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重大版英语2013级高考复习必修3作业手册及答案Unit2 Parents and children

Unit 2 Parents and children
Ⅰ.单项填空(对应学生用书第 311 页) 1.There are some when you have to change your mind just before doing it.(2011 黄冈期末统考) A.conditions B.situations C.occasions D.circumstan

ces 2.Unless we nature,we are sure to be punished by nature.(2011 吉林实验中学二模) A.go against B.go by C.go away from D.go over 3.I’m sorry to have hurt you,but I didn’t do it . A.on purpose B.in common C.on occasion D.on the purpose 4.Since the matter was extremely ,we dealt with it immediately. A.tough B.tense C.urgent D.instant 5.She hasn’t much acting ability,but uses the stage as a place to . A.show up B.show over C.show off D.show out 6.Those who suffer from heart trouble will find they get from this medicine.(2011 宁 波八校联考) A.defense B.safety C.shelter D.relief 7.In dealing with public relations,we should make every effort to prevent the in personality. A.contact B.contrast C.connection D.conflict 8.—Bob failed in the exam again. —He it;he never worked hard. A.deserved B.knew C.considered D.missed 9.Though having lived abroad for years,many Chinese still the traditional customs. A.perform B.possess C.observe D.support 10.You have to be a fairly fluent speaker to listeners’ interest for over an hour. A.hold B.make C.improve D.receive 答案及剖析:1.C 考查名词辨析。句意为:有许多情形:你在做某件事情前不得不改变主 意。condition 条件,状况;situation 形势;occasion 场合,时机,情形;circumstance 情况,环境。 2.B 句意为:除非我们按自然规律办事,否则我们一定会受到大自然的惩罚。go against 反对;go away from 离开;go over 复习;go by 过去,遵守,符合句意。 3.A 句意为:伤害了你,我很抱歉,但我不是故意这样做的。on purpose“故意地”,符合句 意。 common“共有,公有”;on occasion“偶然,有时”;on the purpose 无此短语,the 一词多余。 in 4.C 考查形容词辨析。句意为:由于事情紧急,我们立刻处理了它。tough 棘手的;tense 紧张的;urgent 紧急的;instant 立刻的。

5.C 考查动词短语辨析。句意为:她没有多少表演才能,而是把舞台当作自我展示的地 方。show up 到达,显露;show over 领某人参观;show off 展示,炫耀;show out 送出去。 6.D 考查名词辨析。句意为:饱受心脏病折磨的人们会发现服用这种药物会缓解病痛。 defense 抵抗,防御;safety 安全;shelter 保护,relief 缓解。 7.D 句意为:在处理公共关系时,我们应该尽一切努力阻止个性冲突。contact“联系,接 触”;contrast“对比,对照”;connection“联系,关联,连接”;conflict“冲突,斗争”。 8.A 考查动词辨析。句意为:——鲍勃考试又不及格。——他理应如此,他从没有努力 学习过。deserve 值得,应受(奖惩);know 知道;consider 考虑,认为;miss 错过,想念。 9.C 考查动词辨析。句意为:尽管在国外居住了这么多年,许多中国人仍然遵循传统的 风俗习惯。perform 表演;possess 拥有;observe 遵循;support 支持。 10.A 考查动词辨析。句意为:要使听众保持兴趣超过一个小时,你必须成为一个很流利 的演说者。hold one’s interest 使……保持兴趣;make 制造;improve 改善;receive 接收。 Ⅱ.完成句子(对应学生用书第 311 页) 1.与他在这件事上争论毫无用处。 It is no use him the matter. 2.老师敦促学生们把英语学好。 The teacher all the students English well. 3.近年来,我们的住房条件有了很大改善。 Our have been greatly improved in the recent years. 4.他们一直到 9 点钟才到来。 They until 9 o’clock. 5.我终于说服他放弃自己的计划。 Finally,I him his own plan. 答案:1.arguing with;over 2.urged/urges;to learn 3.housing conditions 4.didn’t show up 5.persuaded;to give up Ⅲ.阅读理解 ( A ) (对应学生用书第 311 页) (2011 四川乐山高中高三第三次调研) The apple tree may be one of the oldest fruit trees in the world.There is evidence of people eating apples all the way back in the Stone Age.This sweet-tasting,healthy fruit is still a favorite among people everywhere.More than 60 million tons of apples are eaten worldwide each year. Now there may be good news for apple lovers.Soon they may be even crunchier(香脆) and juicier.Scientists have now mapped the genome of the Golden Delicious apple.A global team of 86 scientists from Italy,France,New Zealand,Belgium,and the US spent two years on the work.Professor Riccardo Velasco in Italy,who led the research team,said that mapping the genome would have a big effect on apple breeding(培育).“This breakthrough will help us to develop high quality traits and bring new things to the apple market,” he told BBC News. Scientists hope improvements to the popular Golden Delicious apple,which began to grow in the US more than a century ago,could make the fruit look and taste better.The decoding of the apple’s DNA also tells us more about its beginning.The researchers traced the fruit back to Malus sieversii,a wild plant that grew in the mountains of southern

Kazakhstan about 4000 years ago.There are more than 7,500 varieties of apple known today. The team now wants to find more of the apple’s secrets,such as which genes control flavor.Looking through all the information takes time.Scientists turned to some of the apple’s relatives,pears,peaches,and grapes,to help them finish their job.Even though these fruits look and taste different,they share some genes.“Knowing how a gene in a peach works sheds light on how a similar gene may work in an apple,” said Amit Dhingra from Washington State University,one of the researchers.“It also helps us identify what genes are unique to each fruit.” 1.Which of the following statements is TRUE of apples?( ) A.Apples are considered healthy food. B.Apples have been eaten for millions of years. C.Apples don’t vary much in different parts of the world. D.Apples share exactly the same genes with pears and grapes. 2.The researchers on the global team are trying to improve the quality of apples by . A.cross-breeding B.creating new DNA C.studying their genes D.finding new varieties 3.What does the underlined phrase“sheds light on”mean?( ) A.Brings light to. B.Tests out on. C.Helps to explain. D.Throws doubts on. 4.The main point of the passage is that . A.even apples have secrets B.scientists have mapped the DNA of apples C.scientists can make apples tastier D.apples are so popular because of their flavor 答案及剖析:1.A 事实细节题。文章说到最早的苹果大约是四千年前,所以排除 B。有 7,500 多种,排除 C。 根据第一段可判断 A 正确。 根据最后一段 Even though these fruits look and taste different,they share some genes.可知苹果和桃、葡萄并不是完全相同的基因,而 是部分基因类似,可排除 D。 2.C 推理判断题。由最后一段第一句 The team now wants to find more of the apple’ s secrets,such as which genes control flavor.可推断出主要是通过绘制基因图谱来了解苹 果的基因,以此来提高苹果的质量。 3.C 猜测词义题。由上句知道“尽管这些水果外表和口感各不相同,但是它们都共有某 些基因”。因此了解了桃子基因的原理也有助于明白苹果的基因。“sheds light on”意思是帮 助解释,使……更容易理解。 4.B 主旨大意题。本文主要讲科学家们破解苹果基因,以及这会带来的影响。即答案为 B。 ( B ) (对应学生用书第 312 页) Eco-friendly Vauban,Germany,located in the southwest part of the country,is a city where less than 20 percent of the residents own automobiles.Most of the people get around the town by using bicycles and their feet,according to an article (with video) by ABCNews.com.Can an eco-friendly city like Vauban be a model for Americans to stop their over-reliance (过度依赖) on the automobile?

Anytime I watch a news report,what’s often in the back of my mind is what isn’t reported or stressed.While this eco-friendly city is inspiring in that it shows residents getting their exercise and more fresh air through the majority use of bicycles,rollerblades (轮滑鞋),as well as good old-fashioned walking,common sense would tell you that even for a place like Vauban it owes its existence to the automobile. Do you think that bicycles were able to transport all the construction materials that were needed to build the eco-friendly homes and businesses in Vauban?Were rollerbladers able to move all the materials needed for the sidewalk and bicycle path construction?It took automobiles to help build this place. I myself haven’t owned a car for more than 14 years.I mostly get around town via running,walking,and use of public transportation.Although I’m glad lots of walking and running has helped to keep me fit and healthier,there are times I wish I had an automobile because it would make things really easier. In order for America to get even close to being like eco-friendly Vauban,we need to change the way we live,starting with huge investment (投资) in public transportation,etc.Yet ending Americans’ dependence on the automobile will be virtually impossible during my lifetime.At best,one will see more Vauban-like areas in the USA. It can be hoped that Americans will consider using their feet more to get around when possible,which would cut down on some pollution and provide some health benefits via exercise. 5.The first paragraph serves as a(n) . A.explanation B.introduction C.comment D.background 6.According to Para.2,the author believes that . A.Vauban is not so eco-friendly as the media says B.automobiles will disappear in Vauban soon C.residents in Vauban still need automobiles D.life in Vauban is not comfortable and convenient 7.From Para.4 we learn the author seems to stress . A.the great value of walking and running B.the disadvantages of owning a private car C.the benefits of using public transportation D.the need of allowing automobiles to exist 8.Which of the following opinions would the author accept?( ) A.American cities can become as eco-friendly as Vauban soon. B.It is unnecessary for Americans to depend on bicycles. C.Americans are still heavily dependent on automobiles. D.The model of Vauban suits American cities very well. 答案及剖析:5.B 主旨大意题。 第一段作者描述了德国西南部小城沃邦的情况——只有 不到五分之一的居民拥有汽车,居民出行主要依靠自行车和步行。那么沃邦模式是否适合美 国呢?下文中作者对此进行了讨论。第一段引出全文,因此选 B。 6.C 细节理解题。根据第二段最后一句中的 it owes its existence to the automobile 可 知,沃邦居民仍然需要汽车。 7.D 推理判断题。根据第四段最后一句可推知,作者强调了允许汽车存在的必要性。

8.C 推理判断题。根据第五段第二句 Yet ending Americans’ dependence on the automobile will be virtually impossible during my lifetime.可推知,作者认为,美国人仍然依赖 汽车。


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