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2016 高考英语阅读理解一轮选练(3)
阅读下列短文,从每题所给的 A.B.C 和 D 项中,选出最佳选项。 The impression you make at the beginning of an interview is very important. Employers often decide to hire someone in the first three minutes of the interview. They judge you by your appearance, attitude (态度) and manners. A friendly smile when you walk into the room is important. A smile shows a confident (自信的) and positive attitude. When you introduce yourself, make eyes contact with the interviewer. Some interviewers offer a handshake. Others don’t. Try to be as natural as possible. But pay attention to your body language. The way you sit, walk, gesture, use your voice and show feeling on your face are all parts of your body language. It makes the interviewer know how you feel about yourself and the situation you are in. Are you feeling positive about yourself? Your abilities? Your interest in the job? Speak clearly and loudly enough. Show interest and enthusiasm in your voice. When you speak, look at the interviewer. Also don’t say negative things about yourself, or former employers. Listen to questions carefully. If you don’t understand a question, ask the interviewer to repeat or explain. "I’m sorry, but I didn’t catch that." "I’m not sure exactly what you mean." Almost everyone is nervous in a job interview. Interviewers know that. They don’t expect you to be totally calm and relaxed. But they expect you to try to control your nervousness. They expect you to show confidence in your ability to do the job. At the end of the interview, thank the interviewer for her or him. It’s a good idea to send a short thank-you letter right after the interview, or deliver it by hand. Phone the company if you have not heard anything after one week. Ask if they have make a decision about the job. 1. It can be inferred from the passage that ________.

A. you should always put on a smile when meeting the employer B. you should stand still with respect before the employer C. the first impression is very important in an interview D. employers understand and like employees’ nervousness 2. Why should we pay attention to our body language? A. Because it can help us win the employer’s positive impression. B. Because it can help us feel about the employer. C. Because it is needed by our employer. D. Because we need it to improve our feeling. 3. The main purpose of the passage is ________. A. to give you some advice on the art of finding a job B. to tell from wrong about job interviews C. to explain why we should do something about an interview D. to suggest not being shy in an interview 4. Which of the following can be the best title for the passage? A. A Friendly SmileB. Making a Good Impression C. Don’t Be NervousD. Sending a Thank-You Letter 1. C 推断题。据文章的第一、二句可知。 2. A 细节题。据第四段最后 3 句可知。 3. A 推断题。由第一段可知:本文意在教会读者如何参加面试。 4. B 主旨题。由第一段可知:本文强调面试时第一印象很重要。

【阅读理解】 Peanuts to This Proudly reading my words, I glanced around the room, only to find my classmates bearing big smiles on their faces and tears in their eyes. Confused, I glanced toward my stone?faced teacher. Having no choice, I slowly raised the report I had slaved over, hoping to hide myself. “What could be causing everyone to act this way?” Quickly, I flashed back to the day Miss Lancelot gave me the task. This was the first real task I received in my new school. It seemed simple: go on the Internet and find

information about a man named George Washington. Since my idea of history came from an ancient teacher in my home country, I had never heard of that name before. As I searched the name of this fellow, it became evident that there were two people bearing the same name who looked completely different! One invented hundreds of uses for peanuts, while the other led some sort of army across America. I stared at the screen, wondering which one my teacher meant. I called my grandfather for a golden piece of advice: flip(掷)a coin. Heads—the commander, and tails—the peanuts guy. Ah! Tails, my report would be about the great man who invented peanut butter, George Washington Carver. Weeks later, standing before this unfriendly mass, I was totally lost. Oh well, I lowered the paper and sat down at my desk, burning to find out what I had done wrong. As a classmate began his report, it all became clear,“My report is on George Washington, the man who started the American Revolution.” The whole world became quiet! How could I know that she meant that George Washington? Obviously, my grade was awful. Heartbroken but fearless, I decided to turn this around. I talked to Miss Lancelot, but she insisted: No re?dos; no new grade. I felt that the punishment was not justified, and I believed I deserved a second chance. Consequently, I threw myself heartily into my work for the rest of the school year. Ten months later, that chance unfolded as I found myself sitting in the headmaster's office with my grandfather, now having an entirely different conversation. I smiled and flashed back to the embarrassing moment at the beginning of the year as the headmaster informed me of my opinion to skip the sixth grade. Justice is sweet! 1.What did the author's classmates think about his report? A.Controversial. B.Ridiculous. C.Boring. D.Puzzling.

2.Why was the author confused about the task? A.He was unfamiliar with American history. B.He followed the advice and flipped a coin. C.He forgot his teacher's instruction. D.He was new at the school. 3.The underlined word“burning”in Para. 3 probably means ________. A.annoyed B.ashamed C.ready D.eager

4.In the end, the author turned things around ________. A.by redoing his task C.with the help of his grandfather B.through his own efforts D.under the guidance of his headmaster

【要点综述】本文讲述了作者作为一个外来移民初入美国学校时,由于对美国历史不了解而 闹出的一个笑话,但作者通过努力最后终于提高成绩并实现跳级。 1. B 推理判断题。根据第一段内容我们知道,由于作者对美国历史的无知,弄混了乔治·华 盛顿的身份,所以同学们听了作者写的报告忍不住大笑起来。“bearing big smiles on their faces and tears in their eyes.”可知大家觉得这个报告很荒谬。controversial 有争议的; ridiculous 荒谬的,可笑的;boring 无聊的;puzzling 迷惑的,不解的。 2. A 推理判断题。 根据第二段“Since my idea of history came from an ancient teacher in my home country”可知,作者是从别的国家初到美国,所以对美国历史不了解而闹了笑 话。 3. D 词义猜测题。 根据全文叙述可知,作者是通过投掷硬币来决定的答案,因此犯了常识 错误。第三段中“I was totally lost.”说明作者不明就里,所以当其他同学读报告时,作 者渴望知道为什么。annoyed 烦恼的;ashamed 羞愧的;ready 准备好的,情愿的;eager 渴 望的。 4. B 细节理解题。 根据第四段“Consequently, I threw myself heartily into my work for the rest of the school year.”可知作者是通过 throw oneself into(积极从事)而实 现转变的。所以选 B。文中老师并没有给作者机会重做,所以 A 错误;从祖父那里得到建议是 在选择华盛顿身份时,所以 C 错误;而校长是在作者成绩提高后才接见的,所以 D 错误。

【广东省广州市 2014 综合测试】 A dog-lover has invented a high-tech way of feeding his pet by Twitter(推特,流行 社交网络). Computer expert Nat Morris, 30, has designed a system to give his pet a “tweet treat” by sending him a Twitter message. His dog Toby gets some delicious dog biscuits from a computer-controlled food machine whenever Nat sends a message to “@feedtoby”. Nat often works away from home and isn’t always able to feed Toby by hand. But his new invention allows Nat to feed his dog from anywhere in the world. Nat said, “Toby absolutely loves it. At first he didn’t know what was going on. Now he sits underneath the machine, wagging his tail and waiting for the treats to drop.” Nat fills the food machine with small pieces of dog biscuits, but not too many in case four-year-old Toby gets too many messages. And Nat has even equipped his house with an online camera so he can see Toby enjoying the food at his home.

But one problem is that friends and family have been so amazed with the “Tweet treat” machine that. they have starting to send tweets to Toby too. So Nat has had to restrict feeding time to make sure Toby doesn’t turn into Tubby。 “People have been sending him food at all hours of the day, so I had to limit it to between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m.. I’m thinking of doing an updated one which measures his weight before he is fed, just to make sure he’s not putting on too much puppy fat,” explained Nat. How Nat’s Twitter Feeder Works: When a message is sent to @feedtoby it is received by a mini-computer that is linked to the food machine. When the mini-computer receives the message, a bell rings and Toby comes running over and sits in front of the feeding machine. Next the machine’s motor pulls open a trap door which releases a serving of food. The doggy biscuits then drops into Toby's food bowl. Finally a digital camera takes a photo of him and sends it back to Nat on Twitter - so he knows Toby has been fed. 31. Nat has invented a high-tech way to feed his dog because he __________. A. wants his friends to feed Tody B. has very strong computing skills C. is often too busy to feed his dog D. doesn’t like to feed Tody by hand 32. Why has Nat decided to limit the feeding machine’s opening time? A. He doesn’t want Toby to get too fat. B. He fears the machine will run out of food. C. He wants hid friends to stop feeding Toby. D. He doesn’t want Toby to be woken up at night. 33. It can be learned from the passage that Toby _______. A. sits beneath his feeder all day long B. is now used to being fed by machine C. doesn’t know what happens to the feeder D. no longer receives tweets from Nat’s friends

34. Which of the following shows the correct order of how the Twitter Feeder works? a. The bell goes off. b. A message is sent to @feedtoby. c. The mini-computer gets the message. d. The digital camera takes a photo of Toby and sends it to Nat. e. The motor starts to work and opens the door to release dog food. A. a, b, c, e, d B. b, c, e, a, d C. b, c, a, e, d D. c, b, a, d, e

35. In which section of the newspaper would you most probably find this passage? A. Technology B. Health C. Environment D. Style

【参考答案】31-35 CABCA

阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。 I have been passionate about sewing and fashion design since I was 12. Two years ago, I designed and made a set of outfits from recyclable materials for a charity fashion show. Through this highly meaningful and profound experience, I became aware of the importance of protecting and preserving our environment when designing and making fashion items, resulting in my founding an organization to promote eco — friendly, design and fashion. My interest has led me to research areas of fashion that have environmental implications. For example , some popular clothing stores have announced marketing policies designed to improve the environment. For those of us who are eco - conscious, it is responsible for us to evaluate whether such policies are just a marketing promotion, or represent great efforts to protect our environment. Three chain - stores, H&M, Urban Outfitters and Forever 21 ,have been promoting "green" items. After I examined their products, I have concluded that H&M and Urban Outfitters are truly helping the environment with their efforts, while Forever 21 seems to be using the "go green" trend as a way to sell more products, rather than genuinely help the environment. Of these three stores, H&M has the most extensive eco -fashion plans. It is already

well on its way to carrying out its plans by increasingly mixing organic cotton into their garments, as well as putting fully organic cotton items on the market. The store also belongs to the Organic Exchange Organization, which approves of growth of organic cotton. To reduce the harm from non - organic cotton production, H&M is involved with the Better Cotton Project. Mindful of the unfavorable effects of climate change, the store aims to minimize transportation and energy usage. H&M labels their eco -friendly products with an official symbol, the Flower, to represent a production system that is less harmful than most traditional processes. Because of these actions and policies, H&M is already well on its way to making a difference on the environment. With its Urban Renewal brand, Urban Outfitter takes a different approach than H&M in promoting eco - friendly fashion. The brand features women' s clothes made from strictly environmentally -friendly sources, such as vintage, dead stock, or surplus clothing. Urban Renewal produces fashionable garments, and embraces being eco - friendly through recycling. Unlike the other two stores above, Forever 21 ' s eco - fashion efforts fall short; some people would say their message is thoroughly misleading. It promotes the "green" image, and yet many of their supposed eco -friendly products do not help the environment. For example, it sells a "Think Green Tote" that, according to the site, is meant to "send an environmentally friendly message. " However it is made of 100% non - organic cotton which is one of the most damaging fabrics to the environment, mostly because it requires greater chemical intervention compared to organic cotton. Also, the "I Love My Planet Tote" is supposed to "make a positive statement," but is also made of 100% cotton that is not organic. The only tote that is environmentally - friendly is the "H81 Organic Cotton Tote" from Forever 21' s Heritage brand, made from 100% organic cotton. Now that Forever 21 has portrayed itself as being "green," it should start "walking the walk. " 67. The underlined sentence in the last paragraph means ____. A. all the customers are trying not to walk into the Forever 21 to buy products B. the Forever 21 has already been on its way to transform its negative image C. the writer publicly urges the Forever 21 to put its campaign into practice

D. the environmental problem is so serious that we should pay more attention 68. Which of the following supports the author's opinion?

A. The author' s environmental awareness comes from his shopping experiences. B. None of the three stores makes a difference on the ecological protection. C. Someone uses the "go green" trend just as a trick to make more profit. D. It is still a very long way before we humans will use real green products. 69. The passage is developed by ____. A. showing cause and effect C. making comparison and contrast B. giving concrete figures D. using time order

70. Which of the following statements can be the best title? A. Does the Trend of Eco - Friendly Help the Environment? B. Green Products Are Common in Fashion Stores. C. A Survey of Eco - Friendly Design on Fashion Markets. D. Are Chain Stores in Fashion Really Going Green?

68. 【答案】C 【解析】依据第三段最后一句 while Forever 21 seems to be using the "go green" trend as a way to sell more products, rather than genuinely help the environment.可知, Forever 21 标榜为“绿色环保”只是为了更好地卖出产品,并非真正的保护环境,C 项是正 确的。依据第一段第二句,作者从设计中体会到环保的重要性,可知 A 错误;从第四、五段 可看到,H&M 和 Urban Outfitter 是有环保意识的,得出 B 和 D 都是错误的。 【考点定位】考查推理判断题。 69. 【答案】C 【解析】文章第一、二段描述自己的环保意识和责任,第三、四、五、六分别以比较的方式 描述了三家公司是否环保,因此 C 项是正确的。

【考点定位】考查推理判断题。 70. 【答案】D 【解析】文章作者主要是通过对比和比较三家公司的产品是否环保来得出,许多标有“绿色 环保”的产品是不是都名符其实,结果是有的公司确实有环保意识,并且付诸行动,有时只 是借着“绿色环保”的牌子来更好地出售自己的产品,因此 D 正确。 【考点定位】考查标题总结题。

阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。 Last week, we explained that the planet Mars has passed “opposition. ”It passed a point opposite the Sun. This week, we tell about the planet’s surprising motion(运 动)among the stars. For thousands of years, people have recognized that planets travel among the stars. The planets generally follow the path taken by the Sun through the sky. The Sun’s path is called the ecliptic. The groups of stars along the ecliptic are called the Zodiac. The motion of the planets can be confusing at times. Everyone knows the Sun rises in the east and sets in the west. But this is caused by the turning motion of the Earth. Planets generally move from west to east. However, Mars will appear to move backward for about two months this year. This happens because the Earth is overtaking Mars on its way around the Sun. Mars began its backward, or westward, motion on May 11th, It will start moving eastward again on July 19th. Mars’ apparent motion has been a mystery to astronomers for hundreds of years. Most early theories of the solar system argued that the Sun and planets turned around the Earth. But the sudden westward motion of Mars presented a problem. Why would Mars move west for two months when it nears “opposition”? In 1543, a Polish church worker named Nicolas Copernicus published a different theory. His theory said the Earth and planets moved around the Sun in perfectly circular orbits. Copernicus’ theory was simpler. But his Sun – centered system still

did not explain the observed motion of Mars very well. Finally, a German mathematician named Johannes Kepler published a complete theory of the motion of the planets in 1619. He had carefully studied the motion of Mars for many years. Johannes Kepler discovered that the planets do not move in circular orbits around the sun. Instead, they travel in flattened orbits called ellipses. Mars’ elliptical orbit is the cause of its unusual brightening this year and its apparent large size. During the next several weeks, you can see for yourself why the mysterious motion of Mars has caused so many people to wonder. 63. From the passage we can learn that .

A. the sun and planets generally travel westward B. Kepler studied the orbit of the planets in 1619 C. Copernicus’ theory well explained the motion of Mars D. the Earth’s turning motion causes the sun to rise in the east 64. On July 19


. B. appears to change its direction again D. appears to change its orbit again

A. will pass the “opposition” C. will begin to move westward

65. Why does Mars appear to be bigger and brighter when it passes “opposition”? A. It is overtaking the earth. C. It moves in an elliptical orbit. B. It follows the path of the sun. D. It travels in a circular orbit.

66. What is the best title for the passage? A. The Recent Research into Mars C. The Great Discovery on Mars B. The Surprising Motion of Mars D. The Wonderful Mystery of Mars

motion of the planets in 1619. Kepler 在 1619 年出版了行星运动的完全理论” 可知,他

的研究应该是在 1619 年之前, B 错误; 根据第六段最后一句“But his Sun – centered system still did not explain the observed motion of Mars very well.”可知,C 错误;根据第 三段第二、三句“Everyone knows the Sun rises in the east and sets in the west. But this is caused by the turning motion of the Earth.”可知 D 正确。 【考点定位】考查推理判断题。 64. 【答案】B 【解析】根据第四段最后一句“Mars began its backward, or westward, motion on May 11th, It will start moving eastward again on July 19th. ”可知,B 正确。 【考点定位】考查细节理解题。 65. 【答案】C 【解析】根据第八段最后一句“Mars’ elliptical orbit is the cause of its unusual brightening this year and its apparent large size.”可知,C 正确。 【考点定位】考查细节理解题。 66. 【答案】B 【解析】综合全文,文章主要讲今年火星 Mars 有两个月的时间是向西转动的,这与一般行星 自西向东转动是相反的,因此 B 项符合题意。 【考点定位】考查标题总结题。



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