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? 1.Have you ever been to London? ? 2.What is London famous for?

The House of Parliament

Buckingham Palace Guards uniform Tower in of London; St.Paul’s Cathedral; Westminster Abbey; Big Ben; Buckingham Palace; Greenwich; Highgate cemetery; British Museum;

Now , we are leaving for London for a sightseeing following Zhang Pingyu by reading the text ---Sightseeing In London.

First, let’s look at some important

words appearing in the text.

sightseeing n. 观光;浏览 1.__________ 2.________ delight n. &v. 快乐;高兴;使高兴 royal adj. 王室的,皇家的;高贵的 3._____ 4.________ uniform n. 制服 5._________ splendid adj. 壮丽的;辉煌的;极好的 statue 6.________ n. 塑像;雕像 7.____________ communism n. 共产主义 thrill vt. 使激动;使胆战心惊 8.______ 9._____ pot n. 罐;壶 10._______ error n. 错误;过失 tense n. 时态 11.______ 12.__________ consistent adj . 一致的

段意连接: A. Visiting Karl Marx’s statue Para.1 Para.2
Para.3 Para.4 Para.5

and the library of the British Museum. B. Visiting the Tower. C.A visit to Greenwich. D. Visiting St Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, and Big Ben E. The visit plan of the next day.

Read the text and make a list of Zhang Pingyu’s tour of London.
Tower of London 1 ____________________ St Paul’s Cathedral 2 ____________________ 3 ____________________ Westminster Abbey Big Ben 4 ____________________ Buckingham Palace 5 ____________________

Greenwich 1 _______________ ships 2 _______________ 3 _______________ clock

1 __________________ Karl Marx’s Statue 2 __________________ British Museum

Make a list of Zhang Pingyu’s tour of London in details.

?Day (Para.1-2)
Tower of London; St Paul’s Cathedral; Westminster Abbey; Big Ben; Buckingham Palace;

The Tower of London

It was built long ago the Norman by___________ invaders _________. This solid stone square _____,______,______ tower had remained standing for one thousand years.

It remained part of a _____ royal _______ palace and _____ combined. prison Comments: delight, fancy, surprised

St.Paul Cathedral


It was built after the ________ _____ of terrible fire London in_____. 1666

St.Paul Cathedral

威斯敏斯特教堂 (Westminster Abbey)

interesting , full of statues of poets and writers

statues It contained ______ in memory of ____ ______ writers dead poets and _______.

威斯敏斯特教堂 (Westminster Abbey)

Big Ben

famous and very loud

This is the famous clock-_____ Big ______. Ben

Comments :

famous and very loud

Buckingham Palace

has so much to tell

Buckingham Palace is the _______ house Queen ’s in London.

Day 2 (Para.3)
Greenwich ships clock


old; famous; imaginary; useful for navigation
格林威治(位于英国伦敦东南部,为本初子午线所经之地,原设有英国皇家格林威治天文台), 格林威治镇(位于美国康涅狄格州)

Greenwich Clock sets____ the _______ world time. The imaginary longitude line is an __________ line diving the_________ Eastern and _________ Western halves of the world.

Longitude line

the Time-Ball

Longitude line

People have photos taken standing on either side of the line!

Day 3 (Para.4)
Highgate Cemetery; The British Museum

?Strange ?Famous ?Sadly

Highgate Cemetery

Karl Marx’s statue is in Highgate ___________ _________. Cemetery


The British Museum

Comments: 1 Thrilled 2 wonderful 3 felt proud of her country

In the British Museum treasures display many _________ different ________. cultures from ________

The next day
英国最大的城堡 Wondered…

the royal family

It is the biggest castle in England.

The Windsor Castle

Judge the sentences “True” or “False”. 1.The Norman invaders built the Tower of London in BC 1066. ( F ) 2.The Queen’s jewels were guarded by special royal soldiers. ( T ) 3.The longitude line interested Pingyu most.( T) 4.Karl Marx who had worked in the famous reading room of the Library of the British Museum developed communism.( T ) 5.Many wonderful treasures from different cultures displayed in the British Museum were gone.( F )

1. sightseeing n.观光,游览
sightsee v. 观光


n.观光客, 游客

go sightseeing 观光, 游览

2. be worried about

担心、忧虑 担心、忧虑 对…感到苦恼 对…感到好奇

be anxious about sth.
be upset about sth.

be curious about sth.

3. available adj. 1) (sth.) that can be used (指物)可用的; 可得的

This was the only available room.
Tickets are available at the box office.

2) (sb.) be free to seen (指人)可会见的
I am available in the afternoon.

He was not available for the interview.

4。make a list of 给……列清 单

Worried about the time available, 过去分词作 _________ =Because she was 原因状语 worried about the time available,
Lost in the forest, the little girl burst into tears. =Because she was lost in the forest Interested in stamps, he forms the habit of collecting stamps.

Born in a poor family, he is cautious about spending money.

=Because he was interested in stamps

=Because he was born in a poor family,

5. delight

n great pleasure 快乐;高兴;喜 悦 vt to give great pleasure or enjoyment 使高兴,使欣喜 delighted adj 高兴的 delightful adj 令人高兴的。

? to one’s delight 使人高兴的是 ? with delight 高兴地 ? be delighted to do sth 对….感到高兴,满 意 老师极为高兴的是他的学生全部考试及格 To the teacher’s delight, all his students passed the examinations. 她因得奖而喜气洋洋 She was delighted to receive the award. 她喜悦的看着我。 She looked at me with delight.

6.remain (--- remaining (adj ) --- remains (n ) )

保持;仍然处于某种状态,作系动词,后可接 形容词,名词,分词,介词短语等构成系表结 构。
1) Much work remained to be done .

2) The children remained listening .
3)The Indian people remain in deep poverty .

4) The remains of the ancient temple are worth seeing .

3. remain 的用法 remain 用作不及物动词, 相当于stay, 意为 “剩下、留下、呆在”, 如: When the others had gone, Joan remained (= stayed) to clean the room. 别人走了, 琼留下 来清扫房间。 Only a few leaves remained (= were still) on the tree. 树上只剩下几片叶子了。 The Smiths remained there all through the y

“呆在那里”可以说remain / stay there,
但“呆在家里”只能说stay (at) home。

① remain作名词时, 表示“剩余物”, 一

e.g. The remains of a meal can be given
to a pig. 残汤剩饭可以喂猪。

They found some remains of the
Tang Dynasty.


② remaining是形容词, 意为“剩余的”, 常作前置定语; 而 left 则只能作后置定 语。 e.g. There are only 5 books left. 只剩下五本书了。 He bought me a gift with the remaining money. 他用剩余的钱给我买了一件礼物。

The pilot asked all the passengers on

board to remain _____ C as the plane was
making a landing.

A. seat
B. seating

C. seated
D. to be seating

1. To one’s great surprise, … excitement disappointment satisfaction delight joy happiness sadness …
______, her mother didn’t agree with her. A. To her great surprising B. To her great surprised C. To her great surprise D. Greatly surprised

2. On special occasions, …

Occasions are quite rare ___ I have the time to spend a day with my kids.为什 么用when不用which?
正常语序是Occasions (when I have the time

to spend a day with my kids) are quite rare.
我很少有机会能和孩子们呆上一天。 因为


7.To her great surprise, Zhang Pingyu found the Queen’s jewels guarded by special royal soldiers who , on special occasions, still wore the four-hundredold uniform of the time of Queen Elizabeth I.
令人惊讶地是,张平于发现女王的首饰由特殊的 皇宫卫士保卫着,这些士兵在特殊的场合下仍然 穿着四百年前伊丽沙白时期的制服。

4. in memory of 为了纪念 = in honor of in celebration of 为了庆祝 5. It looked splendid when first built!

When first built = When it was first built

1) Generally speaking, __ according to the directions, the drug has no side effect.

√ C. when to take D. when to be taken
A. when taking B. when taken 2) Unless ____ to speak, you should remain silent at the conference.

√ C. being invited
A. invited

B. inviting D. having invited

6. It is strange (necessary, natural, important, a pity) + that (should) + v. 虚拟语气 (引导主语从句)
1) You can’t imagine that a well-behaved gentleman (should) be so rude to a lady. 2) It is strange that he ___ so much about me. A. knows B. knew C. has known D. know



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