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高中英语 Unit13《People》课件 北师大版必修5

Module 5
Unit 13 People

重 点 单 词
1.gain vt.获得;增加;(钟、表)走快,(经努力)到达,达到 搭配:gain sth.


vi. (1)获利,赚钱;得益[(+by/from)]
We all gained from the experience.我们都从这次经验中


(2)取得进展;得到改善;增进健康 The singer is gaining in popularity.这歌手越来越受 到人们的欢迎。 (3)(钟、表等)走快

We gained experience by working during the summer. 我们从暑期的工作中获得了经验. 增加知识。 [美国传统] [美国传统]

Students gain knowledge by reading.学生们通过阅读
We gained our destination before dark.我们天黑之前

My watch gains five minutes a day.我的表一天快五分钟。

完成句子 ①He quickly gained experience.他很快就有经验了。

②Only after ten years in the country did she gain
her citizenship. 她在这个国家住了十年后才取得了公民身份。

③He gained weight after his illness.病后他的体重
增加了。 ④This clock gains five minutes a day.这只钟每天快

⑤Does your watch gain or lose ?你的表走得快,还是 走得慢?

⑥In the end we gained the top of the mountain.我们

2.concentrate vi.&vt.集中(注意力、思想等)集中于某 处;使集中于一点

concentrate on/upon concentrate one’s attention on concentration n.

We must concentrate our attention on efficiency. 我们必须把注意力集中在效率上。 For centuries the population of Europe has been

concentrated in large cities.
几个世纪以来,欧洲的人口一直集中在大城市里。 [美国传统]

It’s hard to concentrate on writing a letter with
the TV on. 开着电视机很难集中精力写信。 job.如果你想把事情做好,专心是必要的。 [美国传统]

Concentration is essential if you want to do a good

⑦ Concentrate on your study.集中精神学习。 ⑧A driver should concentrate on the road when

开车时驾驶员的注意力要集中在路上。 ⑨Industrial development is being concentrated

in the west of the country.

3.connect vt.&vi.连接;结合;连结,接通电话,(与with 连用)有联系,有关 搭配:connect with /to;connection n. be connected to/with/by

This railway connects London and Edinburgh.这条铁 路连接伦敦与爱丁堡。 The operator connected me with the order department. 接线员为我接通订购部的电话。 接。 There is a connection between good health and eating well.健康与合理膳食有关系。 [美国传统] [美国传统] This wire connects with that one.这根电线与那根连

(1)be connected to:把……连上 Please connect the computer to the Internet. (2)be connected with:把……与……连接起来 It serves as a bridge which connects the mainland with the rest of the world. 它是连接祖国大陆与世界其他地方的桥梁。 (3)be connected by:被……连接在一起 The whole world is connected by computers and it is becoming smaller and smaller. 整个世界被电脑连在了一起,世界变得越来越小了。


⑩Will you connectthis wire to the television?你
把这根电线和电视机连上好吗? ?This flight connects with New York one.这班飞机

? Connect me with Beijing University.给我接北京大学。 ?That solitary old man was suspected to be connected

with the crime.那个孤独的老头被怀疑与犯罪事件有关。
单项填空 ?He ________ the Zhangs by marriage.

A.connects with
C.is connected with

B.is connected to
D.connects to

解析:be connected with和??有关系。


4.deserve vt.应得,值得

deserve to do sth. deserve sth. deserve to be done=derserve doing... deserve ill/well of 有罪于/有功于

They deserved to be praised.他们应该受到表扬。 The rescuers deserved a reward for their courageous act. 救援者应为他们的英勇行为得到奖赏。[美国传统] I think you’re playing with fire.You deserve it! 你是老鼠戏猫,真是自作自受!

That good?hearted girl married her ‘prince’ finally.She

deserved it.
那个好心女孩终于嫁给了她的心上人。她是有好报。 He has deserved well of his country.他有功于国家。

完成句子 ?They deserved to be punished.

They deserved being punished/punishment.他们应该
受罚。 ?He deserves this glory.他应该得到这一荣誉。

5.fail v.;failure n.失败

【精讲拓展】 fail sth. fail to do sth. fail in sth. sth. fail sb.

【典型例句】 Their first attempt at climbing the mountain failed. 他们的初次登山尝试以失败告终。 [美国传统] We will never fail to live up to what our parents expect of us.我们决不辜负我们的父母对我们的期望。 She failed in the examination.她这次考试不及格。 He is so excited that words failed him.他如此激动 以致说不上话来。 Early airplane experiments ended in failure.早期的 飞机实验以失败告终。 [美国传统]

完成句子 ?He failed in everything he tried.他做一切事情都失 败了。 ?He did very well,but failed to break the record. 他做得很出色,但未破记录。

?George failed history last semester.乔治上学期历
史考试不及格。 ?His courage failed him.他失去了勇气。
21 His

friends failed him when he needed their help


22 Words

________ me when I wanted to express my

thanks to him for having saved my son from the burning house. A.failed C.discouraged 答案:A B.left D.disappointed


6.mistake n.&v.;mistaken adj.

make a mistake by mistake mistake...for...

I’m not blaming you—we all make mistakes.我不 是在责备你——我们都会犯错。 [剑桥高阶] I took your pen by mistake.我错拿了你的钢笔。 I mistook Anna for his sister.我误把安娜当作是他 妹妹。


mistake 指偶然做错了事,如拼写错误,错拿了东西等, 强调日常生活中的错误。 It was a mistake buying that house.买那套房子是 个错误。 error 指违反某一标准做的错事,包括道德上的错误。 He can’t forget the errors of his youth.他忘不了 他年轻时犯的错误。 fault 常常指人在性格上或办事方式上的“缺点”“毛 病”,强调过失的责任,不能与make连用 搭配:挑毛病用 find one’s fault。

It’s my fault that we are late.我们迟到是我的错。
wrong 指“坏事,冤枉”。

“I 23 don’t think it’s my ________ that the TV blew
B.mistake C.fault D.duty up.I just turned it on,that’s all,”said the boy. A.Error 答案:C
24 He

解析:it’s my fault固定搭配,意为那是我的错。
is such a man who is always ________ fault with B.Seeking D.looking for

other people.
A.putting C.Finding 答案:C

解析:固定搭配find fault with sb. 意思是挑某人的毛病。

7.accuse vt.指控,控告
搭配:accuse sb. of...多用于正式的场合,用于描述“指控” 某种犯罪行为。 【精讲拓展】 charge sb. with...适用范围十分广泛,用于“指控”“谴 责”“责备”都可以,而且常用于表达道德方面的错误。 【典型例句】 The surgeon was accused of negligence.这名外科医生 被控玩忽职守。 [剑桥高阶] The police accused him of murder.警方指控他谋杀。 They accused him of taking bribes.他们控告他受贿。


She accused him of stealing her watch.她控告他偷她
的表。 He accused his boss of having broken his word.他指



He was accused of murder.有人指控他谋杀。 He was charged with stealing.他被控犯有偷窃行为。


29 They

_____that the police had beaten three students B.charges C.Accused D.charged

to death. A.accuse 答案:C
30 He

解析:句意:他们指控警察将三名学生打死。 ______ them of having broken their words. B.accused of C.charge D.charged


解析:句意:他责备他们食言的行为。其中,本题显然不能 用accuse作“指控”翻译。而对题来说,硬要用charged这个 选项也不能说就是错,但是accused要合适得多,这就跟使用 习惯有关了,对于这种题只能积累经验吧。 答案:A

8.require vt.&vi.要求,需要,命令;requirement n.

require doing... require sb.to do sth. require sth.of sb. require that sb.should do... It is required that sb.should do...

The floor requires washing.地板该洗了。 Bringing up children often requires you to put

their needs first.
抚养孩子常得把他们的需要放在首位。 [剑桥高阶]

All passengers are required to show their tickets. 所有乘客都必须出示车票。 The emergency requires that it should be done.情况 紧急,非这样做不可。 The rules require that you bring only one guest to the dinner. 按照规定,你只能带一位客人出席晚宴。 求小偷提供地址。 [剑桥高阶] The police required the address of the thief.警察要

request/require/command/order request要求,请求,语气比其他词委婉;request可用作make a request,所以 request (sb.to do sth.) 是“请求(某人做

某事)”,是下对上的要求;而require表示order,demand,是 “命令,要求”之意,指上对下的要求,比如法律条款对当事 人的要求,业主对雇员的要求。这样记忆吧,request是你看到 同学说的,require是老师对你说的。 order和command在用法上很相似,command和order都有“命令” 之意,都可以接名词、从句作宾语,接不定式作宾语补足语, 接从句时从句要用虚拟语气。 command指权威方面正式下令,主要用于军事场合。 The general commanded his men to attack the city.将军命令士

order 执行任务或掌权者发布命令时使用,为常用词,可用于 正式或非正式场合。

The police officer ordered that I should get out of the car.警察命

31 The

newly founded chess club formally _______ us to

attend the opening ceremony.





点拨:区分动词词义,按照句意排除。 解析:考查request sb.to do sth.B、C、D语气强硬,按照句

答案:A 完成句子

The roof requires repairing 屋顶需要修理了。
required her to attend the opening

33 We


The director required that we should work all night.主任要求我们通宵工作。


________ in the regulations that you should not tell other people the password of your e?mail B.What required D.It requires account. A.What is required C.It is required 求?? 答案:C

解析:It is required that为固定句型,本句为规则要

9.devote vt.专心于,献身于??;devotion n.

devote oneself/one’s whole life to... be devoted to...

He left government to devote more time to his family. 为了能有更多时间陪伴家人,他离开了政府部门。[剑桥高阶] He has devoted his whole life to benefiting mankind. 他为全人类的利益献出了自己的一生。 This magazine is devoted to science.这个杂志专门刊载 科技文章。


He devoted himself to the study of contemporary art. 他把他的一生都献给了当代艺术研究。


He has devoted his whole life entirely to music.
他将一生奉献给了音乐。 She is a good wife and a devoted mother.



______ to his research work,the professor cared

little about any other things.
A.Devoting C.Having devoted B.Devoted D.To devote

解析:be devoted to专心于,本句是形容词作状语。

1.come up with (针对问题等)想出;提供
【精讲拓展】 come up 提出(不用被动语态) put up with 忍受

catch up with 赶上

keep up with 跟上,不落后

She’s come up with some amazing scheme to double

her income.
她想出一个惊人的计划来使自己的收入翻倍。 [剑桥高阶] He came up with good ideas for the product promotion. 他想出一个推广产品的好方法。 He could not come up with a proper answer.他想不出一 个合适的回答。


I can’t keep up with all the changes in the computer technology.

41 I

don’t know how she put up with his cruelty to


42 At

the moment our technology is more advanced,

but other countries are catching up with us.在那

43 A

number of questions came up at the meeting.会议


2.end up 结果为??;以 ?? 而结束

搭配:end up with...
end up+prep. 【精讲拓展】

end up doing...

end up as...

put an end to... come to an end bring...to an end
【典型例句】 If you do that,you’ll end up with egg on your

You could end up running this company if you play your cards right.


After working her way around the world,she ended up teaching English as a foreign language. 靠打工游遍世界后,她最后做了教师,教外国人学英语。 [剑桥高阶] If you continue to steal you’ll end up in prison. 你要是继续行窃终归得进监狱。

If he carries on driving like that,he’ll end up

3.be likely to do sth.极有可能做某事 【典型例句】 Do remind me because I’m likely to forget.一定要 提醒我,因为我可能会忘记。 It is likely to rain today.今天可能会下雨。 The park is a likely place for the picnic.这公园 倒是个适合野餐的地方。 【词语辨析】 likely/possible/probable possible作“或许”解,有“也许如此,也许不如此”之 意。强调客观上有可能性,但常常带有“实际可能性很 小”的暗示。 [剑桥高阶] It is likely that he will succeed.很可能他会成功。

probable用来指有根据,合情理,值得相信的事物,带有 “大概,很可能”的意味。语气比possible要重,是most likely之意。 It’s possible,though not probable that he will accept the terms. 他有可能接受这些条件,但希望不大。 be possible,be probable常用形式主语it,构成句型为: It is possible/probable/likely+that...(从句)It is possible+for sb.to do sth. sb.is likely to do sth. 例如:他有可能做这件事。 [√]It is possible for him to do this. [√]It is possible that he will do this.

[×]He is possible to do this. [√]He is likely to do this. 4.give up放弃 【精讲拓展】 give away 赠送,泄露 give back 归还,使恢复 give in 屈服,让步 give off 放出(光,热,气味等) give out 分发,发布,放出(光,热等),用完 【典型例句】 They finally gave up and stopped looking for the ring. 他们最终放弃了,不再寻找那枚戒指。 [美国传统]

We’ll try to persuade him to give up smoking.我 们将努力说服他或戒烟。

The young man gave up his seat to an old man.年青


—Sorry,I have to _____now.It’s time for class.
—OK,I’ll call back later. A.hang up 答案:A B.break up (2009· 天津,6) C.give up D.hold up

解析:意为:我得挂电话了,hang up 符合题意。


During the war there was a serious lack of food.

It was not unusual that even the wealthy families
had to ____ bread for days. B.give away (2009·湖北,22) D.deal with A.eat up C.do without

解析:意为:战争期间粮食严重匮乏,甚至富人家庭几天 不吃面包是很正常的, do without sb./sth.不用或没有 某人,某物也行。 答案:C

The news of the mayor’s coming to our school for a visit was ______ on the radi oyesterday. (2007·福建,33)

A.turned out B.found out C.given out D.carried out
解析:句意:市长要来我校参观的消息已于昨日通过广播 公布了。give out“分发,散发”“公布消息”,符合题意。


5.fall behind落后,落在后面 【精讲拓展】 fall down 跌倒 fall asleep睡着,入睡 fall ill患病 【典型例句】 We fell behind the group we were traveling with. 我们落后于同行的团队了。[美国传统] She soon fell behind the others.她很快就落到了别 人的后面。 Don’t fall behind with your rent.不要拖欠房租。 fall off从??摔下 fall back撤退 fall in love with sb.爱上某人

47 The

toddler tried to walk but kept falling down


He fell off the bike and broke his right leg. 他从自行车上摔下来,摔断了右腿。

49 The

major world powers are afraid of falling behind

in the arm race. 世界各大强国均惟恐在军备竞赛中落后。
50 The

enemy fell back as our troops advanced.我军

51 He

worked so late that he fell asleep soon.他工


6.can’t help doing sth.禁不住要做某事 【精讲拓展】 can’t help but do 只能做??,没有别的选择 can’t help to do sth.不能帮助做某事 can’t help it 没有办法,实在控制不住 【典型例句】 I cannot help it if the train is late.火车晚点的 话,我也没办法。[美国传统] I can’t help accepting his invitation.我禁不住接 受了他的邀请。 I cannot help but admire their efforts to assist

those in need.
我不由得钦佩他们为那些需要帮助的人们所做的努力。 [美国传统]


—I can’t help ______ sorry that I can’t help ______ anything for you.

—Don’t mention it.
A.feel;do C.feeling;do B.to feel;doing D.feeling;doing

解析:意为不能帮助你我感到很不好意思,can’t help
doing情不自禁做某事,can’t help do不能帮助做某事。 答案:C

1.The first time I met Tom,he seemed to be allergic to everything.我第一次碰见汤姆的时候他似乎对一切都很敏感。 【精讲拓展】 (1)句中短语the first time引导时间状语从句,意思是 “当第一次??”,类似的短语还有:the last time, every time,each time等。 Each/Every time I was in trouble,he would come to help me out. 每当我遇到困难的时候,他总是来帮我解决。

(2)句中短语seem to be 意思是“ 似乎是,好像是”, 后跟形容词、名词、介词短语,to be 可以省略。 He seems (to be)quite happy today. 【归纳拓展】 seem to be doing...似乎在干某事 seem to have done sth.似乎干了某事 It seems that...好像?? It seems as if...好像?? There seems to be...似乎有?? 【词语辨析】 look/seem/appear look作“好像,看起来”讲,指从外表上看。 seem指从 内心里的“判断”。appear指给人以表面的印象。

seem和appear后习惯接不定式to be;look后接to be常用
于美国英语中,其意义相当于seem to be,都是“看起来” 的意思。

seem和look均可接as if引导的表语从句。seem需要用it作
形式主语,而look的主语可以是形式主语it,也可以是其 他的人称代词。appear则不能。 seem和appear可用于 “It seems/appears that...”的句型 结构,而look则不能。 seem和appear可用于以there为引导词的句型中,look则 不能。 He looks like her father. He seems to be her father.

She appears wise.
It seems as if it were spring already. It looks as if we shall have to walk home.

It seemed that he had made some serious mistakes
in his work. It appeared that he was talking to himself.

There seems (to be)no need to go.
There appears to be only one room.


I ______ it as a basic principle of the company
that supplies of raw materials should be given a fair price for their products. (2008· 江西,25)


B.look C.take D.think

解析:句意为:把……当做,看做。take...as符合题意。 think 应为think of...as。


The fact that she never apologized ______ a lot about what kind of person she is.

(2008· 山东,28)
A.says B.talks C.appears D.declares

解析:句意:她从来不道歉这个事实说明她是怎样一个人。 say的意思是说明,表明say a lot about也是一个短语, 意思是说明什么。 答案:A 2.She was standing with a book in her hands near the poetry section. 【精讲拓展】 with a book in her hands 是with的复合结构,其结构 是 “with+宾语+宾补 ”,这一结构在句中常作定语或 状语,作宾补的可以是介词短语,现在分词,过去分词, 形容词,副词,动词不定式等,其基本结构如下: with+n./pron.+介词短语 with+n./pron.+副词

with+n./pron.+现在分词 with+n./pron.+过去分词


He sat there with a smile on his face.

She saw a brook with red flowers and green grass on both sides. 她看见一条两边是红花和绿草的小溪。 The street was quiet with no buses running. 街上静悄悄的,没有汽车行驶。 In came a man with his hands tied back.进来一个人, 手绑在背后。

She sat there with her head bent.

He wore a shirt,with the neck open,showing his bare chest.他穿着一个开领衬衣,露着胸膛。

Don’t sleep with the window open.不要开着窗睡觉。


Now that we’ve discussed our problem,are people

happy with the decisions ____? (2009· 全国Ⅰ,35)



D.to take

With the world changing fast,we have something

new ______ with all by ourselves every day.
(2009· 重庆,29) A.deal B.Dealt 55 答案: C 56 C C.to deal D.dealing

3.The singing was so loud that I could even recognize the song! 歌声如此响亮甚至我都能听出是哪首歌!

so...that...意为 “如此,以致”,在句中引导结果状语 从句,结构中的so为副词,后面跟形容词或副词。

I am so angry that I can’t say a word.我是如此生气,
以至一句话也说不出来。 It is so dark that I dare not go out alone.天如此黑,


【词语辨析】 so...that/such...that... (1)so...that结构中的so为副词,后面跟形容词或副词; such...that中的such为形容词,后接名词; (2)当that前的名词有表示数量多少的many,much,few, little等修饰时,只能用so,不能用such; (3)但若名词前的little意为“小(的)”时,则仍用such, 而不能用so; (4)当that前是单数可数名词且该名词前有形容词修饰时, so+adj.+a/an可转换为such+a/an+adj.+n. (5)当that前是不可数名词或复数可数名词时,则必须用 such; (6)so+adj./adv.放到句首时要倒装。


He became so angry that he couldn’t speak.
他变得如此生气,以致说不出话来。 It was such a fine day that we went out for a walk.

There was so much noise outside that we couldn’t hear the teacher. 外面嘈杂声很大,以致我们不能听到老师的话。 He had so many falls that he was black and blue all over. 他跌了那么多的跤,以致全身青一块,紫一块的。 It is such a little sheep that it can’t run fast. 这只绵羊如此小,以至于它跑不快。

She is so good a teacher that we all love her.=She
is such a good teacher that we all love her. 她是一位好老师,我们都爱她。

It was such fine weather that they all went shopping.
那是个好天气,他们都去购物了。 They are such nice bananas that we would like to eat them. 它们是如此好的香蕉,以致我们都想吃它们。 So clearly does he speak English that he can always make himself understood. 他说英语如此清晰以至于别人都能听懂。

1._______ in charge of the shopping center has upset him for quite some time. A.Left C.Having left 动含义,因此选B。 答案:B 2.On March 14,violent crimes of beating,looting and burning in Lhasa of Tibet broke out,________ innocent people and with more than 300 ________. B.Being left D.To leave




状语表示主动含义和补充说明,第二空用过去分词表示 “受伤”。

3.Who would you rather ________ you repair your CD player?




D.to help

解析:此题还原为You would rather who helped you repair your CD player.可知答案为B。

4.________ nice,the food was all eaten up soon. A.Tasting 答案:A B.Taste C.Tasted D.To taste


5.He ran as fast as he could ________ to catch the bus. A.hope B.to hope C.hoping D.hoped 解析:其中的现在分词短语hoping to catch the bus用 做伴随状语,即尽力跑着,希望能赶上汽车。 答案:C 6.He is a man of few words,and seldom speaks until ________ to. A.spoken B.speaking C.speak D.be spoken 解析:此题容易误选B,认为until是介词,后接动词时用 动名词形式。until spoken to为until he is spoken to 之省略。句意为“他是个沉默寡言的人,别人不跟他说话, 他很少与别人说话”。按英语习惯,一些表示时间、地点、

且从句谓语包含动词be,那么可将从句的主语和动词be省略。 答案:A

7.If ________ carefully,the experiment will be
successful. A.do 答案:C 8.The research is so designed that once ________ B.does C.done D.doing

解析:if it is carefully done的省略形式。

nothing can be done to change it.
A.begins B.having begun C.beginning D.Begun 解析:once it is begun的省略形式。


9.He suggested the person referred ________ put into
prison. A.is B.be C.to be D.should be

解析:referred to过去分词作定语,be put into prison 是宾语从句的谓语部分。学生由于粗心,容易误选B或者D。 答案:C

过去分词起形容词、副词的作用,在句中作状语、定语、 表语和宾语补足语。

1.通常修饰谓语,很多是说明动作发生的背景或情况。 Guided by these principles,they went on with the

在这些方针的指引下,他们继续进行这项工作。 Delighted with her work,they made her the general


Encouraged by these successes,they decided to
expand the business. 在这些成绩的鼓舞下他们决定扩大经营。

Built in 1192,the bridge is over 700 years old.
这座桥是1192年修的,已经有七百多年的历史了。 2.过去分词也可作原因状语

Influenced by his example,they performed countless
good deeds. 在他的事迹的影响下,他们做了无数件好事。

Confined to bed,she needed to be waited on in
everything. (由于)她卧病在床,什么事都需要人照顾。

He soon fell asleep,exhausted by the journey.

Seen from the hill,the town looks magnificent. 从山上看这座城市非常漂亮。

This method,tried in areas near Shanghai,resulted
in a marked rise in total production. 这个办法在上海附近地区试验时总产量有了显著提高。 4.过去分词也可作假设的条件状语

Given closer analysis,we can see this is totally
wrong. 仔细分析一下,我们可以看出这是完全错误的。

Given better attention,the cabbages could have
grown better. 如果管理得好一点,这些大白菜还可以长得更好。 United we stand,divided we fall. (谚)团结则存,分裂则亡。


有一定的时间性。 Is this the book recommended by our teacher?

A letter posted today will probably reach him the day after tomorrow.

We have to pay duties on goods imported from abroad.进口商品得交税。

I hate to see letters written in pencil.

三、过去分词作表语 过去分词多表示主语所处的状态。 The door remained locked.门仍然锁着。 She felt disappointed.她感到很失望。 He seems quite delighted at the idea. 听了这想法他似乎很激动。 注意:这种结构和被动语态的区别。被动语态表示一个 动作。 It is usually closed at 6.它通常六点关门。 The book was written by a woman.


She was glad to see her children well taken care of in the nursery.

He once heard the song sung in German. 有一次他听见有人用德语唱了这首歌。

You’d better have your shoes mended.
你最好还是请人把鞋子修一下。 五、过去分词与逻辑主语构成独立主格

All books returned at the end of the term,the
library assistant was satisfied. 所有的书期末时都还了,图书管理员很高兴。

The field ploughed,he began to spread seed.

1.Because of my poor English I’m afraid I can’t make myself ________. A.understand B.to understand C.understanding D.understood 解析:句意:因为我的英语很差,我恐怕不能使人理解。
make oneself understood固定搭配。 答案:D

2.The workers want us ________ together with them.
A.work B.working C.to work D.worked 解析:句意:工人们想让我们和他们一起工作。want sb.

to do sth.固定句型。 答案:C

3.What’s the language ________ in Germany?
A.speaking C.be spoken 结构,故选B。 答案:B B.spoken D.to speak


4.________ some officials,Napoleon inspected his
army. A.Followed B.Followed by

C.Being followed

D.Having been followed by

解析:句意:在一些官员的陪同下,拿破仑视察了他的 部队。Napoleon和officials之间是被动关系,故选B。


5.Most of the people ________ to the party were famous

A.invited C.being invited B.to invite D.inviting

和invite之间是被动关系,故选A。 答案:A

6.He was disappointed to find his suggestions _____.
A.been turned down C.to be turned down B.turned down D.to turn down

少宾语补足语,suggestions 和 turn down之间是被动关 系,故选B。


7.Do you know the boy ________ under the big tree? A.lay B.lain C.Laying D.lying 解析:句意:你认识躺在大树下的男孩么?句子缺少定 语,boy 和lie之间是主谓关系,故用lying作定语。 答案:D 8.—Good morning.Can I help you? —I’d like to have this package ________,madam. A.be weighed C.to weigh B.to be weighed D.weighed

解析:句意:——早上好,我能帮你么?——我想称一 下这个包裹。句子缺少宾补,package 和 weigh 之间是 被动关系,故用D。 答案:D

9.There was a terrible noise ________ the sudden burst of light. A.followed C.to be followed B.following D.being followed

解析:句意:伴随着突然的闪电是一声巨响。noise 和 follow之间是主动关系,故选B。 答案:B 10.________ more attention,the trees could have grown better. A.Given B.To give C.Giving D.Having given 解析:给予更多的照料,这些树本可以长的更好。trees 和 give more attention 之间是被动关系,故选A。 答案:A

1.________ a tough job market,fresh graduates are
dreaming of running their own businesses instead. A.Facing with B.Faced with

C.Faced up with

D.Facing to

解析:考查非谓语动词。分词的逻辑主语是fresh graduates,与face with间为被动关系,故用过去分词作

状语,用faced with。
答案:B 2.If ________ in wet sand,vegetables can remain

fresh for a long time.
A.being buried C.buried B.having buried D.burying


宾关系,原句补充完整后为:If they are buried...
答案:C 3.I found her ______ at the desk ______ a letter.




sitting;现在分词writing作伴随状语。 答案:B

4.Nearly half the U.S. workers questioned in a survey
_____ yesterday said they were worried that their jobs are at risk amid the current economic crisis.

A.having released

B.being released

解析:考查非谓语动词。句意为“昨天公布的一项调查显 示,被询问的近一半的美国员工称他们担心眼下的经济危 机会危及到自己的工作”。这里是过去分词作定语,修饰 survey。 答案:C 警示误区:解决考查非谓语动词的题目时,首先要注意动 词与它的逻辑主语之间的主、被动关系。再者,要注意过 去分词形式和being done结构的区别。这是一个测试的热 点,不要混淆,单纯的过去分词表示完成和被动两层含义, 而being done结构则表示动作正在进行。

5.The sale usually takes place outside the house,

with the audience ________ on benches,chairs or
boxes. A.having seated B.seating


D.being seated

解析:考查非谓语动词。句意:促销活动经常在户外进 行,观看的人坐在长凳、椅子或箱子上。本句中with的

该用seated表状态,故选C。 答案:C

【例1】 To make members of a team perform better, the trainer first of all has to know their _____

and weaknesses.
A.strengths C.techniques

B.benefits D.values

【解题方法指导】 考查词义辨析。此处strength表示“优
势,优点”,是可数名词。其余三项与weaknesses搭配不 恰当。


【例2】 —I’ve read another book this week. —Well,maybe ________ is not how much you read

but what you read that counts. (2009· 浙江,4)
A.this B.that C.there D.it 【解题方法指导】考查强调结构。该句为“it is

how much you read but what you read,判断强调结 构的关键是去掉It is...that后,句意仍然保持完整。


【例3】 —Have you ________ some new ideas? —Yeah.I’ll tell you later. A.come about C.come up with (2007· 江苏,24)

B.come into D.come out with

【解题方法指导】 句意:——你想出了什么新想法吗? ——噢。以后我会告诉你的。come about发生;come into 进入,加入;come up with提出;come out with发表、

答案:C 【例4】 You have no idea how she finished the relay

race ______ her foot wounded so much. (2008· 福建)
A.for B.when C.with D.while

【解题方法指导】 本题考查“with+名/代+过去分词” 这一复合结构。 答案:C



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