得很高。 I think highly of your opinion. 你的看法很有道理。

1.单音节词在词尾加____(比较级)或____(最 高级) 2.以字母e接尾的词加_____或_____. 3.以重读闭音节结尾的词末尾只有一个辅音 字母应_________再加____或_____. 4.以辅音字母+y结尾的词变为__再加__,或 ______. 5.多音节词和多数双音节词在其前面加___ 和_____.


比较 级

最高 级

tall hard 单音节词在词尾加-er(比较级)或est(最高级)以字母e接尾的词加-r或- large wide st

以重读闭音节结尾的词末尾只有一 个辅音字母应双写辅音字母再加er 或est 以辅音字母+y结尾的词变为i再加er,或-est 多音节词和多数双音节词在其前面 加more 和most

big hot thin fat wet

happy dry early difficult popular slowly


? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

1.good------ -----2.many------ -----3.much------ -----4.bad------ -----5.far------, ------ , ------ , ------ , 6.careful ------ , ------ , 7.easy ------ , ------ , 8.large ------ , ------ , 9.difficult ------ , ------ ,

原级 good well bad ill many much little far old



better worse more

best worst most

less least farther/further farthest/furthest older/elder oldest/eldest

巧记: 特殊形式比较级 共有三对二合一 坏病两多并两好 little意思不是小 一分为二有两个 一是老来二是远

1.“as+形容词/副词原级+as...” 表示“一方和另一方一样……
Hangzhou is as beautiful as Suzhou.

2. “not as/so+形容词原级+as...” 表示“不如……那样……” He is not as tall as I.

3. 比较级+than…
English is much more difficult than Japanese.

4. the+(序数词+)最高级+...in (of)...(作状语的副词最高级前常不加 the)。 Shanghai is the biggest city in China. It is the second largest city in Japan. He works best of the three.

5. “形容词/副词比较级+and+形容词/副 词比较级”表示“越来越……”
When autumn comes, it becomes cooler and cooler.

6. “the+形容词/副词比较级……, the+形容词/副词比较级……”表示“ 越……就越……”
The better his life is, the happier he feels.

(1)A is three (four, etc.)times the size (height, length, width, etc.)of B 如:This school is twice the size of ours. (2)A is three (four, etc.)times as big (high, long, wide, etc.)as B 如:This school is twice as big as ours. (3)A is three (four, etc.)times bigger (higher, longer, wider, etc.)than B 如:This school is twice bigger than ours.

8.表示两者之间的选择,可使用 “Which is+ 比较级,…or…?”
Which is longer, this one or that? 9. 表示不及另一方时,使用“less+原 级+than…” This park is less beautiful than that one.

10. …one of the+最高级+名词复数 Lu Xun is one of the greatest writers last century.
11.“the same +形容词/副词原级+as...” 表示同级比较 This orange is the same big as that one.

( )1.-Can you understand me?(2013) -Sorry. I can ____ understand what you’ve said. A. easily B. nearly C. hardly D. carefully
此题考查副词辨析。easily 容易地,nearly 几乎,hardly 几乎 不,carefully小心地,仔细地,句意:我几乎不明白你所说的, 故选C。

( )2. -Helen, can I wear jeans and a T-shirt to the school talent show? -Ok, but a dress might be _____.(2013) A. good B. well C. better D. worse 该题句意为“—海伦,我能穿牛仔裤和T-恤去参加学校 才艺表演吗? —好的,但穿裙子可能会更好”,所以要 用比较级,故选C。


( )3.-How terrible! Two persons in our province have died from H7N9 flu. -Don’t be _______. I think we can get over the disease.(2013) A. angry B. tired C. careless D. nervous 此题考查形容词辨析。 angry 生气的,tired 疲倦的,累的, careless粗心的,nervous紧张不安的,根据句意应该选D。 ( )4. Don’t worry, sir. I’m sure I can run _______ to catch up with them.(2012) A.enough slowly B. slowly enough C.enough fast D. fast enough

该题句意为“我相信我能跑得足够快去追上他们”,所 以应该在C、D中选,在根据形容词、副词要放在enough前, 故选D。

( )5. —Do you have any plans about this winter vacation? —I plan to go _______because it’s too cold here. A.somewhere cold C. somewhere warm B. anywhere warm D. anywhere cold

该句考查形容词作不定代词的定语,要后置。这是个肯定句,要 用somewhere。再根据句意“去某个温暖的地方”,故选C。

检测 1. The bread is ____ C than these cakes A. very delicious B. much delicious C. more delicious D. as delicious 2. Lin Tao jumped ____ C in the long jump in the school sports meeting A. far B. farther C. farthest D. quite far 3. When they met in the hotel . They talked and laughed ______ A A. happily B. happy C. happier D. happiest

4. In our city it’s ____ D in July ,but it is even ____ in August A. hotter hottest B. hot hot C. hotter hot D. hot hotter 5. Hainan is a very large Island .It is the second ______ C island in china. A. large B. larger C. largest D. most largest D than a tiger . 6. An elephant is ____ A. heavy B. very heavy C. the heaviest D. heavier

7. A horse is ______ C than a dog . A. much heavy B. more heavier C. much heavier D. more heavy 8. Emma always makes a lot of mistakes . D She is _____. A. care B. careful C. carefully D. careless C , physics or 9. Which subject is _____ chemistry ? A. interesting B. most interesting C. more interesting D. the most interesting

10. He is ___ A enough to carry the heavy box . A. strong B. stronger C. much stronger D. the strongest A but does ___ so 11. Li lei often talks ___ everyone says he is a good boy . A. less , more B. few , much C. more, little D. little, many 12. When the famous singer started to sing , everyone began to shout very ___ A . A. loudly B. loud C. heavily D. high


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