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太和二中2014太和二中2013-2014学年度第二学期八年级 英语期中试题

太和二中 2013-2014 学年度第二学期八年级

一、听力(本题有 15 小题,共 15 分) 第一节:听小对话,请从 A、B、C 三个选项中选择符合对话内容的图片。 1.What does the boy usually do in his free time ? A. B. C.

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2.What’s the man’s hobby ? A.



听下面一段长的对话,回答 8、9、10 三小题。 8.What is Paul finding difficult . A. maths homework B. science homework C. English homework 9. Why do they work together ? A. because they want to help each other . B. because they like keeping busy . C. because the teacher asks them to do it . 10.How often do they meet for the study group ? A. once a week . B. twice a week. C. three times a week . 第三节:听短文,完成信息记录表。 Information Form From whom:11 When bought :12 Problems of the clothes : (1).The jeans are 13. (2).The shirt is too big for 14 . (3).Her daughter doesn’t like 15. 11.A .Mary B. A newspaper C. A shop keeper 12.A. 2 days ago B. 3 days ago C.5 days ago 13.A. too short B. too big C. too small 14.A. her son B. her husband C. her brother 15.A.yellow B. white C. red 二、单项选择题(共 20 小题,每小题 1 分,共 20 分) 。 1. ---___________________? ---He’s a headache. A. What’s the matter B. What’s the wrong C. What’s trouble D. What’s the matter with he 2. It’s important for us_____ in good health. A.keep B. keeping C. to keep D.kept 3. ---Could you please sweep the floor? ---___________. I’m washing the shirt. A. Yes, sure B. No problem C. Sorry, I couldn’t D. Sorry, I can’t 4. We should not eat ________junk food. A too many B too much C many too D much too 5. On ______ sides of the streets are a lot of colorful flowers. A. each B. both C. either D. all 6. _________of the two boys is from America. They’re from Canada. A. Both B. Either C. Neither D. All 7. There ______ a basketball match between Class One and Class Three this afternoon. A. i s going to have B. will have C. are going to be D. is going to be

3.How much did the woman pay for the skirt ? A. B.


4.Why will the boy be late for the party ? A. B.


5.What did the boy’s uncle send him on his twelfth birthday ? A. B. C.

第二节:听长对话,回答问题。 听下面一段长的对话,回答 6、7 两小题。 6.What does John want to be when he grows up ? A. To be a teacher B. To be a football player C. To be an astronaut . 7.What would John like to do if he wants to be stronger ? A. He’d like to have more healthy food. B. He’d like to play football every day . C. He’d like to do morning exercise .

12. The big bag is too heavy for the little boy ________. Who vol unteers to help him? A carries B carrying C carried D to carry

13. __________ good grades, you should try to study harder. A. Get B. In order to get C. Getting D. Got 14. I’m going to take a vacation. Could you please __________me _________some information about interesting places to travel? A. offer, to B. offer, for C. provide, with D. provide, for 15. His parents live ______ in a small house, but they don’t feel .. A. lonely; alone B. lonely; lonely C. alone; lonely D. alone; alone 16. ---I don’t know ___________next. ----You’d better finish your homework first. A when to do B how to do C what to do D where to do 17. He worked late ______ eleven o’clock yesterday. A. after B. until C. since D.at 18. There used _______ a bus stati on in front of the building. A to have B to be C to having D to being 19. ---Do you mind _________your room? ---No, I’ll do that after finishing _________this article. A. clean, write B. clean, writing C. cleaning, write D. cleaning, writing 20. The harder you study, __________grades you’ll get. A. good B. Better C. best D. the better 三、完形填空(共 15 小题,计 15 分) 通读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后在各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中选出一个最佳 选项。 On a cold November afternoon, my mother and I were walking back home from a pizza store. We had bought many things. We were dressed 21 , and I was feeling a little 22 as I was carrying our shopping bag, so I decided to throw something away. I was walking towards a dustbin (垃 圾箱) 23 I noticed a poor man walking out of the restaurant in front of us. He headed over to the nearby dustbin and started looking through it. I suddenly felt very 24 because I was about to throw away a new drink just because it was too heavy. I walked up to him and handed the 25 and some bread over to him. The man looked up 26 and took what I gave him. A huge smile 27 on his face. I felt I couldn’t be happier with 28 . But then he said, ―Wow, this is my son’s lucky day!‖ With that, he thanked me happily and started off on his bike. I 29 heard him singing as he rode away. I got a warm 30 inside. I now understand what it 31 by the saying ―Giving is getting‖. 32 it was only a little action, I got and learned more in those two minutes than I did in the rest of the month. Everyone in the world 33 help. Everyone can give help and everyone can be helped. The look of that man’s happiness appears in my mind 34 I have the chance to do something nice. This is the power(力量)of 35 . 21. A. poorly B. simply C. warmly D. expensively 22. A. worried B. interested C. surprised D. tired 23. A. and B. but C. so D. when 24. A. nervous B. happy C. sorry D. proud 25. A. money B. toys C. drink D. clothes 26. A. in silence B. in surprise C. in anger D. in excitement 27. A. turned B. appeared C. went D. ran

28. A. myself B. ourselves C. yourself D. himself 29. A. still B. once C. even D. ever 30. A. idea B. welcome C. word D. feeling 31. A. aims B. means C. looks D. offers 32. A. If B. Though C. Because D. While 33. A. needs B. gives C. takes D. brings 34. A. whichever B. however C. whatever D. whenever 35. A. kindness B. friendship C. knowledge D. feeling 四、阅读理解(共 15 小题,计 30 分) A Hip-hop dancing(街舞)is popular with many young people today. They like it because they can invent their own moves. They use this dance to show their love for life. It also shows that they feel good about life, that they just want to be themselves and enjoy life, and that they are not afraid of problems.[来源:学+科+网] Hip-hop dancing has a history of more than 20 years. It first began in the 1980s in the US. In early times, it was seen in New York and Los Angles. At that time, many young black people often danced to the music in the street. They used their legs, arms, heads and even shoulders to dance. Many young people still use most of these moves today. Hip-hop dancing became popular all over the world because of the 1983 movie Flash-dance. Some people performed Hip-hop dancing in the movie. People enjoyed their performance. They began to dance like them. Then it became popular. There are two kinds of Hip-hop dancing: new school and ol d school. More and more young people are learning Hip-hop dancing. People believe that it is a good way to exercise their bodies, and that it is good for their health. 36. Young people like Hip-hop dancing because __________. A. it has a history of more than 20 years B. it first began in the US C. they can invent their own moves D. many young black people often dance it 37. At first Hip-hop dancing was seen ___________. A. in the movies B. in the streets C. in old schools D. in new schools 38. The young black people used their ______ to dance at that time. A. legs B. heads C. arms and shoulders D. A B and C 39. Hip-hop dancing became popular all over the world ________. A. in 1983 B. in the 1980s C. 20 years ago D. in early times 40. Which of the following is true about Hip-hop dancing? A. It’s not a good way to exercise. B. It shows that young people feel bad about life. C. Young people use this dance to show their love for life. D. It shows that young people are afraid of problems[来源:学科网 ZXXK] B Young people can have problems with their minds. Some students become worried because they have to study very hard. Others have trouble getting on well with people like their parents and classmates. Liu Wei, a Junior 2 student from Hefei, could not understand his teacher and was doing badly in his lessons. He became so worried about it that he started to cut his finger with a knife. Another student, 14-year-old Yan Fang from Guangzhou, was afraid of exams. She got very worried in one, and when she looked at the exam paper. She couldn’t think of anything to write.

A recent report from Jiefang Daily says about 18% of Shanghai teenagers have mental (心理的, 精神的)problems. Their troubles include(包括)bring worried and very unhappy. And having problems in learning and getting on with people. Many students who have problems won’t go for advice (劝告) or help. Some think they will look stupid (愚蠢) if they go to see a doctor. Others don’t want to talk about their secret. Liang Yuezhu, an expert on teenagers from Beijing Anding Hospital, has the following advice for teenagers: *Talk to your parents or teachers often *Take part in group activities and play sports *Go to see a doctor if you feel unhappy or unwell 41.The students who often become worried or have trouble getting on with others may have _______. A. mental problems B. a headache C. knives with them D. no parents 42. Liu Wei cut his finger with a knife because ________. A. he was afraid of his teacher B. he wanted to frighten his parents C. he was so worried about his studies D. his finger was badly hurt 43. Yan Fang’s problems happened whenever ________. A. she studied very hard B. she had exams C. she talked with her parents D. she thought of something 44. Students who have problems won’t ask others for help because ________. A. they won’t let others think they are stupid B. they don’t think doctors can help them C. they don’t want to tell their secret to others D. both A and C 45. Liang Yuezhu’s advice tells us that ________. A. it’s better for the students who have mental problems to join others B. it’s unnecessary for them to be with others C. only group activities and sports can help them D. teachers and parents can’t do anything about mental problems C April Fool’s Day is on April 1st. On this day, strange things may happen. Our friends will play jokes(开玩笑)on us and try to fool us. [来源:学_科_网] People don’t know the origin (起源) of April Fool’s Day clearly. Some say April Fool’s Day began many years ago in France. Long ago in France, the old New Year’s festival was celebrated from March 25th to April 1st and ended with exchange (交换)of presents. Later the King changed the New Year to January 1st. some people still celebrated the New year in April. They were called April Fish and were given presents as a joke. But in many countries, April Fool’s Day is not celebrated on April 1st but on other days. In Mexico( 墨西哥), April Fool’s Day is on the 28th of December. In ancient Rome (古罗马), the day was on the 25th of March. In India, the day is on the 31st of March. In America, the day is mostly decided by young people and jokes who want to make fun of other people. But it is important to remember that your friends and you will be both happy. One must remember the difference between a good joke and a bad one. 46.When is April Fool’s Day in France now? A. April 1st B. March 25th C. December 28th D. March 31st 47. What do people do on April Fool’s Day? A. Give presents to friends. B. Play jokes on friends. C. exchange presents. D. Do nothing special. 48. Is April Fool’s Day in Mexico on the twenty – fifth day in March? A. Yes, it isn’t. B. No, it is. C. Yes, it is. D. Sorry, we don’t know. 49. People know the origin of April Fool’s Day clearly, don’t they? A Yes, they do. B No, they do. C Yes, they don’t. D No, they don’t.

50. Which sentence is right? A April Fool’s Day is on the same day all over the world. B In America , young people can’t decide the day when they want to play a joke. C New Year’s Day is from March 25th to April 1st now. D Please remember to play a good joke on April Fool’s Day. 五 词汇(10 分) 51.There are too many children ____( 咳嗽)in her class today 52.Ben is ___(躺)on the grass and enjoying the sunshine. 5.Everyone has two ____(脚) 54.If you have a _____(胃疼),you should not eat anything 55.Can’t you see the__________ (标牌)‖No parking ‖at the corner? 56.A few ____(乘客)got on the bus just now 57.My sister is a ____(.护士)She works in a hospital. 58. Alice ________ (厌恶)to do the dishes, but she likes sweeping the floor. 59. Playing computer games too much is a ________(浪费) of your time. 60. My bike is broken. Could you ________ (借给)me yours, please? 六连词成句(10 分) 61. you,lie,and,down,should,rest __________________________________________________________________. 62. she,there,volunteers,a,once,week,to,help,learn,kids,read,to _______________________________________________________________________. 63. making,some,to,signs,put,I,up,am,around,school,the ___________________________________________________________________________. 64. he,a,fever,have,does ___________________________________________________? 65.my,friends,with,dinner,go ,for,out,could,I _______________________________________________? 七作文(20 分)

班级___________姓名_____________考场______________座位号_________________ 装 订 线



65__________________________________________________________________. 一、听力部分(15 分) 2 3 4 题号 1 得分 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 七作文(20 分)

二、单项选择题(20 分) 2 3 4 5 题号 1 得分 16 17 18 19 20











三、完形填空(15 分) 题号 得分 四 阅读理解(30 分) [来源:学科网] 题号 36 37 38 39 得分 五 词汇(10 分) 51.__________52.________53._________54._______55._______ 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35












56.________57.________58._________59.________60._________ 六连词成句(10 分) 61__________________________________________________________________. 62__________________________________________________________________. 63__________________________________________________________________. 64__________________________________________________________________.

阅读理解 41-45 CBDBC 46-50 ACBDA IV.词汇(10 分) 1. coughing 2. lying

51-55 DDACA 3. feet 4.stomachache 5. sign






V.连词成句(10) 1. You should lie down and rest. 2.She volunteers there once a week to help kids learn to read. 3.I am making some signs to put up around the school. 4.Does he have a fever? 5.Could I go out for dinner with my friends?

八年级英语听力材料及答案 第一节;听小对话,请从 A,B,C 三个选项中选折符合对话内容的图片。 (对话读一遍) 1.W: What’s your favorite sport .Jack ? M: Football. And I always play football in my free time . 2.M: Did you go sightseeing last Sunday? W: Yes.What about you ? M: I went fishing .That’s my hobby ,you know . 3.,M: What a nice skirt ,how much did you pay for it ? W: It was 120 yuan ,but it cost me just 75 yuan . 4.M: When is your birthday ? W: Tomorrow .Can you come to my party .Bob ? M: I’d love to .but I’m afraid I will be a little late . I must have a guitar lesson first . 5.W: That’s a nice camera ? where did you buy it? M: I didn’t buy it ,my uncle sent it to me on my 12 th birthday . 第二节:听长对话,回答问题。 听下面一段长对话,回答 6,7 两小题。 (对话读二遍) 6_7 W: What do you want to be when you grow up ,John? M:I want to be an astronaut ,mum . W: Why do you think so ? M: Because I think it must be interesting to watch Earth from space . W: But you have to be strong and healthy if you want to be an astronaut .

答案 1-5 BBBAC 6-10 CBCAA 11-15 ABAAC 1-5 BCDBB 6-10 BBACA 11-15BDBCC 16-20 CBBDD 完形填空 31—35 CDDCC 36—40 BBACD 41—45


M: You’re right ,Mum .If you let me play football every day ,I’ll be stronger . 听下面一段长对话,回答 8,9,10 三小题(对话读二遍) 8-10 W: Hi, Paul ,what’s wrong? M: Hi ,Linda .I’m finding the English homework really difficult . W: Why don’t we work together ?It will help us both . M: That sounds great .How about meeting after school today? W: Good idea! we should tell the others in the class .Perhaps they would like to join us . M: Yes ,and I think we can start a study group .Let’s try to meet in our classroom every Monday afternoon after school . W: Great! 第三节:听短文,完成信息记录表。 (短文读二遍) Dear sir , I’m very sorry to trouble you .My name is Mary .I usually do the shopping in your shop. Three days ago , I bought some clothes from your shop .But I was not careful enough then ,when I went home ,I found some problems .the jeans are too short for my husband .The shirt is too big for my son .And my daughter doesn’t like the red skirt .she likes a yellow one .I’ll be glad if you can change me some new ones .



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