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高二课标(GDY)教师用报参考 第1期
Book 5 Unit 1 参考答案及部分解析 参考答案
1-5 BADBA 6-10 CDBAD 11-15 BABDC 16. polluted 17. which / that 18. to 19. although / though 20. or 21. rapidly 22. The 23. be treated 24. being given 25. where 26-30 DCADB 31-35 CBADA 36-40 ACBCD 41-45 DBDCA 46-50 CADFE 基础写作 One possible version: Born in January 1942 in England, Stephen William Hawking is considered to be the greatest theoretical physicist in the 21st century. Unfortunately, he suffered from a muscle disease in his early twenties, which has tied him to the wheelchair from then on. Even worse, he has lost his ability of speech and can only communicate by means of a special machine. However, through years of research and struggle against his disabilities, he published his most famous book A Brief History of Time. Hawking’s theory has deeply affected people’s understanding of the universe and space and time. 读写任务 One possible version: English is to go through a thorough reformation to emphasize the importance of mother tongue. In Beijing, English will be reduced from 150 to 100 points while in Shandong, Jiangsu and Shanghai, English will no longer be a subject of the Gaokao. Though English takes up less and less importance in the Gaokao, I am strongly for this reform. Originally, English, Chinese and maths are equally scored and students have to spend much time doing exercises to excel in exams. However, many students never use English except taking examinations. Reducing English’ s scores or removing it from the Gaokao enables students to spend more time learning other subjects, including Chinese, our mother tongue which deserves to be learned well. However, I will still learn and practise English even if it is not included in the Gaokao because English is the most widely-used language in the world. It can help me communicate more conveniently. As far as I can see, once English is taught not for scores, but for communication, teachers will teach it in a different approach, one far more communicative, authentic and practical, which will really arouse students’ interest and make it possible for students to learn it as a tool and to appreciate the beauty of this language. 基础题 Ⅰ. 51. cured 52. suspected 53. announcement 54. pollution 55. attend 56. handling 57. defeating 58. challenged 59. rejected 60. construction II. 61. exposed to 62. be linked to 63. are; absorbed into 64. contributed; to 65. are; strict with 66. put forward 67. drew different conclusions 68. Apart from 69. makes sense 70. was to blame III. 71. Jim’s attitude suggested that he wasn’t interested in what you said yesterday. 72. Every time my father is away on business, he will buy something interesting for me. 73. Only after we finish the task in advance, will we get the award. 74. On hearing the news, we were so excited that we couldn’t help cheering. 75. The short stories written by the Canadian writer were very popular with the young.

部分解析 完形填空 话题:个人情况 本文是记叙文。作者通过一个小故事告诉我们应该多向他人微笑。 1. B。2. A。由下文交通协管员的故事可知, “我”对微笑有了“新的(new) ”看法 —— 微笑可以“改 变(change) ” “我”和“我”周围的人们。 3. D。由下文的 long lines of heavy traffic 可知,司机们会对此“抱怨(complain) ” 。 4. B。 5. A。 由上文的 a new crossing guard 可知, 此人 “管制着 (controls) ” 交通以便车辆能够 “快速 (quickly) ” 安全地进出校区。 6. C。由上文的 a new crossing guard 可知,这位交通协管员没有太多“经验(experience) ” 。 7. D。 由上文的 The guard ... seemed unsure when he made a decision 可知, 这位协管员在指挥交通时犹豫不 定,所以经常“造成(caused) ”交通堵塞。 8. B。由上文的 long lines of heavy traffic 可知,司机们感到“不耐烦(impatient) ”了。 9. A。由上文的 Most days he looked worried 和下文的 He smiled back at me 可知, “我”想做点什么让这位 协管员“感到放松(relaxed) ” 。 10. D。这位交通协管员给了“我”一个“手势(sign) ” ,让“我”驶入学校。 11. B。由下文的 as I continued my turn 可知,这里是说“我”在“转弯(turn) ”之前。 12. A。由上文的 Most days he looked worried 和下文的 He smiled back at me 可知,他的脸色变得“柔和 (softened) ”了。 13. B。我们经常相互微笑,所以“我”知道他能“认出(recognizes) ” “我”来。 14. D。由上文的 I ... smile toward people around me 可知,这里是说那些“收到(received) ”微笑的人们。 15. C。由上文内容可知,微笑使“我”的生活更加“美好(brighter) ” 、快乐。 语法填空 16. polluted。考查非谓语动词。此处为过去分词作定语修饰 water。 17. which / that。考查定语从句。此处为 which / that 引导限制性定语从句,指代先行词 the bacterium。此 处意为“霍乱这种病是由一种能产生肠毒素的细菌引起的” 。 18. to。考查介词。固定搭配 lead to 意为“导致;造成(后果) ” 。 19. although / though。考查连词。此处意为“尽管这种细菌能在人产生的废物里呆七至十四天,但是大多 数携带霍乱病菌的人却并没有生病” 。 20. or。考查连词。此处用 or 表示选择,意为“或者” 。 21. rapidly。考查词形转换。此处用形容词 rapid 的副词形式 rapidly 修饰动词 spread。 22. The。考查冠词。此处用定冠词 the 表特指。 23. be treated。考查谓语动词。此处意为“通过立马补充在腹泻中流失的液体和盐分,霍乱能很容易成功 被治愈” 。故用所给动词的被动语态。 24. being given。考查非谓语动词。by 为介词,其后需用所给动词的-ing 形式。因为病人是“被给予” ,故 用 being given。 25. where。考查定语从句。此处用 where 引导定语从句,并在从句中作地点状语。 阅读理解 A 篇(科技) 本文是记叙文。作者通过本文主要对万维网的历史进行了简单的回顾。 26. D。 细节理解题。 由第一段中的 the web was at first created to improve communication between thousands of scientists in Switzerland 和第二段中的 Since CERN was a huge organization … communication between them was becoming increasingly difficult 可知,万维网最初的宗旨是为了便于 CERN 的科研 人员相互交流联系,故选 D 项。

27. C。推理判断题。由第三段中的 Berners-Lee’s boss said that it sounded exciting but impossible 可知, Berners-Lee 的老板对他的研究报告没有信心,故选 C 项。 28. A。 推理判断题。 由第四段中的 Even though there were many difficulties and few supporters, Berners-Lee went on to develop the World Wide Web 可知,Berners-Lee 在遇到困难时不会轻易放弃,故选 A 项。 29. D。 篇章结构题。 由第五段中的 He wanted the Internet to be easy for anyone to use 可知, it 在此是指 the World Wide Web,即:万维网,故选 D 项。 30. B。标题归纳题。由文章首段中的 This year, the World Wide Web has turned 25 years old 以及作者通过 本文对万维网历史的回顾可知 B 项为最佳答案。 B 篇(语言学习) 本文是说明文。文章通过给出《牛津英语词典》评选出来的几个年度单词说明了英语这门语言在不 断地发展。 31. C。细节理解题。由第一段中的 The Oxford English Dictionary has just named its Word of the Year 和第 二段中的 the English language has developed more rapidly in the last few centuries, adding many words to its vocabulary 可知,作者通过介绍这几个新词,旨在说明英语这门语言发展得很快,故选 C 项。 32. B。推理判断题。由第二段中的 As the language develops, … that bring more richness to our language 可 知,作者对于语言的变化持积极肯定的态度,故选 B 项。 33. A。段落大意题。作者在文章倒数第二段中通过举例向我们展示了 GIF 究竟是什么,故选 A 项。 34. D 。细节理解题。由最后一段中的 While it is more usually pronounced with a hard g (like [ɡ] in “great”), … the use of a soft g (like [d?] in “general”)可知,当字母 g 在单词中发[d?]的音时,这表 示它是软音,故选 D 项。 35. A。推理判断题。作者在文章首段中指出获得《牛津英语词典》年度冠军的两个单词:美国版本的 GIF 和英国版本的 omnishambles,随后在文中介绍了 GIF 的相关情况,所以接下来很有可能继续介绍 omnishambles 一词,故选 A 项。 C 篇(健康) 本文是说明文。文章主要讲述英国即将出台新政来禁止向十八周岁以下的青少年出售香烟。 36. A。 细节理解题。 由第二段中的 anyone caught buying cigarettes for a child could be given a fine of 50-2,500 pounds 可知 A 项说法正确。 37. C。词义猜测题。由本段中的 that could be extremely damaging to young people’s health 可知,toxic 在此 是指“有毒的” ,故选 C 项。 38. B。推理判断题。由第三段中的 Some 41% of 15-year-olds who smoke say they usually buy their cigarettes from someone else, rather than from a shop 可知,那些吸烟的青少年是通过其它途径买来的香烟,所以 Deborah Arnott 的话旨在规范香烟销售渠道,以防孩子们轻易就能买到香烟,故选 B 项。 39. C。推理判断题。由第一段中的 Under-18s in England will not be allowed to buy electronic cigarettes, the government has announced 和最后一段中的 New rules have recently been drawn up for discussion in Scotland and Wales 可知,英国正在出台有关电子烟的使用法规,故选 C 项。 40. D。标题归纳题。总览全文可知,文章主要讲述英国即将出台新政来禁止向十八周岁以下的青少年出 售香烟,故用 D 项作为标题最恰当。 D 篇(社会) 本文是议论文。文章主要探讨了日本社会存在的蛰居族这一问题。 41. D。细节理解题。由第一段中的 They want to go out in the world, they want to make friends, but they can’t 可知,蛰居族想走出去,想交朋友,但是他们做不到。由此可知,蛰居族过着与世隔绝的生活,故 选 D 项。 42. B。细节理解题。由第四段中的 They lose … the possibility of leaving home 可知 B 项说法正确。 43. D。推理判断题。由第五段中的 the conveyor belt of good school grades leading to good university places leading to jobs-for-life broke down 可知, Furlong 认为越来越多的日本青年选择蛰居是因为他们找不到

稳定的好工作,故选 D 项。 44. C 。推理判断题。由倒数第二段中的 Neets, freeters and hikikomori are often used to describe the good-for-nothing young people 可知, 这三个词经常用来指那些一无是处的年轻人, 而这样的人是不被 社会所接受的,故选 C 项。 45. A。推理判断题。由最后一段中的 what matters most is how to get those who hide away to return to society 和 Tamaki Saito’s approach 可知,作者接下来很可能讨论如何帮助蛰居青年走出困境,故选 A 项。

Book 5 Unit 2 参考答案及部分解析 参考答案
1-5 DABBC 6-10 BACAB 11-15 DCBCD 16. the 17. known 18. why 19. preserved 20. which 21. with 22. amazing 23. enjoyable 24. extremely 25. are attracted 26-30 BBADA 31-35 BACCD 36-40 DACBA 41-45 AABCA 46-50 EFDCB 基础写作 One possible version: Located on the estuary of the Yangtze River, Shanghai is the largest city in China as well as a historic city famous for its culture and tourism. Today, with its transport lines extending in all directions Shanghai has become the largest port in China, the largest transportation hub in East China. It is not only the starting point of Hu-Ning and Hu-Hang railways, but also an important aviation center of China, and one of the international aviation ports. With its advanced commerce, Shanghai is a super large comprehensive trading center of China, and one of the international economic, financial and trading centers. Because of the successful host of World Expo 2010 whose theme “Better City, Better Life” has left a rich spiritual heritage for the world, Shanghai has attracted participants in around 200 countries and international organizations, and more than 70 million tourists at home and abroad. 读写任务 One possible version: The passage tells us that when a lady planned her job and started her own business, his friends doubted her ability and suggested she forget her idea. She overcame her own belief in herself and succeeded finally. After reading the story, I can’t help being lost in thought. What the lady did is well worth our respect. She can stick to her own belief in herself and seek for her dream, no matter what others say. More than often, others’ negative comments can really affect one’s ability and even his or her future. Take one little neighbor of mine as an example. The little girl was once a very smart girl, confident in doing everything. Unfortunately, her dad seldom gave her positive comments, which gradually led to the fact that she is no longer confident. Every time before she does something, she is afraid and actually she will often fail. Personally, I think that we should always have self-confidence, and learn to judge whether others’ comments can help us improve. Otherwise, we should neglect those comments and pursue our dream. Only in this way can we succeed one day. 基础题 Ⅰ. 51. folded 52. attractions 53. convenience 54. arranged 55. possibility 56. thrilling 57. plus 58. enjoyable 59. unwilling 60. collection Ⅱ. 61. left out 62. divided into 63. to my credit 64. broken down 65. taken the place of

66. refer to 67. in memory of 68. on show 69. To their great delight 70. broke away from Ⅲ. 71. I wonder whether what I said can clarify the situation as quickly as possible. 72. It’s a pity that she didn’t want to teach in that school at all. 73. If we’d all work together, I think we could accomplish our goal finally. 74. He should have made such a serious error, which made his teacher very angry. 75. The villagers found the water in the river seriously polluted by the nearby factory. 部分解析 完形填空 话题:家庭 本文是记叙文。作者从小一直盼着有个妹妹,结果却盼来一群弟弟。在岁月的流逝中,作者体会到 弟弟们带给她的快乐。 1. D。下文的 keep her word 及 making promises 是提示。 2. A。3. B。母亲因为“没有(lack) ”姐妹,所以感到很遗憾,因此承诺作者给她生一个妹妹,让她长大 后不会感到 “孤单(lonely) ” 。 4. B。根据下文可知,母亲最终也没能给作者生个妹妹,说明她的那些办法都没“起作用(worked) ” 。 5. C。根据下文的 That’s all 可知,母亲最终放弃了。 6. B。根据下文的 turned our home into a chaos of toys 可知,这些男孩子把家里搞得天翻地覆,母亲都没法 招架。 7. A。下文提到弟弟们带来的好处,也就是说,家有弟弟也不是那么“糟糕(bad) ” 。 8. C。same 与上文的 opposite 形成对比。 9. A。作者“知道(knowing) ”男女有别,但是互补。 10. B。下文的 I’ve laughed more than any ten women 是提示。 11. D。sisters-in-law 是提示。 12. C。下文提到的为作者选衣服和鼓励作者等都是弟妹们对作者的“支持(support) ” 。 13. B。作者不能生孩子,弟妹们就与作者“分享(sharing) ”自己的孩子。 14. C。此处指作者对过往的追忆。 15. D。 弟弟和弟妹们给作者带来如此多的帮助和快乐, 他们已经成了作者生命中非常 “重要的 (important) ” 一部分。 语法填空 16. the。考查冠词。由 1700s 可知在此用定冠词 the。 17. known。考查非谓语动词。be known as 是固定搭配,意为“作为……而出名,被认为是……”。设空处 用过去分词形式作后置定语。 18. why。考查连词。设空处引导表语从句,且在从句中作原因状语,故填 why。 19. preserved。考查非谓语动词。preserve 与 Ouro Preto 之间是逻辑上的动宾关系,故用过去分词作宾语 补足语。 20. which。 考查定语从句。 设空处引导非限制性定语从句, 修饰 tourism, 且由 rely on 可知, 在此用 which。 21. with。考查介词。decorate ... with ... 是固定搭配,意为“用……装饰……”。此处是其被动形式。 22. amazing。考查词形转换。 设空处修饰名词 sight,故填 amazing。 23. enjoyable。考查词形转换。设空处修饰名词 scene,故填 enjoyable。 24. extremely。考查词形转换。设空处修饰形容词 impressive,故填 extremely。 25. are attracted。 考查谓语动词的时态和语态。visitors 与 attract 之间是被动关系,且由 every year 可知, 此处应用一般现在时,故填 are attracted。 阅读理解


A 篇(个人情况) 本文是记叙文。文章介绍了特技演员 Vince Deadrick Jr.的从业经历和对自己职业的看法。 26. B。推理判断题。根据第二段可知,Deadrick 在作特技演员的过程中,受过很多伤,但他却为自己大 难不死感到很幸运,说明他很乐观。 27. B。细节理解题。根据第四段可知,Deadrick 自学了很多特技表演方面的本领,而且当特技演员的爸 爸也没给他帮上什么忙,一切全靠自己的努力才有了今天的成就。 28. A。推理判断题。根据倒数第三、四段可知,在挑选特技演员时,Deadrick 非常慎重,挑那些专业的、 有自知之明的人。 29. D。推理判断题。根据文章前半部分可看出作特技演员很具挑战性;根据最后一段可看出,作这一行 很刺激。 30. A。标题归纳题。文章介绍了特技演员 Vince Deadrick Jr.及他对自己工作的认识,故 A 项标题可以概 括文章主旨。 B 篇 (社会) 本文是说明文。文章介绍了三项源自英国的发明。 31. B。细节理解题。根据第二段中的 James Dyson came up with the idea after spending a lot of money on an expensive cleaner that simply pushed dirt around 可知,当时的真空吸尘器不好用,于是 James Dyson 决 定自己进行研究。 32. A。推理判断题。根据第四段中的 Two years later, Dyson products were outselling the competition 可知, Dyson 经过多年的研究后开办了自己的工厂,并且产品销量超越了同行,说明他的努力最终获得了 回报。 33. C。细节理解题。根据 The Mini 部分的 but it developed into a love affair with the British that’s never decreased, helped by the fact that many stars loved it 可知,Mini 之所以能获得人们的青睐,明星们的影 响可不小。 34. C。推理判断题。根据最后一段中的 construct pipes that would function for nearly 150 years and still be large enough to meet the need of an increasing population 可知,Bazalgette 很有远见。 35. D。细节理解题。根据第一段的 form part of our everyday lives 可知,文中介绍的这三项发明改变了人 们的生活。 C 篇(人际关系) 本文是说明文。文章介绍了光晕效应及其影响。 36. D。细节理解题。根据第二段中的 You make only one first impression 及作者同事的行为可知,该同事 很重视第一印象。 37. A。写作手法题。第四段作者提出 the halo effect(光晕效应)这个概念,紧接着在下一段给出一个具体的 例子对其进行解释。 38. C。推理判断题。根据作者在第五段所举的例子可知,一个人很友好与他是否慷慨无必然联系,但是 光晕效应会使得我们将二者联系起来,以致我们做出错误的判断。 39. B。 推理判断题。 根据倒数第二段的 First impressions matter but they don’t have the final word. Facts speak louder 及爱因斯坦是个天才这一事实让我们看到他的时候不会产生不好的印象。这个例子说明,尽管 光晕效应会对人们的判断产生影响,但是却抵挡不了事实的力量。 40. A。细节理解题。由最后一段可知,作为普通人,我们还是要重视我们留给别人的第一印象。 D 篇(历史) 本文是记叙文。文章介绍了英国滑雪运动员 Michael Edwards 创造的别样历史。 41. A。细节理解题。根据第一段中的 he was a strong downhill skier, so good that in 1984, he nearly made the British Olympic team 可知,Edwards 是一名出色的滑雪运动员。


42. A。细节理解题。根据第二段中的 save money, cheapest 及 paid for his training by working as a plasterer 可知, 他当时缺乏资金。 43. B。 推理判断题。 根据第四段中的 disasters, finished dead last, his scores not even half of what the medalists earned 及最后一段的 poor showing 等信息可知,他在此次奥运会上的表现实在是太差了。 44. C。推理判断题。根据最后一段的 fan favorite 及 The Brits even held a parade upon his return home 可知, 尽管在奥运会上的表现这么差,英国民众却很喜欢他。 45. A。 标题归纳题。 根据文章的介绍, 尤其是最后一段的 in a way no last-place finisher ever had 可知, Eddie the Eagle 在奥运会极差的表现和回国后民众对他的爱戴,都在历史上留下了印记。




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(新课标)2014-2015学年高二物理上学期月考(1)_...2.请将答案正确填写在答题卡上 第 I 卷(选择题)...2解析】空载时,AB 间的电压为总电压的一半,即...


2014-2015 学年下学期高二外研第 38 期参考答案及解析 Book 7 Module 4 参考答案及部分解析 [参考答案] 1-5 BACAC 6-10 CBACB 11-15 BAABC 16-20 AC...


2014-2015学期高一课标(JXG)第3期答案解析_理化生_高中教育_教育专区。2014-2015学期高一课标(JXG)第3期答案解析高一课标(JXG)教师用报参考第 3 期高一英语...


高三新课程(GDY)第7-8期参考答案及部分解析_高三英语_英语_高中教育_教育专区...2014-2015上学期高三新课... 4页 1下载券 2014-2015上高三课标(GD... 6页...


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