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高中英语(人教版)必修四 Unit 4 Body language4复习与测试

Period 4 复习与测试




1.______________ n.成人,成年人 adult
2.______________ adj.&.n.主要的 major 3.______________ vt.误解 misunderstand 4.______________ n.喜剧 comedy fist 5.______________ n.拳头

6.______________ vt.代表;象征 represent

7. ____________adv.真实地;真诚地 truly 8. _____________ n.& v.姿态;手势 gesture 9. _____________ vi.& vt. 拥抱 hug 10. ____________ n.陈述;说明 statement

11. ____________ adj.wrong false
12. ____________ adj. 好奇的 curious

13. ____________ n.& v.接近 approach

14.____________ vi. 猛冲 dash

15.association n. ______________ 社团;联系 16.dormitory n. ______________ 宿舍
17.canteen n. 18.crossroad n. 19.function n. 食堂;餐厅 ______________ ______________ 十字路口 ______________ 作用;功能

20.subjective adj. _______________ 主观的

1.spoken adj. 口语的,口头的 speak ____________vi. 说话,讲话
speech ____________n. 演说,讲话,发言 unspoken ____________adj.未说出口的,非口语的 speechless ____________adj. 说不出话的

2.curious adj. 好奇的,有求知欲的 curiously ____________adv. 奇怪地,好奇地 ____________n. 好奇(心) curiosity

3.anger n.& v.怒火,怒气;触怒,使生气
angry ___________adj.愤怒的,生气的 angrily ___________adv. 愤怒地,生气地 _________________________[搭配[ 因某事 be angry with sb.about sth. 对某人生气


statement state 1. __________n.陈述;说明→______vt.陈述 2. __________vt.代表→______________n.代表(人) represent representative 3. ____________n.社团;联系→__________vt.联系 association associate flight fly 4. ______n.飞行;航班→_____vi.飞;放飞 curious curiously 5. ________adj.好奇的→__________adv.好奇地 curiosity →__________n.好奇 approach 6. _________vt.& vi.靠近;接近n.方法;途径 7. _______vt.保卫;保护→________n.防御 defend defence

major majority 8. ______adj.主要的→________n.多数 9. _______________vt.误解→_________________n.误解 misunderstand misunderstanding →____________vt.理解 understand 10. ______adj.面部的→______n.面部;脸 facial face 11. ________n.功能;作用→____________adj.功能的 function functional 12. ____vt.减轻 ease 13. ______n.怒火→_______adj.气愤的→________adv.愤怒地 anger angry angrily 14. _____adv.真实地→______adj.真的→_______n.真理 truly true truth subjective subject 15. __________adj.主观的→_________n.主语



Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.I bought this hat yesterday. similar It is________(相似)to yours. 2.The________ (大多数)of people in my majority neighborhood are Italian. represent 3.The letters USA________ (代表)the United States of America. 4.In Sydney the Chinese team got 28 gold medals, ranking ________(位列)third of all the competing countries. 5.My English is so poor that I can hardly express ________(表达)myself. 6.People from different cultures may sometimes misunderstand (误会)each other. _______ _

Ⅰ.单词拼写 major 1.The_______ (主要的)part of the population get education. statement 2.The man made a____________(陈述)to the police. represents 3.The bald eagle____________ (象征)the United States. curious 4.A_______ (好奇的)child is a teacher’s delight. Association 5.According to the American Automobile____________ (协会),since 1964 all cars sold in the United States have been equipped with seat belts. 6.Her voice trembled with_______(气愤). anger

1. 保卫……以免受 2. 丢脸 3. 背对;背弃

______________ defend against/from ______________ lose face ______________ to turn one’s back

4. 上上下下;来来回回______________ up and down 5. 总的来说;通常 6. 舒适;自由自在

in general ______________
_______________ at ease

7. 面部表情

_______________ facial expression

8. 握手 9. 说实话

shake hands (with sb.) __________________
tell the truth __________________ take action __________________
__________________ express one’s feelings

show respect for 10. 对……表示尊重 __________________
11. 采取行动 12. 表达感情 13. 达成协议 14.与……交流
15. 相反地

reach agreement __________________
__________________ sb. communicate with

on the contrary ______________

1.represent vt.代表;象征 representation n.表现;描述;表现法 representative adj.代表的 n.代表 2.approach vt.& vi.接近;靠近;走近 n.接近;方法;途径 make approaches to sb.和某人接近 approach to接近,近似,……方法/的入口 3.defend vt. 保护;保卫 defend ...against/from...保卫/护……以免受…… protect/guard... against...保护……免受(害) 4.express vt.表达;表示n.快车;快递 express oneself表达自己的思想(观点或感情等) gives expression to表达 expression n.表情,表达,措辞

5.similar adj.相似的;类似的 be similar to 与……相似 运用:根据汉语意思完成英文句子。 ⑴ 所有的大城市都大同小异。 are quite similar All big cities________________________. ⑵ 他的帽子和我的差不多。 is similar to mine His hat____________________________ . 6.in general 总的来说;通常 7.lose face 丢脸 save face 挽回面子 8.turn one’s back on/to 背对;背弃;置之不理

about 1.be curious_______对……感到好奇 against 2.defend_______保卫……以免受 apologize 3. _________to sb. for sth.因某事而向某人道歉 up 4.put______举起;建立 on 5. ____the contrary相反地 likely 6.be______to do sth.有可能…… in 7. ____general总的来说;通常 shake 8. ______hands with sb.同某人握手 come 9. ______up出现,向前 distance 10. in the________在远处,在远方 as 11. ___if好像 ready 12.be______to do sth.准备做某事 at 13. ____ease舒适地 14. ______face丢脸 lose turn 15. ______one’s back to背对;背弃


defend against, be likely to, in general, on the contrary, in defense, at ease, lose face, turn one’s back, look away from, based on 1. The book ____________be useful, but it’s rather is likely to expensive. defended against 2. They _________their country _________both French and Spanish forces. In general 3. ____________, men are taller than women. in defence 4. The soldiers fought bravely ____________of their country. 5. I’m not ill. ________________, I’m very healthy. On the contrary lose face 6. If Tom cannot keep his promise, he’ll____________. at ease 7. I don’t feel ________in the strange place. based on 8. Success is _________good effort. 9. He could not ____________on helpless travelers. turn his back 10. Don’t ______________me when I’m speaking to you. look away from



curious about;approach to;defend against;be likely to;in general;at ease;lose face;turn one's back to are likely 1.As far as I know,most of them________ to return to work because of the pressure of losing their jobs. 2.Hearing the news,she________ back to his turned her husband and sobbed. In general 3.________ her work has been good,but this essay is dreadful. curious about what gift his parents 4.The boy was so________ bought for him that he opened the little box without their permission.

curious about;approach to;defend against;be likely to;in general;at ease;lose face;turn one's back to defended against 5.The lawyer________ his client(当事人)_______the charge of attempted murder. 6.I was surprised to find that the little girl was at ease quite________ among strangers as if she had known them for a long time. 7.To our disappointment,her reply________ approached toan absolute denial. 8.Being afraid of________ ,she left the party after losing face they found that she had told lies.

完成句子 1. We had fish for the first course, ____________(接下来) followed by roast fowl and fresh vegetables. 2. ________________ (不是所有的学生)will pass the exam. Not all the students nor did his brother 3. He did not come yesterday, __________________(他的 兄弟也没来). are much more likely 4. Prices____________________(很有可能)to go up than to come down. one of the most outstanding writers 5.He is__________________________________(最杰出的 作家之一)of the time. 6. —I’m hungry. Let’s get something to eat. —____________(怎么样;about)cabbage and potatoes? How about is willing to 7. She____________(愿意;willing)donate money to a worthy cause.

III 完成句子
Ⅲ.完成句子 1.我穿过马路以避免遇见他,但是他看见了我并朝我 跑过来。 I crossed the street to avoid meeting him,but he saw came running me and________ ________towards me. 2.在幼儿园里,这个孤独的小女孩和小朋友们一起玩 耍唱歌,现在已经开朗了很多。 In the kindergarten,the lonely girl plays and together with sings________ __________ other children and has become more open now.

3.如果你想大幅度提高英语成绩,你就必须改变你学 习英语的方法。 If you want to improve your English a lot,you must change_____ _____ _____ _____you study English. the way in which 4.早上散步是一种很好的运动方式,并且户外新鲜的 空气对你的健康也有好处。 Walking in the morning is a good way to exercise and as well the fresh air outdoors is good for your health________. 5.我们的老师微笑着走了进来,随后紧跟着的校长也 微笑着进来了。 closely followed by Our teacher came in smiling,________ _________our schoolmaster,also smiling.

单句改错 1. Are you possible to be in London this year? possible →likely _______________ 2. I never saw him again, nor I hear from him. I前加did ____________ On →In 3. On general, your speech is good. ____________ majored后加in 4. He majored history at Stanford. _______________ 5. There is a new approach to teach a language. teach →teaching ___________________ is he →he is 6. Whom do you think is he looking after? ____________ highly →high 7. The plane flies highly in the sky. ____________ 8. I didn’t like the way which he speaks to me. which →in which/that或去掉 ___________________________ 9. She as well as you are an English teacher. ________ are →is 去掉more 10. I more prefer to work in China. ____________

单元知识点应用 IV 微写作
【写作素材】 1.一般说来,不同文化的人们有着不同的打招呼的方式. 2.有的拥抱,有的握手。 3.有时有可能引起误会。 4.当我们身处异国,我们要记得我们代表着自己的国 家,不要给国家丢脸。 5.在国内时,要尽可能让异国他乡的人感觉舒适。 提示:黑体部分用本单元词汇表达。 In general, people from different cultures have different ways to greet each other. Some hug and some shake hands. They are likely to have misunderstanding. So when abroad, we should know we are representing our country and try not to lose face;while at home, we should try to put foreigners at ease.



Ⅰ.书面表达增分策略 使用高级词汇 高级词汇的使用在高考中是得分的亮点,比较下列一 般表达与高级表达: 一般表达 高级表达 buy purchase care concern free released fresh vivid get attain give donate/offer leave desert like appreciate/enjoy

一般表达 高级表达 sometimes occassionally besides in addition,furthermore consider take...for granted expecting looking forward to finally last but not least for in favor of however in contrast,on the other hand important be of vital importance know figure out should be supposed to though/although despite/in spite of/the fact tha use take advantage of as/so long as on condition that

一般表达 ask for because of

高级表达 apply for due to,owing to,on account of, as a result of thanks to, be interested in be crazy about,be absorbed in be made up of consist of famous people great figures in addition to apart from most of... the majority of not...at all anything but try one's best to do spare no effort to do want to be willing to

完成句子 1.我们正上英语课,这时高老师突然滑倒,摔下讲台, 我们都很震惊。 was ___ __ all ___ The English class____ going on when_____of a sudden,Miss Gao slipped and fell off the stage, which shocked all the students ________ ____ _____ ____ ________. 2.我要用我自己的方式尽力帮他们克服困难。 make a little effort to help out I will ____ ___ ____ _____ __ __ them ______in my own way. 3.另外,它们可以丰富我的生活,给我提供巨大乐趣。 For another enrich _______ ____,they can________ my life and provide with great fun ________ me______ _____ ____.

VI 单项填空
1 The traditional approach ________ with complex problems is to break them down into smaller,more easily managed problems. A.to dealing B.in dealing C.dealing D.to deal 【解析】 考查approach作名词,意为“方法,步骤” 的含义。构成approach to短语,其中to是介词,后跟 动词- 形式。句意为:传统的处理复杂问题的方法 ing 是把其分解成较容易掌握的较小问题。【答案】A

2The soldiers fought in ____ of their country's safety. A.defence B.purpose C.support D.spite 【解析】 in defence of“保卫……”;in support of“支持……”;in spite of “不管;不顾”,B项搭配 错误。结合句意“士兵们为国家的安危而战”,故选 A项。 【答案】 A 3He sat back on the chair, listening to the MP4 and _ . A.looking at ease B.looked at ease C.being looked at ease D.to look at ease 【解析】 looking at ease “看起来很自在”,作状语, 它与 listening to...并列,由于 look 作“看起来……” 讲时是不及物动词,通常用主动形式来表示被动意义, 故用现在分词。【答案】 A

4. —Have you been to New Zealand? — No. I’d like to, ______ . A. too B. though C. yet D. either 【解析】选B。这道题旨在考查though 用作副词时多 置于句中或放在句末,意为“然而, 但是”,相当于 But I’d like to,所以正确答案为B。又如:He said he would come to the party, he didn’t, though (=but he didn’t). 他说他会来参加晚会的,然而没来。 5. —I don’t like this kind of music. — ______ . It’s too noisy. A. Nor do I B. Neither am I C. Nor I do D. Neither I am 【解析】选A。句意:——我不喜欢这种音乐。—— 我也不喜欢。太吵了。表示“我也不喜欢”用nor和 neither 构成倒装句,根据上下句可知该用do, 故选A。

6 The thirteen stars on the American flag________the thirteen colonies that announced independence. A.present B.sign C.represent D.explain [解析]represent代表。sign 签字;present 展现; explain 解释。[答案]C
7 People have always been curious________ how living things on the earth exactly began. A.in B.at C.of D.about [解析]be curious about对……好奇。[答案]D

8 (2012· 浙江十校期中联考)This is a new________to language teaching,which can arouse students' interest in learning the language. A.approach B.means C.method D.way [解析]approach to sth.……的方法,其它三个选项后跟 of doing。[答案]A 9 (2012· 武汉调研)The kitchen is often the busiest room in a household, so it's important to make sure it ___well. A.smoothes B.functions C.pays D.measures [解析]function起……作用,发挥功能,运转。句意: 厨房通常是家里最忙碌的房间,因此确保它很好发挥功 能很重要。smooth 使……顺利,抚平; pay 付款; measure 测量。[答案]B

10 (2012· 湖北八校联考一)Jane's always nervous when she has to make a speech; she must accustom herself to be ________ when she is with people. A.at ease B.in disguise C.at risk D.in relief [解析]at ease轻松,自由自在。句意:詹妮作演讲时 总是很紧张;当与他人在一起时,她必须使自己轻松 自在。in disguise 假装; at risk 冒险; in relief 欣慰 地。[答案]A 11 People in these countries demand equal treatment for all,________race, religion or sex. A.in defence of B.regardless of C.instead of D.in support of [解析]regardless of不管。句意:这些国家的人们要 求平等待遇不管种族宗教和性别。[答案]B

12 The murderer is________ to be sentenced to life imprisonment. A.alike B.probable C.likely D.possible [解析]sb. is likely to do sth.某人很可能做某事。 [答案]C
13 She________ meeting her friends, saying that she wasn't feeling well. A.declined B.avoided C.tended D.approved [解析]avoid doing sth. 避免做某事。[答案]B

14 In industrialization it is important to prevent pollution.______ important is to take measures to check the rise in price. A.Equally B.Generally C.Similarly D.Namely [解析]equally同样地,符合句意。generally一般地; similarly类似地;namely也就是说。[答案]A 15 ________,the weather in summer is hot in most parts of China. A.In general B.In short C.In danger D.In need [解析]in general一般地。in short 简言之;in danger 处于危险中;in need 需要。[答案]A

16 Don't ________in front of your classmates. A.lose heart B.lose face C.lose weight D.lose balance [解析]lose face丢脸。lose heart 灰心;lose weight 减 肥;lose balance 失衡。[答案]B 17Although the couple didn't choose to sleep in the wild instead of in the hotel, it______ unexpectedly beautiful. A.turned up B.turned out C.turned down D.turned around [解析]turn out结果是。turn up出现;turn down 关小, 拒绝;turn around 转回身。[答案]B

18 (2012· 安徽舒城期中考试)The results of the sports meeting will be ________ on Sunday morning. A.put away B.put off C.put up D.put down [解析]put up张贴,符合句意。句意:运动会的结果将 在星期日上午张榜公布。 put away 收起来; put off 拖延; put down 放下,镇压。[答案]C 19 I guess we've already talked about this before but I'll ask you again just________. A.by nature B.in return C.in case D.by chance [解析]in case 以防,万一。by nature 天生地;in return 作为回报;by chance 碰巧。句意:我认为我 们以前已谈论过这个话题,但是我将再问一下以防万 一。 [答案]C

20 ________you eat the correct food________be able to keep fit and stay healthy. A.Only if; will you B.Only if; you will C.Unless; will you D.Unless; you will [解析]only+状语从句位于句首,句子采用部分倒装。 [答案]A
21 —The last one________ pays the meal. —Agreed! A.arrived B.arrives C.to arrive D.arriving [解析]序数词后用不定式作后置定语。[答案]C

22.The prime minister is expected to make a(n)_____ on the policy change this afternoon. A.account B.mess C.statement D.argument [解析]statement 声明。account 说明,账户;mess 杂 乱;argument 争论。[答案]C

23.The hostess ________ all the guests warmly as they arrived. A.greeted B.defended C.eased D.skimmed [解析]greet 迎接。defend 保卫;ease 减轻;skim 浏 览。[答案]A

24.He ________ our school to compete in the singing contest and won the first place. A.underlined B.equipped C.represented D.campaigned [解析]represent 代表。underline 在……下划线; equip 装备;campaign 运动。[答案]C 25.Don't be too ________ about things you are not supposed to know. A.direct B.bored C.curious D.modest [解析]curious 好奇的。direct 直接的;bored 厌倦的; modest 谦虚的。[答案]C

26.At the meeting they discussed three different ________ to the solution to pollution. A.approaches B.means C.methods D.ways [解析]approach 方法,后跟to+名词。其他三项后跟 of doing sth.。[答案]A
27.Age is nowadays a ________ factor affecting the chances of employment. A.raw B.major C.vast D.rude [解析]major 主要的。raw 生的;vast 广大的;rude 粗鲁的。[答案]B

28.Maria came________ down the stairs like a bird when she heard her mother back home. A.dashing B.seeking C.chatting D.gaining [解析]dash 急冲。seek 寻找;chat 聊天;gain 获得。 [答案]A 29.A newspaper's primary ________ is to provide information for readers. A.action B.operation C.behaviour D.function [解析]function 功能。action 行动;operation 操作; behaviour 行为。[答案]D

30. She often ________ her pressure by taking a walk along the river. A.approaches B.represents C.slides D.eases [解析]ease 缓解。approach 接近;represent 代表; slide 滑动。[答案]D

31.He joined the army in 2006,and quickly rose to the ______ of captain. A.flight B.rank C.adult D.budget [解析]rank 军衔。flight 航班;adult 成年人; budget 预算。[答案]B

32.At the meeting they discussed three different_____ to the study of mathematics. A.approaches B.means C.methods D.ways 解析:根据关键词介词to判断,只有approach后才能 跟介词to的名词短语。答案:A

33.Though British and American English have some differences in spelling and pronunciation,they have much___. A.in general B.in common C.in place D.in words 解析:句意:虽然英国英语和美国英语在拼写和读音 上有一些差异,然而它们还是有很多共同之处的。 “have much in common”意为“有很多共同之处”, 符合句意。答案:B

34.A house may serve many purposes,but its main ________is to provide shelter. A.rank B.approach C.function D.theme 解析:句意:房子有许多用途,但它的主要功能是提 供居住处。function功能,符合题意。答案:C

35.The girl was nervous in front of so many strangers and we did all we could to make her feel more______. A.at ease B.in silence C.for fun D.with joy 解析:句意:当着许多陌生人的面,姑娘有些紧张, 我们尽了最大努力让她感到放松一些。at ease不拘束。 答案:A

36.-Have the peace talks broken down? -Yes. Armed conflict is_____ to break out between the two countries. A.likely B.possibly C.probably D.gradually 解析:根据问句中的broken down可知,这两国间有 可能发生武装冲突。be likely to do sth.很可能会……。 注意:四个选项中,只有likely是形容词,在这里用作 表语。答案:A

37.It is said that the girl will have a chance to ____her country to take part in the 2012 London Olympic Gam A.support B.Lead C.represent D.guide 解析:represent“代表”。答案:C

38.—What do you know about that tennis player? —He________ third in the world. A.ranks B.functions C.dashes D.considers 解析:答句句意:他排名世界第三。rank作动词时, 意思是:“排列,把……分等级”。function 起作用, 运转;dash猛冲,突进;consider考虑,在句中要用 be considered as结构。答案:A

39.Parents,of course,will do everything they could to ________ their children from harm. A.defend B.convince C.overcome D.reduce 解析: defend...from...防止;避免……。答案:A

40.Students are warned of not being too ____ about things they are not supposed to know. A.strange B.curious C.conscious D.amusing 解析:考查形容词词义辨析。句意:学生们被警告不 要对不应知道的事追根问底。be curious about对…… 好奇,符合句意。strange陌生的;conscious有知觉的, 有意识的;amusing有乐趣的,好笑的。均不合句意。 答案:B

41.By hiking, people can ____ nature and experience another kind of life. A.close to B.close C.get close to D.get closed to 解析:句意:通过徒步旅行,人们可以亲近大自然, 体验另一种生活。get close to 走近,接近,符合句意。 答案:C


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必修四 Unit 4 Body language

必修四 Unit 4 Body language_英语_高中教育_教育专区。人教版高考英语第一轮复习必修 4 知识梳理:Unit4 Body 核心单词 1. represent vt. 象征;表示;作为??的...

新人教版必修四 Unit4 Body language单元同步测试

人教版必修四 Unit4 Body language单元同步测试_英语_高中教育_教育专区。课堂教学导学案高一年级 部 主备人 : 包丽丽 科目 时间 : 2014 年 4 月 30 日 ...

高中英语人教版必修四Unit 4 Body Language

( 2) 复习以前学过的单词。二 、教学课题高中英语 人教版必修四 Unit 4 Body Language 让学生了解有关 body language 的相关知识。 二、 教材分析 本节课是...

必修四unit 4 body language课文翻译

必修四unit 4 body language课文翻译_英语_高中教育_教育专区。帮助高一学生更快...高中英语人教版必修四Un... 10页 免费 人教新课标知识点总复习... 7页 免...

新人教版必修四 Unit 4 Body language学案

人教版必修四 Unit 4 Body language学案_英语_高中教育_教育专区。课堂教学导学...出色的教学工作与完善的测试制度密切相关。 高手过招 选词填空(close/closely) ...

高中英语必修四单元测试 Unit 4 body languages

Unit4 Body language 单元同步测试 I. 单项选择 1. “Thanks” is a(n) _...高中英语必修四 Unit 4 ... 9页 免费 高中英语(人教版)必修四... 59页 ...

...英语大一轮复习《Book 4 Unit 4 Body language》文...

人教版】2016届高三英语大一轮复习《Book 4 Unit 4 Body language》文档 (含解析)_英语_高中教育_教育专区。1.lose face 丢脸 2.cheek n.面颊 3.flight n...

人教版高中英语 必修四Unit 4 Body language单元测试 (10)

人教版高中英语 必修四Unit 4 Body language单元测试 (10)_英语_高中教育_教育专区。人教版高中英语 必修四Unit 4 Body language单元测试 (10) ...

人教新课标必修四 Unit 4 Body Language单元检测

人教版高一英语必修 必修4... 6页 1财富值 高中英语必修4 Unit4 Body... ...新人教必修四单元测试 Uni... 9页 免费如要投诉违规内容,请到百度文库投诉中心...


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