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understand the writing style
the 3rd person

topic sentences


key words

summarize/rewrite set sentence patterns

Styles of pa



narration exposition



Task 1: Discussion:
1. What is an Argument? 2. What methods to use when writing a summary of an Argument?


The parts of an opinion piece
1.a strong statement of (the topic sentences) opinion. 2.support for the opinion. (supporting sentences) 3.conclusion/suggestions. (the purpose of the passage)

How to summarize an argument?

1. Find out the topic sentences/ key phrases
2. Find out the supporting sentences. 3. Find out the words or phrases that appear most frequently.

Getting up early has been regarded as a good habit since ancient times. Many years ago, people thought that if we went to bed early and get up early, we would be energetic the whole day. So, getting up early is of great importance to us all. In fact, morning is the best time of a day. In the morning, the air is the freshest and people are usually in the best conditions. Many of us may have the experiences that we memorize some things more quickly and accurately in the morning than any other time of the day. If we do some morning exercise or only take a short walk in the morning, we can build our bodies and become much healthier. Also we will have enough time to make a plan and get ready for our work or study of the day if we get up early. However, if we get up late, we will probably have to do everything in a great hurry. Let us remember getting up early is a good habit and try our best to keep it. If we stick to getting up early every day, we will certainly benefit a lot from it.

1. A strong statement of opinion. (the key idea): Getting up early /a good habit /of great importance 2. Support for the opinion (supporting sentences) a better memory a healthier body a better preparation for the day 3. Conclusion/suggestions. a good habit / benefit a lot

Now let’s make a summary according to the information above using the following set sentence patterns.

The passage says…… This passage states that… In the writer’s opinion,…… The writer thinks that……

One possible version

The passage says getting up early in the morning is a good habit ___________________________.It enables us to a better memory, healthier body and have___________________________ better reparation for the day. ___________________________

(范文2) The passage tries to tell us that getting up early in the morning is a good habit that will benefit us a lot, including a better memory, healthier body and better preparation for the day. (范文3) The passage tells us that getting up early in the morning is a good habit that will benefit us a lot. It enables us to have a better memory, healthier body and better preparation for the day.

Step 4: How to summarize a Narration?
Task 1: Discussion:
1. What is a Narration? 2. What methods to be used when writing a summary of a Narrative?

narration the six elements of a narrative piece
who when where What (event) How (process) why

Hi, I am Mike. I just went through my first year of college. The toughest part on me at first was the general adjustment. I went to a very small high school where my mom was a teacher and she did practically everything for me. But at the college I need to know some basic life skills, such as balancing a check-book, laundry, and the things you have to be able to handle that I never thought of in the high school! It was really tough for me at first and I got badly homesick. Once that first semester was over and I got used to the college life, I love it—good facilities, helpful instructors, and a good library. The student’s Union organizes various parties every week. I also go to cinemas and concerts, and often spend Saturday nights in pubs and clubs. One thing I think is important is to get yourself active in things. I was on dance team in college and met a ton of people that way—it was so much easier to make friends when you had a common ground.

the six elements of a narrative piece
who When/where /What How (process) Mike
His first year of college

At first: Then: At last:

toughest…adjustment got used to it

love the college life


Get himself active in things

The author, Mike, mainly tells us

his first year of college life. At first he

didn’t adjust himself well

but after getting active in things for one

to it term, he adapted ______________
______________ . enjoyed himself



How to write a good summary of narration and argument?

Summary / Conclusion

1.Narration : Get the information of six elements and combine them smoothly to form a summary. 2.Argument : First find out the topic sentences , the supporting sentences and the writer’s conclusion and then summarize them.

我们根据说明文的不同类型, 分别给出三种参考模板: 1. 描写某事物的性质功用。即“对象+性质功用+利好”: (In the passage) the writer introduces... (对象)to us, especially its...(性质或功用), from which we know...(对象带来的利好).

2. 针对某个问题提出解决方法或措施。 即“问题+解决方法”: The passage tells us...(问题), including...(方法1), ...(方法2)and...(方 法3).

3. 介绍某现象及其原因和结果。即“现象+原因+结果”: (The author/writer said/talks about)...(现象)of..., because /but...(原因/本质1), and... (原因/本质2).

在高考读写任务中, 多为说明某种社会现象的说明文。

阅读下面短文, 然后以约30个词概括这段短文的 内容。 Eye care is an important factor in all of our lives. Without eyes, we seem to be able to do nothing. But, what can we do to take care of eyes? Firstly, we should eat healthy foods. Secondly, don’t sit before a computer screen or TV for too long time and take regular rest at intervals so as to relax the eye muscles. Thirdly, having enough sleep is the best rest for eyes.

Besides those notices, you should be aware of some threats to eyes in daily lives. Excessive exposure to bright sunlight is harmful to eyes, therefore, when going out, especially in summer time, put on a pair of qualified sunglasses. Stay away from smoking. Some ingredients in cigarettes are carcinogenesis(致癌的).

Last but not least, take regular medical examines to check out the potential eye disease and prevent its deterioration(退化). Eyes are the most important sense organs and one should use proper eye care products to avoid further irritations (刺激)and ensure longevity at ease.

[解题过程] 本文在指出眼睛重要后, 紧接着提出问题“为 保护眼睛, 我们可以做些什么呢”, 然后分三点说 明应该做些什么。因此, 我们可以套用“问题+解 决方法”模式: Our eyes are important for us, so the author tells us how to take care of our eyes, including eating healthy food, giving them enough time to rest, knowing some threats, and taking frequent eye examinations.

1.Don’t copy the sentences in the article exactly. 2.It must be written in your own words and in the 3rd person. In about 30 words. 3.No opinions of your own while summarizing an article. 4.Write clearly and neatly. 5.Keep practising everyday.


1、Finish summarizing in our material.
2、Keep practising writing summaries every day.

T h a n k s


l o t !

Any comment is welcome!


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