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Unit 5-8 1. With the help of the government, a large number of people after the flood in 1911. A. survived B. suspended C. suffered D. subjected 2. If you have any problems during your stuffy

here, please do not to call me for help. A. hesitate B. pause C. withdraw D. waffle 3. After seeing the way Mr. Wyatt behaved at the party, I had little desire to make his . A. knowledge B. acquaintance C. acquaint D. friend 4. They found themselves with foreign companies for a share of the market. A. coordinate B. subordinate C. cooperating D. competing 5. I’m not sure where you can find a babysitter--- I’ll . A. ask for B. ask about C. ask for help D. ask around 6. As you have seen, the value of a nation's currency is a ________ of its economy. A. reaction B. reflection C. response D. revelation 7. During the process, great care has been taken to protect the ________ silk from damage. A. sensitive B. tender C. delicate D. sensible 8. She was so ________ in her job that she didn' t hear anybody knocking at the door. A. attracted B. absorbed C. drawn D. concentrated 9. Although the weather was very bad, the buses still ran on_________. A. list B. plan C. arrangement D. schedule 10. We haven't reserved a table, but we will take a chance _______ its not being full. A. at B. on C. about D. of 11. The excursion will give you an even deeper __________ into our language and culture. A. inquiry B. investigation C. input D. insight 12. Once he realizes that it is his mistake, Jim never hesitates ________ it. A. to admit and correct B. to admit and correcting C. admitting and correcting D. admitting and to correct 13. There were no women in the committee ______ 1976, but now women are in a majority. A. prior B. previous to C. before to D. ago 14. Louis was asked to ________ the man who stole her purse. A. identify B. recognize C. claim D. confirm

15. The explorer lost his way, so he climbed to the top of the hill to _________ himself. A. spot B. locate C. place D. situate 16. I can't ________ what that object is. A. make up B. make out C. make over D. make for 17. A large part of human activity, particularly in relation to the environment, is _________ conditions or events. A. in response to B. in favor of C. in contrast to D. in excess of 18. The branches could hardly ________ the weight of the fruit. A. retain B. sustain C. maintain D. remain 19. He wasn't ________ on buying a car, but we talked him into it. A. delighted B. jealous C. sensitive D. keen 20. In no country ________ Britain, it has been said, can one experience four seasons in the course of a single day. A. other than B. more than C. better than D. rather than 21. They have ________ each other for a long time. A. corresponded on B. communicated with C. kept writing D. corresponded with 22. It is ________ of you to get rid of the bad friends. A. sensible B. sense C. sensitive D. sensed 23. Maggie ran back to the kitchen, eggs _________ carefully in her hands. A. to be held B. held C. were held D. holding 24. __________ the report once again, and you' 11 probably find some- thing interesting. A. If you read B. Since you have read C. Read D. Reading 25. It's still early in the morning. There isn't ____in the office. A. anyone B. everyone C. nobody D. any people 26. ____is not known what they discussed in the meeting. A. That B. He C. This D. It 27. The sad news broke her ____and she has been gloomy ever since. A. feelings B. emotions C. mind D. heart 28. He is ____much of a gentleman to fight. A. so B. as C. very D. too 29. Not until this term ____to realize how important this subject is to his future career as a diplomat. A. he began B. did he begin C. he has begun D. that he has begun 30. ____who would like to go on the trip should put their names on the list. A. Those B. These C. Somebody D. The ones 31. A bottle weights less after air is taken out, ____proves that air has weight.

A. we B. it C. which D. what 32. How long ____? A. you suppose did it last B. do you suppose it last C. did you suppose it last D. you suppose it last 33. Smith had some trouble ____the man's accent. A. to understand B. understanding C. for understanding D. with understanding 34. The next few days could be ____for the peace negotiation. A. maximum B. practical C. critical D. urgent 35. The earth revolves a little more rapidly____ it is closer to the sun. A. whether B. whereas C. although D. when 36. The number of members in the club ____to two hundred. A. were limited B. limits C. was limited D. limited 37. On close examination, we found the signature not____. A. realistic B. accurate C. exact D. genuine 38. As a highly ____young designer, she has a promising future in her field. A. original B. occasional C. optional D. obedient 39. Let me give you a ____of how the computer works. A. demonstration B. difference C. deduction D. distinction 40. An author must not be too ____to criticism. A. sensible B. sensitive C. senseless D. insensible



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