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高 中 新 课 程 讲 学 练 参 考 答 案 · 英 语 ③ ( 必 修 ) 高 中 新 课 程 讲 学 练 参 考 答 案 · 英 语 ③ ( 必 修 ) 高 中 新 课 程 讲 学 练 参 考 答 案 · 英 语 ③ ( 必 修 )

Unit 1
Period 1 Word Power
I. Fill in the blanks with the right words. 1. awarded 6. permission 2. gain 7. apologise 3. belief 8. obvious 4. admire 9. gathered 5. energetic 10. arrival

II. Fill in the blanks with the right forms of the given expressions. 1. set off 5. turned up 2. looking forward to 6. as though 3. reminds/reminded me of 7. in memory of 4. were holding their breath

8. dressing up 9. play tricks on

10. keep your word III. Translate the following sentences into English. 1. A monument was set up in memory of those who passed away for peace. 2. I could well remember the whole thing as if it happened yesterday. 3. It’s quite an informal gathering and you needn’t dress up for it. 4. You can trust him, for he is a man who always keeps his word. 5. The book is so hot/popular that every child is looking forward to having one. Ⅳ . Fill in the blanks with right words or phrases. 1. have taken place 2. happened 3. happened 4. happened to 5. happened

6. mean to hurt 7. means being 8. was… meant for 9. are meant to10. What do you mean by

Period 2 Grammar and Usage
I. Choose the best answer. 1—5 AACDC II. Proof Reading It was 7:15 in the morning of February 8, 2007.I was walking along Park Road towards the on east while an old man came out of the park on the other sides of the street.Then I saw a when side 6—10 BBDAB 11—15 BDBDD

yellow car drive up Third Street and made a right turn into Park Road.The next moment make the car hit the man while she was crossing the road. He fell with a cry.The car didn’t stop he and drive off at full speed heading west.I noticed the driver was∧young woman ∧wore a pair drove a who/ 改为 wearing

of glasses and the plate number was AC864.After two minutes later, I stopped a passed car passing and took the old man to the nearest hospital.
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高 中 新 课 程 讲 学 练 参 考 答 案 · 英 语 ③ ( 必 修 ) 高 中 新 课 程 讲 学 练 参 考 答 案 · 英 语 ③ ( 必 修 ) 高 中 新 课 程 讲 学 练 参 考 答 案 · 英 语 ③ ( 必 修 )

III. Complete the following sentences. 1. People would always feel lonely if they have no friend, especially during the festivals. 2. Every year millions of tourists from home and abroad come to Hangzhou, a city which has a long history and beautiful scenery. 3. The ground, covered with bricks, looks as though it is covered with red autumn leaves. 4. It was obvious that he was lying. 5. Finding that the cook was smoking in the kitchen, the manager decided to fire him.

Period 3 Cloze
A) 1—5 BAABC B) EBDCA 6—10 CBAAA 11—15CBCAD 16—20 BADAD

Period 4 Reading Comprehension

Unit 2
Period 1 Word Power
I. Put in the missing words according to the definition. 1. strength; 6. debt 2. digest; 7. limit 3. consult 8. customer 4. glare 9. combine 5. raw 10. weakness

II. Fill in the blanks with proper words. 1. digest 6. energy 2. balance 7. benefit 3. diet 8. curiosity 4. consult 9. weight 5. combines 10. strengths

III. Fill in the blanks with proper forms of the given expressions. 1. tired of 6. in debt 2. cut down 7. glaring at 3. tells lies 4. ought to 5. earn our living

8. put on weight

9. benefiting from 10. get away with

IV. Complete the following sentences, using the proper words in the brackets. 1. too much, much too 6. weak; weakness 2. strengthened 3. energy 8. sadness 4. balanced 9. arrived 5. curious; curiosity 10. satisfaction

7. limited, limited

V. Translate the following sentences into English. 1. in heavy debt / heavily in debt; 4. ought to combine, with; 2. of; benefit; 3. can, win back;

5. tell lies, cheat, get away with

Period 2 Grammar and Usage
I. Choose the best answer. 1—5 DCBDC 6—10 BDBAA V. Proof Reading (10%) 第一行:that 改为 this; both 改为 all; 第二行:the 去掉
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高 中 新 课 程 讲 学 练 参 考 答 案 · 英 语 ③ ( 必 修 ) 高 中 新 课 程 讲 学 练 参 考 答 案 · 英 语 ③ ( 必 修 ) 高 中 新 课 程 讲 学 练 参 考 答 案 · 英 语 ③ ( 必 修 )

第三行:attraction 改为 attractions; 第四行:Beihai Park 前面加 and; tour 改为 touring; 第五行:when 改为 where; excited 改为 exciting 第七行:by 改为 in; 第八行:believed 改为 believe III. Complete the following sentences. 1. My grandpa sat in chair feeling happy. 2. Nowhere else could be more beautiful than here. 3. It must have rained last night. 4. Mr. Liu, our head teacher, came in. 5. We should not have water running all the time. 6. The picture reminded me of the people, the place and the things happening round me in 1992. 7. Some more exercises should be done if you intend to make much progress as Mary did. 8. Hard training led to such a success that before long he was admitted to the swimming team in Zhejiang Province.

Period 3 Cloze
A) 1—5 BCABA 6—10 DCCAC 11—15 BADDB 16—20 ACDBB B) CDBEF

Period 4 Reading Comprehension

Test 1 ( Unit 1---Unit 2 )
I. Multiple Choice ( 10 % ) 1—5 B D A B C II. Cloze ( 20 % ) 11—15 BCBAA 16—20 DDCBA 21—25 ADDCC 26—30 ABDDA III. Reading Comprehension ( 40 % ) 31—35 B C B D A 36—40 D A C B A 41—45 C B D AC IV. Word Spelling ( 5% ) 51. balanced 52. curiosity 56. satisfy 57. apology 53 starve 58. strength 54. ancestor 59. dieting 55. slim 60. Christians 46—50 BCDFA 6—10 C B A C C

V. Proof Reading (10%) 第一行:friend 改为 friend’s; in 改为 to; 第二行:listen 改为 listened; 第三行:I 改为 me ; two 改为 a; 第四行:beautifully 改为 beautiful; but 改为 and


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高 中 新 课 程 讲 学 练 参 考 答 案 · 英 语 ③ ( 必 修 ) 高 中 新 课 程 讲 学 练 参 考 答 案 · 英 语 ③ ( 必 修 ) 高 中 新 课 程 讲 学 练 参 考 答 案 · 英 语 ③ ( 必 修 )

第五行:came 后面加 to;has 去掉 第六行:see 改为 seen; . VI. Writing ( 15% ) One Possible version: A school did a research on the effects that a good breakfast made on students. The school study showed that students with a good breakfast every morning, which contained eggs, bread, milk and so on were healthier than those without breakfast. They grew faster and were less likely to put on weight and get ill. By eating breakfast every morning, the students could feel alive and quick in the morning’s work at school. They were full of energy and could focus their attention easily for a long time. Their scores in the tests were much higher than those of the students who went to school without breakfast. Compared with the students with a good breakfast every day , the students without breakfast were less active and more easily to get tired in sports. They couldn’t run as fast as those with breakfast. From the research we can see breakfast plays an important part in our life. It not only affects our health but also study and work, even our feelings. Let’s prepare ourselves a good breakfast every day to keep fit.

Unit 3
Period 1 Word Power
I. Fill in the blanks with right words. 1. scene 7. passage 2. accounted 8. patient 3.spotted 9. screamed 4. manners 10. appearance 5. permits 6. seek

II. Match the films with the right names. 1. Roman Holiday 罗马假日 3. The Gold Rush 淘金梦 5. Uncle Tom's Cabin 汤姆叔叔的小屋 7. Gone With The Wind 乱世佳人 9. Future World 未来世界 11. Forrest Gump 阿甘正传 13. The Million Pound Bank Note 百万英镑 15. Death On The Nile 尼罗河上的惨案 17. Lion King 狮子王 19. the Prince of Egypt 埃及王子 21. Pride and Prejudice 傲慢与偏见
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2. Waterloo Bridge 魂断蓝桥 4. Princess Diana 黛安娜王妃 6. Jane Eyre 简.爱 8. The Modern Times 摩登时代 10. Limelight 舞台生涯 12. The Sound Of Music 音乐之声 14. Titanic 泰坦尼克号 16. Love Story 爱情故事 18. Ghost 人鬼情未了 20. Abraham Lincoln 林肯传 22. Toy Story 玩具总动员

高 中 新 课 程 讲 学 练 参 考 答 案 · 英 语 ③ ( 必 修 ) 高 中 新 课 程 讲 学 练 参 考 答 案 · 英 语 ③ ( 必 修 ) 高 中 新 课 程 讲 学 练 参 考 答 案 · 英 语 ③ ( 必 修 )

23. True Lies 真实的谎言 25. Lost World 失落的世界

24. Jurassic Park 朱罗纪公园

III. Fill in the blanks with right forms of the given words. 1. incredible 6. unbelievable 2. servant 7. permission 3. permit 8. director, directed 4. patience 9. account 5. disappeared 10. humorous

IV. Fill in the blanks with phrases, using their proper forms. 1. make a bet 2. account for 3. in rags 4. even if 8. To be honest 5. in a rude manner 9. by accident

6. got/gotten , into trouble 10. for decades

7. Go ahead

V. Put the following into English. 1. Entering, covered, fallen, 2. permit his dog to enter, 3. The first time, thought/found/accounted, beautiful 4. It was not until our teacher explained it many times that we understood. 5. It is known to all, is best known for 6. As a matter of fact/In fact, by accident/ by chance

Period 2 Grammar and Usage
I. Choose the best answer.

1—5 A A D AA

6—10 CABCD 11—15 AABCB

II. Correct the mistakes in the following sentences. 1. That—It 2. what—that 3. whichever—whatever 4. how—what 5. then----when 6. honestly—honest 7. as—for 8. simply—simple III. Copy write the following sentences. 1. I had just (about) gone to bed when the phone rang. 2. The thief found himself spotted by the police. 3. She looked at what was left of her poor hair and started to weep. 4. You can turn to me (for help) whenever you get into trouble. 9. smoking----to smoke 10. doing-- do

Period 3 Cloze
A) 1—5 CDBAD B) 1. DEFAB 6—10 ACDBC 11—15 AACDB 16—20 DBACB

Period 4 Reading Comprehension

Unit 4
Period 1 Word Power
I. Fill in the blanks with right words. 1. Astronomer

2. atmosphere

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4. exist

5. prevented

高 中 新 课 程 讲 学 练 参 考 答 案 · 英 语 ③ ( 必 修 ) 高 中 新 课 程 讲 学 练 参 考 答 案 · 英 语 ③ ( 必 修 ) 高 中 新 课 程 讲 学 练 参 考 答 案 · 英 语 ③ ( 必 修 )

6. harmful 11. Unlike

7. crashed 12. puzzles

8. float 13. climate

9. system 14. gravity

10. physicists 15. satellites

II. Choose the best answer. 1—5 ABADB 6—10 CBCBC III. Fill in the blanks with the right forms of the given words. 1. floating 6. Unlike 2. puzzled 7. existence 3. gently 8. physicist 4. global 5. religious 10. harmful

9. presence

IV. Complete the following sentences. 1. in time 5. now that 8.Watch out for 2. depends on 6. cheered up 3. keep heat from escaping 7. made it possible 10. poisonous gases 4. broke out

9. lucky enough

Period 2 Grammar and Usage
I. Choose the best answer. 1—5 BDBCB 6—10 ADD BA 11—12 CA II. Complete the following sentences 1. that the sun doesn’t go around the earth 2. Whether we are going spring outing 3. Whoever wins 4. What scientists think about 5. who is to be responsible for it 6. how important education is to their children’s future 7. Do write to me 8. thinking about what happened yesterday 9. it difficult to understand him 10. not so/as good a book as we expected III. Copy write the following sentences. 1. What is the most important is that we are trying our best and moving forward in the right direction. 2. The bad weather made it difficult for them to reach the destination. 3. He remained a prisoner for the rest of his life. 4. The children sat beside the tank, watching the fish swimming around. Every day as they watched the plant grow, their hearts were filled with hope. 5. The dancing room is twice as large as our classroom.

Period 3 Cloze
A) 1-5 CBDAD 6-10 BABDD 11-15 BBCAC 16-20 BDABA


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高 中 新 课 程 讲 学 练 参 考 答 案 · 英 语 ③ ( 必 修 ) 高 中 新 课 程 讲 学 练 参 考 答 案 · 英 语 ③ ( 必 修 ) 高 中 新 课 程 讲 学 练 参 考 答 案 · 英 语 ③ ( 必 修 )

B) 1-5 EBDAC

Period 4 Reading comprehension

Test 2 ( Unit 3---Unit 4 )
I. Multiple Choice (10%) 1-5 CBBCA II. Cloze (20%) 11—15 ACDBB 16—20 CCDAC 21—25 BCDBD 26—30 DCABC III. Reading Comprehension (40%) 31—34 ACAD 35—38 ABBA 39—41 BCA 42—45 DADA 46—50 CFDAB 6-10 BAACC

IV. Word Spelling (5%) 51. harmful 52. permitted 53. manners 59. patience 54. seek 55. account 60. indeed

56. violent 57. stare V. Proof Reading (10%)

58. exist

第一行:would 后加 be; minds 改为 mind; 第二行:that 改为 when; 第三行:my 改为 the; rushed 改为 rush; 第四行:looked 后加 at; After 改为 Before; 第五行:too 改为 also; had 改为 have; 第六行:that 去掉; VI. Writing (15%) One possible version: Failure Is the Mother of Success We middle school students have had many tests or exams. We have achieved success and suffered from failure. As for failure, different students take different attitudes towards failure. Some are in low spirits when they don't do well in the exams. They usually lose heart and no longer study as hard as before. But most students take an active attitude towards failure. They encourage themselves to be self-confident, trying to find out and analyze the causes so that they will not make similar mistakes again in future. I agree with those with active attitudes. As we all know, failure is the mother of success. Even great people have failed many times before they succeed. So we must deal with our failure correctly.

Unit 5
Period 1 Word Power
I. Complete the following sentences with the words you have learned in this unit.


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高 中 新 课 程 讲 学 练 参 考 答 案 · 英 语 ③ ( 必 修 ) 高 中 新 课 程 讲 学 练 参 考 答 案 · 英 语 ③ ( 必 修 ) 高 中 新 课 程 讲 学 练 参 考 答 案 · 英 语 ③ ( 必 修 )

1. harbor 7. tradition 11. slightly

2. border 8. distance 12. chatted

3. measures

4. aboard

5. broader

6. confirmed

9. surrounded 13. scenery

10.continent 14. urban 15. baggage

II. Fill in the blanks with the right forms of the given expressions 1. Rather than 6. at dawn 2. settled down 3. as far as 8. in size 4.has a gift for 9. Go through 5. in the distance 10. figured out

7. as well as

III. Fill in the blanks with the right forms of the given words. 1. extremely 6. successful 2. wealthiest 7. natural 3. south/southward(s) 8. mixture 9. slightly 4. official 5. possibility 10 Canadians

IV. Complete the following sentences 1. settle down ,rather than 2. caught sigh of , measuring 3. in charge of 4. never dreamt of meeting 5. has a gift for learning 6. thousands of bees dancing 7. managed to get 8. As far as I know 10. With the help of , were saved 9. is(was) surrounded with(by)

Period 2 1-5. AABBB
1. how 6. when

Grammar and Usage

I. Choose the best answer to complete the following sentences.

6-10. CAAAC 11-12. AD
2. whether 3. why 4. how many 5. whether 7. that 8. why, that 9. that 10. which

II. Rewrite the following sentences.

III. Complete the following sentences. 1. Rather than take the train all the way to Tibet, they decided to drive to Lasa from east to west across China. 2. The fact that many villagers died of cancer shocked them quite a lot. 3. This is a quiet village, surrounded by mountains, with only a small path leading to the outside world. 4. They managed to catch sight of the rainbow after the storm. 5. Many of then have a gift for playing chess, and they often compete in chess games.

Period 3

16—20 BADBC

6—10 ADCCA 11—15 BACBD

Period 4

Reading Comprehension

Test 3 (Unit 1—Unit 5)
I. Multiple choice (10%) 1—5 DDBDB II. Cloze (20%) 6—10 BDCDC


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高 中 新 课 程 讲 学 练 参 考 答 案 · 英 语 ③ ( 必 修 ) 高 中 新 课 程 讲 学 练 参 考 答 案 · 英 语 ③ ( 必 修 ) 高 中 新 课 程 讲 学 练 参 考 答 案 · 英 语 ③ ( 必 修 )

11—15 ACAAB 16—20 BBDAC 21—25 BDCAB 26—30 CABCA III. Reading comprehension (40%) 31-34 BCAD 35-38 DACB 39-41 ABC 42-45 CABD 46-50 CDFEB

IV. Word spelling (5%) 51.curiosity 56. tradition 52. benefit 57. indeed 53. admired 58. theory 54. permission 59. balance 55. mixture 60. harm

V. Proof reading (10%) 第一行:choose 改为 chose; 第二行:subway 前的 the 去掉; happily 改为 happy; 第三行:after 改为 before; 第四行:got 后加 on; but 改为 so/and; hand 改为 hands; 第五行:he 改为 she; that 改为 what; 第六行:bring 改为 brings; VI. Writing (15%) One possible version: China is situated in the east of Asia. It is the third largest country in the world and has an area of 9.6 million square kilometers. In China there are many rivers, of which the Yangtze River and the Yellow River are the longest and most important ones. There is a large area of desert in the west of China. China has a long history of over 5,000years. It is a country with many nationalities. There are 56 nationalities altogether among the 1.3 billion Chinese people and the Han nationality is the largest one. Beijing is the capital of China. China is a developing country. Now we Chinese people are working harder to turn China into a powerful country.


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