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Key to Unit 4 Book 2

Unit 4
Listen and Respond Task Two P99 1. a bad day, positive 2. good mood, learn from, victim 3. choices, react to, affect, feel 4. feel better, enjoy live more, chances of success Chec

king Your Vocabulary P113 1. 1)b 2)f 3)a 4)g P115 3. 1) admit into 4) to my horror 7) are/feel disposed to

Book 2



7) j


2) consider yourself as 5) in the mind’s eye 8) give it a try

3) unworthy of 6)in one way or another

Checking Your Comprehension P115 1. 1) T 2) T 3) F 4) T 5) F 6) F 7) T 2. 2) Ignore what others might ay or think about you if you change the way you think. 3) always visualize only favorable and beneficial situations. 4) use positive words in your inner dialogues or when talking with others 5) smile a little more 6) disregard any feelings of laziness or a desire to quit 7) persistently replace negative thoughts with constructive ones.

Optional Classroom Activities P116 1. task two 1) There is no market for shoes in Africa. 2) There is big market in Africa, and what we need to do is to educate them on the benefits and importance of wearing shoes. Enhance Your Language Awareness

Words in Action P118 1. 1) positive 2) focused 3) perspective 4) tense 5) shape 6) address 7) crises 8) curse 9) incredible、 10)conversely 11)issue 12)ignored 13)outcome 14)rare 15)transform 16)accomplish 17)quit 18)rejected

P119 2. 1) (in)one way or another 2) have lived through 3) make a difference 4) give it a/ another try 5) concerned with 6) slipped over 7) pulled over 8) in reverse Increasing Your Word Power P120 1. 1) concerned 2) concerning 3) reject 4) declined 5) unconscious 6) subconscious 7) former 8) preceding 9) raise 10) rise


1) does 6) take

2) make 7) done

3) take 4) do 8) taken 9) making

5) make 10) took

P121 3. 1) d

2) a

3) f

4) b

5) c

6) e

Grammar Review P122 1. 1) will be/ is going to be/ is to be go will hear/ are going to hear 2) are going to swim/ are swimming/ are to swim 3) will be/ is going to be/ is to be Shall discuss/ are going to discuss/ are discussing/ will discuss/ are to discuss 4) will be/ is going to be/ is/ is to be Will be/ are going to be/ are to be 5) will be opened/ is going to be opened/ is opened/ is to be opened Will not be/ is not going to be/ is not Are to keep P123 2. 1) are, will be; am changing, will be 2) have used 3) will do 4) shall/ will be having 5) will/ are going to break 6) would take 7) will have turned 8) should/ would have got 9) shall have been working 10) would be sitting/ would sit Cloze 1. perspective 2. despair 3. necessity 4. perform 5. conversely 6. prophecy 7. where 8. as 9. achieve 10. recognize

11. 12. 13. 14.

dealt with attitude channels concerned

Translation P124 1. Only those who have lived through a similar experience can fully appreciate this. 2. Scientists have been hard pressed to figure out how these particles form and interact. 3. I’d like to express my special thanks to everyone who had contributed over years in one way or another. 4. The individual success of the employees in a team environment results in success for company. 5. The war, although successful in military terms, left the economy almost in ruins. 6. He decided to channel his energy into something useful, instead of being glued to the TV set all day long. 7. There’s a difference between strength and courage. It takes strength to survive. It takes courage to live. 8. She was by nature a very affectionate person, always ready to give a helping hand to others. Theme-Related Writing P125 Sample Essay for Task One: Dear Weihua, I know you are still feeling upset about your results in the college entrance examination. I’ve just read an article about how pessimistic and optimistic thoughts can affect our behavior and I’m now sending you a copy, hoping that it will help you step out of the shadows. Naturally, failing the college entrance examination can be very depressing, yet if you continue to dwell on the past, you will never be able to pick yourself up and focus on what is more important for now and the future. Life is full of trials and anyone may suffer setbacks. We must take an optimistic attitude towards the things we have to deal with. Optimism and positive thinking ate powerful forces. Good things do come true if we picture them often. Please do have confidence in your potential. Just work hard and prepare for another chance. You will make it. Yours, Janet

Sample Essay for Task Two: Thinking positively means allowing your mind to be filled with optimistic feelings, and always hoping for the best though still aware of the difficulties that might be involved.

The human mind is powerful; thoughts of optimism and pessimism can be s self-fulfilling prophecy. Though it might seem impossible to some, positive thinking and success actually have a cause-and-result relationship. The reason is that a person with positive thinking will always broadcast goodwill and confidence and that kind if radiating attitude will take a hold on everybody. Gradually, people’s attitude will shift towards more trust and respect. This not only opens up more opportunities for the individual, but it also feeds back emotionally, and the cycle continues. Though the shaping of a positive or negative personality often happens subconsciously. It is possible to control such process consciously. A person can try visualizing favorable situations, whether it is remembering a contest won as a child or imagining getting that job offer so long sought after. Over time circumstances will change according.


Key to Unit 4 Book 2

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