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A Leap(跳跃)to Honor Leaping on a narrow balance beam(平衡木) is not easy. But Lola Walter, a 13-year-old gymnast, is an expert at it. To perfect her skills, Lola ___36___ for four hours a day, fi

ve days a week. At the state championships in March, she finished seventh out of 16 girls. That’s especially impressive. ___37___ she is legally blind, born with a rare condition that causes her eyes to shift constantly. She often sees double and can’t ___38___ how far away things are. When she was little, her mom ___39___ that even though she couldn’t see ___40___, she was fearless. So her mom signed her up for gymnastics when she was three. She loved the ___41___ right away and gymnastics became her favorite. Though learning gymnastics has been more ___42___ for her than for some of her tournaments, she has never quit. She doesn’t let her ___43___ stop her from doing anything that she wants to. She likes the determination it takes to do the sport. Her biggest ___44___ is the balance beam. Because she has double vision, she often sees to beams. She must use her sense of touch to help her during her routine. Sometimes she even closes her eyes. “You have to ___45___ your mind that it’ll take you where you want to go.” says Lola. To be a top-level gymnast, one must be brave. The beam is probably the most ___46___ for anyone because it’s four inches wide. At the state competition, Lola didn’t fall ___47___ the beam. In fact, she got an 8.1 out of 10—her highest score yet. Lola doesn’t want to be ___48___ differently from the other girls on her team. At the competitions, the judges don’t know about her vision ___49___. She doesn’t tell them, because she doesn’t think they need to know. Her mom is amazed by her ___50___ attitude. Lola never thinks about ___51___. She is presently at level 7 while the highest is level 10 in gymnastics. Her ___52___ is to reach level 9. She says she wants to be a gymnastics coach to pass down what she’s learned to other kids ___53___ she grew up. Lola is ___54___ of all her hard work and success. She says it’s helped her overcome problems in her life outside gymnastics, too. Her ___55___ for others is “just believe yourself”. 36. A. runs 37. A. since B. teaches B. unless C. trains C. after D. dances D. though

38. A. tell 39. A. suspected 40. A. deeply 41. A. task 42. A. boring 43. A. talent 44. A. doubt 45. A. examine 46. A. fearful 47. A. to 48. A. greeted 49. A. pains 50. A. positive 51. A. defending 52. A. standard 53. A. until 54. A. proud 55. A. plan

B. guess B remembered B. well B. sport B. enjoyable B. quality B. advantage B. express B. harmful B. on B. treated B. stresses B. friendly B. quitting B. range B. as B. tired B. advice

C. assume C. imagined C. ahead C. event C. different C. nature C. challenge C. open C. unfair C. off C. served C. injuries C. flexible C. winning C. view C. when C. ashamed C. reward

D. predict D. noticed D. closely D. show D. unsatisfactory D. condition D. program D. trust D. inconvenient D. against D. paid D. problems D. caution D. bargaining D. goal D. before D. confident D. responsibility

The Fitting-in of Suzy Khan The first time I saw Suzy Khan, I knew I had to help her. She was really small for her age of 12. The boys in my class often 36 about her and laughed their heads off. She would open a book, pretending to read, with tears dropping on the open page. All I knew was that she was an orphan (孤儿) from Africa. She had just been adopted by a family in town who 37 that the best way for her to learn American 38 girl and

ways of life was to be with American kids. I looked down at this promised myself that somehow I would help her. But how could I help her 39 in with us? There had to be a 40 .

One day, when I went into the classroom, I saw that Suzy had



geography book to a picture of a train, and in her notebook, she had made a(n) 42 copy.

I was surprised and thought that she could do something in the coming 43 show. So, I took her to see the art teacher, Miss Parker, and showed her what Suzy had 44 . “Why, it’s wonderful,” said Miss Parker, who then showed us a poster she had painted 45 the talent show. “I need more of these, but I just don’t have enough 46 . Could you help me, Suzy?” On the day of the talent show, Suzy’s 47 were everywhere—all over the hall and all over the school, each one different. “And finally,” said Mr. Brown, the schoolmaster, at the end of the show, “we have a(n) 48 award. I’m sure you’ve all noticed the wonderful posters.” Everyone nodded. “One of our own students 49 them.” I could hear everyone whispering. “Who in our school could draw 50 well?” Mr. Brown waited a while before saying, “ 51 this student worked so hard on the posters, she deserves a student—Suzy Khan!” Mr. Brown thanked her for all the wonderful posters and gave her a professional artist’s set. “Thank you,” she cried. I 53 , at that time when I was looking at her excited face, she’d probably never 54 anything in her whole life. Everyone started to 55 their hands. Suzy Khan gave them a shy smile and the applause was deafening. I knew then Suzy was going to be all right. 36.A.joked 37.A.reported 38.A.rich 39.A.come 40.A.manner 41.A.read 42.A.free 43.A.art 44.A.colored 45.A.at B.cared B.decided B.proud B.fall B.pattern B.taken B.perfect B.talk B.written B.after C.forgot C.complained C.tiny C.fit C.choice C.opened C.final C.quiz C.carved C.for D.worried D.questioned D.popular D.tie D.way D.put D.extra D.talent D.drawn D.around 52 , too. Our mystery ( 神秘 ) artist is our new

46.A.room 47.A.gifts 48.A.special 49.A.painted 50.A.very 51.A.If 52.A.prize 53.A.replied 54.A.offered 55.A.clap

B.time B.books B.academic B.found B.that B.Though B.rank B.realized B.valued B.wave

C.paper C.photos C.national C.printed C.quite C.Unless C.rest C.remembered C.owned C.raise

D.interest D.posters D.royal D.collected D.too D.Since D.place D.regretted D.controlled D.shake

Somebody Loves You One miserable rainy night, a man named Mark decided to end his life. In his mid-fifties, Mark had never been married, 36 the joy of having children or spent holidays with his family. Wet and unhappy, he walked along the streets, feeling as if there was 37 in the entire world that cared if he lived or died. 38 , I was sitting in my room watching the rain hit my window. When I heard the doorbell ring, I jumped from my chair and 39 out. But my mother was already at the door. Opening it, she found herself face-to-face with a very dirty-looking man with tears streaming down his face. My mother, overcome by 40 , invited the man inside, and he sat with my parents in our living room. 41 , I walked secretly downstairs so that I could get a better look. I couldn’t understand what they were saying, but the 42 of the man, holding his head in his hands and crying, made my chest ache. I raced back upstairs to my room and 43 my hand into my money jar. Pulling out my only half-dollar coin, I ran back downstairs. When I 44 the door of the living room, I walked right in. The three adults looked at me in 45 as I quickly made my way over to the stranger. I put the half-dollar in his hand and told him that I wanted him to have it. Then I gave him a 46 , turned and ran as fast as I could out of the room and back upstairs. I felt excited but happy. Downstairs, Mark sat quietly with his head 47 . Tears streamed down his face as he tightly held that coin. Finally looking up at my parents, he said, “It’s 48 that I thought nobody cared. For the last twenty years, I have been so 49 . That is the first hug I have ever got. It’s hard to believe that somebody 50 .” Mark’s life changed that night. When he left our house, he was 51 to live instead of die. 52 we never saw Mark again, we received letters from him every once in a while, letting us know that he was doing fine. My life changed that night, too, as I witnessed the true healing power of 53 , even if it’s only a gift of fifty cents. Before Mark left, my parents asked him why he had knocked on our door, Mark said that 54 he’d walked along the streets that rainy night, helpless and ready to 55 , he had noticed a sticker on the car. It read: SOMEBODY LOVES YOU. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. A. believed B. noticed C. experienced D. understood A. everybody B. somebody C. anybody D. nobody A. Later B. First C. Afterwards D. Meanwhile A. looked B. raced C. spoke D. broke A. pity B. anxiety C. guilty D. fear A. Worried B. Curious C. Puzzled D. Annoyed A. sense B. thought C. sight D. look A. shook B. stuck C. pushed D. forced A. answered B. fixed C. found D. reached

45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. 54. 55.

A. anger B. delight C. peace D. surprise A. hug B. kiss C. smile D. handshake A. held B. turned C. bowed D. raised A. just B. still C. also D. even A. anxious B. stressed C. lonely D. bored A. cares B. gets C. makes D. knows A. lucky B. proud C. hesitant D. ready A. Since B. When C. Although D. Unless A. receiving B. giving C. loving D. taking A. if B. as C. until D. before A. die B. cry C. leave D. regret

He Had a Go It was a cool spring evening in Melbourne, Australia. I drove to my boxing gym for a Friday night training session. After 36 up, I started training. Then I noticed a tall and slim young man walking through the doors. There was something about him that caught my 37 . Before long, I realized that he might have a mental illness. Having volunteered for mental illness support groups, I really 38 his problems when I looked at him. He paid for the session, put on a pair of gloves and then started hitting the punching bags. I watched him from a 39 and wanted to help him to punch straighter and better. Then I felt it was best to leave that up to the trainer who was 40 watching him. After a few seconds of punching the bag, he stopped and started staring at the 41 . The trainer went up to him and 42 to help him. It was almost like he woke up from a dream. He 43 eye contact with the ceiling at once. Then the bell rang and it was the end of the round. 44 rounds we are required to do five push-ups(俯卧撑), 45 all the boys that were training that night did five push-ups. He 46 to complete his five push-ups. The bell sounded again and the next round began. He punched the bags for a few seconds and then he 47 . This time he was staring at the walls which were decorated with boxing posters. It was clear to me that he could not 48 for long. When I finished training, I decided to go up to him and offer him my help. I held the bag for him and asked him to punch. He 49 the bag a few times and then stopped again. I smiled at him and asked, “Do you like boxing?” He replied with a very shy 50 on his face, “Yes, boxing is alright.” What else could I do than 51 this man and his willingness to give it a go? Most people put self-imposed(自我强加的) 52 on their lives and stop themselves from having a go. I kept thinking about this man while admiring him for even turning up to a boxing gym, let alone training at what appeared to be his 53 . There are many lessons to learn from this man. What I 54 admired about this man was that he had a go! That is what 55 ordinariness from greatness. So what will you have a go at? 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. A. lifting A. heart A. experienced A. distance A. still A. bags A. offered A. made A. Before A. for A. struggled A. slowed A. stand A. hit A. view B. running B. attention B. mentioned B. box B. even B. walls B. promised B. broke B. Through B. but B. preferred B. stopped B. stay B. felt B. look C. warming C. breath C. overcame C. poster C. also C. ceiling C. seemed C. kept C. During C. or C. refused C. continued C. concentrate C. grasped C. sight D. going D. imagination D. understood D. screen D. ever D. trainer D. planned D. avoided D. Between D. so D. decided D. hesitated D. remember D. watched D. scene

51. 52. 53. 54. 55.

A. accept A. targets A. worst A. really A. prevents

B. appreciate B. burdens B. fullest B. hardly B. protects

C. motivate C. limitations C. greatest C. merely C. transforms

D. notice D. minds D. hardest D. nearly D. separates

A Different View At age 14, 15 and 16, the way we looked was the most important thing in the world to us. My friends and I wanted nothing less than perfection. In high school, we joined the gymnastics team, and our 36 became even more important to us. We had no fat, only muscle. On the weekends, we would go to the beach, 37 of our flat stomachs. One summer day, all my friends were at my house 38 . At one point, I was running back to the pool. I 39 on a bee, and while it was dying under my foot, it stung(蛰) me. I instantly started to feel 40 . That night, I began to run a high fever and my leg and foot were red, hot and swollen. I couldn’t walk. I could barely 41 . When my foot started to go numb, everyone became more 42 . My foot was not getting enough blood. I had to go to the 43 , and my leg hurt as if it were badly broken. I couldn’t move. All I could do was think about how soft my middle was becoming. That 44 me more than any concern over my leg. That would all 45 when I heard the doctors mention possibly cutting off my foot. It was still not getting the 46 supply it needed. The doctors would have to speed up their treatment. Never before did I have such great 47 for my foot. And walking seemed like a 48 from the gods. Less and less would I want to hear my friends talk about 49 and who was wearing what. More and more I expected visits from other kids in the hospital, who were quickly becoming my friends. One girl came to visit me 50 . Every time she came, she brought flowers. She was recovering from cancer and felt she should come back and 51 the other patients. She still had no hair, and she was swollen from medications she had been taking. I would not have given this girl a second 52 before. I now loved every inch of her and looked forward to her 53 . Finally, I was improving and soon I went home. My leg was still swollen, 54 I was walking, and I had my foot! When I would go back to the hospital, I often saw my friend. She was still visiting people and 55 good cheer. I thought if even there was an angel on this earth, it had to be her. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. 54. 55. A. grades B. brains C. bodies A. ashamed B. proud C. sure A. dancing B. chatting C. jogging A. stepped B. focused C. held A. upset B. fearful C. sick A. jump B. run C. stand A. concerned B. relieved C. surprised A. beach B. hospital C. gym A. blamed B. impressed C. shocked A. change B. bother C. help A. nutrition B. blood C. time A. observation B. devotion C. appreciation A. gift B. hand C. promise A. homework B. appointment C. movies A. suddenly B. regularly C. eventually A. advise B. encourage C. serve A. choice B. thought C. glance A. words B. ideas C. flowers A. but B. then C. so A. enjoying B. gaining C. discovering D. clothes D. tired D. swimming D. took D. anxious D. rest D. interested D. school D. troubled D. happen D. air D. evaluation D. treat D. gymnastics D. recently D. instruct D. chance D. visits D. for D. spreading

Cancer Cancelled My name’s James and I’m an 18-year “Cancer Survivor”. When I was 15 years of age, I was at my house one day with my two sisters and when I tried to run up the steps, I blacked out, and 36 the stairs very hard. When I came to myself, I remembered my sisters saying “Are you alright?” and I replied “I think so, yeah.” But little did my sisters and I know that was the beginning of this 37 . When I began to try to climb the stairs, my whole right leg hurt seriously. I couldn’t move it 38 the assistance of my hands. The 39 was horrible. I finally made my way upstairs and I couldn’t 40 I couldn’t move my leg. As time went on it got 41 , so a month later I finally went to hospital. I explained to the doctor what had happened. Then I was asked to go to the rooms 42 they treated me to the X-rays, MRI, and CAT SCANS machines. One week later, my doctor 43 the house and said, “You need to come up here right away! ” My mother and I 44 up there and they had the X-rays results ready for me—My body seemed 45 except my right leg. I was surrounded by doctors and nurses. I got my 46 , but wasn’t clear on what was happening. They 47 us back home. Three days later, they 48 an expert from another continent or someplace and he looked at my X-rays one time and said “OH MY GOD, this young man has bone cancer”. Once all of that got cleared up, they 49 my chemotherapy(化疗) treatments a week later. On October 9, 2014, I had the surgery, the bone replacement surgery. I was told that I couldn’t 50 like a normal person anymore, so 52 51 was impossible. I couldn’t do this or that, etc. Basically my was over before it even got started. When I got through with my final

chemotherapy I was 53 40 kg. I want to share this story with you guys because today I’m 84 kg with 2% body fat. I don’t smoke or drink. I can walk and even run. I’m so 54 to be here and forever to grace life with my presence each day. My dream is to become the “ 55 ” to everybody who ever thought about giving up on life because it’s so hard, or just simply not worth living it. 36A. took 37A. dream 38A. without 39A. pain 40A. guess 41A. better 42A. when 43A. found 44A. came 45A. weak 46A. treatment 47A. followed 48A. flew 49A. continued 50A. work 51A. playing 52A. plan B. stepping B. hope B. worse B. before B. searched B. rushed B. tense B. needs B. carried B. promised B. started B. walk C. running C. career C. results C. looked C. slim D. recovery C. sent C. allowed C. postponed C. think D. learning D. life D. directed D. served D. cancelled D. feel B. from B. change B. notice B. moved B. terror C. with C. believe C. stranger C. though C. visited C. hit C. day D. for C. danger D. idea D. understand D. clearer D. where D. called D. stayed D. fine D. climbed D. memory

53A. only 54A. nervous 55A. Inspiration

B. even B. relieved B. Instruction

C. ever C. curious C. Introduction D. grateful

D. right D. Information



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