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approach vt.& vi.接近,靠近;走进 Tony approached Julia, touched her shoulder and kissed her on the cheek! _____ the city centre, we saw a stone statue of about 10 meters in height. A. Approachin

g B. Approached C. To approach D. To be approached approach/ follow sb/ sth closely By the end of June of 2013, the number of Chinese netizens had approached 600 million.

approach n.靠近,接近;途径,方法 __________________ With the approach of the Spring Festival, the prices of vegetables and fruit are beginning to rise. =(With) the Spring Festival approaching, The =As the Spring Festival is approaching, … Throughout the meeting they discussed three different ____ to to the study of mathematics. A. approaches B. means C. methods D. ways an approach to (doing) sth (做某事)的方法或途径

Do you know any expression for ―…的方法”? 1)method表示科学的,系统的方法, teaching methods, research methods, with a method of 2)way方式、方法,普通用语in the way of doing sth/ to do sth; in this/ that way 3)approach方法、途径 an approach to … 4)means手段,方法,工具by means of, by this/ that means If he changes his ____ way of thinking, his teaching ______ will present a new _________ method approach to foreign language teaching and by this means ____ the students will make great progress.

? For example, people are _________________ most likely to help _______ a strangerwho is from the same country rather than a foreigner.例如,人们很可能会 帮助一个来自同一国家的陌生人而不是帮助 一个外国人。 ? People are encouraged to speak openly, but careless words are _____ to hurt others’ feelings. ? A. possible B. probable C. likely D. sure ? likely –likelihood; possible—possibility— possibly; probable—probably

ease 减轻、缓和(痛苦,忧虑等);缓解, 减轻(问 题的严重性) (=relieve) ? ease one’s pain/ anxiety/ stress/ the symptoms of a cold ? ease/ relieve traffic problems/ unemployment ? 适量锻炼有助于减轻学习压力。 ? Taking proper exercise helps ease your pressure from study.
? 骑车或乘坐地铁上班也是个不错的选择,这在一定 程度上有助于缓解严重的交通问题。

? It’s also a good choice to go to work by bike or subway, which , to some extent, helps ease the serious traffic problems.

defend vt. 防卫,保卫; 为…辩护 ? An army’s duty is to defend his country against/ from any likely attack. ? defend…against/ from…保护/捍卫...免遭…, 抵御…. ? defended myself (against/ from…) ? You need a lawyer to defend you if you are involved in a case. ? She stepped back appearing surprised and put up her hands, as if in defense (of herself).

? major adj. 主要的 V.主修,专攻 n. 专业, 主修科目 ? I guessed that there was probably a major misunderstanding, majored in ? When in university, he __________ international trade. his major was ? = When in university, ________________. international trade ? This treatment is not available in ____ of hospitals. A. most B. majority C. the most D. the majority

? ? ? ?

major in …主修; minor in …辅修 in a/ the majority/ minority占多数/少数 major/ minor无比较级和最高级 the/ a majority/ minority (of …)作主语,谓语 动词可用单数也可用复数。 ? 多数支持者是已婚的中年女性。 ? The majority of the supporters are married mid-aged females.

? greet v. 迎接;问候;和(某人)打招呼 ? Every early morning our principal stands at the school gate, greeting _______ every teacher and student. ? greet sb warmly with a smile ? be greeted with cheers/ doubt ? This plan is greeted with widespread doubt. ? greeting n. 问候;招呼;致意 ? 问候语greetings ? exchange greetings ? send New Year greetings cards

? 副词 close “靠近地,接近地”--具体概念 closely “密切地,严密地”—抽象概念 ? It’s a good idea to get close to nature for relaxation. ? When the teacher is doing an experiment, you are supposed to watch him closely. ? high / highly ; wide/ widely; deep/ deeply ? When spring is approaching, you can find high in the sky. some kites flying _____ wide ? She was ______ awake though it was only 4 o’clock in the morning. deep enough in some ? Only when you dig _____ dry areas can you find some water.

? kiss her on the cheek 亲吻她的脸 ? Vt.+ sb. in/on/by+ the+人体部位 ? hit/strike/touch/pat sb on the head/shoulder ? hit/strike/touch/pat sb in the face/eye ? grasp/seize/catch/hold sb. by the hand/arm

? A stone hit Mike ______ forehead. ? by his B. on the C. in the D. by the

? In general, though, studying international customs can certainly help avoid difficulties in today’s world of cultural crossroads. ? though “然而,可是” 位于句子或句末,逗号隔 开 ? I had a fever; nothing serious, though. ? He promised he would come. He didn’t , though. ? Playing on a frozen sports field sounds like a lot of fun. Isn’t it rather risky, ______? ? A. though B. also C. either D. too


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