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高中英语备课《Module 5 A Lesson in a Lab》同步练习 外研版必修1

必修 1 Module5《A Lesson in a Lab》
Ⅰ. 语音知识 从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,找出其音标与所给单词的读音相同的选项。 1. expand A. [′eksp?nd] C. [ik′sp?nd] 2. conclusion A. [k?n′kl??n] C. [k?n′klu:?n] 3. potassium A. [p?′t?si?m] C. [′p?t?si?m] 4. dissolve A. [′dis?lv] C. [di′s?lv] 5. crucible A. [′kr?sibl] C. [′kru:s?bl] Ⅱ. 单词拼写 1. The price of houses is so high that it is hard for o 2. When h , water can be changed into steam. in different forms. . people to afford them. B. [′iksp?nt] D. [ek′sp?nd] B. [′k?nklu?n] D. [k?n′klu:?n] B. [′p?ut?si?m] D. [′p?:t?si?m] B. [′dis?ulv] D. [di′z?lv] B. [′kru:sibl] D. [′kr?s?bl]

3. Water and ice are the same s

4. After discussing it for a long time, they came to a c 5. My son w

50 kilograms. As an 8-year-old boy, he is too fat. (电).

6. China has built the Three Gorges Dam to produce 7. The couple bought a useful piece of 8. I’d like to know Miss Hu’s

(设备) for the kitchen. (反应) to what you said. (系) of Jilin University.

9. Joan graduated from the Foreign Language 10. Everyone was Ⅲ. 辨析填空 A. add ...to .../add to/add up/add up to 1. 2. 3. a few more names the list.

(吃惊的) at the news of the president’s sudden death.

all the figures and you’ll find the expenses The girls danced to the light music, which

320 yuan.

our enjoyment.


B. ordinary/common/usual/normal 1. Shall we meet at the time and place? soldier. . day.

2. He’s not an officer, but a

3. The doctor said the child’s temperature was 4. That morning he came earlier than Ⅳ. 用括号内所给动词的适当形式填空 1. Five 2. It’s wise (add) to nine is fourteen.

, for it was not an

(think) twice before you make the final decision. (astonish) success. (drink) beer.

3. Her first novel enjoyed an 4. The old man used to

(drink) wine, but now he is used to

5. If you go to Xi’an, you will find the palaces there more magnificent than commonly Ⅴ. 翻译句子 1. 他喝咖啡的时候,喜欢往里面加些糖。 (add ...to ...) (suppose).

2. 对学生来说,学好英语是必要的。 (It is+adj.+for/of sb.+to do sth.)

3. 我们必须采取一些措施以防止雨进入房间。 (keep ...out of ...)

4. 飞机应该在半小时之前到达。(suppose)

5. 这个十字路口曾经有一个公共汽车停靠站。(used to)


Ⅵ. 语法和词汇知识 从每小题的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。 1. As we know, iron reacts A. to; to B. with; with water and air C. with; to produce rust.

D. to; with our personalities in later

2. Things that happened in childhood often help to life. A. form C. organize B. establish D. respect

3. Taking part-time jobs

students’ social experience on the one hand, and

provides them with opportunities to use the knowledge they have learned from books on the other hand. A. adds up C. adds B. adds up to D. adds to .

4. After finishing experiments, we have to put everything A. in order C. on order B. under orders D. out of order

5. Before the Chinese government carried out the family planning, the population of China rapidly, which slowed down the development of China. B. expanded D. widened take place on Tuesday, but we had to put it off.

A. broadened C. exchanged 6. The meeting A. supposed to

B. has supposed to C. was supposed to D. has been supposed to 7. As far as I know, education is about learning. The more you learn, A. the better for life are you prepared B. the better you are prepared for life C. the better life are you prepared for D. you are prepared the better for life


8. He was

to hear that he had lost the job, and the news was too

to him.

A. astonished; astonished B. astonishing; astonishing C. astonished; astonishing D. astonishing; astonished 9. In order to keep fit, people low-fat foods also make you fat. A. was used to eat B. used to eating C. used to eat D. is used to eating 10. Through a number of experiments, Marie Curie found a new chemical A. substance C. object Ⅶ. 阅读理解 阅读下列短文,从每小题后所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出最佳选项。 An increase in the number of suicides in South Korea has led policeman Yoo Byoungjong to a new job. He patrols(巡逻) Seoul’s bridges to stop desperate people from throwing themselves into the river. According to South Korea’s health ministry, suicide rates have doubled in a decade and are now the leading cause of death for people in their 20s and 30s. The country has the fourth-highest suicide rate among the 30 industrialized countries in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). It recorded 22.8 suicide deaths for every 100,000 people in 2003. That’s lower than Hungary, Finland and close neighbour Japan. But the number is growing by about 1 percent each year, faster than for all other OECD nations. In a move to cut suicides by a fifth by 2010, the health ministry is running a television and campaign. It opens with a lonely man walking on a bridge. A voice over says, “Think five minutes more before you give it all away ...Don’t forget you have

low-fat foods, but a recent survey shows that

Radium(镭), which is later widely used for cancer treatment. B. matter D. thing

a loving family.” Other ministry plans include setting up more hotlines and training more suicide counselors. Authorities are also limiting websites that provide suicide methods and sometimes even sell toxic(有毒的) chemicals. Distressed individuals range from students worried about poor grades to people in debt as well as disgraced politicians. Experts say the rising toll(死亡人数) in some way can be blamed on media coverage of recent high-profile suicides. These include top business leaders and

celebrities(名人) who apparently lead a number of people to copy their actions. “We saved 50 lives this year when people turned to bridges as a place to die after news reports of such deaths by ‘big shots’,” said the 38-year-old Yoo, in December. Last July, the government and civil associations urged media to avoid reporting specific methods and locations of suicides. But it is difficult to clearly give reasons for the suicide increase. 1. The passage is mainly about A. suicide problems in Korea B. how to reduce suicides in Korea C. desperation in Korea D. the relations between life and suicide 2. Suicide rates in South Korea . .

A. have done great harm to the economical development B. are going from bad to worse C. didn’t draw special attention of the government D. arouse international concerns 3. It doesn’t say but implies that .

A. present hotlines are not enough for suicide counselors B. people choose suicide as the way to end their lives because they are short of love C. cutting suicides by a fifth by 2010 is easy to carry out D. authorities manage websites efficiently

4. Lowering the number of reported suicide by celebrities in the media in Korea A. will be limited B. didn’t affect people’s daily life C. might cause fewer people to commit suicide D. damage the fame of media 5. Yoo Byoung-jong’s new job to patrol Seoul’s bridge has A. made him suffer a lot B. prevented people from jumping into water C. burdened himself D. proved a good way to save lives Ⅷ. 补全对话 根据对话情景和内容,从对话后所给的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项。 —Can I help you? — 1 —Let me see. One lady’s skirt and one man’s overcoat. — 2 —Is next Thursday soon enough? — 3 —Until 6:30 p.m., sir. — 4 —Here’s your receipt, sir. — 5 .


A. Fine. That leaves me plenty of time to pick them up after work. B. I want to have these clothes cleaned and pressed. C. Good. Thank you. D. How much is it? E. A piece of cake? F. When will they be ready? G. Well. Yes. When does the shop close?






Ⅸ. 短文改错 假如英语课上老师要求同学们交换修改作文,请你修改你同桌写的以下作文。 文中有 10 处错误,要求你在错误的地方增加、删除或修改某个单词。 增加:在缺词处加一个漏字符号(∧),并在其下面写上该加的词。 删除:把多余的词用斜线(\)划掉。 修改:在错的词下划一横线,并在该词下面写上修改后的词。 注意:1. 每处错误及其修改均仅限一词。 2. 只允许修改 10 处,多者(从 11 处起)不计分。 Dear Linda, We have some excited news for you. Maria is going to have a baby! We don’t tell you right away. At first the doctor said she might have some trouble of the baby. Now he said she is just fine. She still works on her paintings every day. But she stopped from teaching her art classes.There is going to have another big change in our life.We’re moving back to New York! It’s very much nicer to be near the families for something important like a baby. Maria grew up in the Mexico, and she doesn’t have a family here. So that makes even more important to us. Yours, Dick


参考答案 基础操练 Ⅰ. 1-5. CDADC Ⅱ. 1. ordinary 2. heated 3. substance 4. conclusion 5.weighs 6. electricity 9. Department 10. astonished

7. equipment 8. reaction

Ⅲ. A. 1. Add; to 2. Add up; add up to 3. added to B. 1. usual2. common 3. normal 4. usual; ordinary Ⅳ. 1. added 2. to think 3. astonishing 4. drink; drinking 5. supposed

Ⅴ. 1. He likes to add some sugar to coffee when he drinks it. 2. It is necessary for students to learn English well. 3. We must take some measures to keep the rain out of the room. 4. The plane was supposed to arrive half an hour ago. 5. There used to be a bus stop at the crossing. 提升练习 Ⅵ. 1. 解析:选 C。考查介词的用法。句意为:众所周知,铁与水和空气因起化学反应而产生 锈。react with 与??起化学反应;react to 对??反应;to produce rust 为不定式作结 果状语。 2. 解析:选 A。考查词义辨析。句意为:童年时发生的事情在我们今后的生活中有助于我们性 格的形成。form 形成,养成;establish 建立;organise 整理,组织; respect 尊重,尊 敬。 3. 解析:选 D。考查与 add 相关短语的辨析。add up 加起来; add up to 总计; add 加,添

加; add to 增加(相当于 increase) 。根据句意可知,应选用短语“add to”,答案为 D。 4. 解析:选 A。考查固定搭配。put ...in order 把??摆放整齐。句意为:做完实验后,我 们需要把一切都摆放整齐。 5. 解析:选 B。考查词义辨析。句意为:在中国政府实行计划生育之前,中国的人口急剧膨胀, 拖慢了中国的发展。broaden 增宽;扩大;expand 膨胀;扩大; exchange 变换;widen 加宽; (使某物)变宽。 6. 解析:选 C。 考查固定用法。 句意为:会议应该在周二举行, 但是我们必须推迟。 supposed be to do sth. 应当做某事。 7. 解析:选 B。考查比较级。本句符合“the+比较级,the+比较级”这个结构。正确选项为 B。 注意 the better 结构中,主谓不可以倒装。 8. 解析:选 C。考查 astonish 的两个分词。astonished 感到震惊的,主语通常是人; astonishing 令人感到震惊的,常用来修饰事物。故选 C。 9. 解析:选 C。考查 used to 的用法。句意为:为了保持健康,过去人们常食用低脂肪食品, 但是最近的一项调查显示,低脂肪食品也会致胖。used to do sth.表示“过去常常做某事”。 10. 解析:选 A。考查词义辨析。substance 物质;matter 事情;情况,表示“物质”时是与 mind, spirit 相对而言的;object 物体;实体;thing 物体;东西。根据句意“通过大量的 实验,居里夫人发现了一种新的化学物质——镭,后来广泛应用于癌症的治疗”可知,答案 应为 A 项。 Ⅶ.1. 解析:选 A。主旨大意题。通观全文可知,文章主要谈的是韩国日趋上升的自杀问题。 2. 解析:选 B。细节理解题。由第一、二段可知,韩国的自杀人数呈上升趋势,情况正在恶化。 3. 解析:选 A。推理判断题。由第五段第一句中的“setting up more hotlines”可知,目前 的热线是不够用的。 4. 解析:选 C。推理判断题。由第七段可知,专家们认为媒体对名人自杀的渲染报道在一定程 度上对目前的形势起了推波助澜的作用,所以限制媒体在此方面的报道或许会减少一些效仿 名人而自杀的做法。 5. 解析:选 D。细节理解题。由倒数第二段可知,警察在大桥巡逻的做法起到了一定的效果。 Ⅷ.1-5.BFGDC Ⅸ.Dear Linda, We have some excited news for you. Maria is going to have a baby! We exciting

Don t tell you right away. At first the doctor said she might have some trouble didn t Of the baby. Now he said she is just fine. She still works on her paintings with says


every day. But she stopped from teaching her art classes.There is going to have be another big change in our life.We re m you oving back to New York! It s very much
, ,

nicer to be near the families for something important like a baby. Maria grew family up in the Mexico, and she doesn t have a family here. So that makes ∧even more you important to us. Yours, Dick

- 10 -


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