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unit 3 back to the past Project课件(牛津译林版 必修三) 2


Enjoy some pictures

Guess the names of the countries and cities the pictures are about?

Ancient China

Ancient Rome

Project Creating an illustrated time chart What is a time chart?

A time chart should be a chart marked with time periods and important events that take place in certain time periods.

Read the article and try to get the main idea of each paragraph.
Rules: I’ll divide you into four groups. Each group should only focus on one paragraph in Part A. Then one member of each group should report the main idea of each paragraph to the whole class. Those in other groups may ask
as many questions about the content of each paragraph as possible.

Read the article and try to get the main idea of each paragraph. Paragraph 1

Main events in Rome and China between 753 BC and 479 BC.

Paragraph 2

Similarities between

China and Rome during
the Han Dynasty.

Paragraph 3 Both Rome and China

influenced other areas
between 212 BC and 100


Paragraph 4

Rome and China had a
difficult time in the following hundred years.

Activity 2. Describing Look at some illustrations, try to describe them

(551 BC-AD 589)

The Confucius
(551 BC-479BC)

He influenced the development of China’s culture and education.

Emperor Qinshihuang

Him united China(In 221BC)

Han Dynasty created in 206 BC

China’s influence spread across other countries, during the Han dynasty

The silk road was the route for trade between the east and the west.

China traded silk with Rome in AD1.

Sui Dynasty

AD 581

China reunited

AD 589

Rome (753BC—AD476)

212BC Romans spread influence outside Italy.

27BC Rome is an empire

I come, I see, I conquer. ---- by Caesar

In Europe local tribes attacked the Romans. By AD 410,Roman rule ended in Britain and by AD476,the Roman Empire was no more.

How can we create a time chart?
Three steps: 1) Pick out the historical information from the text. 2) Put them in correct order. 3) Draw a time chart which can show all the information in time order.


The Terracotta Warriors [,ter?’k?t?] [‘w?ri?]

Read the article on page 110, then create an illustrated time chart
Preparing Producing Presenting

Creating an illustrated time chart
year1974 1976 1977 1978 1980 event The army of Emperor Two Qinshihuang’s beautiful Terracotta Warriors was burial chamber bronze A fourth A second discover areawas discovered chariots [‘t??ri?t] area was containing over and horses found 1,000 figures was were dug up found

Complete the following sentences
according to the initials or Chinese. 1. Their unexpected arrival threw our plan into c________. onfusion 2. The song has close s_________ to imilarity traditional Jewish music. 3. I don’t want to i_________ you. You nfluence

must decide for yourself.

4. I am reading a book about the rise and

fall of the Roman E______. mpire
5. They buy and sell leather g______. oods 6. His ______ (诗集) was published last poetry

7. She and her youngest son finally

_______ reunited (团聚) with their family.

8. The _________ (形成) of the boy’s formation character has a lot to do with his parents. fighting 9. They argued to the point of _______ ( 打斗) with each other. 10. There has been an increase in ______ trade (贸易) between the East and the West.

Fill in the blanks with proper forms of the phrases.
in good condition, involve in, in memory of, carry out, on board, in use, in return, no more, manage to, take over

1. When he fell ill, his daughter ________ took over his business. 2. This library was built ____________ a in memory of scientist.

in good condition, involve in, carry out, on board, in use, in return, no more, manage to

3. The box was heavy, but he __________ managed to carry it. 4. As soon as we went _________, our on board ship left port. 5. Time lost will return _________. no more 6. I don’t care about the price, so long as the car is _________________. in good condition

involve in, carry out, in use, in return

7. If you give me your photo, I’ll give you in return mine _________.
8. The plan should _____________ be carried out immediately. 9. He was __________ a heated involved in argument. 10. The lab was ______ until three in use o’clock.

Thank you !

1. The audience will not be interested in something they can see for themselves. 观众不会对他们自己能看到的东西感 兴趣。 比较: by oneself 独自地, 单独地 for oneself 亲自地, 为自己 to oneself 独自享用 of oneself 自动地

One should not live ___ oneself alone. for 人不应该专为自己而活。 The box is too heavy for me to lift by __ myself.

那个箱子太重, 我一个人提不动。

When one dines in a restaurant, one likes
a table __ oneself. to

人们在饭店吃饭时, 喜欢独占一张桌子。
The door opened of itself. __ 门自动开了。

Not only was Rome a city and a republic, but it was also to become the capital of one of the largest empires in history. 罗马不仅是一个城市和一个共和国, 它还是历史上最大帝国的首都。 这里Not only…but also连接句子时, not only 可以置于句首表示强调, 这 时第一分句要采用倒装结构。如:

⑴ 当not only ... but also ... 连接主语时, 谓语动词的单、复数形式遵循就近原则。 例如: Not only his parents but also he is leaving for Paris this afternoon. 今天下午,不仅他的父母要去巴黎,他 也要去。

⑵ 当not only连接除主语以外的成分时, 如果not only位于句首, 则其后的主谓需 要倒装。类似的词语还有never, not until, little, hardly等否定词。例如: Not only is Ms. Green our teacher, but

also our friend.


Never have the students realized the importance of saving water. 这些学生从来没有认识到节约用水的重 要性。 Not until I got home did I remember leaving the key in the office. 到了家我才 想起钥匙落在办公室了。

Not only ______ a first-class brain has he but also ____ a tremendously hard he is worker. 他不仅有着头等聪明的脑子, 而且工 作很能吃苦。

Not only had the poor man been arrested _______________ but he had been sent to prison as well. 这个可怜的人不仅被逮捕,而且被投进 监狱。 Not only do the professors have their own ideas on the matter, but the students have theirs too. 对这件事不仅教授们有自己的看法, 学生 们也有自己的想法。

2. He greatly influenced the development of China’s culture and education. 他对中国的文化和教育产生了巨大的影 响。 influence这里作动词用, 意思是“影响” 如: influenced my decision My teacher ____________________ to study science. 我的老师对我学理科的决定起了影响。

The weather influences crops. _________ 天气影响农作物。 influence也作名词。 “影响力; 感化

My teacher's ________ made me study influence

science at college.
由于我老师的影响, 我上大学学了理科。

Many a woman has had civilizing influence upon her husband. 许多妇女对其丈夫有影响。 influence 权力;势力(常与over, with连用) Will you exercise your influence on my behalf? 你愿意运用你的权力给我帮忙吗?

3. What is interesting is that the other
largest city was Rome. 罗马。 本句包含两个名词性从句。第一个是由 what引导的主语从句, what在从句中作 主语;第二个是由that引导的表语从句, (P58) 有趣的是, 当时另外一座最大的城市就是


what与that都可以引导名词性从句, 但是 that只起引导作用, 本身无意义, 在从句 中也不充当成分;而what引导名词性从 句时, 充当句子成分, 且不能省略。例如: What caused that traffic accident is still a mystery. 引起车祸的原因仍然是个谜。 That they won the competition was what we had expected. 他们赢得比赛这件事在 我们意料之中。

4. As early as 200 BC, the Silk Road, which was the route for trade between the East and the West, was in use.(P58) 早在公元前200年, 作为东西方贸易通道 的丝绸之路就已经开通了。 本句主句为the Silk Road was in use; which引导非限制性定语从句,对丝绸 之路作进一步说明。句中的as early as表 示“早在……时候”, 引导时间状语。

The technique of printing was known to the Chinese as early as the 9th century. 早在九世纪, 中国人就已经掌握了印刷术。 句中in use表示“在使用中”, 其中use为 名词。类似结构的短语还有 in trouble, in danger等。例如: Jim is always ready to help anyone who is in trouble. 杰姆总是乐于帮助那些有 困难的人。

Thank you !


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