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Passage 1 There are stories about two U.S . presidents,Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren,which attempt to explain the American English term OK.We don’t know if ei

ther story is true,but they are both interesting. The first explanation is based on the fact that President Jackson had very little education.In fact,he had difficulty reading and writing.When important papers came to Jackson,he tried to read them and then had his assistants explain what they said.If he approved of a paper. would write he “all correct” it. problem on The was that he didn’t know how to spell.So what he really wrote was “ol korekt” .After a while,he shortened that term to“OK” . The second explanation is based on the place where President Van Buren was born,Kinderhook,New York.Van Bnren’s friends organized a club to help him become President They caned the club the Old Kinderhook Club,and anyone who supported Van Buren was called“OK” . 31.The author A. believes both of the stories the stories B.doesn’t believe a word of

C.is not sure whether the stories are true stories just for fun 32. According to the passage,President Jackson A.couldn’t draw up any documents at all read important papers by himself

D. is telling the

B. didn’t like to

C.often had his assistants sign documents for him good at reading,writing or spelling 33. According to the first story, the term “OK” of by President Jackson documents C.was first used by President Jackson spell“all correct’ ’ 34 .According to the second story,the term‘ ‘OK”

D .wasn’t

A. was approved

B . was the title of some Official

D.was an old way to

A. was the short way to say ‘old Kinderhook Club” B. ‘ meant the place where President Van Buren was born C.was the name of Van Buren’s club call Van Buren’s supporters in the election 35.According to the second story.the term “OK”was first used __ A.by Van Buren B.in a presidential election D.by the members D.was used to

C.to organize the Old Kinderhook Club of the‘ ‘Old Kinderhook Club”

Passage 2 Although the United States covers so much land and the land produces far more food than the present population needs,its people are by now almost entirely an urban society Less than a tenth of the people are engaged in agriculture and forestry(林业),and most of the rest live in or around towns, small and large. Here the traditional picture is changing:every small town may still be very like other small towns,and the typical small town may represent a widely accepted view of the country,but most Americans do not live in small towns any more.Half the population now lives in some thirty metropolitan areas(1arge cities with their suburbs、of more than a million people each — a larger proportion than in Germany or England,let alone France.The statistics(统计)of urban and rural population should be treated with caution because so many people who live in areas classified as rural travel by car to work in a nearby town each day. the rush to live out of town continues. As rural areas within reach of towns are gradually filled with houses,so that it is hard to say at what moment a piece of country becomes a suburb But more and more the typical American lives in a metropolitan rather than a small town environment.

36.If now America has 250 million people.how many of them are

engaged in agriculture and forestry? A.About 25 million. C.Less than 25 million. B.More than 25 million. D. Less than 225 million

37 . Which of the following four countries has the smallest proportion of people living in metropolitan areas? A. United States. B. Germany. C. France. England. D.

38.What’s the meaning of the word“metropolitan”in the middle of the passage? A .Of a large city with its suburbs. towns. C.Of urban areas. D.Of rural areas. B.Of small and large

39.According to the passage,what can we learn about small towns in the United States? A Most small towns become gradually crowded

B.Small towns are still similar to each other. C . As the traditional picture is changing , towns are different. D .Small towns are turning into large cities 40. Why is it hard to say when a piece of country becomes a suburb? A. Because they are the same. place too quickly C.Because the process is gradual. D.Because more and more Americans live in metropolitan areas. B. Because the rush takes

Passage 3 If we were asked exactly what we were doing a year ago,we should probably have to say that we could not remember But if we had kept a book and had written in it an account of what we did each day,we should be able to give an answer to the question. It is the same in history Many things have been forgotten because we do not have any written account of them Sometimes men did keep a record of the most important happenings in their country, but often it was destroyed by fire or in a war.Sometimes there was never any written record at all because the people of that time and place did not know how to Write. example, know a good deal For we about the people who lived in China 4,000 years ago, because they could write and leave written records for those who lived after them.But we know almost nothing about the people who lived even 200 years ago in central Africa. because they had not learned to write. Sometimes.of course,even if the people cannot write,they may know something of the past.They have heard about it from older people,and often songs and dances and stories have been made about the most important happenings,and these have been sung and acted and told for many generations For most people are proud to

tell what their fathers did in the past.This we may call ’remembered

history’ .Some of it has now been written down. It is not so exact or so valuable to us as written history is, because words are much more easily changed when used again and again in speech than when copied in writing.But where there are no written records,such spoken stories are often very helpful. 41. Which of the following ideas is not suggested in the passage? A. “Remembered history” ,compared with written history, is less reliable B.Written records of the past play the most important role in our learning of the human history. C. written account of our daily activities helps US to be able A to answer many questions. D.Where there are no written records.there is no history. 42.We know very little about the central Africa 200 years ago because ___ A.there was nothing worth being written down at that time B .the people there ignored the importance of keeping a record C.the written records were perhaps destroyed by a fire D.the people there did not know how to write 43. “Remembered history”refers to ___. A.history based on a person’s imagination B .stories of important happenings passed down from mouth to

mouth C .songs and dances about the most important events D .both B and C 44. “Remembered history”is regarded as valuable only when ____. A. it is written down C.it proves to be time B .no written account is available D.people are interested in it

45 .The passage suggests that we could have learned much more about our past than we do now if the ancient people had _____ A.kept a written record of every past event their written records in wars C . told exact stories of the most important happenings D.made more songs and dances B. not burnt

Passage4 When Mrs.Joseph Groeger died recently in Vienna,Austria, people asked the obvious,“Why did she live to be 107?”Answers were provided by a survey conducted among 148 Viennese men and women who had reached the age of 100.Somewhat surprising was the fact that the majority had lived most of their lives in cities.In spite of the city’s image as an unhealthy place,city living often

provides benefits that country living can lack.One factor seems to be important to the longevity(长寿)of those interviewed. This factor is exercise.in the cities it is often faster to walk short distances than to wait for a bus . Even taking public transportation often requires some walking . Smaller apartment houses have no elevators( 电 梯 ) , and so people must climb stairs.City people can usually walk to local supermarkets Since parking spaces are hard to find,there is often no alternative to walking. On the other hand,those who live in the country and suburbs do not have to walk every day. fact, opposite is often true. go In the To to school,work,or almost anywhere else,they must ride in cars. 31.The Vienna survey may help to explain _____ A. complaints of people in apartment houses the of Mrs Groeger’s death C. longevity of people like Mrs. the Groeger of cities in general 32.The purpose of the second paragraph is to list some _____ A.benefits of walking B.occasions for walking in city life D.problems of city living D. the image B. cause the

C. comments made by city people

33. reach the third floor of a building. would probably be most To it healthful __

A. to take the elevator a car

B. walk up the stairs to

C. ride in to

D.to find an alternative to walking

34.People who live in the country probably do more driving than walking because __ A.they don’t live near business areas exercise C. they never have parking problems take the bus 35.A conclusion that can be drawn from this passage is that _ A. pollution is not serious air to be 107 C.country people should move to the city healthful exercise Passage 5 For any Englishman,there can never be any discussion as to who is the world’s greatest dramatist(剧作家).Only one name can possibly suggest itself to him: of William Shakespeare Every Englishman that has some knowledge,however slight,of the work of our greatest writer . All of US use words , phrases and quotations from Shakespeare’s writings that have become part of the common property of the English-speaking people.Most of the time we are probably unaware of the source of the words we used, rather like the D.walking is a B. anyone can live D. they can’ afford to t B. they don’t need the

old lady who was taken to see a performance of Hamlet and complained that it was full of well—known proverbs and quotations. Shakespeare, more perhaps than any other writer, makes full use of the great resources of the English language. Most of US use about five thousand words in our normal use of English;Shakespeare in his works used about twenty-five thousand. There is probably no better way for a foreigner to appreciate the richness and variety of the English language than by studying the various ways in which Shakespeare used it.Such a study is well worth the effort(it is not, course, of recommended to beginners)even though some aspects of English usage,and the meaning of many words,have changed since Shakespeare’s day. 36. English people ______ A.have never discussed who is the world’s greatest dramatist B.never discuss any issue concerning the world’s greatest dramatist C.are sure who is the world’s greatest dramatist D.do not care who is the world’s greatest poet and dramatist 37.Every Englishman knows ______ A.more or less about Shakespeare slightly C.all Shakespeare’s writings D.only the name of the B. Shakespeare, only but

greatest English writer 38.Which of the following is true? A . We use all the words , phrases and quotations from Shakespeare’S writings. B.Shakespeare’s writings have become the property of those who are learning to speak English. C.It is likely to be true that people often do not know the origins of the words they use D All the words people use are taken from the writings of

Shakespeare 39.What does the word “proverb” mean? A . Familiar sayings B . Shakespeare’s D.Actors and actresses.

plays. C.Complaints.

40.Why is it worthwhile to study the various ways in which Shakespeare used English? A.English words have changed a lot since Shakespeare’S time. B.By doing SO one can be fully aware of the richness of the English language C. English words are now being used in the same way as in Shakespeare’s time D. Beginners may have difficulty learning some aspects of English usage

Passage 6 Trees are useful to man in three very important ways: they provide him wood and other products; they give him shade; they help to and prevent drought(干旱)and floods. Unfortunately,in many parts of the world,man has not realized that the third of these services is the most important. his eagerness In to draw quick profit from the trees,he has cut them down in large numbers Two thousand years ago, rich and powerful country cut down its a trees to build warships,with which to gain itself an empire It gained the empire but , without its trees , its soil became bare and poor.When the empire fell to pieces,the country found itself faced by floods and starvation. Even where a government realizes the importance of a plentiful supply of trees,it is difficult sometimes to make the people realize this.They cut down the trees but are too careless to plant and look after new trees So,unless the government has a good system of control,or can educate the people,the forests slowly disappear This does not only mean that there will be fewer trees.The results are even more serious:for where there are trees,their roots break the soil up,allowing the rain to sink in, and also bind the

soil.This prevents the soil from being washed away.But where there are no trees,the rainfalls on hard ground and flows away on the surface,and this causes floods and the rain carries away the rich topsoil in which crops grow When a11 the topsoil is gone.nothing remains but worthless desert. 41. Trees are useful to man mainly in three ways, most important the of which is that they can ____ A. keep him from the hot sunshine build warships C.make him draw quick profit from them droughts and floods 42.It’s a great pity that ____ A.man is only interested in building empires eager to profit from trees C.man hasn’t realized the importance of trees to him hasn’t found out that he has lost all trees 43.Sooner or later the forests will disappear ______. A. unless a country has a plenty supply of trees people stop cutting down their trees C.unless aIl people are taught the importance of planting trees D.unless the government punishes those who cut trees instead of planting them B.unless D. man B.man is D .protect him from B.enable him to

44.The word“bind”in Paragraph 5 means“_____” A.to wash away together D.to improve B.to make wet C.to make stay

45. When there is a heavy rain.trees can help to prevent floods.as they can. A.keep rain from falling down to soft ground to allow rainwater to sink in C.prevent the soil from being washed away topsoil stick together Passage 7 Some of the notebooks George Washington kept as a young man are still in existence. They show that he was learning Latin,was very interested in the basics of good behavior in society,and was reading English literature. At school he seems only to have been interested in mathematics. fact, formal education was surprisingly brief for In his a gentleman,and incomplete For unlike other young Virginian of that day,he did not go to the College of William and Mary in the Virginian capital of Williamsburg.In terms of formal training then, Washington contrasts sharply with some other early American Presidents such as John Adams , Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.In later years,Washington probably regretted his lack of D .make the B,cause the soil

intellectual training He never felt comfortable in a debate in Congress(国会), on any Subject that had not to do with everyday, or practical matters And because he never learned French and could not speak directly to the French leaders,he did not visit the country he admired SO much.Thus,unlike Jefferson and Adams,he never reached Europe 31.Why didn’t Washington go to college? A.His family could not afford it. was rather uncommon in his time. C.He didn’t like the young Virginian gentlemen author doesn’t give any reason. 32.Washington felt uncomfortable in Congress debates because he _____ A.1acked practice in public speaking education was not good enough C.didn’t like arguing and debating with people debating was like intellectual training 33 The reason why Washington didn’t visit France was probably that he _____ A.didn’t really care about going 1eaders C . couldn’t communicate directly with the French leaders B.didn’t know French D felt that B.felt his D.The B A college education

D.was too busy to Navel 34 According to the author ______ A Washington’s lack of formal education placed him at a

disadvantage in later life B.Washington should have gone to France even though he could not speak French C. Washington was not as good a president as Adams, Jefferson or Madison D Washington was a model for all Virginian gentlemen 35.The main idea of the passage is that Washington’s education _____ A was of great variety,covering many Subjects B was probably equal to those of most young gentlemen of his time C. may seem poor by modern standards. was good enough for but his time D was rather limited for a president Passage 8 Like most people,1 was brought up to look upon life as a process of getting It was not until in my late thirties that 1 made this important discovery:giving-away makes life so much more exciting You need not worry if you lack money This is how 1 experimented

with giving-away.If an idea for improving the window display of a neighborhood store flashes to me,I step in and make the suggestion to the storekeeper. discovery I made about giving-away is that it One is almost impossible to give away anything in this world without getting something back , though the return often comes in all unexpected form . One Sunday morning the local post office delivered an important special delivery letter to my home,though it was addressed to me at my Office.1 wrote the postmaster a note of appreciation More than a year later I needed a post—office box for a new business 1 was starting 1 was told at the window that there were no boxes left,and that my name would have to go on a long waiting list.As 1 was about to leave,the postmaster appeared in the doorway. had overheard(无意中听到)our conversation. He “Wasn’t it you that wrote US that letter a year ago about delivering a special delivery to your home?”I said yes“Well,you certainly are going to have a box in this post office if we have to make one for you.You don’t know what a letter like that means to us. We usually get nothing but complaints.’ ’ 36.From the passage,we understand that ______ A the author did not understand the importance of giving until he was in late thirties B.the author was like most people who were mostly receivers

rather than givers C.the author received the same education as most people during his childhood D.the author liked most people as they looked upon life as a process of getting 37.According to the author _____ A giving means you will lack money of giving can bring you money C you don’t have to be rich in order to give D. when you give B the excitement

away money,you will be rich 38.The author would make the suggestion to the storekeeper ___ A.in writing B.in person C in the window display

D.about the neighborhood 39.When the author needed a post-office box,______ A. had to put his name on a waiting list he postmaster a note of appreciation C.many people had applied for post-office boxes before him D.he asked the postmaster to make one for him 40.In reply to the postmaster’s question.the author said ______ A.it was the special delivery box C. was the note of appreciation he wrote it D it was he who B.it was the post-office B he wrote the

wrote him a letter a year ago Passage 9 Children in the United States are exposed to many influences other than that of their families.Television is the most significant of these influences,because the habit of watching television usually begins before children start attending school. Parents are concerned about the lack of quality in television programs for children.The degree of violence in many of these shows also worries them.Studies indicate that,when children are exposed to violence,they many become aggressive or insecure. Parents are also concerned at,out the commercials that their children see on television. Many parents would like to see fewer commercials during programs for children.And some parents feel that these shows should not have any commercials at all because young minds are not mature enough to deal with the claims made by advertisers. Educational television has no commercials and has programs for children that many parents approve of The most famous of these is Sesame Street,which tries to give preschool children a head start in learning the alphabet(字母)and numbers.It also flies to teach children useful things about the world in which they live. Even though most parents and educators give Sesame Street

and shows like it high marks for quality,some critics argue that all television, whether educational or not, harmful to children. is These critics feel that the habit of watching hours of television every day turns children into bored and passive(被动的)consumers of their world rather than encouraging them to become active explorers of it. 41. Which of the following statements is NOT based on the passage? A. Parents are worried about the influence from television on their children C B Television has much influence on children

Both parents and their children like watching educational

television. D.Some critics think that television is no good for children. 42.In what ways do children suffer from television? A.They become the victims of social violence B They

spend hours watching television instead of doing school work C D The programs make the children lose interest in the world. The programs make the children spend too much of their

parents’ money 43. Parents would not like their children to see commercials because ____ A.they think that their children ore not old enough to handle advertising B.commercials teach children alphabet and numbers

C.commercials help to sell products commercials

D.they don’t like

44.Educational television is widely appreciated because A.it does have the same commercials as others B.it offers programs for both children and their parents C many parents like the programs it offers for their children D.children can learn some school subjects before they go to school 45. Which of the following can best serve as the title of the passage? A.Watching Too Much Television May Be Harmful to Young Minds B.Television Is More Harmful than Educational C. Television’s Influence on Children Television D More Education



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