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2014 年高考 语法填空题 汇编
福建卷 Many of us were raised with the saying "Waste not, want not.” None of us, (76)h , can completely avoid waste in our lives. Any kind of waste is thoughtless. Whether we waste our potential talents, our own time, our limited natural (77) (资源), our money, or other people's time, each of us can become more aware and careful. The smallest good habits can make a big (78)d . It's a good feeling to know in our hearts we are doing our (79)b in a world that is in serious trouble. By focusing on (80) (节省) oil, water, paper, food, and clothing, we are playing a part (81) cutting down on waste. We must keep reminding (82) (自己) that it is easier to get into something (83) it is to get out of it. Actually, severe damage (84)d to our land is fairly recent in the history of our evolution. It's time for us to (85) no to waste so that our grandchildren’s children will be able to develop well. We can't solve all the problems of waste, but we can encourage mindfulness. Waste not! 答案:76. however 77. resources 78. difference 79. best 80. saving 81. in 82. ourselves 83. than 84. done 85. say 广东卷 Last year, my brother and I went to Miami for a vacation. Some of my friends who had been there before said 16____ was a wonderful holiday destination. Before we went, we had planned for months. When the day came, we were ready. After our plane landed, we went to the hotel. We had made our reservation six months 17___(early), but the man at the front desk said there had been a mistake. We 18_____ (tell) that our rooms hadn’t been reserved for that week, 19_____ for the week after. I didn’t understand 20____ this would happen and my credit card had already been charged 21______ the reservation. What’s worse, the hotel had been fully booked. When we were wondering what to do, the manager came out. She was 22_____(surprise) helpful. She apologized for the mistake and gave us a spare VIP room on 23_____ top floor. We had never stayed in such an amazing room, and we weren’t charged extra. The next day, my brother and I went to the beach 24____ we watched some people play volleyball. We got a little 25_____(sunburn), but the day had been so relaxing that we didn’t mind. 答案:it, earlier, were told, but, why, for, surprisingly, the, where, sunburnt 辽宁卷 Jonny: Hey! I'm just practicing Tai Chi(太极).Would you like to join me? Peter: I know nothing about it. Is it difficult? Jonny: It seems easy, but you need a lot of practice. You just follow me like this. Peter: OK. Don't laugh 61 me. I may look funny. Jonny: Bend your knees slightly and reach out your arms like tree branches, naturally and 62 (soft). Try to keep your body straight. Move slowly, then be sure to keep your balance and don't let your
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body shake. Peter: I cannot control my body well. My legs become 63 (pain) Jonny: Keep 64 (hold) your position for a while .It helps develop your strength and flexibility. Raise your leg and let 65 stay in the air for seconds. Peter: I feel my legs shaking. I cannot do this any longer. Jonny: Be patient! Tai Chi 66 (call)“shadow boxing" in English. It asks you to act like water: to be flexible as well 67 strong. In real competition, a Tai Chi master borrows the strength of the competitor and uses this energy to fight back. The 68 (hard) you try to beat him, the more likely you will get hit. He controls you! Peter: Unbelievable! Oh..., 69 you don't mind, I'll stop and take a deep 70 . 答案:61. at 62.Softly 63.painful 64.holding 65.it 66. is called 67.as 68. harder 69.if 70.breath 上海卷 (A) My Stay in New York After graduation from university, I had been unable to secure a permanent job in my small town. So I decided to leave home for New York, (25)______I might have a better chance to find a good job. (26) ______ (earn) some money to pay the daily expenses, I started work in a local caféas a waiter. I believe that (27) ______ ______ ______ I was offered a good position, I would resign at once. Over time, the high cost of living became a little burden on my already (28) ______ (exhaust) shoulder. On the other hand, my search for a respectable job had not met with much success. As I had studied literature at university, I found it quite difficult to secure a suitable job in big companies. Mother had just said that (29) ______ I want to have a better career advancement, I had to find work in the city. Perhaps (30) ______my mother had told me was deeply rooted in my mind. I just did as she had expected. Soon I had lived in the city for over six months but I still did not like it. Apparently, I had difficulty (31) ______ (adapt) myself to life in the city, let alone finding a job to my delight. After nine months of frustration, I eventually decided to go back to my small town. Not until I returned (32) _____I realize that a quiet town life was the best for me. 参考答案:25. where 26. To earn 27. as soon as / as long as 28. exhausted 29. If 30. what 31. adapting 32. did (B) The giant vending machine (自动售货机) is a new village shop Villagers have long been used to facing a drive when they run out of basic supplies. However, help is now nearer at hand in form of the country’s first automatic push-button shop. Now residents in the Derbyshire Village of Clifton can buy groceries around the clock after the huge vending was installed outside a pub in the village this week. Peter Fox, who is (33)______electrical engineer, spent two and a half years working on the project. The machine (34)______ (equip) with securing cameras and alarms and looks like a mini shop with a brick front, a grey roof and a display window. Mr. Fox said he hoped his invention, (35)______ is set to be installed in other villages in the area
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over the coming months, will mark a return to convenience shopping for rural communities. He said:“ I had this idea a few years ago but I couldn’t find a manufacture who could deliver what I wanted, so I did it by (36)______. The result is what amounts to huge outdoor vending machine. Yet I think the term “automatic shop” is far (37)______ (appropriate) In recent years, the commercial pressure from supermarket chains (38)______ force village shops across the country to close. In 2010, it was estimated that about 400 village shops closed, (39)______ (urge) the local government to give financial support to struggling shops or set-up new communities stores. Hundreds of communities have since stepped in and opened up their won volunteer-run shops, but Mr. Fox hopes his new invention will offer a solution (40)______these villages without a local shop. 参考答案: 33. an 34. is equipped 35. Which 36. myself 37. more appropriate 38. has forced 39. urging 40. to 新课标 I 卷 Are you facing a situation that looks impossible to fix? In 1969, the pollution was terrible along the Cuyahoga River Cleveland, Ohio. It 61 (be) unimaginable that it could ever be cleaned up. The river was so polluted that it 62 (actual) caught fire and burned. Now, years later, this river is one of 63 most outstanding examples of environmental cleanup. But the river wasn’t changed in a few days 64 even a few months. It took years of work 65 (reduce) the industrial pollution and clean the water. Finally, that hard work paid off and now the water in the river is 66 (clean) than ever. Maybe you are facing an impossible situation. Maybe you leave a habit 67 is driving your family crazy. Possibly you drink too much or don’t know how to control your credit card use. When you face such an impossible situation, don’t you want a quick fix and something to change immediately? While there are 68 (amaze) stories of instant transformation, for most of us the 69 (change) are gradual and require a lot of effort and work, like cleaning up a polluted river. Just be 70 (patience) 答案:61. was 62. actually 63.the 64. or 65. to reduce 66. cleaner 67. that/which

up to the door of the bus. I heard an excited conversation. Then the driver stoop up and asked, “68 anyone lose a suitcase at the last stop?” A woman on the bus shouted, “Oh dear! It is 69 (I)”. She pushed her way to the driver and to the little boy. Everyone on the bus began talking about what the boy had done. And the passengers 70 (sudden) became friendly to one another. 答案:being, and, disappointed, to, caught, to stop, riding, Did, me/mine, suddenly

68. amazing

69. changes 70. patient 新课标 II 卷

One morning, I was waiting at the bus stop, worried about 61 (be) late for school. There were many people waiting at the bus stop, 62 some of them looked very anxious and 63 (disappoint). When the bus finally came, we all hurried on board. I got a place next 64 the window, so I had a good view of the sidewalk. A boy on a bike 65 (catch) my attention. He was riding beside the bus and waving his arms. I heard a passenger behind me shouting to the driver, but he refused 66 (stop) until we reached the next stop. Still, the boy kept 67 (ride). He was carrying something over his shoulder and shouting. Finally, when we came to the next stop, the boy ran
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