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学科:英语 轮次:高一英语同步复习课程--上学期 专题:完形填空与阅读理解 主讲教师:阎婕 北京四中英语高级教师

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高一英语同步复习课程--上学期 专题:完形填空与阅读理解 主讲教师:阎婕
Soon it would be the holidays, but before that, there were year exams. All the 1 had been working hard for some time, reviewing their lessons for the exams. If they didn’t 2 , they would have to retake them in September. There were usually a few who 3 , but Jane didn’t want to be one of them. She had worked hard all year, 4 just before the exams she was working so hard that her sister Barbara was 5 about her. She went to bed too 6 . The night before the first exam, Barbara 7 that she should have an early night and take a 8 pill(药丸). She promised to wake 9 up in the morning. As she was falling asleep, Jane was afraid that she might oversleep. He r 10 kept jumping from subject to subject. At last, with the help of 11 , she went to sleep. In no time at all, she was sitting in the examination hall, looking at the examination 12 , but she couldn’t answer any of the questions. 13 around her was writing pages and pages. 14 she thought hard, she couldn’t find anything to write 15 . She kept looking at her 16 . Time was running out. There was only an hour to go. She started one question, wrote two sentences, 17 and tried another one. With only half an hour left she wrote another two sentences. By this time she was so worried that she started 18 . Her whole body shook. It shook so much that she 19 up. She was still in bed and it had all been a 20 dream. A minute later, Barbara called her name. 1. A. teachers B. students C. classmates D. schools 2. A. prepare B. miss C. join D. pass 3. A. succeeded B. failed C. ended D. called 4. A. but B. so C. and D because 5. A. excited B. frightened C. worried D. pleased 6. A. early B. late C. heavily D. eagerly 7. A. insisted B. hoped C. ordered D. wished 8. A. sleeping B. resting C. exciting D. breathing 9. A. him B. her C. them D. herself 10. A. hand B. eye C. mind D. body 11. A. her sister B. her parents C. the lessons D. the medicine 12. A. result B. marks C. desk D. paper 13. A. The teacher B. The students C. No one D. Everyone 14. A. If B. Though C. So D. How 15. A. with B. about C. on D. to 16. A. watch B. textbook C. sister D. subject 17. A. gave up B. put off C. look around D. think over 18. A. examining B. leaving C. copying D. crying 19. A. raised B. woke C. stood D. cheered 20. A. nice B. wonderful C. terrible D. special

答案:BDBAC BAABC DDDBB AADBC 详解: 1.选 B。根据 reviewing their lessons for the exams 可推知。classmates 在此表意不清。


2.选 D。由 have to retake them 可推知。 3.选 B。由 Jane didn’t want to be one of them 和前一句话可推知。 4.选 A。前后形成对比,全句意思为:她已刻苦学习整整一年,可是临考前还得努力。 5.选 C。根据上下文之间的逻辑关系予以选定。 6.选 B。从下句的 she should have an early night 可推知,临近考试时她睡得很迟。 7.选 A。根据从句中的虚拟语气形式可排除 B、D,根据语境可排除 C。 8.选 A。根据下一句和下一节第三句可知是“安眠药”。 9.选 B。从上文可知,是将 Jane 叫醒。 10.选 C。思维活动应在“大脑”中进行。 11.选 D。后来终于睡着了,这说明之前吃的“安眠药”起了作用。 12.选 D。从下两句可推知他看的是“试卷”。 13.选 D。选项 A 不合常识,选项 B 主谓不一致,选项 C 不合上下文,应一一排除。 14.选 B。与下一分句形成对比。 15.选 B。根据语境,应为“不知道写什么”。 16.选 A。根据 look at 和 time was running out 可推知。 17.选 A。一题未做完又做下一题,说明暂时放弃了前一题。 18.选 D。从第四个空格前的内容可知 Jane 极不愿意不及格并补考,为此刻苦学习了一 年,而考试时却一败涂地,怎能不会焦急、伤心。 19.选 B。身体的剧烈晃动导致自己从睡梦中“醒”来。 20.选 C。原来做的是一个“可怕的”梦。 Only once a year, on his birthday, did Charlie Bucket ever get to taste a bit of chocolate (巧克力糖). The whole family 1 up their money for that 2 occasion(时刻), and when the great day arrived, Charles was always 3 with one small chocolate bar (条) eat to 4 . And each time he 5 it, on those wonderful birthday mornings, he would place it 6 in a small wooden box that he 7 , and treasure it as though it were a bar of solid 8 ; and 9 the next few days, he would 10 himself only to look at it, but never to 11 it. Then at last, when he could 12 it no longer, he would peel(剥)back a tiny 13 of the paper wrapping at one corner to 14 a tiny bit of chocolate, and then he would take a tiny nibble (轻咬)——just enough to allow the lovely sweet taste to 15 out slowly over his 16 . Then next day, he would take 17 tiny nibble, and so on, and so on. And 18 this way, Charlie would make his six-penny bar of birthday chocolate 19 him for more than a 20 . 1.A. shared B. earned C. took D. saved 2.A. special B. common C. excited D. shabby 3.A. presented B. given C. offered D. gained 4. A. slowly B. carefully C. alone D. hurriedly 5. A. bought B. received C. ate D. hid 6. A. rudely B. nervously C. carefully D. neatly 7. A. belonged B. imagined C. rejected D. owned 8. A. wood B. gold C. candy D. ice 9. A. for B. on C. beyond D. after 10.A. forbid B. allow C. ask D. force 11.A. taste B. think C. eat D. touch 12.A. see B. hold C. stand D. suffer 13.A. bit B. bar C. little D. piece


14.A. show 15.A. stick 16. A. hand 17. A. the other 18. A. for 19. A. remain 20. A. day

B. separate B. spread B. mouth B. other B. by B. last B. week

C. expose C. search C. stomach C. one C. in C. keep C. month

D. taste D. speak D. tongue D. another D. on D. trouble D. year

答案:DAACB CDBAB DCACB DDCBC 详解: 1.选 D。从前一句来看,这家生活十分贫穷,以致连买一块巧克力糖的钱也要通过节省 这一途径。余者不合文意。 2.选 A。B、D 不合文意,首先可予排除,C 不能概全,实际上这时什么心情都有。从后 一分句中的 great day 中可推知,这是一个“不同寻常”的时刻。 3.选 A。从词汇搭配看,另三词不能与 with 连用。 4.选 C。根据下文可知是给他“独自”吃。 5.选 B。与上一句的 present(给予)相对应。 6.选 C。从 as though it were a bar of solid…来看,他将巧克力糖看作像宝贝一样,绝对舍 不得一下子吃光,而是将其“小心翼翼地”放在盒子里,以便慢慢享用。 7.选 D。belong 是不及物动词,不能接宾语,imagine 和 reject 不合文意,这三项不能选 用。 8.选 B。a bar of solid gold 意为“金条”,根据常识和修饰词 solid 可选定。 9.选 A。凭语感。 10.选 B。根据语境应为“允许”自己看。其余不合逻辑。 11.选 D。与 look at 形成对比。 12.选 C。根据下文“他将其剥开一点轻咬”来看,他已不能“忍受”巧克力糖的诱惑了。 13.选 A。下一个空格后再现了 a tiny bit 这一短语。 14.选 C。expose“使露出”。另 show 与 separate 不合文意,taste 是下一步才有的动作, 故这三项应予排除。 15.选 B。spread out 扩散开,合乎文意。而 stick out(伸出) 。search out (寻找,找到) , speak out(说出)明显不合句意。 16.选 D。根据常识,味道应在“舌”面上扩散开。 17.选 D。another 表示“(三者以上的)另一个”。 18.选 C。in this way “以这种方式”。 19.选 B。last 在此意为“够……之用”。余者不合文意。 20.选 C。根据全文不难推断。 Marty Dunn first saw Alexandra soon after she arrived in the United States and was put in an orphans’ home. She was four years old but 1 no more than three. She was only half the usual weight 2 her age. Her upper jaw (上颚) developed 3 , but the lower one froze her mouth shut. Three months later, Alex was given an 4 on her jaw in a big 5 by Marty Dunn himself. The operation was quite a success. After nine 6 Alex had a functioning(可活动 的) jaw. The next day the little girl was able to open her 7 . It was really a wonder! For the first time ever, Alex 8 . It lit up the room. She had never 9 a word before. Now she began to learn to speak. She 10 knew


Spanish. Before long, 11 words came out freely. One day in late November 1986, more than two years 12 Alex had arrived at the 13 , the family went to a nearby 14 . After their meal, Mrs. Dunn turned to the little girl. “Alex,” she said, “you know we all 15 you. We’d like you to become our 16 and to be called Alexandra Dunn. Would you like that? Alex smiled happily. “Oh, yes, I want that!” Then she 17 Alexandra Dunn lawfully. The day that Alex had been 18 for several years finally arrived in June the year before last. For the first time in her young life, Alex had a full set of 19 . She looked at her parents and said, “I’m the 20 girl in the world!” 1. A. seemed B. pretended C. looked D. remained 2. A. with B. for C. by D. at 3. A. poorly B. normally C. rapidly D. slowly 4. A. eyes B. examination C. experiment D. operation 5. A. hospital B. room C. orphans’ home D. day 6. A. days B. hours C. weeks D. months 7. A. mouth B. eyes C. arms D. jaws 8. A. spoke B. cried C. smiled D. ate 9. A. known B. spoken C. learned D. written 10.A.obviously B. really C. still D. Italian 12.A. after B. before C. since D. ago 13.A. Dunns’ B. hospital C. orphans’ home D. country 14.A. park B. zoo C. restaurant D. church 15.A. love B. save C. help D. need 16.A. assistant B. daughter C. patient D. pupil 17.A. proved B. called C. stayed D. became 18.A. passing B. looking C. waiting D. spending 19.A. teeth B. jaws C. parents D. eyeglasses 20.A. loveliest B. luckiest C. proudest D. loneliest 答案:CBBDA BACBD BAACA BDCAB 详解: 1.选 C。虽有四岁,但从外表上“看起来”还不足三岁。 2.选 B。for 意为“相对于……来说”,合乎文意。 3.选 B。normally 意为“正常地”,与下颚的不正常形成对比。 4.选 D。下句再现 operation 一词。 5.选 A。做这样复杂的手术肯定会在“医院”里进行。 6.选 B。从 The next day…可推知,手术当天 Alexandra 就能活动下颚了。 7.选 A。根据语境,能张开的肯定是“嘴”。 8.选 C。A、B 与下一节首句矛盾。D 不合逻辑。C(smiled)含义有二,一是 Alexandra 以 前因下颚发育不正常而致整个嘴闭合,所以无法正常地“笑”,现在终于可以笑了;二是 生理上的残疾终被去除,她感到万分喜悦,情不自禁地笑了。 9.选 B。与下一句形成比较,speak a word 相当于 speak,但前者语气更强。余者与下句 无关。 10.选 D。另三项不合行文逻辑。 11.选 B。从文章首句看,她现身处美国,而美国人的本族语是英语,所以在这里他很容


易学会英语。 12.选 A。从句中的谓语动词 arrive 用了过去完成时,这说明这一动作发生在主句中的谓 语动词 go 之前,因此,从属连词应用 after。 ago 在句法上讲不通。 13.选 A。依据下面所有文字可推知。 14.选 C。从 after their meal 可知,他们去的是“饭店”。 15.选 A。从 Mrs. Dunn 的话中可知,她全家都“爱”Alexandra。 16.选 B。从 she looked at her parents…中可得到暗示。 17.选 D。proved(后来证明是) ,stayed(保持)不合文意。called 意为“称呼,把…… 叫做……”,这里须在其前面加上 be 动词才合乎逻辑。 18.选 C。这里的 waiting 用作及物动词,意为“期待”。B(looking)用作不及物动词,不 能带宾语,A、D 不合文意,这三项不能选用。 19.选 A。B、C 不合情理和逻辑,D 与本文无关,只有 A 合乎语境。 20.选 B。A、C 不合逻辑,D 不合语境。 Charles R. Drew was a medical student at Columbia University in New York. Before he graduated, he wrote an article 1 blood bank, that is, the storing of blood. Up till then, a lot of people had died from loss of blood 2 there was no blood bank. When the United States entered the Second World War, it became 3 to set up blood banks. Dr Drew became 4 of the red cross’s first blood bank. When the Red Cross 5 blood banks to collect and store blood for men 6 in battle, black American gave blood along with the whites. At 7 their blood was not accepted. Later blood from the blacks was 8 but was stored in a 9 place from “white” blood. Although the best doctors 10 that there was 11 difference at all between the blood of blacks and whites, the Red Cross, with the support of the government, 12 to separate black blood from white blood. After the war, Dr Drew was 13 from Washington with three other doctors to attend a medical meeting in a southern state. In northern Carolina their car went 14 a ditch(深沟) and Dr Drew was 15 hurt. He had los 16 blood by the time a passing car took him to the 17 hospital. But they were stopped at the gate of the hospital. “ 18 him to the hospital for blacks.” No matter 19 they said, they could not get into the hospital. They had to take him to the 20 hospital, but on the way Dr Drew died because he had lost too much blood. 1. A. of B. on C. for D. in 2. A. though B. if C. because D. and 3. A. possible B. impossible C. important D. necessary 4. A. visitor B. head C. receiver D. supporter 5. A. started B. expected C. promised D. forbade 6. A. died B. killed C. wounded D. fighting 7. A. most B. least C. first D. last 8. A. received B. accepted C. lost D. found 9. A. good B. cool C. hot D. separate 10.A. discovered B. invented C. insisted D. regretted 11.A. little B. much C. some D. no 12.A. began B. refused C. stopped D. continued 13.A. driving B. walking C. arriving D. traveling 14.A. from B. into C. along D. off 15.A. hardly B. nearly C. badly D. not


16.A. some 17.A. biggest 18.A.Take 19.A. how 20.A. colored

B. little B. most B. Bring B. what B. better

C. all C. nearest C. Send for C. where C. farthest

D. much D. cheapest D. Find D. who D. same

答案:BCDBA CCBDC DDABC DCABA 详解: 1.选 B。on 表示“论述”。 2.选 C。许多人死于缺血,是“因为”没有血库。 3.选 D。由于战争,用血量大增,故建立血库显得“十分必要”。 4.选 B。凭语感。另外,根据语境较易排除其余三个选项。 5.选 A。started 使开始,余者不合文意。 6.选 C。受伤的人才有可能需要补充血液。 7.选 C。at first 意为起初,与下一句中的 later 形成对比。 8.选 B。开始黑人的血并不被接受,只是后来才被接受。 9.选 D。根据与 from 一词的搭配和第十二个空格后的内容可知。 10.选 C。insisted 坚持说,坚持认为,余者不合语境。 11.选 D。根据文意和 at all 选定。 12.选 D。虽然专家认为两种血并无差别,但红十字会仍“继续”将两者分开。 13.选 A。从 their car went…可知,他们一行是“驾车”去的。余者不合文意。 14.选 B。车子掉“进”深沟,符合文意。 15.选 C。从最终死亡这一事实来看,他受伤“严重”。 16.选 D。根据语境可推断。另外,文章最后一句再现了 much 这一词。 17.选 C。抢救应到“最近的”医院,这是常识。 18.选 A。从 They had to take him to …可判断出。 19.选 B。said 是及物动词,须接宾语,故应填代词 what。 20.选 A。coloured hospital 意为“有色人种的医院”,在美国专指黑人的医院。B、C、D 不合乎常识和语境。



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