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Module5 Ethnic Culture外研版选修7

【外研版创新设计】2011 高考英语一轮复习提能训练 Module5 Ethnic Culture
能 力 闯 关 Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.The more she tried to get out of the situation,the more ________(尴尬的;为难 的)she felt. 2.______ __(适应)to the tropical heat

was more difficult than they had expected. 3.“I’m going now,”she said,________(系上,扣上)her coat. 4.It was________(愚蠢的)of them to expect the economy to recover so quickly. 5.His car is at the________(汽车修理厂). 6.It’s the women who run Naxi______(社会),and until recently,Naxi women i______all property. 7.The Bai have an a______economy,their main crops being rice,________(小麦), beans and cotton. 8.She wants to buy a house,w______I’d rather________(租用)an apartment. 9.When important________(仪式)took place,hundreds of people from different groups travelled great distances to attend them. 10.Below are________(摘录)from the diary that he kept. 答 案 : 1.awkward/embarrassed 2.Adjust ing 3.fastening 4.foolish 5.garage 6.society ; inherited 7.agricultural ; wheat 8.whereas ; rent 9.ceremonies 10.extracts Ⅱ.单项填空 1.Animals that could not ________ themselves to the changed environment died out. A.change B.adjust C.take D.match 解析:句意:不能使自己适应环境改变的动物消亡了。adjust“调整,使适应”。 答案:B 2.________of stealing money from the bank,he was questioned by the police. A.Accusing B.Accused C.Having accused D.To accuse 解析:句意:“被指控从银行里偷钱,他被警方审问。”过去分词作状语,accuse sb.of doing sth.,故此处用过去分词,表被动完成,故答案是 B。 答案:B 3.I ________ the pages together with a paperclip. A.attached B.fixed C.fastened D.tied 解析:attach 与??相联系;fix 固定,维修;fasten 把??粘到??上;tie 拴,系。 答案:C 4.Would you slow down a bit,please?I can’t________you. A.keep up with B.put up with C.make up D.hold on to 解析:句意:“你能否慢点?我跟不上你了。”答案是 A.“跟上”。B.“忍受”,C.“编 造,化妆”,D.“坚持下去,抓住”。 答案:A 5.________ of the truth of the reports,he told his colleagues about it A.Convincing B.Convinced C.To convince D.Having convinced 解析:此题考查非谓语动词。convince vt.“使确信,使信服”,常用于 convince sb. of sth./that...“使某人相信??”。he 和 convince 之间是被动关系,所以用过去分词作 状语。 答案:B 6.It’s ten years since the scientist________on his life’s work of discovering the valuable chemical.

A.made for B.set out C.took off D.turned up 解析:句意:“这位科学家从事发现有价值化学物的工作已经有十年了。”此题考查动词 短语。B.make for 意为“有助于”(Does exercise make for good health?锻炼有益于 健康吗?);set out“开始做(某事)”;take off“脱下(衣服);(飞机)起飞”;turn up“(使音量等)升高;到达;露面”。由题意可知选项 B 为正确答案。 答案:B 7.It was dark.We decided to ________ for the night at a farm house. A.put away B .put down C.put up D.put out 解析:句意:“天黑了,我们决定在一户农家住宿”。 答案:C 8.—The housework is too much for me,Jack? —Sorry,but I can’t help _ _______ it,Jane.I’ve got something important to do, you know. A.do B.doing C.to be doing D.having done 解析:can’t help do it 意为“不能帮着做它”。 答案:A Ⅲ.翻译句子 1.他扣好大衣就匆匆出去了。(fasten) ________________________________________________________________________ 2.他们很快就会安顿下来,孩子们很会适应环境。(adjust) ________________________________________________________________________ 3.他仰面躺着,头枕着手。 ________________________________________________________________________ 4.只有在少数情况下这种病才是致命的。(in a minority of) ______________________________________________________________________ __ 5.他建议一早就动身进城。(set off) ________________________________________________________________________ 答案:1.He fastened up his coat and hurried out. 2.They’ll soon settle in—kids are very good at adjusting. 3.He lay on his back,with his hands crossed under his head. 4.It’s only in a minority of cases that the illness is fatal. 5.He suggested setting off for town in the early morning. Ⅳ.阅读理解 Geoffrey Payne talked for the first time about the night when his wife was killed.The judge thought it was he who killed his wife.Now he wrote to a magazine from the prison about what had happened on the night of 13 October,2007. I had to stay late at the hospital that night to do an operation.I finally left at about 11 p.m..I drove home slowly because the weather was terrible—the wind was blowing and it was raining heavily.I was turning into our road when a man suddenly ran in front of my car.I almost hit him but I stopped just in time.I was frightened and the man looked frightened,too.I got out of the car but he ran away before I could ask if he was all right.It was strange. When I got home,the lights were on but it was very quiet.I called to my wife but there was no answer.Then I remembered that she was out at a concert. I was still very upset about what had happened on the road,so I made myself a drink.Then I went upstairs to have a bath.I saw that the window in the bedroom was open.This was strange because my wife always locked the doors and windows before she went out.She was afraid of burglars(夜盗者).When I went to close the window,I found Ellen.She was lying on the floor.There was blood everywhere.I rushed over and felt her pulse but she was dead.I sat on the floor beside her body.I was too frightened to do anything.

When I gained a bit of consciousness,the sky was get ting ligh t.I couldn’t remember a thing about that night.In the morning I phoned the police.They arrived about half an hour after I phoned them.But it seemed like hours.During that time I tried hard to recall what had happened the night before.I couldn’t stop thinking about the man on the road.What was he doing at that time of night in our quiet neighborhood?Why did he look so frightened?Why did he run away? 【语篇导读】 一位医生晚上在医院做完手术后开车回家,途中差点撞上一个行色匆匆的 过路人,到家后,他发现妻子被杀。后来法官认为这位医生就是杀人犯,结果被关进监狱, 在监狱中他给一家杂志社写了一封信。 1.Geoffrey Payne was a ________. A.doctor B.policeman C.judge D.taxi driver 解析:由第二段第一句“I had to stay late at the hospital t hat night to do an operation.”可以推知,他是医生。 答案:A 2.When Payne got home,he found ________. A.Ellen waiting for him B.the bedroom window closed C.a burglar in his house D.Ellen lying on the floor,blood all over 解析: 第四段倒数第四、五句说,他发现妻子躺在地上,到处都是血。 答案:D 3.After he found Ellen dead,Payne ________. A.called the police at once B.tried to find out the murderer C.calle d out for help D.was so scared that he could do nothing 解析:由第四段倒数第一句“I was too frightened to do anything.”可知答案。 答案:D 4.In this passage Payne tried to ________. A.say something about his family B.show he was very sorry for his wife’s death C.make people believe the man on the road probably killed his wife D.tell why his wife was killed 解析:从最后一段末尾的三个疑问句可以推知,医生怀疑路上遇到的那个人是杀害他妻子 的凶手。 答案:C



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