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高考英语总复习—Section 4 形容词和副词

Section 4


考点 1


1.(2016· 浙江高考)If we know that gossip can be ________ (harm),then why do so many of us do it?The answer lies in another effect of gossip:the satisfaction it gives us. 2.(2016· 江苏高考)He did not compromise easily,but was willing to accept any constructive advice for a ________ (worth)cause. 3.(2016· 江苏高考)His ________(comprehension)surveys have provided the most explicit statements of how,and on what basis,data are collected. 4.(2016· 天津高考)The weather forecast says it will be ________ (cloud)with a slight chance of rain later tonight. 5.(2016· 天津高考)I’m a 34-year-old man,married,lived in a nice house, and have a successful career as an ________(educate)consultant. 6.(2016· 四川高考)We do think that you can live a more ________(power) life when you devote some of your time and energy to something much larger than yourself. 7.(2016· 四川高考)Both men and women are living longer these days in ________ (industrial)countries.However,women,on average,live longer. 8.(2016· 北京高考)Dr.Welch needed medicine as soon as possible to stop other kids from getting sick.However,the ________ (close)supply was over 1,000 miles away,in Anchorage. 9 . (2016· 北 京 高 考 )I want to prove that I can teach myself a ________(respect)profession,without going to college,and be just as good as,if not better than,my competitors. 考点 2 副词

10 . (2016· 浙 江 高 考 )A sudden stop can be a very frightening experience , ________(especial) if you are travelling at high speed. 11.(2016· 浙江高考)Nobody entering a university knows they want to study. 12.(2016· 天津高考)Regardless of your choice of course,you’ll develop your language ability both quickly and ________(effect). 13.(2016· 天津高考)The link between what the men had done as boys and how they turned out as adults was ________(surprise) sharp. 14.(2016· 四川高考)In fact,women are less________ (like) to have high blood pressure or to die from heart attacks. 15 . (2016·四 川 高 考 )The giant panda is loved by people throughout the world.Chinese scientists ________(recent)had a chance to study a wild female panda with a newborn baby. 16.(2016· 北京高考)On the 20th of that month,Dr.Welch examined a Sick boy, Billy,and knew he had diphtheria,a ________ (dead)infectious(传染的)disease mainly affecting children. ________ (exact)what

考点 1


1 . (2015· 江 苏 高 考 )The police officers decided to conduct a thorough and ________(comprehension)review of the case. 2.(2015· 浙江高考)Listening is thus an active, not a ________(passively), behavior consisting of hearing, understanding and remembering. 3.(2015· 湖北高考)Even though the conference hall is near his apartment, he has to hurry a little if he wants to be________(punctually). 4.(2015· 湖北高考)I don’t think what he said is ________(relevance)to the topic we are discussing.He has missed the point. 5.(2015· 四川高考)Andy is content with the toy.It is the________(good)he has ever got. 6.(2015· 四川高考)Little Tom sat ________(amaze)watching the monkey dancing

in front of him. 7.(2015· 安徽高考 )I’m so________(gratefulness)to all those volunteers because they helped my terrible day end happily. 8.(2015· 福建高考)It was ________ (consider)of Michael to inform us of his delay in case we got worried. 9.(2014· 福建高考)With online shopping increasingly popular,the Internet is seen as an ________ (efficiency) way of reaching target customers. 10 . (2014·安 徽 高 考 )My good performance in the job interview left me ______(optimism) about my future and about what I can do here. 11.(2014· 湖北高考)What was so ________(impress) about Jasmine Westland’s victory was that she came first in the marathon bare-footed. 12.(2014· 湖北高考)Instead of blaming the child who had broken the vase, she gave him a ________(tolerance) smile and let him go. 13. (2014· 大纲卷 )Raymond’s parents wanted him to have the ________(good) possible education. 考点 2 副词

14.(2015· 浙江高考)Most of us, if we know even a little about where our food comes from, understand that every bite put into our mouths was ________(former) alive. 15.(2015· 湖北高考)The girl used to be shy, but is ________(gradual)getting active in group work and is more willing to express herself. 16 . (2015·安 徽 高 考 )They gave money to the old people’s home either ________(personal)or through their companies. 17.(2014· 安徽高考)It’s our hope that we will play a ________(great) role in the market place and,therefore,supply more jobs. 18 . (2014· 湖北高考 )Hardly had Sabrina finished her words when Albert said ________(sharp),“Don’t be so mean,”pointing a finger of warning at her. 19.(2014· 江苏高考)I can’t meet you on Sunday.I’ll be ________ occupied. 20.(2014· 江西高考)Thanks for your directions to the house;we wouldn’t have

found it ________. 21.(2014· 浙江高考)The aim of education is to teach young people to think for themselves and not follow others ________(blind). 22.(2014· 大纲卷)Henry was away from home for quite a bit and ________ saw his family.

考点 1


1 . (2016· 苏、锡、常、镇四市调研二 )Nowadays mobile internet devices are pushing up demands for online education,which makes people see it as one of the most ________ (promise)new market. 2.(2016· 湖州市八校二次联考)I’m always ________ (caution) about what I say

because careless remarks are likely to hurt others’ feelings. 3.(2016· 南京、盐城二模)—Do you think he is the only person for the job? —I’m not quite sure but he’ll prove ________ (equal)to the task. 4.(2016· 杭州七校联考)I have a habit of taking a coffee,which makes me feel ________ (energy)when I have to stay up late. 5.(2016· 杭州二中月考)Compared with his sister,Jerry is even more ________ (sense)to,and more easily troubled by,emotional and relationship problems. 6.(2016· 南京、盐城二模)One of the characteristics that make me different from many people is my adaptability—I’m ________ (flexibility)and comfortable in new or unusual situations. 7 . (2016· 南通市二模 )Considering writers’ different historical backgrounds , a literary critic should not be ________ (subject)in his approach to judging a piece of writing. 8 . (2016· 江 西 上 饶一 模 )According to media reports, the London stadium is 75%________(light) than other Olympic stadiums in terms of steel used. 9.(2016· 江西余江二模)After the long journey, the Smiths returned home, safe but________(tire).

10 . (2016·浙 江 金 华 十 校 模 拟 )Early experiences taught me not to be overly________(enthusiasm) about shopping by mobile phone because there is a high risk of being cheated. 11.(2016· 福建质检)—Why are you so________(desperation) to get the part-time job, Joseph? —I am in great need of money to support myself through college. 12 . (2016· 衢 州 一 中 一 模 )As far as I am concerned, Jim is a very________(reliability) boy—if he promises to help us,he’ll do it. 13.(2016· 浙江象山二模)Thanks to our________(flexibility) schedule, we got our task accomplished ahead of time. 14.(2016· 湖北武汉二模)If the wild animals wander onto ________(privacy) land, the landowner may require the government to get them back. 15.(2016· 甘肃河西五市一联)I’m not a little tired today after giving the room a thorough cleaning and I have never had as________(tire) a day as today. 16.(2016· 福建泉州质检)—Excuse me,may I have a word with Mr.Jackson? —I’m afraid he’s not ________(availability) now. He’s having a meeting upstairs. 17.(2016· 湖北襄阳调研)Don’t take it for granted that parents should show their unconditional love to you. You should also understand and be________(sense) to their feelings. 18.(2016· 江西红色六校联考)The young man comes from a ________(wealth) family, who owns several companies in London and Paris. 19.(2016· 南京师大附中模拟)In today’s fast changing and competitive world, to be able to learn faster and more effectively is not merely desirable; it is ________(essentially). 20.(2016· 福建龙岩一级达标学校联盟联考)Don’t be too ________(toughly) with your children. They know for sure what they will do and how to do it. 21.(2016· 天津红桥区一模)—How was your holiday? —It couldn’t have been more________(bore). I just stayed in the hotel because it was raining most of the time.

22.(2016· 浙江余姚中学月考)Some plants are very ________(sense) to light; they prefer the shade. 考点 2 副词

23 . (2016· 江苏高考 压轴卷 )The football club has died to tighten its belt , ________(eventual),giving up the idea of training abroad. 24.(2016· 浙江五校二次联考)I don’t know how he made his money ________ (original).I only know now he is really rich. 25 . (2016· 淮安市二次调研 )French writer Patrick Modiano , devoted himself ________ (entire)to his writing,and won the 2014 Nobel Prize for Literature. 26.(2016· 南通、扬州、连云港二次调研)In order to keep their mother living with them confidently,the couple ________ (deliberate)leave the washing-up for her after meals. 27.(2016· 杭州七校联考)—You don’t go to that supermarket quite often,do you? —No,I only go there house. 28.(2015· 宿迁、徐州、连云港二次调研)—Did your son go to dentist’s to have his bad tooth pulled out? —Yes,though ________ (reluctant). 29.(2016· 泰州市二模)The region was served by a railway line,with station ________ (occasional)because it’s too far away from my

stops from three to five miles ________,so there was a natural limit to the spread of any particular community. 30 . (2016·安 徽 马 鞍 山 一 次 质 检 )Although I majored in English, language________(surprising) became a challenge when I set foot in the USA for the first time. 31.(2016· 衢州一中一模)The opening ceremony of the Olympic Games will be broadcast live this weekend. You can expect an exactly________(live) night. 32.(2016· 湖北荆门龙泉一模)The woman tried ________(desperate) to push the man away when he tried to snatch the bag from her. 33. (2016· 银川一中高三二模 )Interviews were carried out________(office) over

the telephone, via e-mail or fax or face to face in four cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Wuhan. 34.(2016· 湖北八市三模)Young parents are advised to choose for their children natural foods________(absolution) free of chemicals to make sure of their health. 35 . (2016·福 建 莆 田 质 检 )To be a “tough girl”means you are not only________(physical) strong, but also mentally independent. 36.(2016· 江西重点中学盟校一联)—Must I do some reading in English every day to improve comprehension? —Well,you can never read________much while learning a foreign language. 37.(2016· 北京西城区一模)It’s going to take ages to get to the airport this way. Can’t you go any________(fast)? 38.(2016· 湖北荆州质检Ⅱ)No matter how much time you spend planning a trip, things still________(occasion) go wrong and air travel is no exception—from weather delays to lost luggage. 39 . (2016· 江 苏 扬 州 高 三 一 模 )A good“teammate” doesn’t________(necessary) make a good partner. 40.(2016· 浙江衢州一中一模)It was________fine weather that many people went out to enjoy the warm sunshine. 41 . (2016· 浙江高考最后冲刺卷 )One of the tasks of education is to develop children’s ability of solving problems________(independent). 42.(2016· 安徽江淮十校一联)—The government should think about the medical reform again and make sure of medical care, in my opinion —I cannot agree ________(much). The medical services and efficiency are not good at the moment. 43.(2016· 天津一中模拟)Working hard in study is important, but ________(equal) as important is the desire to learn. 44.(2016· 重庆南开中学三模)The newly married couple couldn’t afford to buy a new car;________,they bought a used one. 45.(2016· 合肥 168 中学最后一卷)—Why is Thomas so lonely every day? —Because he has ________(practical) no communication with others.

46.(2016· 四川“联测促改”二轮测试)We need to increase employment. We need to reduce crime. And________(final), we need to protect our environment. 47 . (2016· 福 建 莆 田 一 中 月 考 )I’m in a hurry. You’d better tell me the truth________(brief).

考点 1


1.(2015· 内蒙古师大附中月考)I worked ________(hard) at my study than most of my classmates. 2.(2015· 宁夏银川一中月考)I still feel that all children are the ________(great) joy I could ever have. 3.(2015· 广东揭阳一中、潮州金山中学联考)One such hot potato is taxes.Calling for ________(high) taxes can mean defeat for a politician. 4.(2015· 山西太原五中模拟)This new usage of the term took off in September after a widely-shared joke about a rich,but ________ (unhappily) man. 5 . (2015· 黑龙江大庆铁人中学模拟 )Some have lost their jobs and some have ________ (fail) marriages. 6.(2015· 黑龙江佳木斯一中三模)Compared with other forms of writing,keeping a diary in English is shorter and takes ________(little) time. 7.(2015· 贵州遵义四中模拟)The ________(rich) of these is Bill Gates,worth at least $ 41 billion. 8 . (2015· 甘肃天水一中诊断一 )There are more and more cars , buses on the roads,and they give off ________(poison) gases. 9 . (2015· 吉林一中月考 )Nearby fishermen rushed over to save him but were ________(able) to recover his body. 10.(2015· 黑龙江双鸭山一中月考)Well,I’m really ________(surprise) too. 11.(2015· 内蒙古包钢一中月考)I’m sorry to say that I am disappointed about my trip to Norwich.It is the ________(bad) experience of my life! 12 . (2015· 云南玉溪一中月考 )When you treat people and things in a kind , ________(consider),and polite way,you are being respectful.

13 . (2015·海 南 中 学 月 考 )So some college graduates prefer to live a ________(peace) life rather than start their own businesses through job-hunting which is competitive. 14 . (2015· 河北邢台一中月考 )The old people , who were very excited by our visit,told us their ________(person) stories. 15 . (2015· 安 徽 六 校 联 考 一 )When the whole world is rainy, let’s make it ________(clearly) in our heart. 16.(2015· 福建清流一中段考)She bought the same skirt at a lower price at the same shop where I bought mine because she was a ________(regularly) customer. 17. (2015· 湖北武汉二中月考 )We should place ________(equally) emphasis on development and security, and develop nuclear energy on the base of security. 18 . (2015·浙 江 金 华 十 校 二 模 )Early experiences taught me not to be overly________(enthusiasm) about shopping by mobile phone because there is a high risk of being cheated. 19 . (2015· 福建泉州培元中学月考 )Taxis outside hotels are usually safer, but more________(expense) for the day hires, which charge more than the passing ones. 考点 2 副词

20.(2015· 黑龙江双鸭山一中月考)That’s ________(absolute) unbelievable. 21 . (2015· 海 南 中 学 月 考 )Oh , they don’t have dreams.But I have made ________my mind to achieve my dream. 22.(2015· 甘肃兰州一中月考)It was my first time to go to the market ,and I was ________(deep) impressed by what I saw in the market. 23.(2015· 山西太原五中月考)Even days after I reported the event to the police, they failed to ________(proper) solve this situation or even return my calls. 24.(2015· 吉林一中月考)He was upright,loyal and highly respected.________, he was dismissed from office. 25.(2015· 广州海珠区摸底)A little way down the river from Lake Victoria,the water __________(actual) gets quite rough. 26.(2015· 甘肃张掖市诊断三)Besides,airplane crashes ________(typical) occur during takeoff or landing.

27 . (2015· 河北衡水中学一模 )________(frank) speaking , I’m scared to death about it. 28.(2015· 山西太原五中月考)________(luck),I was not injured and my bicycle was damaged,but still usable. 29.(2015· 广东揭阳一中、潮州金山中学联考)Hot is a simple,________(easy) understood word. 30.(2015· 内蒙古师大附中月考)________ (hope),it’s nothing too serious. 31.(2015· 黑龙江大庆铁人中学模拟)I have often struggled with what to say, ________ (most) because I have faced many of the same challenges in my own life. 32 . (2015· 贵州六校联盟联考二 )He worked with interest , determination , and purpose,and he soon became ________(extraordinary) good at arithmetic. 33.(2015· 贵州铜仁一中模拟)________(personal),I think the team that got first place cheated. 34 . (2015· 黑龙江哈三中一模 )Jack : It’s true , but some people did find their better-half through online dating. David:________,I won’t try that way to make my girlfriend. 35.(2015· 安徽六校联考一)Tell your mother not to make a call while driving and her car________(narrow) missed a cyclist when she was on the way to work the other day. 36.(2015· 江苏南京调研)—I remember you said that you like China because it has cheap beers. —Yes,________(unbelievable) cheap. Chrisberg is less than $1. 37.(2015· 重庆巴蜀中学月考)With credit cards________(abundant) available, it is more frequent to see consumers pay for their purchases or bills by card instead of by cash. 38.(2015· 江西崇义中学月考一)The little girl is walking along the beach, happy and joyful,________(occasion) bending down to pick up a beautiful seashell.

Section 4
【高考真题演练】 1.2016 年高考真题 1.harmful



人在做这种事情呢?答案为闲聊有另一个效果:它能给我们满足。] 2.worthy [ 句意:他不容易妥协,但他很愿意接受有关这项崇高事业方面的

任何建设性的建议。worthy cause 崇高的事业。] 3.comprehensive [ 句意:他全面的调查提供了最详尽清楚的关于如何收集,

在什么基础上收集的陈述。comprehensive survey 全面的调查。] 4.cloudy [句意:天气预报说今天会是阴天,后半夜可能有雨。此处为主系表 结构,应该用形容词。] 5.educational [句意:我,男性 34 岁,已婚,有一好房子住,作为一名教育

顾问事业有成。consultant 为名词,其前应用形容词修饰。] 6.powerful 7.industrialized 8.closest 9.respectful

10.especially [句意:突然停止可能是一个可怕的经历,尤其是如果你以高速 运行的时候。especially 尤其地。] 11.exactly [句意:没有人一进入大学就知道他们想学习什么。设空处修饰动

词 know,应该用副词。] 12.effectively [句意:不管你选择哪一个课程,你将快速高效地发展你的语言 能力。根据空前的 both...and...可知,前后应该为并列成分,所以设空处应用副 词。] 13.surprisingly [句意:一个人年少时做过什么和他成年时结果怎样之间的联

系惊人的明显。设空处修饰形容词 sharp,应用副词形式。] 14.likely 15.recently 16.deadly 2.经典高考真题 1.comprehensive [ 句意:警方决定对该案件进行彻底和全面的审查。作名词

review 的定语要用其形容词形式。comprehensive 综合的,广泛的。] 2.passive [句意:听是一种积极的,而不是消极的行为,它涉及听、理解和

记忆。与前面的形容词 active 对应,也要用形容词形式,一起作名词 behavior 的 定语。passive 被动的,消极的。] 3.punctual [句意:尽管会议大厅距他的公寓很近,想准时赶到,他必须快一

点。作系动词 be 的表语要用形容词形式。punctual 准时的。] 4.relevant [句意:我认为他说的与我们正在讨论的主题无关。他跑题了。作

系动词 is 的表语要用形容词形式。relevant 有关的;贴切的。] 5.best [句意:Andy 对这个玩具很满意,这是他曾得到的最好的玩具。根据

句意应用最高级。] 6.amazed [句意:小汤姆坐在那儿看小猴子在他面前跳舞,很吃惊。amazed

感到吃惊的,常修饰人;amazing 令人吃惊的,常修饰物。] 7.grateful [句意:我非常感激所有的志愿者,因为他们帮我把糟糕的一天变

成了愉快的一天。be 动词后跟形容词,be grateful to sb 感激某人。] 8.considerate [句意:为了避免我们担心,米切尔告知我们他耽搁了,他想得

很周到。be 动词后用形容词,considerate 体贴的;考虑周到的。] 9.efficient [句意:随着网购越来越受欢迎,网络被看作是为目标顾客所熟悉

的有效途径。冠词与名词之间应为形容词形式。] 10.optimistic [句意:我在求职面试中的优异表现让我对我的未来和在这里可

以做的工作感到乐观。考查形容词辨析。(be) optimistic about 为固定短语,在 本句中用形容词 optimistic 作宾语补足语。] 11.impressive [句意:关于 Jasmine Westland 的胜利让人印象如此深刻的是她 赤足在马拉松比赛中夺得了第一名。根据题意,答案用 impressive。] 12.tolerant [句意:她并没有谴责打碎花瓶的孩子,她只是给他一个宽容的微

笑并让他走了。根据题意,给小男孩微笑并让他走开,这里应该是宽容了他, 所以用 tolerant。] 13.best [句意:Raymond 的父母想让他尽可能接受最好的教育。根据题干中

的 possible 可推知设空处需用形容词的最高级,故答案为 best。] 14. formerly [ 句意:如果我们知道一点食物来源的话,我们中的大多数人就

会明白我们嘴里的每一口食物从前都是活着的。此处作时间状语,故要用副词 形式。formerly 以前,从前。]



积极主动,变得更愿意表达自己了。在句中作状语修饰动词短语 get active 要用 副词形式。gradually 逐渐地,逐步地。] 16.personally [句意:他们给那所敬老院送钱,有的是个人行动,有的则是通 过他们的公司。表示方式应为副词 personally。] 17.greater [句意:我们希望我们能在市场上发挥更大的作用,这样就能提供

更多的工作岗位。] 18.sharply [句意:Sabrina 一说完她的话,Albert 就很尖刻地说,“别那么小 气”,冲她伸出一根手指表示警告。根据题意,表示“尖刻地,言辞激烈地” 用 sharply。] 19.otherwise [句意:星期天我不能与你见面。我要忙别的事情。根据题意,

这里表示“另外”,用副词 otherwise。] 20.otherwise [句意:多谢你对房子方向的指引;否则我们就不会找到它。根

据陈述者的口气推断,表达的是“否则”,用 otherwise。] 21.blindly [句意:教育的目的是教会年轻人独立思考,而不是盲目地模仿他

人。此处需用副词形式修饰 follow。blindly 意为:盲目地。] 22 . seldom/rarely/hardly [ 句意:亨利离家很远,所以很少见到他的家人。根

据语境可知,由于离家很远,所以很少见到他的家人。] 【模拟试题精练】 1.2016 年模拟试题 1.promising [考查形容词。句意:现在移动网络设备正在推动网上教育的需

要,这让人们认为它是最有希望的新市场之一。promising 有希望的。] 2.cautious [考查形容词。句意:我总是对我所说的话很谨慎,因为粗心的评

论很有可能会伤害他人的情感。cautious 小心的,谨慎的。] 3 . equal [ 考查形容词。句意: —— 你认为他是唯一一个适合这项工作的人

吗?——我不确定,但是他会证明他能胜任这项工作。be equal to the task 胜任 工作。equal 平等的,能胜任的。] 4.energetic [考查形容词。句意: 我有一个喝咖啡的习惯,当我不得不熬夜

的时候,这会使我精力充沛。energetic 精力充沛的。]


[ 句意:和姐姐相比,Jerry 对情感和关系问题更敏感更会受到困

扰。sensitive 敏感的。] 6 . flexible [ 考查形容词。句意:我和许多人不同的典型特点是我的适应能

力,就是在一个新的或者不同寻常的情况下我能灵活自如。] 7.subjective [考查形容词。句意:考虑到作者的不同的历史背景,文学批评

家不应该太主观的用他的方法来判断这个写作。subjective 意思为“主观的,个 人的”,根据“Considering writers’ different historical backgrounds”可知不应该 太主观。] 8.lighter [句意:据媒体报告,就使用的钢铁而言,伦敦体育馆比其他奥运体

育馆轻 75%。使用的是“倍数+比较级+than”的结构,故应填 lighter。] 9.tired [ 句意:长途旅行之后,史密斯一家回到家中,很安全但是很累。形

容词 tired 表示“疲惫的”。] 10.enthusiastic [句意:早期的经历教给我不要过分热衷于通过手机购物,因

为那种方式存在很大被诈骗的风险。be enthusiastic about 热衷于。] 11.desperate [句意:——约瑟夫,你为什么这么想得到那份兼职工作?——

我急需一笔钱以供我自己上大学。be 动词后需用形容词形式,desperation 的形 容词形式为 desperate。] 12.reliable [句意:据我所知,吉姆是一个很可靠的男孩 ——如果他答应帮助

我们,他会这样做的。根据后半部分解释的内容为“信守承诺”,所空之处应 该表示“可靠的”,用 reliable。] 13.flexible [句意:多亏我们灵活的计划表,我们才提前完成任务。flexible 表 示“灵活的”。] 14.private [句意:如果野生动物游荡到私人领地,主人可以要求政府把它们

领回去。从后半句的 landowner 可以推断空缺之处表达是“私人的”。] 15.tiring [句意:经过对这个房间的大扫除后今天我非常累。我从来没像今天 这么累。设空处需用形容词原级形式, tire 的形容词形式有: tired( 感到劳累 的),tiring(令人劳累的),tiresome(令人厌烦的)。设空处后为名词 day,应为: 让人劳累的一天,故答案为 tiring。] 16.available [句意: ——劳驾,我可以和杰克逊先生谈谈吗? —— 恐怕他现

在没空,他正在楼上开会呢。设空处应为形容词,availability 的形容词形式为 available(有空的)。] 17. sensitive [句意:别想当然地认为父母应该对你表现无条件的爱。你也应

该理解并感受到他们的情感。sensitive 表示“体恤的;感觉的”。] 18.wealthy [句意:这个年轻人来自一个富裕的家庭,他在伦敦和巴黎拥有几 家公司。表示“富有的,富裕的”用 wealthy。] 19 . essential [ 句意:在今天这个变化快速且竞争激烈的世界,能够学得更

快、更有效不仅是值得拥有的,也是绝对必要的。essential 必不可少的,绝对必 要的,非常重要的。作表语要用形容词形式。] 20 . tough [ 句意:不要对孩子太严厉,他们一定知道要做什么,怎么做。

tough 坚强的,严厉的,be tough with sb 对某人严厉,符合语境。] 21.boring [句意:——你的假期过得如何? ——再乏味不过了。因为大部分

时间都在下雨,所以我一直都呆在旅馆里。根据语境可知假期在旅馆里呆着是 很无聊的,所以要用 boring 令人无聊的。] 22. sensitive [ 句意:有些植物对光很敏感;它们更喜欢阴凉。 sensitive 敏感

的。be sensitive to 对??敏感。] 23.eventually [考查副词。eventually 最后,终于。] 24.originally [考查副词。句意:我不知道他最初是如何发财的,我只知道他

现在真的很富有。originally 最初地。] 25.entirely [考查副词。句意:法国作家 Patrick Modiano 全身心致力于写作, 获得了 2014 年诺贝尔文学奖。entirely 完全地,彻底地。] 26 . deliberately [ 考查副词。句意:为了让母亲一直和他们自信地生活在一

起,那对夫妇故意在餐后为母亲留下收拾碗筷的活动。deliberately 故意地。根 据句中做目的状语的不定式和空后的 leave for 判断。] 27 . occasionally [ 考查副词。句意: —— 你不常去那个超市,是吗? —— 是

的,我只是偶尔去那儿,因为它离我的家太远。occasionally 偶尔地。] 28. reluctantly [ 考查副词。句意:——你儿子去牙科将坏牙拔出来了吗?—

—是的,尽管不情愿。根据题干中的 though 判断用 reluctantly(勉强地,不情愿 地)。]



站,所以任何特定的社区的延伸受到自然限制。serve...apart 把??分开。] 30.surprisingly [句意:虽然我主修的是英语专业,但令人吃惊的是,当我第

一次踏上美国国土时,语言却成了一个挑战。设空处应为状语,故用副词, surprising 的副词形式为 surprisingly。] 31. lively [ 句意:奥林匹克运动会的开幕式本周末将被现场直播。你可以期

盼一个生动的夜晚。] 32.desperately [句意:当那个男人想抢这个妇女的包的时候,她不顾一切地

将那个男人推开,desperately 表示“不顾一切地”。] 33 . officially [ 句意:通过电话、电子邮件、传真或面对面在包括北京、上

海、广州和武汉在内的四个城市进行正式采访。表示“正式地,官方地”用副 词 officially。] 34.absolutely [句意:年轻的父母们得到建议,为确保孩子的健康,要为孩子 们选择绝对没有化学制剂的自然食品。表示“绝对地;完全地”用 absolutely。] 35.physically [句意:成为“女强人”意味着你不仅要身体强壮还要在心理上 独立。根据题干中的 mentally 可推知设空处为 physically。] 36. too [ 句意:—— 为了提高理解能力我必须每天读些英语吗? —— 哦,学

习外语时,你读的再多也不为过。 “can’t/can never...too...” 为固定搭配,意 为:再??也不为过。] 37.faster [句意:以这种方式要用很长时间才能到达机场。你就不能快点吗? any 后面要接形容词或副词的比较级。无论使用原级还是最高级,都不符合表述 的原意,故用 faster。] 38.occasionally [句意:无论你花费多少时间计划这次旅游,事情仍然偶尔会

出现问题,飞机行程就没有预料到——从天气的延误到丢失的行李。根据句意 air travel is no exception—from weather delays to lost luggage 这些因素都是偶然出 现的,故填 occasionally。] 39.necessarily [句意:一个好队员未必是好的伙伴。not necessarily(未必)。] 40.such [句意:天气如此好以至于很多人出去享受温暖的阳光。 such...that...

句型中,such 后可加:①a/an+形容词+单数名词; ②形容词+复数名词;③

形容词+不可数名词。本句属于句型③用法。] 41.independently [句意:教育的任务之一是培养儿童独立解决问题的能力。

表示“独立地,自立地”用副词 independently。] 42.more [句意:“我想政府应该再次考虑医疗改革并确保医疗护理。”“我

非常同意。当今的医疗服务和效率不好”。从语境上看,答话人表示赞成上文 所叙述的情况。I cannot agree more 意为“我再同意不过了”。] 43.equally [句意:努力学习很重要,但是学习的欲望也同等重要。equally 同 样地。] 44.instead 而是。] 45.practically [句意:——为什么托马斯每天都那么孤独?——实际上是因为 他不跟别人交流。practically 实际上。] 46.finally [句意:我们要增加就业,我们要减少犯罪,最后我们还要保护环 [句意:这对新婚夫妇买不起新车,而是买了一个二手的。instead

境。finally 最终,最后。根据语境可知此处要用副词形式。] 47.briefly [句意:我很匆忙。你最好直接告诉我真相。briefly 直接地。修饰

动词作状语要用副词形式。] 2.经典模拟试题 1.harder [根据后面的 than 可知要用比较级。] 2.greatest 高级。] 3.higher [提高人们的纳税是和现有的税率相比,故用比较级形式。] 4.unhappy [ 根据前面的 a rich, but 可知,此处表示 “一个富裕却不快乐的 [我依然认为孩子们是我最大的快乐。根据后面的 ever 可知要用最

人”。unhappy 不高兴的。] 5.failed 6.less [有些人婚姻失败。此处缺少 marriages 的定语。failed 失败的。] [写日记用的时间较少。根据 and 前的 shorter 可以判断出此处要用比较

级 less。] 7.richest [这些人中最富有的是比尔〃盖茨。] [ 它们释放有毒的气体。作名词 gases 的定语要用形容词。

8 . poisonous

poisonous 有毒的。]

9.unable [由 but 可知,渔民未能救活他,故用 able 相反义词 unable。] 10.surprised [我真的很吃惊。surprised 感到吃惊的。] 11.worst [根据 of my life 可知这里要用最高级,表示“这是我生命中最糟糕

的经历”。] 12.considerate [形容词 considerate 与 kind,polite 一起作定语修饰名词 way。 considerate 体贴的, 体谅的。] 13. peaceful [ 大学毕业生更喜欢过平和的生活而不是从事有挑战性的工作。

修饰名词 life 要用形容词形式。] 14.personal [修饰名词 stories 要用形容词形式。]

15.clear [句意:当整个世界都在下雨的时候,让我们内心保持晴朗。clear 清 楚的,晴朗的。根据句中的 rainy 判断后面是反义词,此处要用形容词形式。] 16.regular [句意:她在我买裙子的店里以更低的价格买了一条和我的一样的

裙子,因为她是那里的老主顾。regular customer 老主顾,常客。] 17. equal [ 句意:我们应该安全与发展并重,以确保安全为前提发展核能事

业。equal 同等的,相等的。作名词的定语要用形容词形式。] 18.enthusiastic [句意:早期的经历教育我们不要对手机购物有太大的热情,

因为这可能会被骗。enthusiastic 热情的。此处作表语要用形容词形式。] 19.expensive [句意:宾馆外的出租车通常更安全,但是白天租用这些车更昂

贵,它们的收费要高过路过的出租车。expensive 昂贵的。] 20 . absolutely 式。] 21.up [make up one’s mind to do...下定决心做某事。] [ 这确实是难以臵信的。修饰形容词 unbelievable 要用副词形

22.deeply [??我对市场上的所见所闻留下了深刻的印象。修饰动词 impress 要用副词形式。] 23.properly [??他们没能合适地处理这种情况。修饰动词 solve 要用副词形 式。] 24 . However [前后两句是转折关系,而空格后面有逗号,故要用副词

However,不可用 but。] 25.actually [后半句意为“实际上河水会变得很汹涌”。actually 实际上。]

26.typically [这里修饰动词 occur,故前面要用副词修饰。] 27.Frankly [frankly speaking 说实话。] 28.Luckily [幸运地是,我没有受伤,自行车坏了,但仍能用。] 29.easily [Hot 是一个简单且容易理解的单词。修饰动词 understood 应该用副 词形式。] 30.Hopefully [修饰整个句子要用副词形式。] 31.mostly mainly。] 32.extraordinarily [修饰形容词 good 要用副词形式。] 33.Personally [personally 就个人而言,修饰整个句子。注意首字母要大写。] 34 . Anyway 何。] 35.narrowly [句意:告诉你妈妈开车时不要打电话,前几天她在去上班途中 [ 无论如何,我是不会通过网络来找女朋友的。 anyway 无论如 [修饰原因状语从句要用副词,mostly 意思是“主要是”,相当于

险些撞上一个骑车的人。narrowly 勉强地。修饰动词要用副词形式。] 36.unbelievably [unbelievably 难以臵信地。根据该句后一句 Chrisberg is less than $ 1 可知,回答者认为这儿的啤酒“让人难以臵信地”便宜。] 37. abundantly [ 句意:因为信用卡有大量的用途,越来越频繁地看到消费者

都 通 过信用卡付账而不是现金 。 abundantly 丰 富地,大量地。修饰形容词 available 要用副词形式。] 38.occasionally [句意:小女孩欢快地沿着海滩散步,偶尔弯下身来捡一个漂 亮的贝壳。occasionally 偶尔。]


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